15Jennifer Aniston Is Hitting The Big Screen 

We love Jennifer Aniston. She's such a babe and she's managed to defy age the past 23 years. She, of course, played the flighty and sexy Rachel Green on the show, and we were so happy when she rekindled her relationship with Ross at the end

of the series. These days, she's a Golden Globe winner and has been in numerous films like Horrible Bosses, Mother’s Day, Office Christmas Party, and He’s Just Not That Into You. Despite her divorce from Brad Pitt, Jennifer found love again with her longtime beau Justin Theroux, whom she married recently. She’s going to be on another TV series again with friend Reese Witherspoon in the near future. It’s in production right now, and the title has yet to be released. All and all, this girl has been doing quite well for herself in Hollywood.

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