The Best Of WWE’s Botchers: 15 Where Are They Now Stories

Not everybody is cut out to be a WWE Superstar and that’s been very well documented over the last couple of decades. The WWE scouts the world for potential stars, some loved the business their entire life, while others come from other fields trying to make it in the world of sports and entertainment.

Looking at previous examples, only a select few manage to stick around for longer periods of time, the others happen to vanish from the WWE landscape. Today, we take a look at a specific class of performers known for their botches insides of the squared circle. These are performers who are mostly remembered and recognized for providing us with some of the most cringeworthy moments ever as they either struggled in the ring or on the microphone.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the greatest botchers in WWE history and update you guys on what they’re up to nowadays. Some are out of the business as you might expect, while some others are actually still trying to bank off of their lackluster performances. These are the best of the WWE’s botchers: Where are they now? Enjoy the article and let us know your favorite story from the list!


15 The Kat: Wrestling Conventions

Known as The Kat, Stacy Lee Carter certainly wasn’t known for her wrestling prowess during her time in the WWE. She did however manage to score some big time success through her edgy persona which was welcomed in during the Attitude Era. Despite the fact that her matches were mostly gimmick bouts filled with errors, the WWE still gave her a title run due to her popularity with the crowd. Nowadays, something of the sort would never go down again.

Her stint with the WWE was extremely brief but impactful as she took part in the greatest era of pro wrestling, the Attitude Era. Kat’s run spanned from 99’ till 2001 as she was released for her attitude behind the scenes. She would pursue to hit the Indie scene and today, she’s still banking off of her fame as a mainstay at wrestling conventions. She’s also a big time animal lover judging by her social media accounts. Stacy Carter is 46 today.

14 The Great Khali: Continental Wrestling Entertainment


Looking back at history, Vince McMahon has always been a sucker for size. Although times have changed, the bigger man is still present in the WWE today with the likes of Braun Strowman being pushed to the moon. The only difference between Braun and Khali however, is the fact that Strowman can actually work a match.

Khali came into the business guns blazing feuding with The Undertaker as his first piece of work. The company pushed him the moon but the only problem was he couldn’t work. He was awkward in the ring and his matches were filled with botches due to his slow in-ring speed. Disturbing to think he actually won the World Title, although thankfully that was short-lived.

The company would end up putting Khali as a comedic wrestler, shortly after he was out the door. Today, Khali runs his own wrestling school and promotion back in Punjab, the Continental Wrestling Entertainment.

13 The Shockmaster: Safety Manager & Wrestling Conventions

Perhaps the most infamous botch in pro wrestling history, Fred Ottman was set to make his long awaited WCW debut only to make a complete mess of it, and one that is still being discussed today. Set to bulldoze threw a wall, Ottman fell to the ground as his mask fell off of his face at the same time. The result was so catastrophic that WCW was forced to change his gimmick into a comedic one.

Turns out his brief WCW run was more impactful than his years in the WWE because of the incident. The WWE still pokes fun at the botch by showing it on the network and even having Ottman recently appear on the Edge & Christian Show. Because of the botch, some can argue he grew even more popular than he was ever supposed to be. Shockmaster still attends wrestling conventions to this day and is a big hit with the fans.

Along with banking on his botched fame, Ottman got out of the ring and stepped into the world of industrial services, working as a safety manager for a building cleaning company.

12 David Flair: Seal Wire Company


As we’ve seen in the past, wrestling running through your bloodline doesn’t always mean guaranteed success. We’ve seen numerous examples of that taking place in the last couple of decades and this one is probably one of the very best examples.

With wrestling in his bloodline, David Flair failed to recapture the magic of his father during his WCW days. Instead, the results were pretty much the opposite as Flair struggled in the ring putting on botch filled matches. WCW didn’t give the guy a chance as his training was limited and the company just wanted to bank off of his name ASAP. The results were lackluster and Flair is remembered as being one of the worst WCW wrestlers of all-time.

The WWE would end up picking him up but ultimately it was a no-go for the son of The Nature Boy. He stayed in the business working the Indies and with TNA for quite some time. Finally, he decided to leave the business for good starting a Seal Wire Company with his wife back in North Carolina. Wise choice David, wise choice.

11 Mike Adamle: Former Sports Anchor & Reporter

First impressions are truly everything in the world of professional wrestling and poor Mike Adamle learned that the hard way. His lack of knowledge for the industry was quite obvious and fans sniffed that out prematurely. Despite his experience as an anchor and host, Mike failed miserably with the WWE botching several live segments. Who can forget the time he called Jeff Hardy, “Jeff Harvey”? Oh boy. The botches continued to happen and even though poor Adamle would try to poke fun at himself, the fans weren’t buying it.

Following his cringeworthy run as Raw’s GM, Adamle switched field joining the Arena Football League. He later left the sport and joined NBC Chicago working as a news anchor and sports reporter. Adamle stepped down from the position in 2016 taking a leave of absence from the company. The former WWE personality is now 67 today (if you can believe it) and it seems like he’s enjoying the retired life at the moment.

10 Terri Runnels: Wrestling Conventions


Another act that thrived in the Attitude Era, Terri Runnels was a beloved WWE star in the 90s, for the most part, due to her good looks and being regarded as eye candy throughout her run. She wasn’t known for her in-ring talent, botching on the regular, but to Terri’s credit, she admitted she was not a fan of the in-ring aspect of pro wrestling. Terri managed to stay with the company for a lengthy period of time debuting with Goldust in the mid 90s and parting ways with the company in 2004 searching for new horizons.

Today, Terri is a proud mother and loves to get involved with various charities. She also partakes in several shoot interviews along with appearing at various wrestling conventions around the globe. At the age of 50, Terri is still in great shape today as documented through her social media pages on both Twitter and Instagram.

9 The Sandman: Wrestling Conventions & Indie Events

He was a star in ECW but once he came to the WWE, it was pretty clear that the guy was a pretty one-dimensional talent. Aside from his epic entrance which saw him chug beers and bash himself in the head with a Singapore cane, Sandman was limited in the ring and quite disastrous at that. Who knows how many matches the former ECW star actually had sober. He thrived in ECW but didn’t cut it in the WWE as the company values a wrestler’s in-ring ability just as much as their persona.

At the age of 53, Sandman is still cashing-in on his fame appearing at wrestling conventions and even doing signings at various local shops. Up until 2016, Sandman was still appearing at Indie events wrestling for the likes of the House of Hardcore. He did things his own way throughout his career and it appears like that’s still the case as he has yet to officially retire.


8 Ashley Massaro: Indie Events & Wrestling Conventions


Winning the 2005 WWE Diva Search, Ashley Massaro was quickly thrown into the ring as the WWE tried to capitalize on her fame. This truly wasn’t best for business as Ashley wasn’t ready for the big time and it led to several botches inside the ring. Nowadays, the WWE has learned from their mistakes, as Tough Enough winners spend years down in development before joining the likes of NXT.

She gained some big time popularity with the company posing for Playboy at the time of her run. Massaro ultimately left the WWE and joined the acting and modelling fields. Her most promising piece of work came as a contestant on the popular reality show Survivor.

Nowadays, at the age of 37, Ashley is still attending various wrestling conventions and appearing at Indie shows. She’s currently booked for a Wrestle Pro event on February 10th, joining the likes of other WWE alums like Ryback, Cody Rhodes and Rikishi, to name a few.

7 Nathan Jones: Actor

Nathan Jones is a rare success story that found greater work outside of the industry than in it, but before we get to that, let’s discuss his trainwreck of a WWE career. Right out of the gate, he got off to a horrid start as his debut was delayed because of his lackluster in-ring skills. He was supposed to make his debut alongside The Undertaker at WrestleMania XIX, but those plans were later nixed turning the bout into a handicap match because of Jones’ “green” talent. After the brief cameo following the match, he was sent down for more training.

His improvements were quite minimal and he became just another big dude that could not perform. He actually quit the WWE in 2003 because of the travel schedule and stayed in the business working the Indie scene.

His biggest breakthrough however would come as a film star appearing in a variety of films. Nathan’s most popular film involvement took place in 2015 with the release of Mad Max: Fury Road. He’s quite busy nowadays working on several acting projects.

6 Heidenreich: Class Action Lawsuit Against The WWE


He was built like Nathan Jones but managed to have a lengthier stay with additional success. During his time with the WWE, Heidenreich feuded with the likes of The Undertaker and even won himself a Tag Team Championship alongside Road Warrior Animal. The one problem was his inconsistent performances and sloppiness in the ring. He was a hit or miss on the average WWE show in terms of performances. Jon took some time off in 2005 for personal reasons and was released by the company in 06’. He proceeded to join the Indie circuit for several years joining companies like World Wrestling Council.

After he vanished from the pro wrestling scene, Heidenreich’s name resurfaced in July of 2016 as he joined the class action lawsuit against the WWE. According to the former WWE Superstar, he was very depressed during his time with the company and even suicidal. Heidenreich blames the problem on the traumatic brain injuries he sustained during his run with the company.

5 Mr. Kennedy: Indie Circuit

Tough to put a wrestler that had so much potential on such a list, but ultimately, it was all of his botches that got him into trouble and ended his WWE run. At one point in time, the company was so high on Kennedy that he was pegged as a future WWE Champion, although an injury would derail the plan and it would never come to fruition again. After various complaints from the likes of Randy Orton and John Cena, Kennedy was released by the company as he was regarded as being too much of a risk inside the squared circle.

He stayed with TNA for the most part, but recently left the company because of a failed drug test. Nowadays, known as Mr. Anderson, the former WWE star is working the Indie scene wrestling for the likes of House of Hardcore. At the age of 40, it seems like Anderson’s career is slowly winding down.

4 Ahmed Johnson: Class Action Lawsuit Against The WWE


The WWE had high hopes for Johnson who was pushed quite heavily during the mid 90s. He even became the first ever African American Intercontinental Champion in WWE history. What separated Johnson from making the final leap into the upper-card scene was his in-ring ability. Although Ahmed was built like an ox, he suffered inside of the ring and was reckless with his opponents at times. His promos were far worse however, as they were ridiculed by fans for not understanding what he was saying half the time.

Following his WWE run, he failed to do anything with WCW and was released for failing to lose weight. He stayed on the Indie scene for a little while and then began to attend wrestling conventions banking on his 90s fame. Johnson made headlines for his weight gain throughout the years.

Like various other 90s stars, Johnson joined the class action lawsuit against the WWE in July of 2016.

3 Lex Luger: Motivational Speaker & Wrestling Conventions

Luger was pushed to the moon during his time with the WWE. As the company attempted to produce new stars, Luger was deemed as the next big thing for the company. As Hogan departed, Lex was given the reigns but failed to make an impact. His in-ring style wasn’t all that bad but did feature some sloppiness, it was truly his promos that set him apart in a negative light and hurt his credibility as a top star.

To Luger’s credit, he would join WCW and make a great living for himself becoming a prominent act for the company. Once WCW went under, he worked the Indie scene and joined TNA for the remainder of his career.

Health problems would put a damper on things as Luger experienced a spinal infraction putting him in a quadriplegic state. With such a scare, Luger managed to turn his life around finding God. Today, Lex is a tremendous motivational speaker educating the youth and adults via cameos at schools and seminars. He also still attends the casual wrestling convention to this day.

2 Sycho Sid: Wrestling Conventions


From crapping in his pants during a match to countless botched promos, Sid was truly must-watch television back in the day. All jokes aside, he was a great heel during the 90s but his work rate slowly diminished as the years went along by. His WCW run was truly the icing on the cake as Sid was a botch-feast with the company destroying various promos. His most noteworthy blunder however took place in the ring as he snapped his leg during a high risk big boot off of the second rope. The injury was certainly one of the most gruesome of all-time and regarded as one of the worst in-ring botches ever.

Nowadays, at the age of 56, Sid is more known for being the father of Frank Eudy, a reality television star known for his time on the CBS show, Big Brother. Sid is happily retired today and still makes the casual appearance at wrestling conventions or Indie events.

1 Cameron: TV Host

Making an appearance on Tough Enough, the WWE made the peculiar decision to sign Cameron to a WWE deal. She was noted for her time on the show, telling Steve Austin that her favorite match ever was Melina against Alicia Fox; yikes.

Her WWE career ran along the same lines filled with botches. Cameron’s most noteworthy mistakes were quite the spectacles. One of them took place at WrestleMania when her top flew off. The other, happened during a match when Cameron attempted to pin an opponent as they lay faced down on the mat... yes, that’s right.

She took the admirable decision to get further training down in NXT but her time recently came up after she made some controversial comments agreeing with Ryback on WWE’s pay system.

To her credit, Cameron decided to leave the wrestling business switching her focus on a career as a host of the show Two on Where. She’s also been featured as a fitness guru on various talk shows.

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