The Kardashians vs. The Amish: 15 Must-See Side-By-Side Pics

It is hard to imagine two groups of people as completely opposite as the Amish and the Kardashian family. Even though there are way more Amish people than there are Kardashians, much more is known about this family that's been living their lives in front of cameras for a whole decade. The Kardashians are everything the Amish are not, so why not put them side by side and actually compare them?

Without saying one is better than the other (because no one is; they're just different), we can likely relate more easily to the Kardashians than the Amish, who remain somewhat of a mystery to many Americans. This is interesting because a large portion of Americans actually hate the Kardashians and what they stand for but still have more in common with them than they do the Amish.

Whether you think you're nothing like either group of people or have more in common with one than the other, this list of 15 side-by-side photos will compare them, and you can both learn a little something about them and challenge whether your initial thoughts on whom you can better relate to in life were, in fact, correct. From children to vacations to houses to technology, here are 15 differences between the Amish and the Kardashians, the family that America loves to hate.

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15 Travel

These photos pretty much say everything there is to say about how the Amish and the Kardashians travel. This photo of an Amish family appears to have been taken somewhere overseas, likely in the Middle East, which is odd because usually, the Amish abstain from flying (although some groups of Amish do permit it). Contrarily, the Kardashians fly everywhere all the time. They're the definition of jet-setters. They travel for business and a lot of pleasure, and they know how to have a good time, as evidenced by Khloe and Kylie on this boat in St. Bart's. Back to the Amish, they definitely don't look as good traveling (like they would care), and they don't do it in style. If they do travel, there's a set purpose like a mission trip. Some Amish families vacation, though, and have been spotted everywhere from the coastal beaches to the Grand Canyon. So, they do travel, but on a much lesser scale than most, especially the infamous Kardashians.

14 The Family Ride

You can't get much more polar opposite than these two modes of transportation. On top, I count eight (but there could be more) people in a horse and buggy. They all look happy, although some of those kids should probably be in car seats. In the bottom photo, we have sisters Khloe and Kendall in one of their family's collective souped-up cars, SUV's, and trucks. They're obviously more with the times than the Amish family, but I'm guessing the Amish family doesn't care. Still, thinking of the safety aspect, especially with so many people (some who are young children) and the fact that their "vehicle" has no sides or roof and is at the whim of a wild animal that's likely been abused or malnourished (according to reputation), the Kardashian choice of ride is much preferred.

13 At the Beach

The beach is supposed to be a place of relaxation or fun. Only one of these photos looks like either of those things is happening. On the left, even though their faces are not visible, the three Amish women appear morose, walking into the ocean in their dresses and bonnets, and getting soaking wet. They kind of look like they just want to keep on walking and never turn around. The photo on the right of the Kardashian sisters gives the complete opposite feeling. They're beating the heat in teeny bikinis, having some drinks, and frolicking in the water. They're doing the beach the way it's made to be done: fun. What's the point of going to the beach anyway if you cannot even wear a swimsuit, get a tan, or swim? The photo on the left is, quite frankly, baffling. And maybe a little terrifying, like it belongs in a horror movie of possessed Amish women or something.

12 Family Photo

I'm not really sure what to make of this young Amish family on the left. The strangest thing about the photo, in fact, is that if you look closely, their baby appears to be a fake doll. Why would they pose with a doll? Except for this, the photo looks like any other normal young Amish family, miniature horse and all. Moving to the right, we have Rob, Blac Chyna, and their baby, Dream Kardashian, visiting with Mickey Mouse. The world knows that not all is perfect between Rob and his baby mama, but at least they have a real child with them and are doing something normal like going to Disney World rather than standing out in the woods with a doll looking forlorn and lost. I never thought I would see the day that I would rather be a Kardashian's child than someone else's, but as they say, there's always a worse option.

11 The Women

Interestingly, both photos of these women -- Amish and Kardashian -- see the ladies looking pretty much identical to one another. On top, since the girls are dressed alike, with matching hairdos under bonnets and folded arms and frowns, it's difficult to tell one from the next. Likewise, in the bottom photo, we can only distinguish each Kardashian/Jenner because we know them so well, and even that's hard to do with their matching outfits, makeup, and hair. But I'm pretty sure it goes (from left to right) Kendall, Kim, Kris, Kylie, Khloe, and Kourtney. But any way you slice it, the Kardashians look like much happier people than the group up on top, who frankly just look miserable. Say what you want about the Kardashians, but at least they know how to have a good time.

10 The Parties

I'd say the very obvious difference in party styles between the Amish and the Kardashians is that Amish people don't party, at least not in the way that we think of partying. That being said, they do go off on their rumspringa, and during that time experiment with whatever they want, which may be what's going on in this photo on the left (rumspringa is the time when adolescents leave home to decide if they want to be a part of the Amish community going forward in their lives or if they want to leave the Amish community). And, of course, we're all aware just how fabulous a Kardashian party can be. In the photo on the right is the opulent setting of Kris Jenner's 60th birthday bash, which looks more like a lavish wedding. Really, it was a Great Gatsby-themed affair with a $2 million price tag.

9 The Phones

Apparently, many Amish teens are now using technology such as cell phones, like the two young women in this photo who are checking out something on their phone that looks like it came out ages ago. Amish people have always been able to resist modern things like technology, although more and more, according to lancasteronline.com, they're "embracing -- or at least tolerating" it like never before. But of course, the Kardashians are light years ahead of them in that department. Here, we see Kylie Jenner pictured taking her ten billionth selfie, which is pretty much the sole purpose of all the Kardashian/Jenner cell phones, or so it seems. The other obvious difference in the phones in the photos is simply that Kylie's is much newer, nicer, and capable of a lot more than the ones the Amish girls are holding.

8 The Homes

Well, they're both white, but that's where the similarities end between these two vastly different houses. The Amish one, on the left, is small, simple, and very basic in terms of what a person or family would need to live. Amish homes also do not have electricity and are usually in the countryside away from everything modern. Alternatively, on the right is just one of the many mansions the Kardashians have owned over the years (specifically, this Miami home was owned by Kim and Kanye). It's absolutely massive and had to be ungodly expensive being right on the ocean like that. Plus, you know the interior is filled with lavish decorations and everything a person could ever want in terms of entertainment, comfort, food, art, etc. These two homes and the people who occupy them couldn't be any more different.

7 The Kids

Pictured on the right are cousins North West (daughter of Kim and Kanye) and Penelope Disick (daughter of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick). They're two of the five newest members of the Kardashian next generation, which also include Mason and Reign Disick, Saint West, and Dream Kardashian. What's interesting about this side-by-side is that there's not much to compare. Both photos just show kids being kids. On the left, the Amish children play on the grass outside (which I assume Kardashian children do as well), and on the right, the girls prance around in tutus and ballet slippers like tons of little girls all over the world. I guess the message here is that while their parents and grandparents may be wholly opposite from one another, children are a lot less complicated.

6 Politics

Politics can be a touchy subject for anyone, and the Amish and the Kardashians are once again on opposite sides of the fence when it comes to this. As you can see, on the left, this Amish man is supporting Donald Trump in last year's presidential race, while Kim Kardashian and Kanye West pose for a selfie with Hillary Clinton during the same time period, declaring through a hashtag their support for her. It basically all comes down to a belief system and what different people hope for our country. Obviously, not every Amish person supports President Trump (although they've historically voted Republican), and perhaps not even every Kardashian family member supports Hillary. But these photos do go a long way in illustrating yet another fundamental difference between these two groups of people.

5 Selfies

As we know, Kim Kardashian and her sisters are the all-time queens of the selfie. There are countless examples on social media of the sisters (probably Kim more than anyone) puffing their lips, putting on their sexy faces, and holding up their phones at just the right angle. No one -- especially the Amish-- should even attempt to beat a Kardashian at selfie-ing. This guy on the right, however, is trying to get the hang of it. He looks a little awkward but in a cute way. Since Amish communities are apparently embracing technology little by little, he'll eventually get the hang of it the longer he has a cell phone. But I doubt the Amish will ever have selfies that are as sexy as a Kardashian selfie. Then again, will anyone? I think we can count on both groups -- the Amish and the Kardashians -- taking selfies that reflect their lives, just like both of these do.

4 Shopping

These photos speak volumes. The Amish take their horse and buggy to the parking lot of a Wal-Mart, which is pretty much the cheapest, most basic kind of store you can shop at other than the Dollar Tree. On the complete opposite end of the shopping spectrum, Kim Kardashian shops at places like Barney's, Chanel, and the most high-class and expensive stores known to man. She drives there in one of her expensive vehicles (or is driven there in a car service), and sometimes, she and her family members even take trips to other cities to shop in stores they don't have near Calabasas! They don't deal with parking lots (or the horse poop you can expect will be by a horse when you come out) or Wal-Mart (and the weirdos Wal-Mart is known for having as customers).

3 Sports

Pictured here are some little Amish girls playing barefoot baseball. They look like they're having a blast, and it's a sweet photo, perhaps illustrating what childhood "should" be like -- simple, barefoot, carefree, outdoors, and full of games. And then we have the Kardashians, who are not especially known for being sporty, although they do date pro athletes often. In this photo, Kim is playing tennis in a bikini and with no shoes, which is about as ridiculous as playing baseball in long dresses, aprons, and bonnets (especially if it's a hot day). Elle magazine made fun of her online in their article "Kim Kardashian Did a Sport," where they pointed out that while on vacation in Mexico in 2016, when this photo was taken, Kim did pretty much everything semi-naked. We would expect nothing less. I think when it comes to sports, the Amish probably win, silly outfits or not.

2 Weddings

Amish weddings, at least in comparison to Kardashian weddings, are very simplistic and religious. Obviously, customs and traditions vary among Amish communities in the same way that details differ between the weddings of sisters, like Khloe and Kim. Most Amish weddings are held between October and December and on a Tuesday or a Thursday. Celery is a major part of an Amish wedding both in using it to decorate and in using it in dishes. No one knows about the wedding until it's announced two weeks prior. And then we have the Kardashians, who tell the world about their weddings and have about as extravagant a ceremony and reception as you can imagine (and I doubt any celery is involved). Pictured above are Kim and Kanye on their wedding day in Italy in 2014.

1 Babies

On the left, we have two (very confused-looking) Amish babies, and they're definitely dressed the part. On the right are photos of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's daughter, North, when she was a baby (she was born June 15, 2013, making her four years old now). Of course, it's tough to go off of just one photo, and all babies are different. But between what we know about the Kardashian lifestyle and what we know about the Amish way of life, it may be safe to say that little North West is, in general, a happier baby than these Amish cuties. I mean, she'll grow up with everything she ever wanted (and yes, likely be spoiled later because of it), but for now, just compare the faces, and you'll see all you need to know about the polar opposite lifestyles of the Kardashians and the Amish people. Plus, North looks a lot more comfortable in her clothes -- just saying.

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