The Hottest Celebrity Alphabet From A To Z

Get ready for the ultimate combination of the two things we love most—lists and beautiful women. The alphabet is the most powerful list in the world. Every letter of the language is there, in an order that everyone memorizes. The ABC’s help us read, spell, sing, and now organize our fave celebs. Yes, we’re talking about beautiful Hollywood hotties. Here’s a complete collection of the best babes in the galaxy, letter for letter. It’s like the ABC board book of your dreams.

Choosing who represents each letter was no easy task. There are so many wonderful women to draw from, and we only considered their first initial. Hundreds of hotties were omitted merely because their first name began with a popular letter, which often made the results unpredictable.

This is a killer list, and you won’t be disappointed. Twenty-six of the prettiest celebs around. Maxim has their Hot 100, Esquire has The Hottest Woman Alive, and now, The Richest presents the ABC’s of HOT. So, who will win each letter? We are about to change the alphabet game.

26 A - Ariel Winter

May the debate begin. There are a ton of hot Hollywood women that have a first name that starts with A. There’s Amber Heard, Amanda Seyfried, Anna Kendrick, Ariana Grande, and so many more. Take Ashley Greene for example. That girl is smoking hot and slips under the radar most of the time. Did you see the body paint spread she did for Sobe Life Water? It was great, but nobody even knew about it. Or what about Amy Adams? That woman has the girl-next-door looks and the top talent to match. So, how does Ariel win the A? Well, in this entry, the term “hot” takes on more than just one meaning. Not only does Ariel look sultry and voluptuous, but she is also very popular. Everything she does on Instagram gets tons of likes and attention from the press.

25 B - Blake Lively

B was one of the easiest choices on the list. We’re not even sure which other celebs start with B, because Blake is such a clear favorite. Well, actually there are a bunch of B’s. Take Bella Thorne for example. That girl is all over the Instagram, always posting some crazy pics of herself sweating at the gym with barely any clothes on. Or another Disney Alum, Brenda Song, here’s an actress that is lesser known, but extremely attractive nonetheless. And, there’s the ultimate former Disney star, Britney Spears. We chose Blake because her look is effortless. While other stars seem to search out the spotlight, Blake lets the spotlight come to her. She seems to have an effortless beauty that goes a long way. And the years have been kind to her. Ryan Reynolds is a lucky man, indeed.

24 C - Cara Delevingne

Here’s yet another debatable choice for good old letter C. Cara Delevingne beat our celebs like Cameron Diaz, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Courteney Cox, and Charlize Theron. After naming the runners-up, the reason is obvious. Those latter beauties are gorgeous, without a doubt, but they are also much older. Sure, they have many years left in their careers, but their influence is fading. Cara represents a new class of actress, a younger set of celebs, and member of the Taylor Swift Squad, who is taking over Hollywood one project at a time. She has a fresh unique face and a brave new attitude that doesn’t hold back. There’s an unpredictable factor she has, which is very attractive.

23 D - Demi Lovato

D is for Disney, so we had to have a former Disney star represent; and Demi Lovato is hotter than ever right now. We almost considered using last names; and in that case, Disney would have been D for sure. Not that Walt Disney was that attractive, but all the actresses his company has introduced to Hollywood has been remarkable. But, how much did old Walt really have to do with all these hot actresses? Well, actually nothing at all. Walt died in 1966, and the Disney Channel didn’t even begin until 1983. It was more like his nephew, Roy Disney, who hired Michael Eisner, who hired Jeffrey Katzenberg. Katzenberg is the unspoken king of all media. He brought in every project that made Disney a superpower, including the live action stuff and giant films like Lion King. This guy was responsible for a huge percentage of the pop culture in the 1990’s, from Home Improvement to Beauty and the Beast. Disney was going out of business until Jeff.

22 E - Emma Watson

Emma Watson changed the game. Somehow, she managed to break the spell that sent Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher into Hollywood limbo. It’s not easy to become so well-known for a film character in your youth and bounce back with different roles while you’re still young. Hamill was typed as Luke Skywalker and had to turn to voice acting. Fisher went through some awful personal battles as she struggled to be seen as anyone outside of Princess Leia. Harrison Ford transitioned smoothly, but he was older and totally lucked out when Tom Selleck turned down Indiana Jones. Maybe it’s the invention of social media that has made the transition easier for Watson. We are used to seeing her more often, outside of Hogwarts, so the film medium has lost some of its type-casting power. Emma looked great in Beauty and the Beast, which was a better film than many people expected. The Circle was a total bomb, though. She looks great but the acting needs work.

21 F - Felicity Jones

Here’s an actress who has a pretty unused consonant. F was the first real challenge of finding a celeb who could fit the mold. But Felicity is a beautiful person, and she easily made it to the list. Her performance on Rogue One, was just good enough to propel her career to new heights. If you’re an actor in Hollywood, you’d jump at the role, right? Here, you have a chance to be seen by millions of fans, yet you don’t have the consecutive films commitment or the possible pitfalls of type-casting to worry about. She is still tied to Star Wars, though, but only as a voice. Felicity is currently recording tracks to voice the Jyn Erso character on Star Wars: Forces of Destiny. This latest Star Wars project, featuring animated shorts, will air on the Disney Channel. It will focus on the female characters and attempt to broaden the marketing appeal to those girls who aren’t as crazy as most boys are about lightsabers.

20 G - Gigi Hadid

G is for Gigi Hadid. She’s not really an actress, but we decided that reality stars and models are nice to look at too. If this list were based on last names, then we would have called the H entry the “Hadid Sisters,” because Bella is banging too lately. In fact, she’s taken a lot of the spotlight away from her older sister, Gigi. Bella went nuts after the Weeknd dumped her for Selena Gomez. Bella started posing for all kinds of scandalous stuff. She even showed up to a ball wearing a see-through bustier. Then, she did a throwback 1980’s vibe photo shoot with some hot and sweaty angles. Meanwhile, Gigi must be enjoying the break. For a while, this beautiful model was teetering on the edge of overexposure. Maybe Bella has taken some pressure off and maybe even been given some of the jobs that Gigi had turned down. You never know how much those modeling jobs get passed around. Honorable mention: Giselle (but she’s retired).

19 H - Hailey Baldwin

H is for Hailey. This was not an easy one. Halle Berry and Heidi Klum are both super hot, but they’re way older; and H is a young woman’s letter. How about Hilary Duff? Duff has more fans than anybody. Even compared to the red-hot socialite, Baldwin, Duff has legions of fans that have rooted for her over the years and still stick by her side. But, did you know that Duff has been acting on Younger on TV Land for years, totaling 45 episodes? Most people have never even heard of that show. Or, there’s Hayden Panettiere, another child actress who has been around for a while and is still as hot as ever. But, nobody watches Nashville either. We have to be topical here. Baldwin has been coming up big time lately, and she has even scored the top spot on the latest Maxim Hot 100. She has that really sultry–almost sleazy–look that just smolders.

18 I - Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea is pretty much the only letter I out there. There’s Isla Fisher, who is hot, but not too prominent lately. There’s Ireland Baldwin, but she’s not even close to killing it like her cousin Hailey. So, we had to choose the fading hip hopper, known as Iggy. The rapper’s real name is Amethyst Amelia Kelly, but we’re only using stage names here. Iggy has been getting by on her appearance more than her music lately, as her lyrical influence has gotten decreasingly relevant in the ever-changing hip hop industry. Iggy credits her hot racially-ambiguous look to the Aborigine blood of her native Australia. “My family came to Australia on the First Fleet. My family’s been in that country for a long time, over 100 years. If your family’s lived in Australia for a long time, everyone has a little bit of [Aborigine blood]. I know my family does because we have an eye condition that only Aboriginal people have.” And, maybe her nice butt condition too.

17 J - Jessica Biel

J is by FAR the hottest letter in the alphabet. The names Jennifer and Jessica alone have list-worthy celebrities. Then, there are Julias to consider as well. Let’s name a few here: Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson, and Jennifer Love Hewitt. We had to go with Biel, though. She’s getting older but she is still as hot as ever. She takes great care of herself and has kept that tight athletic build. She is starring in a new show called The Sinner where she plays a killer that put her killing on the shelf for a while, reminiscent of the gritty David Cronenberg film, A History of Violence. In real life, she’s still a sweetie, though; recently wishing her hubby, Timberlake, a sappy Happy Father’s Day on Instagram.

16 K - Kylie Jenner

Another tough one is the letter is K. Of course, we have Kaley Cuoco, who is a favorite on this particular site. And, Katy Perry is a huge star. But K must somehow include Kardashian. Just think of all the beautiful Kardashian sisters...and the Jenner girls too. For some reason, we chose Kylie. She is hot and she flaunts it. She is also the most controversial of Kris Jenner’s daughters. The controversy surrounds the accusation that she is “plastic.” People debate over her thick makeup, implants, and any other work she may have acquired at such a young age. The girl literally seems to have transformed into another person. A once normal girl is now a hotter version of her older sis, Kim Kardashian-West. So, why not make Kim the letter K? Well, she’s been around for years, and she is losing her resonance. It’s time for her to pass the torch to the next round of big boobs and butts.

15 L - Lizzy Caplan

Lizzy Caplan is one of the least famous celebrities on the list. Most people may not have watched her. If they did see her on film, they may not have known who she was. Then, there are fans who know exactly who Lizzy is. Those are the fans of Masters of S*x, which Lizzy dominates. The woman is a fearless actress who fully displays her very attractive body with no qualms whatsoever. Of course, there were other great L girls who we closely considered. Had this list been created ten years ago, Lindsay Lohan would have been an obvious choice. Lady Gaga is also a consideration; but sometimes, her style changes too much for comfort. Lake Bell may have worked, or Lucy Liu, or Lucy Hale; but we stuck with Lizzy. Her career is on fire right now.

14 M- Mila Kunis

Here we are, torn again, trying to decide which woman to represent a very popular letter. After much deliberation, we’ve decided to choose Mila Kunis for M. There are so many wonderful M girls. Megan Fox was the front-runner, but isn’t her career kind of a big disappointment? What’s holding her back anyway? Poor acting? We’re not sure, but there’s something she just barely lacks next to Mila. Also considered were Michelle Williams, Marion Cotillard, and Monica Bellucci. Melissa Joan Hart was even hot for a second, as well as her whole child-star appeal. As the list goes on, you have to make sacrifice after sacrifice. This is not easy, but it needs to be done. The good news is, you can’t go wrong with such beautiful choices.

13 N - Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman made the letter N pretty easily. We also considered Natalie Dormer and Naya Rivera from Glee. The latter got the ax, since her career kind of fizzled after Glee. Dormer has done well on Game of Thrones and many other British period dramas like Tudors, but she doesn’t have the flawless beauty that Portman has. Of course, the one thing that makes us hesitate just slightly about crowning Portman, is that she probably wouldn’t enjoy being listed here. She's a complainer, who even dissed her role in Star Wars. She might say this list objectifies women or it isn’t artsy enough for her haughty standards. Okay, Nat. You’ve made millions off of s*x appeal, so please don’t complain too much.

12 O - Olivia Munn

Wait a second. Is this the right Olivia? There’s Olivia Wilde too, who is also a brunette; and for some reason, we tend to get those two mixed up. Had to double-check, but we definitely chose the hotter Olivia here. Munn is the actress who dated NFL QB Aaron Rodgers forever, and now, she is single. And, Munn has been making old Aaron quite jealous. She was caught stepping out in two dresses recently, which were both very high-cut. The leg slit went all the way up and pretty much showed everything. We’re not sure who broke it off with who, but Aaron must be regretting it. Ever since the split, Munn’s career has accelerated. In 2018, she’ll be in the long-awaited Predator sequel, as well as a hilariously titled comedy called Dick Move. Another Olivia under consideration was Olivia Holt, the Disney star who is killing it in the upcoming series Cloak and Dagger.

11 P - Priyanka Chopra

Okay, the first one that came to mind here was Penelope Cruz, and it was a tough vote. But Chopra won in the end. Another celeb in the running was Pamela Anderson, but old Pam is looking pretty ancient lately. Pam recently made headline news after complaining about British Prime Minister, Theresa May. Since when did Pamela Anderson have any political opinions? And, why does anybody care? Well, the pictures they released with Pam’s statement surely gained a few clicks, because the former Baywatch star looked terrible. Chopra has avoided the political game, so far. When Kendall Jenner controversially graced the anniversary cover of Vogue India, Chopra simply stated that she had no problem with it, since she wasn’t available to do the shoot anyway. Chopra is currently busy shooting A Kid Like Jake, starring Claire Danes and Jim Parsons.

10 Q- Queen B

Could you believe we passed up B without choosing Beyonce? Well, now it all makes sense, doesn’t it? True, this is kind of a cheat move, since we couldn’t find any hot Q’s, but the fact is that many people refer to Beyonce as Queen B. In fact, if you Google image search for “Queen B,” the pop star shows up right away. If you search Urban Dictionary for “Queen B,” you discover that the B obviously means b*tch. That’s not the kindest nickname, but Beyonce actually embraced it and empowered it. She owned the B when she swung that baseball bat into a windshield in the “Lemonade” video. The other Q that was under consideration was Queen Latifah, who was also a poignant musician back in the day.

9 R - Rihanna

Rihanna is one of the most sensual stars in Hollywood. She was an easy choice for the letter R, but she did beat some solid competition. Ruby Rose came in a close second, since her career has been so hot lately. There was also Rachel McAdams, who has one of the most undervalued physiques in the business. Rachel is fiery too and played one of the best villains ever in Mean Girls. Reese Witherspoon is another Hollywood star with a feisty personality. And, who could forget throwback star Rosie Perez from White Men Can’t Jump. If we’ve learned anything from this entry, it’s that R is the letter with the most attitude in the alphabet. Rihanna has a ton of sass too, and she shows it off in her music and her fashion-forward wardrobe.

8 S- Sofia Vergara

If you ever watch Wheel of Fortune with your grandma, then you are aware of the bonus round. That’s when Vanna and Pat give you ten seconds to solve a puzzle, and they even give you some free letters—RSTLNE. Then, the contestant gets to choose four more letters on top of that. But, in the old-school days, people just kept picking RSTLNE because those are the best letters. That holds true in word puzzles, but not necessarily with names since, so far, J was the hottest. But now, here we are on S, one of the best letters around. And wow, what a decision to make! Consider Selena Gomez, Salma Hayek, Shakira, and Scarlett Johansson. Those are four powerfully attractive choices, but we had to pick Vergara. She wins for obvious reasons. Not losing any sleep over this decision. Hope you agree.

7 T - Tiffani Thiessen

Did you think we were going to say Taylor Swift? Well, we thought about it. After all, if she’s not the hottest woman in the galaxy, she definitely knows how to assemble a posse of them. There are many T’s–like Taylor Schilling–but we’ve seen her naked so many times on OITNB that the thrill is already fading. Then, there’s Tara Reid, whose best days are past. Tyra Banks is still looking awesome and is currently hosting America’s Got Talent. Wow, T was harder than we thought. We also thought of Tara Holt, an up-and-coming actress who appears in the horror flick Darkness Rising, coming out next week. Ultimately, we chose Tiffani Thiessen. It’s been decades since Saved By the Bell, but Tiff is still looking good, and there’s a buzz around her 2018 Netflix comedy, Alexa & Kate.

6 U - Uma Thurman

Man, U is a tough letter too. It was either throwback Uma, from a couple Tarantino flicks, or an extreme throwback of Ursula Andress from a couple James Bond flicks. We chose to go with Uma, since most of us were alive during the height of her fame. Ursula made a run for it, though. If you like super old-school Playboy pics, then Ursula may be your new fave. She’s a blonde, kind of like a poor man’s Bo Derek. As for Uma, we all know her from Pulp Fiction. She played the femme fatale perfectly and briefly resurrected her career along with costar John Travolta. Uma has stayed busy over the years. Her most recent popular project was Nymphomaniac. Not so much going on for Ursula, though. The title of her latest recognizable job was Falcon Crest.

5 V - Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens is by far the hottest Vanessa in Hollywood. Surely, you’ve heard of Vanessa Williams and Vanessa Lachey. If you’re a current SNL fan, you know Vanessa Bayer; and if you’re a Johnny Depp fan, then you know Vanessa Paradis. But, if you ever get on IMDb and search, there are like a bajillion other Vanessas. It’s nuts! If your name is Vanessa and you haven’t tried your luck in Hollywood, then you should be ashamed of yourself. You are not representing your name well enough. Joking aside, Vanessa Hudgens is one hot young woman. She’s judging on So You Think You Can Dance for now, and we can’t wait to see what she does next.

4 W - Winona Ryder

We’ve tried to avoid some Hollywood standards on this list, but we have to stick to an established celeb for W. There is no competition in this category. Winona Ryder was one of the hottest young stars of the ‘80s and is still looking great, via her big comeback in Stranger Things. The question is, what happened between then and now? Where was this gorgeous brunette hiding? Well, she did do a dumb Adam Sandler flick, and she also got into trouble for shoplifting. Remember that? It was quite the scandal. She claimed that she was doing research for a role, but that seems like a lame excuse. Maybe she was having a nervous breakdown, a la Britney Spears. Or maybe she just wanted attention during the biggest lull in her career. Either way, she recovered, and it’s good to see her working again.

3 X - Xtina

Okay, we definitely had to pull a few strings to make X work. At first, we were going to feature a star from the rated X industry, but that seemed too far off. Then, we thought maybe there’s an actor named Xander. Throw a dude into the mix, just for fun. But, there weren’t any Xaviers or Xanders to be included on this list. So, much like our creative Queen B entry, we decided to go with nicknames. Christina Aguilera is one of the most polarizing stars in Hollywood. Is she hot or is she not? Is she nuts or is she normal? Can she sing or is she too busy groaning and hitting like thirty notes in two seconds? Well, we had no choice, and X-tina looks pretty good sometimes, depending on her outfit. It’s amazing how much this girl can vary from day to day.

2 Y - Yaya DaCosta

So yes, you’re right. The letters at the end of the alphabet can be a bit of a stretch. But we have made it through, and challenges are good for the soul. Maxim took the easy route with the Hot 100. Who can’t name a hundred random women? What’s the challenge in that? Pair them up to a letter, and then you’ve really got something. Well, we must admit that Y was disturbingly short on choices. We almost had to scrape by and use an old throwback shot of former Baywatch star Yasmine Bleeth. Then, we thought of Michael Jordan’s hot wife, Yvette Prieto. In the end, we chose the Brazilian beauty, Yaya DaCosta. She’s a former contestant on America’s Next Top Model, starred as the lead in a Whitney Houston bio pic and currently stars on Chicago Med. It seems a bit odd, though. Aren’t there more Y’s out there? Ladies, if you are reading this and your name starts with Y, move to Hollywood.

1 Z - Zendaya

Yet another woman in the Taylor Swift posse, Zendaya may just become the biggest star of them all. She’s been cranking out hits on the Disney channel. But other than that, her exposure has been limited. That’s all going to change with Spider-Man Homecoming, opening July 7. Billions of fans are going to watch that flick, which should be a springboard to fame for Zendaya. Surprisingly, the letter Z was a debatable letter. There’s also Zooey Deschanel to consider. However, her career on New Girl seems to have plateaued lately, while Zendaya’s is still preparing to launch. Also, Zooey always plays it safe on the red carpet, while Zendaya is stunning and chooses the polarizing looks that make a statement. Get used to this Zed. Odds are, she’s sticking around for the long haul.

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