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The Cast of Superbad: Where Are They Now?

The Cast of Superbad: Where Are They Now?

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When the two buddies were just teens in school, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg wrote a script about their experiences as high school seniors in Vancouver during the late 1990s. That script would form the basis for the 2007 film Superbad. Despite having the financial backing and scripting of comedic geniuses like Rogen, Goldberg, and Judd Apatow, no one expected Superbad to be as big of a hit as it became. Borrowing the same high school coming of age formula that was prevalent in older films like American Pie and House Party, many expected this film to come and go with little fanfare and minor box office success. People expected a tired, less entertaining retread of old gross out high school coming of age tropes, but Superbad turned out to be a surprise hit. Not only financially—it made $169.9 million from a $20 million budget—but also critically by making such old tropes feel new. The sharp, witty writing from Goldberg and Rogen made these tropes feel fresh and even funnier than they did in the 80s and 90s. It also helped that the chemistry among the cast could lend to terrific comedic timing and delivery. It is no wonder why the film was able to capture the attention and cheers of so many audiences 10 years ago.

That’s right, as hard as it may be to believe, Superbad came out 10 years ago. Time really flies, doesn’t it? Time sure did fly over the last 10 years and a lot has changed, especially in regards to what so many of the actors who participated in Superbad have been up to. While, obviously, some actors have been busier than others, just about everyone in the cast has kept themselves busy in big ways over the last 10 years. For anyone curious to know what the cast of Superbad have been up to for the past decade, feel free to scroll down into this list.

15. Dave Franco – Greg


Dave Franco did not need his famous family name to break into the Hollywood scene. A charismatic actor in his own right, the youngest Franco brother found early success thanks to a small part in Superbad as Greg. He was expected to have his first big break after getting himself a regular role on the hit medical comedy, Scrubs, during the ninth season, but the show was quickly cancelled after the fact. Franco eventually bounced back a few years later with his role as Eric, one of the more memorable highlights of the blockbuster comedy, 21 Jump Street. The role led to him becoming one of the main characters in the magical hit, Now You See Me, in 2013. This, in turn, led to his first starring roles with Unfinished Business and Nerve. 2017 is set to be a big year for Dave Franco as he has several projects lined up, including playing Montgomery Clift in Zeroville, a voice role in The Lego Ninjago Movie, and starring roles in The Masterpiece and 6 Balloons. He is also engaged to actress Alison Brie.

14. Joe Lo Truglio – Kuzzik


Before playing Kuzzik in Superbad, Joe Lo Truglio spent years of his career playing extras and no-name parts (i.e. Policeman #2 in Law & Order and Music Lover Guy in Hitch). While Superbad helped Truglio get more decent work, the roles weren’t much bigger than the work he was getting beforehand. Though he may get an occasional substantial supporting part like Agent O’Reilly in Paul or Lonnie in I Love You Man, he was still getting roles like Butt-Crack Man in Gulliver’s Travels. Truglio’s career completely turned around when he joined the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine as a regular character, Detective Charles Boyle. He has remained one of the consistent highlights of the show every week for four seasons now. Outside of acting, Truglio married actress Beth Dover in 2014 and the two currently share one child together. The two have also shared the screen multiple times for Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Burning Love, and Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp.

13. Martha MacIsaac – Becca


Though she worked as a child actress for many years prior to Superbad, it was Martha MacIsaac’s role as Becca which made her a familiar face in Hollywood circles. Admittedly, she hasn’t snagged many big movie roles since then—though she did play a notable part in the 2009 remake of The Last House on the Left—MacIsaac has spent much of her post-Superbad career in television, even if they were for shows that weren’t very successful. Though most of her early tv work were kids shows which she provided voice work for. The biggest hit series she found herself on was ABC Family’s Greek. The show ran for four seasons and 74 episodes, though MacIsaac was only in nine of them. She then joined the main casts for the shows 1600 Penn and The Pinkertons. Both shows were short-lived. Also, from 2010 until 2015, she was married to short film director and producer, Torre Catalano. At least her marriage lasted longer than any of her shows.

12. Emma Stone – Jules


After dropping out of high school to focus on a pending acting career, Emma Stone‘s early hard work paid off when she secured her very first film role as Jules in Superbad. The part turned out to be a breakout role for Stone as she won the Young Hollywood Award for Exciting New Face shortly afterward. Since then, Stone has lived up to the potential she showed with Superbad by appearing in several hit movies afterwards. She would breakout even further onto the Hollywood scene after winning her first Golden Globe for starring in Easy A. From there, the hits kept on coming for Stone, which included financial and critical successes in The Help, The Amazing Spider-Man, and most notably, Birdman, which helped Stone garner her first Oscar nomination. Most recently, she won another Golden Globe for Best Actress for her role in La La Land, which is predicted to get Stone her first Oscar win as well. As one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood, Emma Stone’s career can only soar higher from here.

11. Seth Rogen – Officer Michaels


Without Seth Rogen, Superbad may have never seen the light of day. After appearing in a breakout role a year before with Knocked Up, Rogen pulled out an old script he wrote with Evan Goldberg during their childhood and decided to put it into production. Since then, Rogen has found himself writing, directing, and acting for several unique projects. Whether Rogen finds himself in front of the camera or behind it, it normally results in a blockbuster hit film. For further proof, look no further than the success produced by Rogen movies like Pineapple Express, The Interview, Neighbors, The Night Before, and most recently, Sausage Party. Rogen has also found plenty of success outside of his film career. In Rogen’s nobler pursuits, Rogen started the Hilarity for Charity movement to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s disease and has dedicated all of the money raised through the organization towards funding Alzheimer’s research. In 2011, Rogen married his longtime girlfriend, Lauren Miller.

10. Bill Hader – Officer Slater


The Saturday Night Live alum quickly grew to prominence in Hollywood following his role as Officer Slater in Superbad. After that, Bill Hader found his face and name immediately thrust into the spotlight. The following year, he appeared in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Pineapple Express, and Tropic Thunder. The sudden surge in popularity not only quickly made him a household name in the comedy world; it opened the door for Hader to pursue several unique opportunities outside of acting. In 2009, he and fellow SNL cast-mate, Seth Meyers, penned their own Spider-Man one-off called The Short Halloween to some critical acclaim. Back in the movie world, he was given his first lead role in 2014 with The Skeleton Twins and in 2015, he landed his first rom-com lead role as Amy Schumer‘s love interest in Trainwreck. Outside of movies, after being married to writer-director Maggie Carey since 2006, the couple had their first three children together in 2009, 2012, and then 2014.

9. Christopher Mintz-Plasse – McLovin


Christopher Mintz-Plasse easily stole the show in Superbad and the role is still considered his most beloved, memorable performance. Upon leaving the theater, everyone in the audience found the name McLovin leaving their mouths and Mintz-Plasse was made into an instant star. He followed up his breakthrough performance with a similar starring role in Role Models, another hit comedy. He arguably stole the show again a couple years later with his respective roles of Red Mist and Evil Ed for Kick-Ass and Fright Night. While his star in Hollywood has declined in recent memory, he does continue to let his presence be known in small, but unforgettable doses in films like Neighbors. He is next set to appear in the James Franco directed Tommy Wiseau biographical comedy, The Masterpiece. Mintz-Plasse has also played a significant part in television as of late with a starring role on the show The Great Indoors, which premiered in 2016 on CBS. In his down time from acting, Mintz-Plasse plays the drums for a rock band called The Young Rapscallions.

8. Michael Cera – Evan


Watching Michael Cera‘s career develop over the years has been interesting to say the least. After his stint on Arrested Development as George Michael Bluth, Cera immediately started to get typecast in roles that called for him to play the timid, soft-spoken nerdy character trope. Superbad is no different and while the pattern persisted across his body of work, it usually resulted in hit movies. His roles in follow-up pictures like Juno, Youth in Revolt, and Scott Pilgrim vs The World all called for Cera to play essentially the same character, but they all made for successful, critically acclaimed movies. It wasn’t until his cameo in This Is the End when he finally played against type as an exaggerated, coke induced version of himself. Cera has spent much of his recent time in Chile where he starred in two Chilean films, Magic Magic and Crystal Fairy & the Magical Cactus. Along with producing a YouTube channel called Jash where he releases short films he directs and stars in, Cera has also dabbled in the world of music. Cera released his debut album, True That, in 2014.

7. Jonah Hill – Seth


It would be easy to argue that Jonah Hill has had the best overall career since Superbad wrapped up production. His first leading role as Seth in the film proved to be a breakout role for Hill and his career skyrocketed from there. While he has lost a substantial amount of weight after Superbad, he has also gained several prestigious acting work and awards. In just the last few years, Hill has been nominated for two Academy Awards. The first for the 2012 baseball biopic, Moneyball, and the second for the charged thrill ride, The Wolf of Wall Street, the following year. Hill has also snagged the top billing for numerous blockbusters over the years, including the rebooted 21 Jump Street franchise, Get Him to the Greek, This Is the End, and War Dogs. It looks like Hill won’t be slowing down anytime soon in the next few years as he’s set to appear in a number of other projects, including a crossover event between 21 Jump Street and Men in Black.

6. Clark Duke – Party Teenager 


Though his ambiguous role as Party Teenager in Superbad was far from the most memorable part of the film, it was Clark Duke’s first film and it set him on the path to Hollywood infamy. He may not be one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, but he is certainly one of the most recognizable thanks to parts in Hollywood films like Kick-Ass, Hot Tub Time Machine, Identity Thief, and Bad Moms. In television, he followed up his stint on Superbad by playing one of the main characters on the show Greek. Later on, he snagged another big tv role as one of the main secondary characters during the ninth and final season of The Office. He played Clark Green. Afterwards, he appeared in a plethora of episodes for Two and a Half Men. Most recently, Duke has been a part of the second season cast for hidden camera series, Swerved, which plays on the WWE Network.

5. Martin Starr – James Masselin


As a frequent collaborator in productions run by Judd Apatow, it is no surprise that Martin Starr had an appearance in Superbad as James Masselin. Ever since Starr was just a young star on the set of the short-lived cult phenomenon, Freaks and Geeks, he always finds a way to show up in a Judd Apatow production. This would also include Undeclared, Knocked Up, Kicking & Screaming, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, and This is the End. Don’t think that Martin Starr is just leeching off of Apatow though. Starr has been able to find success and acclaim outside of the works of Judd Apatow. He played a substantial role for comedy series Party Down. He currently is one of the main cast members of hit HBO show, Silicon Valley. Outside of television, Starr has been best praised for his surprisingly serious performance in Amira & Sam and will play Mr. Harrington for Spider-Man: Homecoming in 2017.

4. Carla Gallo – Jacinda


Though she didn’t spend too much time on-screen in Superbad, Carla Gallo certainly made a memorable impression as Jacinda the Period Girl in Superbad. While it may not have been the most flattering role to break into Hollywood with, it made enough of an impact on her career that she was able to acquire numerous film and tv roles afterwards. In television especially, Gallo found herself getting recurring roles on hit Emmy nominated shows like Californication and Bones. Her Bones character in particular, which spanned 28 episodes throughout the series, was popular enough to crossover into another FOX series, Rosewood, in 2016. Apart from a highly successful television career, Gallo has managed a respectable movie career. Well, as respectable as a career can get after playing characters named “Toe-sucking Girl” and “Gag Me Girl,” respectively in The 40-Year Old Virgin and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Along with gross out roles, Gallo has also had a recurring role in the Neighbors franchise with Seth Rogen and Zac Efron. When she isn’t acting, Gallo is raising her first and so far only child that was born in the summer of 2014.

3. Aviva Baumann – Nicola


Though she was credited at the time as Aviva Farber, audiences will remember her face from Superbad as Nicola, who has an extremely brief liaison with McLovin near the end of the film. While she has not appeared in any noteworthy films after the success of Superbad, much of her subsequent work that followed was in the land of tv. Most notably, she found herself playing a younger version of Agent Gibbs’ first wife, Shannon, on NCIS. She may also be recognized for playing Mandy, Ron’s girlfriend, on cult tv hit Party Down. She also appeared in numerous renowned crime shows like Criminal Minds, The Closer, Law & Order: LA, and Burn Notice. In 2012, Aviva Farber would become Aviva Baumann after marrying actor Ken Baumann. Her last credit under IMDB is Pop Up from 2013. While there is no online confirmation, it may be easy to assume Baumann retired to either raise her a family of her own or help out her husband who is struggling with Crohn’s Disease.

2. Kevin Corrigan – Mark


With a career spanning almost 30 years in front of the camera, Kevin Corrigan has shaped a phenomenal filmography for himself. Best remembered as Uncle Eddie from the show Grounded for Life or Sean Costigan in the Oscar winning gangster epic, The Departed, his acting pedigree goes well beyond just his role in Superbad as Mark. When someone says Kevin Corrigan’s name or sees his face, people remember more than just when he beat up Joe Lo Truglio’s character of Francis in Superbad. Anyone who knows who Kevin Corrigan is should recall seeing him in films like Goodfellas, True Romance, Pineapple Express, American Gangster, Big Fan, or Results. We should all especially recognize him from his tv work as he’s done plenty of it. Just after Superbad alone, he has had recurring roles for shows like Community, Fringe, The Mentalist, and The Get Down. Corrigan’s instantly recognizable face and impressive resume make him the essential “That Guy” actor.

1. Erica Vittina Phillips – Mindy


Erica Vittina Phillips played Mindy the liquor store cashier in Superbad. If you do not remember anything else she did or said in the movie, you likely remember her hilarious reaction to watching McLovin get punched in the face by a mugger. To this day, it is Phillips’ most memorable role. Well, either that or her equally brief, but funny, performance as Jay’s girlfriend Jill in The 40 Year Old Virgin. Also to this day, Erica Vittina Phillips continues to act. Though she seldom acts nowadays, she makes her presence known in popular works of film and television. In 2016, Phillips has found herself playing bit parts in the shows Veep and Love.

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