15The Real Princess Elsa From Frozen Kidnapped A Kid

Frozen became an instant sensation upon its release in 2013. Small girls fell in love with Sven the reindeer, Olaf the singing snowman, and, of course, with Elsa and her magical powers and beautiful singing voice. Girls actually wanted to be Elsa! But if they only knew what was behind this

beloved character! In the original story, The Snow Queen, the two protagonists are childhood besties. The boy, Kai, is kidnapped by the Snow Queen and taken to her frozen palace at the North Pole. The Snow Queen not only turns Kai into a human popsicle with a kiss on the mouth (!), but also gives him amnesia. What Kai is forced to do day and night under the supervision of his demonic captor is… puzzles. By the time Gerda, his friend, finds him years later, Kai is so brainwashed that he is only a shadow of his previous self. What is more, his limbs are damaged by frostbite. This sad story of a kidnapped boy and his dedicated friend who goes on an impossible quest to save him has cemented the Snow Queen’s status as an ultimate villain.

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