The Cast Of Dazed And Confused: Where Are They Now?

It’s been a whopping 24 years since the movie was released. Do you feel old yet?

Dazed and Confused came out in the early '90s, and it became an instant classic because all high school movies seem to be burned into our memory, but it also took a look at stoners. Richard Linklater was the director of this coming-of-age story that was actually set in the '70s. We see a group of high school kids who come from varying cliques, like the stoners, the cheerleaders, and, of course, there’s always the bully. But this time, he used a paddle. We see the new senior-class students who are looking forward to using their newfound authority by hazing the freshmen class. We even had a hazed-crazed cheerleader who just couldn’t get enough of the torture. With all the drama in the movie, all the kids are just trying to get to the awesome end-of-the-year party! Isn’t that what high school was really about? We all just wanted to make sure we were at the popular table and at the best parties.

It’s been a whopping 24 years since the movie was released. Do you feel old yet? Have you ever wondered what happened to this amazing cast? We have some pretty big stars that came from the collection of misfits and some who went into obscurity. We have the answers to all your questions. If you've been dying to know, then read on. Find out where your favorite characters from Dazed and Confused are now.

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15 Ben Affleck Makes It Big

It’s hard to believe that Ben Affleck was in that movie; we almost forgot. That was quite some time ago before his rise to fame, and he looked so young. Affleck played Fred O’Bannion in Dazed and Confused, the boy who likes to paddle, and it certainly wasn’t the first time that he played a real jerk. He was also one in Mallrats, another blast from his past. Affleck is one of the mega stars from the film; he's certainly come a long way. It wasn’t until his role in Good Will Hunting that he shot to fame. Now, fast forward, and he’s playing Batman. He’s been in so many good movies, such as The Town and Argo. But these days, he's spending more time producing than he is acting. His credits go toward The Runner, The Leisure Class, and Project Greenlight. He has so many post-production projects that they go well into 2019.

14 Milla Jovovich Fights Evil Residents

Milla Jovovich started off in the industry as a supermodel before she played the ditzy pothead Michelle Burroughs. The producers must've loved her look because she was on both the covers of the DVD and the VHS; plus, she was on all the promotional posters despite the fact that her role wasn’t very big. She must've gotten hooked on acting because she never did go back to the runway. She's most known for her badass moves in all of the Resident Evil movies as well as her role in the Zoolander franchise. She knows how to kick serious butt, and she ended up marrying the director of the franchise, Paul W.S. Anderson. You may also be surprised to hear that she's a singer as well and has released six albums. She has a few movies in post-production, including Hellboy.

13 Parker Posey, the Hazing Queen

Dazed and Confused was Parker Posey’s first big-screen movie. Posey played senior Darla Marks, and she was the hazing queen, taking sheer joy in bullying the new freshmen. She was all about spontaneous “air raids.” She was quite good in the movie, and that spurred a career in Hollywood. She isn’t considered a “big star,” but she's worked consistently in Hollywood since then. She's really good at playing b!tchy characters. She’s been in Josie and the Pussycats, The Sweetest Thing, and Mascots. She's also appeared in TV series Boston Legal, New Girl, Parks and Recreation, and The Return of Jezebel James. She's currently filming a TV series called Lost in Space, which will air in 2018. So, all in all, she's done well for herself. She hasn’t been in too many major things, but her credits in filmography are massive.

12 Jason London Gets into a Bar Fight

Wasn’t he just so dreamy? That’s '70s hair was all Jason London needed to be a hot catch in the movie. He played Randall “Pink” Floyd, the rising football star who refused to sign a pledge that would force him to not do drugs over the summer. He may look familiar to you, and that’s because he also has a twin brother who's an actor, Jeremy London. That must've made auditioning for roles just a little annoying. He was arrested in 2013 after a bar fight and becoming aggressive with the officers. He’s done fairly well in Hollywood, consistently working in movies such as Grind and 51. His career didn’t do well after the arrest, but he seems to have gotten his act together and has been in numerous movies over the years but nothing that had a huge budget. He has four movies in post-production right now.

11 Wiley Wiggins Plays Video Games

Wow, what a change! From long hair to very short in one big swoop. Poor Wiley was one of the freshmen who tried to avoid being hazed at all costs. He lives, to this day, in Austin, where the film was shot. It was his first acting gig, and he hasn’t done much in Hollywood since. In 2013, he was in his last indie film called Computer Chess, which turned out to be a passion project of his. So, it’s no big surprise that these days, he's a video-game designer and programmer for Fantastic Arcade. It's a video game exposition that takes place once a year during the Fantastic Fest film festival. He may not be doing movies any longer, but he seems to be doing quite well for himself in the video-game world. Nerds for life!

10 Rory Cochrane Reunites with Co-Star

From long wild hair to a long and wild beard. We definitely recognize him because, over the years, he’s been in a lot of good movies and TV shows. In Dazed and Confused, he played the upperclassman Ron Slater, who also happened to be a pothead. After that movie, he appeared in Empire Records, Black Mass, and even reunited with his Dazed and Confused co-star Ben Affleck in Argo. Although he's been consistent over the years in Hollywood, he’s usually only in a few small parts every year. He certainly hasn’t had the fame that Affleck has had. We saw him in TV shows such as CSI: Miami, 24, and The Company. You may also recognize Cochrane from the horror flick Oculus, and in 2017, he threw out three more movies. So, all in all, he's done well since the stoner days.

9 Joey Lauren Adams and Her Weird Voice

Joey Lauren Adams played Simone Kerr in Dazed and Confused and was considered a “standout actress.” She’s certainly cute as a button, which is part of her appeal. She also appeared in Coneheads that same year and then went on to play parts in Mallrats and Chasing Amy. She was dating actor Kevin Smith, and she became his inspiration for Chasing Amy. She’s kind of been the supporting-actress type in movies since then, however, and never the leading lady. She played the girlfriend to Adam Sandler in Big Daddy and Jennifer Aniston’s sister in The Break-Up. Many people believe that it’s her weird voice that's held her back. She's worked consistently in Hollywood but has never had any major roles. She was in the TV series Switched at Birth, and these days, she's been in the TV series Still the King.

8 Matthew McConaughey is “Alright, Alright, Alright”

Dazed and Confused was the first major role that Matthew McConaughey was in at that time. He played the laid back former high school senior who couldn’t quite let go of his glory days in high school. He made popular the catchphrase “Alright, Alright, Alright.” McConaughey is another big-name actor who came from the movie, and he’s certainly done well for himself over the years. He started off doing mostly romcoms like Failure to Launch, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, and Fool’s Gold. Then, he moved on to more serious roles and got a little more acclaim. Movies like The Dallas Buyers Club and The Wolf of Wall Street are just some of the movies that have brought him to the level of fame that he now enjoys. These days, he can be seen on the HBO series True Detective alongside big names such as Rachel McAdams, Vince Vaughn, and Woody Harrelson.

7 Anthony Rapp Is On Broadway

Not only was Anthony Rapp in Dazed and Confused, but he was also in Adventures in Babysitting as Tony Olson. That was actually his first role on the big screen. After that, he was in a few bit roles on TV series, such as Spin City and The X-Files. We’ve seen him in movies such as Beautiful Mind, The Other Woman, and Blackbird. He spent some time on Broadway for a while and played the role of Mark in both the Broadway play as well as the feature-film version of Rent that came out in 2015. Although he spent a lot of time on Broadway, he didn’t give up becoming a film actor. He’s been in a few series such as Kidnapped, Psych, The Knick, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and The Good Fight, and he’s now filming Star Trek: Discovery for release in 2018.

6 Sasha Jenson in the Grind

We’re going to be real honest here and say that Sasha Jenson hasn’t done a whole lot in Hollywood since Dazed and Confused. He’s been in and out of things over the years, but he must have a side job. Otherwise, we’re not sure how he’s paying his bills. Jenson played Don Dawson in the movie, the one who was solely responsible for getting Mitch involved with drinking and smoking pot. Jenson’s dad is a real stuntman, and so Jenson would often do his own stunts as well in roles that required it. Since Dazed and Confused, however, he’s been in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Vince Beach, and The Grind. We’ve seen him in NYPD Blue and The Doppler Effect. His last film, however, was Trust Me in 2013 and he’s been off the radar ever since. Not everyone can have the success of Affleck and McConaughey.

5 Was Adam Goldberg the Zodiac?

Adam Goldberg plays neurotic very well as we saw in Dazed and Confused, but it’s not the only character that he's played like that. He just does it very well. He was the brave soul, who, at the end of the movie, punched the jock in the face, even though he still got his butt whipped. Goldberg has certainly worked consistently in the industry. He’s been in some pretty decent movies like Saving Private Ryan, A Beautiful Mind, and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. We’ve also seen him in many TV shows such as Entourage, The Practice, Will & Grace, Joey, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, NYC 22, The Unusuals, Fargo, and The Jim Gaffigan Show. So, yeah, the guy has been pretty busy over the years. He’s now working on the TV series Taken to be aired in 2018.

4 Michelle Burke Was a Conehead

Michelle Burke was cute as a button in Dazed and Confused, and she played the little-sister role to the character Mitch. She was part of the cool crowd in high school, and she played the part well. After that, she starred in Coneheads as Connie Conehead, alongside some of her co-stars from Dazed and Confused. That was such a bizarre movie, wasn’t it? She was also in Major League II and LOL, but that’s as far as she did in “known” movie roles. She's been in a few TV series, though, such as Diagnosis: Murder, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior, The Last Don, The Last Don II, and Little Men. She went MIA in 2012 after appearing in a short film called Ben and Becca. We actually thought she had given up the game. We’re not sure what she did for the past five years, but she's currently filming a movie called Betsy.

3 Marissa Ribisi Married Beck

Wow, what a difference! Where did those tight red curls go? She had some amazing red hair, but as we can see, she's now a blonde. Dazed and Confused was Ribisi’s debut in Hollywood, and we were convinced that she was going to stick around for a while. She also happens to have an actor brother in the industry, Giovanni Ribisi. She nabbed a musician, Beck Hansen, from the popular band Beck, as a husband. She's basically done nothing in Hollywood since then, but she does have a few credits here and there. Maybe she’s just been following her musician husband around as we’re not sure what else she’s been doing. She’s had bit roles in TV series such as Felicity, Tracey Takes On..., and Grownups, but her last appearance on TV was in a series called Watching Ellie in 2003. That was the last we saw of her until she appeared on a documentary project called Lightfield’s Home Videos.

2 Cole Hauser Can Be a Creeper

Cole Hauser played the class clown and football player in Dazed and Confused. Since then, he’s done pretty decently in Hollywood. He does have a habit of playing the creepy guy really well. Remember his part as the perverted brother in The Break-Up, alongside Vince Vaughn? But he's had a lot of decent parts in movies such as A Good Day to Die Hard, Olympus Has Fallen, Transcendence, Pitch Black, Good Will Hunting, and White Oleander. He’s a handsome guy, who can certainly score some good roles. He's hit the TV circuit as well such as in High Incident, ER, K-Ville, Chase, and The Lizzie Borden Chronicles, and he’s spent the past three years on Rogue. He’s fared pretty well in Hollywood, and he doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. He currently has three movies in post-production. Go, Cole!

1 Shawn Andrews Hits the Indie Scene

Everyone so desperately wanted to go to that end-of-the-year party, and it was Pickford’s parents who ruined it all when they decided to cancel their trip. His girlfriend in the movie was the gorgeous Milla Jovovich, and the two started to date in real life. They actually got married for a very brief moment until Milla’s parents found out and had it annulled because she was only 16 at the time. Ahhh, young love. It’s probably a good thing; she might never have been in those Resident Evil movies. He’s only been in seven movies since Dazed and Confused, and, for the most part, they've been indie films. He did win a Best Actor Award for the movie Fix at the Brooklyn Film Festival in 2009. His last movie was Big Heart City in 2008. We’re not sure what he’s been doing since.


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The Cast Of Dazed And Confused: Where Are They Now?