The Bachelor: 15 Photos Of The Newly Single Vanessa Grimaldi

Close to 100 million people saw the love life of Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi unfold on the 21st season of The Bachelor. When you consider how gorgeous Grimaldi is, you can imagine Viall was ecstatic at the chance to lock her down.

But as reality show loves often can go, their romance was short-lived, with the couple announcing their separation towards the end of August. And while that may leave many fans of the show feeling like they wasted their time getting invested in their relationship, we have to hope that it was the healthy decision for both of them. If it's any consolation, the end of their relationship was the inspiration for this list, and for that, you might find yourself being incredibly grateful.

Don't worry though, you don't need to have seen The Bachelor in order to get some enjoyment out of our list. All you need is to enjoy looking at some of the best photos that exist on the internet of Vanessa Grimaldi. We assure you, you won't have to spend a long time on our list before it also becomes abundantly clear that she often decides to wear clothing that leaves little to the imagination.

Regardless of the reasons that went into their breakup, we're sure there are plenty of men out there that are going to be jumping at the chance to have Grimaldi jump all over them. After this list, you definitely wouldn't blame them.

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15 Simply Stunning Selfie

While the above photo at first glance may just be a stunning photo of Vanessa Grimaldi, she captioned the photo "@missjobaker got me out of my comfort zone with today's look! Diggin' the pink!! What do you guys think!"

Something tells me the general opinion on the photo is that she is looking absolutely stunning! Which should also hopefully be a reminder to people of the benefits of stepping outside of your comfort zone. Grimaldi also added the hashtag "tookmeforevertotakeagoodselfie, but it's clear her efforts were successful!

Let's hope now that she might have some more free time on her hand, that she'll be willing to put the time in that it apparently takes to look stunning.

14 Glittering In Her Low-Cut Finale Black Dress

There is a lot of anticipation that goes into the season finale of The Bachelor. Which means that if ever there was a night for the remaining two women to step up their game, it's then! And as you can surely tell from the above black dress that Grimaldi wore, she definitely delivered on that front.

Especially considering the plunging nature of the dress that helps highlight her assets, as well as the sparkles that draw your attention in. On the off chance that you love the dress enough to want to own it, at least temporarily, the website Rent the Runway was offering the style of dress for the price of $144 (for 8 days' use).

You might not look as stunning as Vanessa though!

13 Showing Off Her Body At The Gym

There is no question that there is a great deal of pressure to be a celebrity. Along with everyone judging your every move, they're also going to be sure to lay their judgment on your looks. Which is why many celebrities not only make sure they're working out, but they make sure the world knows it too.

But when you consider Grimaldi looks unbelievable in her workout clothes, we're sure you don't mind her making sure that some photos are taken of her getting her sweat on. Grimaldi shared the above photo on her Instagram back on February 1st along with the caption "I almost had a Zero G moment in the middle of my workout."

Perhaps Grimaldi was trying to make sure her body was looking its best for Valentine's Day!

12 Legs For Days

When it comes to the above photo, we do have to apologize that you have to spend part of your time staring at Nick. That's not to say that Nick isn't a good looking fellow, but with a list like this, something tells us you may be more interested in what Vanessa is bringing to the table.

Which with the above photo, is a pair of shorts that leave very little to the imagination. Not that there's anything wrong with that! Judging from the promotional material in the background, it's clear that Nick and Vanessa were teaming up their efforts to promote boohoo.com. While it may have taken you a while to even notice the products, it's hard to argue with their decision to include the two stars.

Though unfortunately for Nick, without Vanessa around he may find himself boohoo-ing all night long!

11 Empowering Women With A Nice Tee

When it comes to being a celebrity, it isn't enough to just look good; people also want to know what you are passionate about. Thankfully for fans of Grimaldi, one of the things that she is the most passionate about is making sure she is promoting a positive body image.

When sharing the photo that you see above to Instagram, Grimaldi made sure to add "Embrace who you are, despite what others say. Nothing is more attractive than loving yourself. Ladies, let's empower one another," as well as asking her followers to spread some positivity.

Now how can you hate on a message like that?

10 She Can Do The Splits

There is no questioning that Vanesa Grimaldi is in tremendous shape. And just in case you'd love to question that, we've got a list full of some of her hottest photos to make that point crystal clear. But when you get to look at the above photo, it's not only her good looks but also her flexibility that she is putting on prominent display.

Fans of Grimaldi who follow her on Instagram were blessed with this photo back on April 24th, 2016 with the message attached, "My kind of Sunday".

We're sure if Sundays mean getting to see Grimaldi do the splits, that you're also going to be a huge fan of them!

9 Cleavage By The Piano

When it comes to Vanessa Grimaldi it almost goes without saying to say that she is one of the best looking women to ever come through reality television. But with the above photo, it's clear that Vanessa is hoping to show off some of her musical talent. Even if she isn't even facing the piano that she is resting against!

Though if you spend time staring so intently at Grimaldi that you didn't even notice the piano at first, you probably wouldn't be the only one. When adding the photo to Instagram, Grimaldi said "I could play Mary Had A Little Lamb with my eyes closed too".

It's clear that she has both looks and talent! Though if that statement was true, we bet Nick isn't going to be wanting to hear Mary Had A Little Lamb again anytime soon.

8 Showing Off Her Flexibility With Nick

There aren't many photos on our list that feature both Nick and Vanessa. After all, we're sure you may not be nearly as intrigued by the moments where Nick walked around wearing little to no clothing! And while the two may have been getting up close and personal in the above photo, it may be Grimaldi's flexibility that really helps steal the show.

But while you may love seeing her stretch out, we're sure the photo that will remind Nick both of how she is at bending - and her soft lips - makes this memory a particularly hard one for him to swallow. Here's hoping his future partner is as dedicated to yoga as Grimaldi appears to be! And here's really hoping that Grimaldi isn't done showing the world how flexible she can be.

7 Showing Her Blue Jays Pride

Vanessa may be hiding her face in the above photo, but we're sure it isn't going to take long for you to realize which assets helped make this photo one of the most tantalizing ones on our entire list. Even if we have to go all the way back to August 22nd, 2013 to find it for you!

Grimaldi shared the photo on her Instagram account, along with adding the message "Gotta rep my girl's city" and tagging her close friend in real life, Adriana Inglesi.

You don't have to be a fan of baseball to love how Grimaldi looks in the Toronto Blue Jays hat! At least if Grimaldi finds herself with some lonely nights, baseball season is still in full swing. It's just too bad for her (or her friend at the very least), that the Blue Jays are having a disappointing year!

6 Little Black Dress In The Mirror

While we aren't too sure where Vanessa is getting ready to go, we're sure glad that she chose to let us know just how dynamite she looks! After all, every girl should have her own version of a little black dress, so it's only natural to know that Vanessa knows how to pull that look off.

Something tells us that jewelry that she is wearing is probably not the cheapest in the world, but it definitely works to help make the outfit even more appealing. Now that Vanessa is living the single life, we're sure she is going to spend some quality time hitting up some dress shops in order to get some new outfits that really help her embrace her body and new lifestyle.

We just hope that when she does, she also shares the photos online!

5 Getting Handsy At Dinner

It's hard not to be at least a little jealous of Nick in the above photo that shows Vanessa getting up close and personal while out on a nice dinner date. Unfortunately his dinners are going to a much quieter affair going forward.

When announcing the separation, the couple released a statement to E! News saying

"We gave this relationship our all and we are saddened that we did not get the fairytale ending we hoped for. We will continue to be there for each other no matter what. This hasn't been an easy decision, however, as we part ways, we do so with lots of love and admiration for each other."

4 Where's Waldo? Who Cares, There's Vanessa!

When it comes to places where you are supposed to be quiet, a bookstore (or library) is definitely one of them. But you may find it hard to contain your excitement if you were trying to find your latest book, and instead, when you turn the corner you find yourself coming face to face with one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Grimaldi uploaded this photo to her Instagram account back on February 25th. She captioned the photo, "Getting wild on a Saturday night" along with the hashtag #partywithwaldo.

We aren't too sure if she was successful in her quest, but we're sure you'd love to see her go wild!

3 Raising Awareness For A Good Cause

When it comes to the above photo, your eyes may instantly be drawn to the plunging white dress that Grimaldi elected to wear for the night. And for that, we definitely wouldn't blame you. But there is a deeper meaning to the photo that made it a necessary selection to the list.

When Grimaldi shared the photo on her Instagram account, she included the message "About last night." with a winky face (hey-oh!), but also the hashtag "EraseMS; as she was attending a fundraiser alongside Nick.

Multiple Sclerosis impacts millions of people every year and anytime fundraisers such as the "Race to Erase MS" get the chance, they should be highly promoted and commended for the difference they make.

2 Looking Gorgeous For Blue Mountain State

Vanessa Grimaldi may have made a name for herself because of her time on The Bachelor, but that wasn't the only opportunity that she had given fans to get a glimpse of her. Grimaldi's most prominent role, or at least her role where her assets are perhaps the most prominent, came when she appeared in the television series Blue Mountain State.

There isn't much to be said about the role, as Grimaldi was confronted by another character on the show who was afraid he had impregnated Grimaldi, but she sure looked great in her brief cameo!

We're sure you wouldn't mind seeing her give acting another go in the near future.

1 Looking Cozy At Home

There are plenty of photos on this list that leave very little to the imagination. But the above photo not only cuts out Grimaldi's face, her entire body is removed from the shot! But when you consider that just means you have no choice but to stare at her fantastic legs, you may start to understand why this photo was a necessity for a list like this.

Grimaldi shared the photo back on December 31st, 2014, perhaps giving some insight on the low-key way she chose to ring in the New Year. That being said, Charmed is considered to be one of the best television shows of all-time, so nobody is going to be able to super complain that this was how she spent her night. We wouldn't blame her if she was single on December 31st, 2017 and wanted to go and party it up!

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