The Hottest Nerd In The World: 16 Smokin' Photos Of Olivia Munn

If you just so happen to be in the camp of people who think a nerd can't also be super hot, may I present to you Olivia Munn, who may possibly be the world's hottest nerd. No actually, she's definitely the world's hottest nerd. Obviously just from looking at a single picture of Olivia Munn you know she is hot. Like, REALLY HOT. But, you may have not known that she’s a self-proclaimed nerd. That’s right, she doesn’t just play nerds in her television and film roles, but she’s also a nerd in her real life.

If you’ve been following Munn’s career since day one, you may have already known she's a nerd, as her big break came on G4 Network, a television network devoted to video games and the video game lifestyle. While there, she co-hosted Attack of the Show! for four years. This is where Olivia Munn first started gathering her loyal fanbase, who appreciate her brand of both sexy and nerdy.

Olivia Munn also worked on The Daily Show before finally breaking into the acting world. Even in Munn’s acting roles though, she is still often playing a nerd in some way, whether as someone who is obsessed with economics or someone who is a computer coder. Now, Olivia Munn is most known for her role in X-Men: Apocalypse, which must be every nerd girl’s dream, right?

If you have any doubt about how nerdy or how hot Olivia Munn is, the below 16 pictures will clear up any and all doubts. Get ready to have your mind blown with the steamiest pictures of the hottest nerd in the world.


16 Her Start At G4

Alright, Munn didn’t technically start at G4, but it was where she got her big break. Munn first worked at Fox Sports Networks as a sideline reporter. Though, Munn is apparently not really into sports.

"I was trying to be something I wasn't, and that made me really uncomfortable on live TV," Munn said of her experience in sports journalism. After leaving Fox Sports Network and a few direct-to-television films, Munn found herself at Attack of the Show! It was at this point that Munn started to juxtapose her sexuality and nerdy interests. She would lick any technology brought on the show, including iPhones and Apple TVs. She would stuff as many hot dogs into her mouth as she could fit. She would dress up in costumes. This extreme persona Munn was putting out captured the hearts of nerd boys, though some were turned off by Munn’s in-your-face way of putting herself out there.

Whether you loved it or hated it, Munn’s time on Attack of the Show! definitely helped her establish her brand of being both nerdy and sexy.

15 Probably The Hottest Water Gun Fight Ever


Let’s take bets on how short these shorts are. Like, three inches? Four inches? I mean, they are SHORT. But, Olivia Munn also looks great in them, though she’d probably look great in anything (or nothing) since she’s a total babe.

For the record, Olivia Munn is also short. She’s only 5’4”, which isn’t necessarily the shortest you can be. I mean, Kristen Bell is only 5’1”. Also, Kristen Bell is another totally hot nerd girl. Anyway, my point about Olivia Munn’s height is that even at only 5’4”, girlfriend has LEGS for DAYS. She has the legs (and body) of a Victoria's Secret Angel, even though she's like a foot smaller than all of them.

Obviously, Olivia Munn’s body looks great in this photo, but she’s in even better shape today after her insane training for X-Men: Apocalypse. And yes, of course I included photos of her now super toned bod, so keep on clicking through.

14 Let's Establish Something: She's HOT

The next few pictures will all be of Olivia Munn in cosplay, because yes, she did cosplay. And just as a warning, you may lose your mind when you see her dressed up as Princess Leia. Before I get to all the cosplay photos though, I wanted to include a super hot photo of Olivia Munn - like the above - so I could establish that she’s REALLY hot. I mean, duh.

One of the reasons Olivia Munn is so hot is because she looks exotic. That being said, it may surprise you to learn that she was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, which may be the most American place in all of the USA. Her father was born in the United States, but is of English, Irish and German descent. Her mother, however, was born and raised in Vietnam, and is of Chinese descent. After the Vietnam War, her mother fled to the United States and somehow ended up in Oklahoma of all possible places.

I guess the lesson here is that being of English, Irish, German and Chinese descent makes you really, really hot.

13 Dressed As Princess Leia


Guys, I told you that you might lose your mind when you saw Olivia Munn as Princess Leia. I mean.. I just don’t even feel like I should talk about this picture. I’ll just let the picture speak for itself and get back to talking about Olivia Munn’s career.

In 2010, Munn had quite a few breakthroughs. She appeared in Date Night, alongside Steve Carell and Tina Fey, and Iron Man 2, alongside all the major stars in Iron Man 2. She then starred on NBC’s Perfect Couples, which was cancelled in its first season.

In terms of her on-air career, on the heels of leaving Attack of the Show!, Munn scored the role of a correspondent on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. Her being hired on the show was met with criticism, as some wondered if stuffing hot dogs in her mouth and appearing in Playboy really qualified for her role on The Daily Show.

At the end of the day, I'm not sure about her qualifications for The Daily Show, but girlfriend is WEARING that Princess Leia costume.

12 Dressed As Wonder Woman

If Princess Leia isn’t your cup of tea, here’s Olivia Munn as Wonder Woman. I’m obviously not saying Olivia Munn should have played her in Wonder Woman, but I am saying that she looks AH-MAZING in this costume.

Admittedly, Gal Gadot was a better Wonder Woman than Olivia Munn would have been. That’s to say that Olivia Munn and Gal Gadot are completely different actresses and public figures. Gal Gadot is an Israeli actress, who pretty much seems like the classiest and most elegant woman in the world. She has a Grace Kelly way of carrying herself, as she is always the most poised. Olivia Munn, on the other hand, stuffs hot dogs in her mouth. And that’s not saying anything bad about Olivia Munn. Olivia Munn makes me want to get a beer with her and make penis jokes, but Gal Gadot makes me want to fall at her feet and worship her.

I think there’s room for both types of women in the world though, right?

11 Dressed As Emma Frost


I think the lesson here is that when you want to cosplay but you’re not prepared, you can just throw on some white lingerie, say your Emma Frost, and call it a day. Though, I’m obviously not complaining that Olivia Munn is rocking white lingerie. She looks white hot.

All jokes aside, this isn’t the worst cosplay. I mean, Emma Frost does legitimately wear white lingerie most of the time. When January Jones played Emma Frost in X-Men: First Class, she legit just wore white lingerie. It's pretty much Emma Frost's thing.

Munn’s career kept puttering forward with appearances on Chuck and a role in the surprise hit Magic Mike. I mean, it wasn’t that much of a surprise, because have you seen Channing Tatum’s abs? That’s about all the marketing you’d ever need for any movie. But on a $7 million budget, which is basically nothing in Hollywood, it pulled in $167 million at the box office. That is a mega hit.

The Magic Mike success was definitely due to Tatum’s dance moves rather than Olivia Munn’s appearance, but it still opened her up to much more exposure.

10 Dressed As Catwoman

Catwoman is always one of the hottest things to dress up as because, uh, black latex. I mean, just look at that bodysuit. Anyone who slips on a bodysuit like that is going to look smokin' hot. Well, anyone who is in great shape is going to look hot, because that black latex is not forgiving. And clearly, Olivia Munn is in great shape, because girlfriend looks perfect.

This photo was taken back when she was on G4 and could wear such costumes to work. In 2012, she joined the HBO family and, unfortunately, HBO doesn't generally let people just dress up however they want on their shows. I mean, there’s a lot of dress up – Game of Thrones and Westworld, anyone? – but not so much cosplay.

Olivia Munn joined the HBO family by scoring the role of Sloan Sabbath, a socially awkward genius, on The Newsroom. In other words, she was playing a nerd.


9 Dressed As Sailor Moon


This is definitely one of the lesser-known characters Olivia Munn has dressed as. So, in case you didn’t know, this is a Sailor Moon costume.

Sailor Moon was originally manga, which is a style of Japanese comic books. The character has been adapted into a cartoon television series, live musical, video game, and several other media forms. Though even without knowing who Sailor Moon is, you clearly knew Olivia Munn looked hot, right?

Back to her career, The Newsroom opened to solid reviews, even if The Newsroom’s premise seemed to criticize the very thing that was reviewing the show: the media. Olivia Munn is credited with appearing in every episode during the three-season run, so it was great exposure for her. In taking the role of Sloan Sabbath, Munn managed to catapult herself to a larger audience all while keeping her same basic brand: sexy and nerdy.

8 As Princess Leia, Part II

Here’s another one of ol' Olivia Munn as Princess Leia, y’know because it’s perhaps one of the hottest cosplays out there. I mean, the slave version of Princess Leia is hot as it is, but Olivia Munn doing it is just on another level. Also, points to her for having fun with it here.

Having fun with things is exactly why Olivia Munn has become so well-known. She has fun with anything and everything she does. For example, on Attack of the Show! Munn did bits including beating up cardboard cutouts of herself and trashing a makeup room over not having a cup of coffee. Whether the bits required Munn to make fun of herself or to do something during which she wouldn't look her hottest, Olivia Munn was game. The fact that Olivia Munn manages to not take herself too seriously is refreshing.

Also, this means she’s not only a hot nerd, but that she’s a hot and funny nerd. Basically, she’s perfect.

7 In X-Men: Apocalypse


Not long after The Newsroom wrapped up, Olivia Munn joined the X-Men franchise by playing Psylocke. Psylocke is known to have a ton of abilities, like telekinesis, telepathy, and the ability to make blades from psychic energy. Her ability to make blades from energy was the power most explored in the X-Men: Apocalypse.

Munn’s Psylocke was one of the X-Men who fell under the spell of Apocalypse, along with Magneto, Angel, and Storm. That being said, Munn didn’t get all that much screen time. But the X-Men cast is always so jam packed that even stars like Jennifer Lawrence don’t get too much screen time.

Olivia Munn is said to be reprising her role in the upcoming X-Men: The Dark Phoenix, which means all of mankind will get to see her in this costume again.

6 That Time She Went Full Nerd On The Producers

Olivia Munn was clearly mega excited about appearing in X-Men: Apocalypse, which was probably for two major reasons. The first reason being that it’s an amazing step in her career. These days, most acting careers are made by participation in a franchise. Just look at what The Hunger Games did for Jennifer Lawrence, Iron Man did for Robert Downey Jr., or Fast and the Furious did for Vin Diesel.

The second reason for Olivia Munn's excitement is because she’s a nerd. I mean, what nerd wouldn't be excited about being in the X-Men franchise?

In being a nerd, Olivia Munn didn’t want to disappoint other nerds by not getting Psylocke perfect. So, she apparently forced the producers to make the costume as close to the comics as possible, which made it very difficult to wear. Munn even said that she had to be “lubed down” to get the costume on, which was probably still hot. Munn also said that she “popped the crotch” on the first day of filming since the costume was so tight.

I guess it was all worth it though, as she does look exactly like the comic book character.

5 Her Psylocke Training


Like I said earlier, Olivia Munn’s legs look like they go on forever even though she’s only 5’4”. I’m just amazed because usually celebrities who have long legs, have genuinely long legs. You know what I mean? Like Blake Lively’s legs never end, but she’s also 5’10”. I guess Olivia Munn just has a perfectly proportioned body... on top of everything else going for her.

Besides the length of her legs, Olivia Munn is obviously in shape and flexible. I mean, girlfriend is almost doing a split… but, like, in the air. Olivia Munn has always been passionate about being in shape, even taking ankle and arm weights with her when she’s on the road for the work. However, she took her athleticism to a whole new level with her X-Men: Apocalypse training. In training for the film, Munn did Tae Kwan Do, wirework, and swordplay.

Long story short, Olivia Munn could beat you up with those incredibly long legs.

4 Her Psylocke Training, Part II

The reason Olivia Munn’s training for X-Men: Apocalypse was so intense was because she decided to do all her own stunts. Yes, you read that right. Olivia Munn is a QUEEN.

“Psylocke is such a powerful, lethal character. It was important to me that I was able to do all of the stunts because the more believable it is, the better it is for the audience -- and the only way to make it believable is for me to actually do it,” Munn explained about her decision to do all her own stunts.

This intense training toned her body more than it had ever been toned before. Munn even took to Instagram to post a photo of herself in the Psylocke costume on the first day of shooting and the last day of shooting. In the comparison photos, you could see how her body dramatically changed. In the caption, Munn credited the martial arts and sword training as the “most fun way to lose 12 lbs without even trying.”

3 Everybody Should Have A Crush On Olivia Munn


At this point, I feel like everyone in the world should have a crush on Olivia Munn. I mean, duh. But alas, not everyone is completely sold on Olivia Munn. In fact, there has been backlash towards Munn, with people claiming that she "appropriated nerd culture" to her advantage. When this type of criticism of Olivia Munn hit the Internet, the general response was, "Uh..."

You know, because "appropriating nerd culture" isn’t really a real thing.

Has Olivia Munn used the fact that she’s both hot and well-versed in nerd culture to her advantage? Sure, but being mad about that is like being mad that Jennifer Lawrence has used her crude and clumsy personality to her advantage. That’s like being mad about Chrissy Teigen posting about what she’s eating.

In today's age, celebrities are all tasked with creating their particular brand, whatever that may be. It’s usually an exaggerated extension of their personality. So while Olivia Munn may not be rewatching Star Wars every single day, she’s still somewhat into nerdy stuff and has crafted a brand around it.

And again, appropriating nerd culture is not a real thing.

2 Who Knew Nerdy Girls Could Look This Good?

For a nerd girl, Olivia Munn has done pretty well for herself. Hell, she was even dating one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL: Aaron Rodgers. Technically, nerds don’t usually date the star quarterback, but Munn is clearly a nerd with a cheerleader’s looks. Oh, and it's also not high school, but you get the analogy.

After dating for three years, Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers broke up this past spring. Insiders have reported that their breakup was, in part, due to Rodgers’ family, who think Munn is too controlling. Um, I feel like Olivia Munn is so hot that she’s allowed to be controlling, but whatever.

Rodgers must be hurting, especially since Munn has posted a ton of bikini pictures to her Instagram lately. If you don't follow her, you're truly missing out.

1 All Hail Olivia Munn


If you have learned anything from this articles, let it be these facts: 1. Olivia Munn is hot. 2. Olivia Munn is a nerd. 3. Nerd culture appropriation is not a real thing. 4. Oh, and Olivia Munn is single.

That’s right, guys. Olivia Munn is single, so line up. And if you think you totally don’t stand a chance with a nerd as hot as Olivia Munn, you may be wrong. Olivia Munn is totally down to date nerds like herself. “I look for goodness in guys. It just so happens that goodness is usually found in nerdy people,” Munn said.

Though, what you really, really should have learned from this article is that nerds can be extremely hot. Being a “nerd” has to do with your interests, be it Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, DC, Outlander, or what have you. If you just so happen to be a little obsessed with something that is nerdy, you can call yourself a nerd. Yes, you can call yourself a nerd even if you look like Olivia Munn in a bikini.

As a culture, we need to stop telling people, women especially, that they aren’t allowed to be a nerd because they’re hot. You can be both nerdy and sexy, and Olivia Munn is proof of that fact.


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