14Cole Sprouse Is Making Trouble At Riverdale 

Cole Sprouse has turned into quite the hottie. He used to play little Ben, Ross’s son in Friends, and he was so cute. He no longer plays the sweet innocent boy anymore; this actor has a new brooding look to him. He went on to play

on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody with his twin brother, Dylan Sprouse. He then took four years off to study at a prestigious New York University. These days, he’s 25 years old, and he got a coveted role on the very popular TV series Riverdale playing Jughead Jones. He’s quite the brooding writer as well, judging by a post he made on Instagram: “Some people liken it to time stopping, but it's really just your eyes becoming louder than all your other senses. A sharp and directional focus, as if glasses were put on a face that never knew it was blind. All that white noise had finally ceased, and my mind was able to distill its attention into a single thing for the very first time. You became that first step outside a noisy bar. All this in a look. Just a break from the noise. Just a break. Look at yourself now that the noise is back. You've grown a lot haven't you kid, but you still hold onto those glasses, don't you?”

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