The Fate of The Furious: 15 Things You Need To Know

The Fast and the Furious is at it again with the eighth addition to the million-dollar franchise. They even re-named the popular franchise to the Fate of the Furious, sounds ominous right? Many people

The Fast and the Furious is at it again with the eighth addition to the million-dollar franchise. They even re-named the popular franchise to the Fate of the Furious, sounds ominous right? Many people even believed that the movies would not be able to go on without Paul Walker, after all, fans have a hard time imagining the movie without one of the main characters. Who can blame them?

The first teaser trailer has been released by Universal, and I have to admit, the franchise does not get less badass despite the fact that they have released eight of these movies. Usually, a movie isn’t able to pull off popularity after so many sequels, but The Fast and the Furious just seems to be getting more popular. Number eight has new actors that you would not have expected to sign on to a franchise based around car chases. This sequel is all about the crew moving on with their lives; Dom and Letty are on their honeymoon while Brian and Mia are now retired from the game. The team is more focused on living a normal life and leaving the drama behind them, but you know that’s not going to last long. Dom gets seduced back into the life of crime by a mysterious woman (read on to find out who) and before he knows it, he is in a life that isn’t easy to walk away from. He will be up against adversaries like he’s never seen before and be tested in a way that could change his life forever. This may be the best “Furious” yet!

14 They Have Helen Mirren

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Helen Mirren is a seriously badass and legendary actress in Hollywood. For her to have signed off on the movie says a lot about their popularity. She’s a veteran to action packed movies having played alongside Bruce Willis in the Red series. We don’t know much at this point what kind of a role the actress will be playing, but Vin Diesel recently posted on Instagram that she was “a joy and an honor” to work with. Although she does have a role, it’s supposed to be a small one, and unfortunately, we won’t get to see any badass driving skills from her. “I wanted to be driving, but unfortunately, I’m not. Maybe that will come in the future, in Fast and Furious 12. … I’m probably one of the few people on the set who know how to drive a gear shift car. I doubt the Rock knows. … But I do. I know how to double declutch.” Whoa!

13 Moving on Without Paul Walker

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When it came time to decide on whether the franchise was going to continue, many people thought it might be wise to let things rest after Paul Walker’s death. After all, the ending of number seven put an ending to things, and the characters were going to move on with their lives. They could have ended the franchise easily, but at the end of the day, Hollywood producers including Vin Diesel decided the money-making machine shouldn’t go out, and that Walker wouldn’t have wanted it to. In a sense Brian is still in the movie since Paul’s brother Cody will be reprising his role of Brian in the Fast 8. Although Brian is permanently in retirement, you will still see him in the movie here and there. It won’t be the same without the famous actor, but his memory lives on in the film, and Diesel has said it has been a bittersweet process without Paul around.

12 Dom Turns Bad


We all get a little bad sometimes…or is that mad? Either way, Dom is no stranger to a life of crime, but he was becoming a good boy, wasn’t he? We don’t know why’s he gone bad but it’s apparent in the trailer that he’s forsaken his family and decided to work for the dark side. Even his love for Letty doesn’t seem to be able to bring him back. So Dom flips to the bad side and for the rest of the movie his family and his former squad try to get him back. They do it through a series of explosions and fights scenes and at times it seems that he may be lost forever. We once saw Letty go back and I guess the franchise has decided to see Dom in action as the bad guy as well. So what turned him? We will have to wait until April 2017 to find out.

11 Who’s Coming Back?

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There have been many new additions to the Fast 8, but fans want to know who from the original cast is going to be making their way back. The cast considers themselves family among one another so it’s hard to imagine anyone not showing up. Michelle Rodriguez, Ludacris, and Tyrese Gibson will all be reprising their roles in Fast 8. Surprisingly enough we won’t see Jordana Brewster returning even though she was Brian’s long-time love. She mentioned during interviews recently that her phone “never rang during production.” Ouch! The Rock will be coming back and so will Jason Statham, and it looks like the two will team up together towards the goal of getting Dom back in the fold. The Rock has enjoyed calling out a lot of his male co-stars as “candy-asses” while on set. For the Fate of the Furious, it looks like it has a pretty strong cast to take it to another level of popularity.

10 The Film’s Direction

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The Fast and the Furious franchise has always had the same director and things have worked out pretty well because of it. The movies have grown over the years and have certainly become more and more popular despite the fact that there will now be eight of them. Since the name of the movie has been changed, the franchise wants to work towards a final trilogy. For this movie, they have decided to go with a new director, F. Gary Gray, who was responsible for directing Straight Outta Compton. These great movies basically run themselves, but we will see if F. Gary Gray has what it takes to bring the movie to the next level. It would be terrible if he wasn’t able to pull through after the success of the films, but considering the films have a strong cast and have come so far maybe the new director can bring about a new flavor to the franchise.

9 Opening Night


You will be happy to know that we will see the latest installment of The Fast and the Furious franchise in the springtime, just when it’s time for the snow to disappear and for the warm weather to come back around. It’s the perfect time to bring in the new look of the Fast 8. Universal took some time in deciding when the best time for the release would be once they agreed to do another movie. First, they needed to work on a screenplay, get a new director and start notifying actors. They couldn’t use the old director, Helmer James Wan because he was already scheduled to direct the upcoming movie, Aquaman. Once that was all said and done the production team decided that April of next year was the best time to release the new film. When it comes out it will be up against movies such as Open Road and Gifted, none of which will be any competition for the Fate of the Furious.

8 For the Love of New York

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Vin Diesel was the one in charge of deciding where the movie was going to be set in and he decided that New York City would be an excellent choice. Many weren’t sure if it was actually going to happen after he teased on Jimmy Kimmel Live that he wanted to set the movie in the iconic city. He mentioned that the reason he chose New York was because Kurt Russell would be coming back into the fold. "But we really hired him because of a story that follows this that takes place in New York." Michelle Rodriguez mentioned on her Twitter how much she would be thrilled to race down the streets of New York. "I think racing in New York would be fun 3 am west side highway." If The Avengers can do it then why not some street racers as well, it will be interesting to see the kind of destruction they have in store for us.

7 We Can’t Get Enough of Kurt Russell

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Kurt Russell has been around for what seems like forever and has the kind of movie resume that puts many actors to shame. He arrived into the franchise during The Fast and the Furious 7 as an agent called Mr. Nobody. But what many people don’t know was that he was brought into the movie because they wanted him for the storyline for 8. Number seven was just a tease to get you familiar with the character, but he was made for what happens in the storyline for eight. He’s a badass character that takes a much larger role in part 8. Mr. Nobody now sees value in the team and just like in The Avengers, people in power will use others to complete their own missions. He’s a powerful figure in the movie, and it will be fun to see what he has in store for the crew members for this sequel.

6 It’s a Trilogy

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What you may not be aware of is that when Universal asked Vin Diesel to become one of the producers of the franchise he told them that he could successfully bring them to Fast 10. That means that there will be a total of ten movies when they finalize the movie. The reason for the title change for number eight is because they want the finale of the franchise to be a trilogy. So, movie eight, nine and ten will have their own theme. Number eight will be released in April of next year while nine will be released in April of 2019, and ten is released for April of 2021, so they already have it set out. The plan is to end the Furious series when number ten hits theaters. "Universal has been so good to me and so trusting of the vision… they have been like family… I promised the studio I would deliver one last Trilogy to end the saga."

5 Scott Eastwood


There are a lot of new additions to the new movie; Helen Mirren being the most shocking but we can't forget the good guys. The good team is going to get a new cast member as well in the form of Scott Eastwood. He just came off of Shooting Suicide Squad and jumped right into being part of this popular franchise. We still don't know what he plans on doing in the film; his role has been left mysterious. All we know at this point is that Eastwood will be working with Kurt Russell as a government agent. He's definitely someone that could become an ally in the future to Dom's team. It looks like the next three movies will be similar with new characters added in until the full story of the trilogy is revealed. It's an exciting adventure and one that fans are looking forward to.

4 Charlize Theron and Her Team of B*tches


We know that that Charlize Theron is going to be the villain in the movie that turns Dom to the dark side. But she's not coming into this alone. She has her own team of ladies that are going to help run the dark side. Sexy ladies, Ruby Rose and Cara Delevingne, are the ones that have been chosen to be part of Theron's team, and she couldn't have picked better allies. Theron's character will be named Cipher, which is pretty badass and a little reminiscent of her role in the remake of Mad Max: Fury Road. Her villain is being compared to that of a Hannibal Lector sort of villain. Yikes! We can't wait to see her and her team together.

3 Will Lucas Black take over Brian’s role?

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With Brian leaving and going into retirement it leaves a hole in the storyline; one that could easily be filled by the right character. Rumors have been milling around that Lucas Black could certainly fill those shoes. In the Fast the Furious 7: Tokyo Drift, Black played Sean Boswell and apparently signed up for three more installments of the franchise. It hasn’t been confirmed that he will be in Fast 8, but many people are speculating that he will be. Fans believe that Sean would be the perfect character to take the place of Brian. No one can fill the shoes of Paul Walker, but it would be cool to see Dom lined up with someone again. Not only is Sean an excellent driver but he is badass and has the right attitude for the job. However, there hasn’t been an official call out for him so his role may be a small one for now.

2 The Beautiful Eva Mendes

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Well, why not? She’s hot, and she’s played in similar movies before so she could certainly pull this one off. We remember Eva from Fast and Furious 6 during the time where it was believed that Michelle Rodriguez was dead. Eva played a U.S Customs Agent in that movie, and it’s now rumored that she may be coming back. The crew rolls around in circles that now include the government so it sure wouldn’t be hard to place Eva into the storyline for Fast 8. This could open up a lot of doors where the crew is either forced to help Eva’s character or try to get away from her. At this point, it’s up in the air. It’s just another one of those things we are going to have to wait on, but it just makes the process that much more exciting. The movies are action-packed, and they always have an interesting cast.

1 The Cast Fighting

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Recently there have been rumors flying around that the cast has been feuding amongst each other which would certainly kill the idea that they were the tight-knit family that Vin Diesel claims they are. Diesel has always spouted off that the cast mates are more family than anything else, but rumors are saying differently. It wouldn’t be surprising; the cast is huge, and it could be hard having so many different personalities around. Apparently when the Rock was calling out guys from the set as being “candy-asses” he wasn’t joking. He called them out doing an interview saying that the females were a joy to work with while the males were “a different story.” Tyrese Gibson then got in on the talk telling the Rock that he should name names if he felt so strongly about it, but many people were already pointing the finger at Vin Diesel. Let’s hope the boys can all kiss and make up.


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