The Big Bang Theory: 15 Cast Photos That Would’ve Gotten Them Kicked Off The Show

The Big Bang Theory is one of the most popular sitcoms on TV today. The show has been running on CBS since September 2007 and is expected to run through to 2019, with the possibility of additional seasons.

Since each of the cast members are celebrities with huge followings, whatever they do, especially when they're not on the set of The Big Bang Theory, is sure to make headlines for all the wrong reasons. Here are photos of the cast in weird situations, some of which are hilarious, and others are cringe-worthy.

Although none of these photos got any of these cast members kicked off the show, some aspects about them are a bit disturbing or shocking. They portray these actors in a way that's inconsistent with their characters. Although we have to appreciate that these people act for a living and they have their own private lives to live, many of us expect them to live like their characters. This is a small price to pay in exchange for the wealth and popularity which comes with their status.

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15 Kaley Disrespecting The American Flag

via: nickiswift.com

Everything about this image is just wrong, and looking at it for too long is enough to make some people cry. There's no problem in wearing clothing with the flag of any nation printed all over, especially if why you choose to do so makes sense. Therefore, we have no issues with Kaley Cuoco and her ex. The problem is with whoever decided the American flag could be a good rug for the dogs to sit on and pose for a photo.

This image is offensive to all Americans, especially the men and women who fight so hard and even give their lives for the United States. Whether or not it's a criminal offence to mutilate, deface, burn, or even trample the American flag should never be a reason to do so, or even think of doing what we see in this image. Kaley is lucky to still have her job after posting this photo on social media.

14 Weird And Scandalous Photo Of Kaley Cuoco And Johnny Galecki

via: notey.com

It is hard to explain what is happening here, since Kaley and Johnny Galecki seem to be wearing clothing appropriate for a scene in an adult film. It's funny where Johnny has chosen to wear his glasses, probably an attempt to show that this image is not too serious. However, it does raise many questions as to how it made its way to a comedy show that never focuses on raunchiness, let alone what appears to be bondage.

This image might cost the show numerous loyal followers, who might be offended by its raciness. This is supposed to be a nightmare Sheldon had where Penny and Leonard had transformed his room into a messed up dungeon. Although not much of what is expected from a scene like this happened, the scene was banned from TV in different parts of the world, including the UK.

13 The Cast In Superhero Drag

Via: elitedaily.com

This is one of the most hilarious photos of the male cast of The Big Bang Theory out there. If this were not a scene in one of the episodes, these men would have had a pretty hard time trying to explain what they were doing in those costumes. Owning and even wearing the costumes of your favorite superheroes is normal, but these guys don't seem to be excited about what they're wearing, except Raj, of course.

Howard's impression just shows us how much he hates wearing the Batgirl costume and appears to be the exact opposite of Raj, who is thrilled to be Catwoman. It’s a bit hard to know how Sheldon feels about his Wonder Woman costume because he always wears that face, but it's clear Leonard is just sad about being Supergirl. He probably wanted to be Superman. People who are into cosplay would refer to this as crossplay, where an individual wears the costume of a superhero of the opposite gender. Although there is of course nothing wrong with it, some people might take issue with seeing their favorite character cross-dressing. 

12 Johnny Suggestively Biting Kaley

via: mirror.co.uk

Of course, by now you know Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco dated for at least two years before she was married to Ryan Sweeting, right? It is common for costars whose characters are in love on set to fall into the temptation of exploring their feelings away from the camera. Although these two denied that they were going out for so long, their actions always revealed they had something going on between them.

On the other hand, it's interesting how different Johnny looks in person from the character he plays in the show, since here we can't see even the slightest indication he could act like a nerd flawlessly. Kaley hardly ever looks different when playing her character and when she is out living her life, since her character is supposed to be hot and beautiful, as she is in real-life. It's hard to explain why Johnny decided to bite Kaley, and was it not for this action being in good fun, he would have been the subject of a lawsuit and lost much more than his place in the show.

11 Melissa Rauch Looking Seductive

via: bengaliclicker.com

There's no doubt about how unbelievably hot Melissa Rauch looks in this photo, especially because we hardly ever see her dressed like this in the show. All along, The Big Bang Theory has portrayed Penny as the hottest girl in the show, which might probably be the case for people who've never seen this image of Melissa, who plays Bernadette.

Because of the way we are used to seeing her on the show, Melissa looks so different here. The fact that she's so hot here makes us forget she has a huge snake around her neck. This image would have landed Melissa in a lot of trouble with the show, since it reveals just how hot she is, and how friendly she is to snakes, things we don't expect from Bernadette.

10 Jim And Mayim In Suicide Squad

via: pinterest.com

This is an impressive photo of Jim and Mayim Bialik, dressed up as the Joker and Harley Quinn. Although everyone is allowed to dress up as his or her favorite comic book character, these two have done it so well you would actually think they are promoting Suicide Squad the film.

Promoting another film might be an issue for characters in the league that these two are in, especially if it violates their contracts in any way. However, it seems as though these two never got into any kind of trouble because they are in great terms with everyone else at The Big Bang Theory.

It's funny how Jim looks so good as the Joker, yet when he is playing Sheldon, he makes us believe he is the type of nerd who would not even hurt a fly, which is the complete opposite of the Joker. Although Mayim looks a bit like Margot Robbie's Harley, she seems as if she could be far more evil than Margot.

9 Mayim Bialik Steamy Photo

via: pinterest.com

Did you ever watch the show Blossom? If you did, you might recognize the title character as Big Bang's Amy. In the show, Mayim was a highly intelligent teenager, a role she must have taken seriously and never got out of character because she continued to be highly intelligent in real life. She might play the role of a neurologist called Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler in The Big Bang Theory, but in real life, Mayim is actually a neurologist with a Ph.D. in neuroscience from UCLA.

Just when you're tempted to think she is actually as much of a nerd as she is on TV in real life, then you come across this photo. The show hardly ever shows us the sexy side of Mayim, because it would be out of character. Therefore, in addition to being a professional in acting and neuroscience, she could easily get into modelling and succeed.

8 Simon Helberg's Shocking Costume

via: artimagesfrom.com

Although all the nerds in the show are funny and weird in every way, Howard Wolowitz is arguably the weirdest of the bunch, because even the others find him an easy target for their jokes. Played by Simon Helberg, Howard is an engineer with a master's degree from MIT, but his three friends are doctorate degree holders in physics, which attracts a lot of ridicule from them.

In retaliation, Howard points out how his work has real-world applications, as opposed to being largely theoretical, and the fact that he's the only one among them to have been to the International Space Station.

This image of Helberg is extremely weird, and if we had put up the full image, it would have been by far the most offensive one on the list. Simon's costume is supposed to be someone in the buff. It is an image we are glad is edited appropriately.

7 Jim Parsons Shockingly Dressed For Rocky Horror

via: abc7.com

What on earth are they wearing? On the left, you can see actors Steven Weber and Jim Parsons wearing women's clothing; apparently, they were exploring their feminine sides. The usually geeky and super uptight Sheldon Cooper appears to be wearing a curly black wig, black lingerie, a red and black scarf, fishnet stockings with suspenders, and weird makeup. Although these two look truly out of character, they appear to be having so much fun.

On the right, you will realize it's part of the cast of The Big Bang Theory in weird looking costumes as well, and appear to be at some stage in front of an audience. Parsons and Kaley performed the Rocky Horror's "The Time Wrap" at the Annual "A Night at Sardi's," a charity event at the Beverly Hilton Hotel to raise money for the Alzheimer's Association. The other cast members of The Big Bang Theory came up to support them and contribute towards the cause. Some people might choose not to watch the show after seeing the actors so scandalously dressed.

6 Kaley Cuoco Funny Face

via: perezhilton.com

We are often tempted to think celebrities are perfect in every way, especially when we see their pictures on the covers of magazines taken by professional photographers. The truth is that these people are just like us; it's just that they go an extra mile to try looking perfect, especially in pictures.

Here's evidence of how even the people we consider to be the hottest celebs on TV can look like the relatives we don't like because they often drink too much. Kaley here looks so different that we would not recognize her along the streets if we met her wearing this face.

She must be coming from a social event where she partied as hard as she could, or she looked at the guy taking this photo and almost threw up, for whatever reason. This photo makes it to this list because the show tries its best to show just how pretty and perfect she is, but now we can see she's just like the rest of us.

5 Mayim And Johnny Kissing

via: eonline.com

This might be a disturbing image for people who believe Penny and Leonard were meant to be together always, and no one, especially from within the group, should come between them. However, it's clear Leonard and Amy are kissing here, so they must be cheating on Amy and Sheldon behind their backs.

Although we know these people are acting, we tend to believe the relationships on TV are true, and this is the result of great acting. If you see the full picture, you will realize the whole cast of The Big Bang Theory is here together with them, and they were reenacting a kiss they had in Blossom, the show where Mayim was the star character and Johnny her teenage love interest.

It's funny how Johnny and Mayim seemed so right for each other in a sitcom a few years back but so wrong for each other now.

4 Kaley Getting A Tattoo

via: tattooremovalseattle.com

People are often torn between whether it's acceptable to have a tattoo or not, with the older generation standing against this practice, and young people overwhelmingly in support of it. Regardless of what you think about tattoos, we can all agree that if someone has decided to get one, they should at least think long and hard about the content of the tattoo he or she wants to get.

Here's Kaley getting another tattoo over the one she had previously because the original tattoo had a message she no longer wanted to be displayed on her body. She had gotten a tattoo with the date of her wedding, but after the divorce, she had it changed into a moth-like image.

We can see the pain she is currently going through, and we can only hope she doesn't change her mind after a few years hoping to get something else in place of the moth.

3 Kaley's Extreme And Unflattering Laughter

via: irishmirror.ie

Did you hear about a certain woman who was convicted after laughing during the confirmation hearing of the US Attorney General? This conviction is one of the reasons this picture makes it to this list, because it has got to be a crime somewhere in the world to laugh as hard as Kaley is laughing here. The only reason this unflattering image did not land her in problems was that her job is to make people laugh, and she must have gotten a taste of her own medicine.

Just looking at her laugh is enough to make you laugh, because her face looks so funny and if the photographer had a different angle, we would have been able to see much more than all her teeth. Since she is a celebrity, Kaley cannot get away with things the average individual can, since people will talk about her actions for as long as she is relevant.

2 Big Bangers Holding On

via: whatculture.com

Here is an image of Kaley and Melissa Rauch in what appears to be a club. From looking at the picture, it's difficult to tell whether they're drunk or not, but it sure seems like they are having a good time. However, what is of great concern is the pose these two women chose for this particular image, since it's rare to find women posing for pictures while holding their breasts.

Although there's nothing wrong with a woman doing whatever she wants with them, she needs to be careful doing so in public places. Boobs are part of a woman's private parts, which should remain covered in public, unless she is breastfeeding her child. Otherwise, any exposure or suggestive holding would make people around her to feel uncomfortable.

This pose not only makes everyone who looks at this image feel weird, it is also something the show would not encourage its cast to do.

1 Sheldon Being Proven Wrong In Hidden Figures

via: trustmovies.blogspot.co.ke

Hidden Figures is a film based on actual events about three African-American women who were the brains behind the launch of John Glenn, an astronaut, into orbit. Their participation led to a great achievement, which turned the Space Race in favor of the United States and restored the confidence of the nation.

The reason this image is appearing on this list is because of Jim Parsons, who in the film was supposed to be the brains behind the mission. However, Parsons' character could not match up to the brains of a woman who clearly had the right formulas and answers to problems that would determine the success of the mission.

Of course, he was not in the film as Sheldon Cooper and the film does not have a relationship with The Big Bang Theory, but we associate him with being the smartest person in the room and this film gave us a different perspective of him.

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