Babes of Riverdale: 15 Photos That'll Make Even Guys Want To Watch

Riverdale is the latest CW show to take the world by storm. It’s now in its second season and seems to be more popular than ever. The awesome part about the show is it's loosely based on the Archie comics, so it brings us back to the characters that we loved in our youth. Remember Betty, Jughead, Archie, and of course, Veronica? They all have a cool new spin to them. There's a lot more intrigue and mystery in this series and it's got us all hooked! As if high school isn't hard enough, our favourite Archie characters have to now deal with a murderer on the loose.

It’s the kind of show that allows you to figure out the killer along with the characters, but just when you think you know who did it, the show has you second guessing yourself every single week. Who's the murderer? Who can you trust? Is anyone safe from being coined a murderer? And will Archie ever end up with Betty? We’re not sure.

And much like past CW shows, you'll be drooling and daydreaming over these characters. We have a bunch of new actors who are really making their mark in Hollywood, as well as a few who are veterans in the industry. The show has brought in a bunch of hot new characters, and we mean HOT! We’re not sure where they came from, but we're thankful that they're here. The ladies on the show are class acts, and we have photos that'll blow your mind on just how awesome these girls of Riverdale are.

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15 Betty And Veronica

Does this photo bring you back to the days of the old Archie comics? There's just something so nostalgic about the photo. We love it! Camila Mendes is doing a smashing job playing Veronica Lodge, while Lili Reinhart shines as sweet Betty Cooper. You might be shocked to know that Camila Mendes’s role in Riverdale is her very first acting gig. She literally just graduated from NYU Tisch School of the Arts and landed her first gig. Talk about being lucky enough to get a role on a hit show right out of the gate; she could be on her way to a great future in Hollywood. Lili Reinhart, on the other hand, has been working in Hollywood since she was a kid, which, to be honest, wasn’t really that long ago. You may recognize Reinhart from shows like Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

14 Smoldering Lili Reinhart

Seriously, who looks this good in a random selfie? There's just something smoldering about this photo and something very “un-Betty-like” about it. Those hooded eyes and that long blonde hair make this girl a total smoke show. It's certainly hard to tell, especially in a photo like this one, but for a time, Reinhart suffered from depression. Being in Hollywood at a young age can put a lot of pressure on a person, especially if rejection is involved. She decided to move to LA when she was only 18 because she had a hard time getting gigs living in Cleveland. After five months of being there, she began suffering from depression. She found LA to be rough, especially at her age, and had to return home for another year before she had the strength to head back and try again.

13 Poolside Snacking 

Who doesn't love a girl in a bathing suit eating pizza? Camila Mendes is looking smoking hot as she relaxes by the pool, enjoying some much-needed time off. So, who’s going to end up with Archie at the end of the series? Is it going to be Betty or Veronica? KJ Apa, the guy who plays Archie, told Vulture he believes that it'll be Betty. “I would love to see Betty and Archie get together. I think it’s so iconic, and everyone kind of wants that. If there was any relationship that I would ship for, it would be Archie and Betty, which is kind of a classic, iconic relationship." But Camila disagrees; and told Marie Claire that she believes her character belongs with Archie. “Veronica is the best fit for Archie, especially because Veronica is a little more experienced in the world and Archie is just learning the evils in his small town. Veronica could be the person to help him through the tough times.” Only time will tell.

12 Smoking Red Hot

We're sure that she got a ton of date requests after posting this photo. What a total fox! Between the ruby red locks, the doe-like eyes, and those amazing plump lips, this girl couldn’t look more exotic. She’s urethral in a way that makes you feel like she isn't real. Madelaine Petsch plays the manipulative, and at times evil, Cheryl Blossom in the series. When she first auditioned, Madelaine thought she was going to get the role of Betty, but the producers had bigger plans for this redhead. They didn’t tell her at first because the role of Cheryl was top secret at the time. In an interview with Glamour, Madelaine said that when she met with casting director David Rapaport, he finally admitted to her that she was actually auditioning for another part, that she  "[looked] exactly like [he imagined] her to look, and [she's] got the presence."

11 Her Pussycat Looks

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 19: Ashleigh Murray attends the CW Network's 2016 New York Upfront Presentation at The London Hotel on May 19, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

A fun addition to Riverdale is the high school band Josie and the Pussycats. We get to see how the band started, and Ashleigh Murray plays the lead singer. She was actually thinking of taking a break from acting when she got the role of Josie. Things weren’t going that great in her life and she was reconsidering her place in Hollywood. "I was $4,700 behind in rent. I lived in New York City, so it was a lot of money," she told Collider. "And I was just about to take a break from acting for about six months until I could get myself back on my feet financially and then hit the ground running. This was my last audition." She was so broke, in fact, she said she was washing her clothes in her kitchen sink. We're so glad that she went to that last audition.

10 Lady In Red

We just can't get enough of Madelaine Petsch. This foxy redhead and Lili Reinhart live together in real life. The two are apparently besties and they moved in together to make life a little easier during filming. During a People magazine interview, Reinhart stated, “After we were done filming the pilot — we both lived in L.A. — and we realized we live a mile away from each other. We started hanging out over the summer and we’re like ‘let’s live together in Vancouver,’ and the rest is history.” It’s kind of amusing since the two of them hate each other on the show, but in real life, they couldn’t be closer. It’s fun that they're super close, and it must be a great support system for both of them who are away from their families, and now, they can carpool to work.

9 Hot Mama

Nathalie Boltt plays one of the Blossom women on the show, and she makes us shiver just watching her because she's cold and calculated to the max. The levels that she's willing to go to in order to protect the reputation of her family is frightening, and it’s a reminder that you don’t want to mess with the rich. She plays the mother to Cheryl Blossom, and for a mom, she looks pretty hot — not too many mamas out there have six packs. She's been consistently working in the industry on one TV show after another since the late '90s. You may recognize her from shows like When We Go to War, 800 Words, The Cult, and The Wotwots. We look forward to seeing what this ice queen does in Riverdale this season.

8 Sexy Siren

Mädchen Amick has been in the industry for quite some time; she's definitely considered to be a veteran in Hollywood. You might recognize this hot mom from shows like Gilmour Girls and Gossip Girl. Mädchen Amick plays Mrs. Alice Cooper (see what they did there?), and the character's the kind of mother that you don’t want to mess around with. In Gossip Girl, she played Duchess Catherine Beaton, an entitled seductress who liked sleeping with much younger men. She was one of Blair Waldorf's nemeses’, so she knows how to do a showdown if it comes to that. The woman has aged gracefully and is still considered quite the hottie. She’s been in some awesome shows over the years like Witches of East End, American Horror Story, and Twin Peaks. She’s the kind of actress that the younger girls should take notes from.

7 Alluring Tattoo

In this black and white photo, Camila Mendes is showing off her alluring under-the-boob tattoo, and we're betting that you're dying to know what it says. You would think that a hottie like Mendes would surely have a boyfriend, and you'd be right. The shocking part is that she's been with the same guy for three years even though she's only 22 years old. We’re not sure she spent a whole lot of time looking around. She's been dating Ian Wallace, and we don’t know much about him because he’s not in the industry. There’s a good chance that she met him while in university. Judging by this post on her social media, she obviously adores the guy: “Three years with this charmer. Grateful for the endless inspiration and unconditional love that you give me. I love you so much, Ian Wallace, and I am lucky to fully experience just how rare and special you are. Happy anniversary, love.”

6 Blonde Ambition

Things have been getting pretty hot and heavy between Jughead and Betty on Riverdale, which came as a shock to a lot of people. After all, she was over the moon for Archie before he shut her down. But it seems as if Betty and Jughead are kindred spirits, and rumor has it that it's transferred to real life. The word on the street is that Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart are dating. The two seem to have been posting pictures of each other on Instagram, which has people buzzing pretty hard about it. Cole posted a picture of Lili in a bed of Sunflowers, and it almost broke the internet. They also wore the same Halloween costume. And you know what they about couples who dress alike! After all, friends don’t post pictures like that, do they? But even if we all have our suspicions, there isn’t any hardcore proof that they're dating at this point. They're both single, though, so who knows?

5 Elegant Marisol Nichols

© Benjo Arwas Photography - Fashion, Celebrity and Advertising

Marisol Nichols plays Hermione Lodge, Veronica’s mother in the show. These are socialites on a whole other level who've moved from New York to Riverdale. At first, she appeared to be a caring mother who only wanted the best for her daughter and family, someone that you could really trust. But as season one ended, we saw a whole new side to Veronica’s mother, and we have to wonder if she's just as deadly as the Blossoms. Nichols has been in the industry since the early '90s, and she’s had a pretty successful career in various TV shows. She was most recently on shows such as Criminal Minds and Teen Wolf. But you'd probably recognize this beauty from 24, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Cold Case, and even Friends. We can't wait to see what she does in season two.

4 The Whole Crew

There are tons of pictures out there of the crew enjoying their time together, and as you can see in this photo, these four beauties are just loving each other. It wouldn’t be the first shot you'll see of the crew together; they get along so well, they often hang together even when they aren’t filming Riverdale. A few of the cast members even partied together at Coachella. This cast is on a whole other level, and they want more out of life than just the average get-together. Lili Reinhart posted a pic on Instagram of a few of the cast members at Coachella and said, “First day of Coachella was a success. But I lost my cute bracelet from Mexico last night, which is entirely disappointing. If you see it, ya know, hit me up. #hmlovescoachella #hmpartners.”

3 Luxe Lounging 

Tiera Skovbye plays a smaller role on Riverdale as Polly Cooper, the girl who's pregnant with her murdered lover's baby (who also just happens to be her third cousin). Gasp! The scandals on this show are sometimes too much to wrap our head around. She may have a small role in the show, but this beauty makes a big impact. In this photo, she's casually sitting by the pool, looking completely glammed out. This may have been her big break because prior to her role, she hasn’t been in a lot of well-known project. However, she has been working consistently in Hollywood since 2005. You may have seen her in The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story, Supernatural, R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour, Arrow, and Revenge P*rn. She usually has one or two projects a year, but since Riverdale, she's scored four movies.

2 Bad Girl Veronica

Camila Mendes has said that she mimicked the character of Veronica after Blair in Gossip Girl, and we can totally see that. She plays the character to a tee, so we feel like she must have become one with the character, and that’s pretty on point. She's said herself that she understood the character of Veronica almost immediately. All it took was for her to read through just five pages and she felt that she was locked in on who Veronica really was. "This role came along, and it was the perfect fit," she told Glamour. "Everything about it—I had her on the surface of who I am." We’re not really sure that it’s necessarily a good thing, considering Veronica can be self-centered and vindictive at times. But maybe she means that the girl is refined and polished.

1 Good Girl Betty

She may actually have the perfect face. It’s remarkable. We’re not sure Reinhart is even capable of taking a bad picture. Or why she's posing with a mini bottle of ketchup for that matter! But one thing we are sure of is she's cute as a button. She has an innocence about her that's truly alluring. We can’t help but love her blonde locks and those big green eyes. We know that Reinhart is a mental-health advocate because of her own experience with depression. She recently posted about suicide awareness and said, “YOU are the one thing in this world, above all other things, that you must never give up on. When I was in middle school, I was struggling with severe anxiety and depression and the help and support I received from my family and a therapist saved my life. Asking for help is the first step. You are more precious to this world than you'll ever know. #worldsuicidepreventionday.”


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