The 8 Most Powerful And 7 Weakest Villains of The Flash

The Flash is well known as one of the most incredible superheroes in comic book history. Various versions of the character have come about, being played by Wally West and Barry Allen most notably. While Flash normally saves Central City from various bad guys who happen to come around, he has also helped with taking down villains in other towns and even other states and countries.

As part of The Justice League, Flash did an incredible amount of hero work where he helped to take down some of the worst villains of all time. However, on his own, The Flash is known for his massive Rogues Gallery, of which the CW loves to expose whenever possible for the Flash television show. The TV show discusses a great number of amazing villains, however, even the show misses out on some great bad guys and even what they can do.

Another problem is that most of the bad guys are of no significance. Most of them can be taken down pretty easy, as you'll see from half of our list. While some of his more notable foes definitely take a lot more work and time to really take down. Like with most heroes, The Flash does not intend to kill his enemies. This leaves him vulnerable to seeing his enemies escape and thus, they become problems once more.

We wanted to make sure you knew about which bad guys were the best of the best, while also telling you the worst of the worst as we break down the 8 most powerful and 7 weakest villains in Flash's Rogues Gallery. Enjoy!


15 Powerful - Doctor Alchemy

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For those unaware with this villain, he may very well be one of the most dangerous villains for Flash that there is. In the CW show, we saw that he has the power to make others take on powers that they may have possessed on other worlds or in other timelines. This was a significant thing that added to various villains for The Flash. However, Alchemy does more than this, as he also possesses the Philosopher's stone which was once held by Merlin.

This is something that can give him great power. With the stone in his possession, he can transmutate any substance into another substance of his choosing. He also has the ability to transform the molecular structure of the human body. He even turned Flash into water vapor at one point. When you talk about a strong villain to face off with, Dr. Alchemy is certainly a tough guy to beat due to what all he can do. If left to his vices, he could create hell on Earth given the freedom.

14 Weak - Turtle


Confession time, I did not know much about Turtle before researching for this list. However, I did find some interesting facts about him. He is a great criminal strategist. He also wears this cool device that allows him to project a forcefield that helps him stop bullets. Basically, he does what a Turtle can do with its shell, but is definitely a bit more powerful than your standard Turtle.

That being said, Turtle is by no means a great villain on his own. However, he may very well be essential to a group if he was added in for his unique skillset. But as we have seen, on his own he can be stopped with ease for The Flash which is why he goes down as one of the weakest in the history of Flash comics.

13 Powerful - Captain Cold


While he would end up becoming a hero or, well, a LEGEND, Captain Cold was once considered to be one of The Flash's most bitter enemies. He took Flash down on multiple occasions and was quite a handful. Flash often had difficulty getting through ice that Cold would provide with his cold gun, but he would somehow find a way to win in the end. Despite this, Captain Cold was very clever and his intelligence allowed him to best Flash due to that side of him alone.

Captain Cold was a criminal for a good portion of the time we saw him, but he was not a bad human being. This is why he actually sparred Barry in the CW series a few different times, as he could have killed him then. The fact that he did not says a lot about him, but the fact that he was able to have the ability to kill Barry says that he's certainly not someone to mess with at the end of the day.

12 Weak - Weather Wizard


For people new to The Flash series, you may have noticed Wizard as the first bad guy that he took on in Season One of the show. He would make an appearance later too, but the big thing that makes him special is in the name. He controls the weather. The show made him seem a lot cooler than the comic book universe did. At one point, he used a wand to control the weather and was able to do a lot of damage. The New 52 would change this. Flash did have a bit of an issue with him initially, but always found a way to get around him.

While he does come off as weak in comparison to other villains, it is mainly because he could easily be stopped. Flash could always use science to stop his given powers from the CW universe, meanwhile removing the wand was the way you took him down in the comic book universe. He is now crazy in the comics and even has no need for his wand, but the same way he is stopped in the TV universe is the same way Flash stops him now. The great thing about this character is that he is the type of character that could be a huge bad guy but never fully reached his potential.

11 Powerful - Trickster

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Considered to be one of Flash's most classic and notoriously connected villains is the Trickster. Batman has his Joker, but Flash has the Trickster. They're somewhat the same type of thing, but Trickster is not as crazy as Joker is, nor does he have the backing Joker seems to get a hold of. However, he pulls out a lot of the same things such as joke props that end up being a problem.

Trickster may not be as insane as The Joker, but he is not too far behind. He is quite intelligent and more than capable of being considered a threat the moment he is on the loose. He has been known for setting up bombs all around just because he could and sometimes doing things just to annoy Flash. Regardless of why he does what he does, Flash often times struggles against him despite the fact that he does not have powers. That puts him in an elite class for sure.

10 Weak - Clown

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The Clown is by no means a character most will remember, but Lyle Corley was quite a villain. Having a similar background to that of Dick Grayson in that he was part of the circus in a high-wire act with his family. Flash happened to be on a Justice League Mission at the time the Flying Corley's were performing. One day they all fell and Lyle managed to survive. Somehow this turned him into a killing machine where he would kidnap and murder various people.

The Clown was pretty weak and a standard crazy guy that Flash would run right through, considering he had powers and the Clown had none whatsoever. Characters like the Clown will continue to come up here and there, but the threat level in comparison to others is considerably low.

However, his level of persistence is what makes villains like Clown so difficult to deal with. They may not be as powerful, but they never stop coming and that can be just as difficult to deal with for a superhero.

9 Powerful - Godspeed


Godspeed made his appearance just recently in the new Rebirth Series #1. He is considered to be Flash's next big speed rival and he has done a great job at being such since his debut thus far. In theory, this man was not the worst of men. However, like others, he developed into something of a hero that became a villain after going too far. After losing his brother was murdered, August Heart was a mess and rightfully so. That was until he was hit by lightening and gifted the power of speed through the speed force.

He would then become a serial killer. You were safe if you were an innocent person unless you just happened to be another speedster. Godspeed has already begun to hunt down speedsters and increases his own power by killing them and taking their speed.

He then uses his powers to be judge, jury, and executioner of all criminals in Central City, all to avenge his fallen brother. Clearly, being as fast as he is if not more so, Flash has had trouble with Godspeed.

However, Flash has managed to stop him at least on some occasions. Godspeed does seem to be a new type of speedster that not only has smarts but is willing to kill in various ways. This is something Flash won't do and it could cause him to end up losing a lot more than winning. Clearly, Godspeed has shown he is strong and powerful. The question is, what more will we see of him in the coming years?


8 Weak - King Shark

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When many see King Shark, they do not consider him weak. However, he may very well be weak especially in comparison to most in the Rogues Gallery. Known more as a bounty hunter, King Shark looks exactly as he sounds. He is a man with a shark torso and head and is clearly not the friendliest of half fish to pet.

We also can't discount the abilities he does have that can make him quite a handful. His skin deflects bullets, making him tough to hit with major force. This does make him a threat, plus he does have razor sharp teeth. He is most certainly a threatening character, but to claim he should be on the other side of our list is blasphemous. Especially with what we have coming your way!

7 Powerful - Savitar


We're seeing Savitar a lot more lately, as he is the big bad for Flash this season on the CW. However, he is only there due to his impressive work in the comics. He is often known as the God of Speed and enjoys draining speed from others to gain even more power. He's also known for being quite an unstable individual and always trying to get to Flash in some way.

It is said that he was the first person that the speed force blessed with super speed, meaning he was running quick well before Barry was even born. He is the leader of a cult in his spare time and likes long runs on the beach as well.

To be fair, Savitar may be the most dangerous man on this list as he feels he is the end-all, be-all when it comes to speed. He also calls himself "the future" a lot, giving many the impression that he shapes the future to what he wants by his changes in the past. Flash has difficulty with him, and rightfully so.

6 Weak - Heat Wave

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While Mick Rory is a fun guy to have around for the Legends of Tomorrow, but he was known for his thefts and partnering with Captain Cold. Always said to be a hot-head, his temper became an issue and when he got his fire gun, it allowed him to become a huge problem for the likes of Flash.

However, he was easily manageable too. Once the gun was taken away, he could fight but Flash wouldn't worry about it much. The gun was the real power for Heat Wave and not much else. Without it, he is dangerous but he is by no means as powerful as he would be with the gun in his hands. That said, Rory may be a lovable guy but he is kind of a weak villain at the end of the day.

5 Power - Mirror Master

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Perhaps one of Flash's most notable foes is Mirror Master is known for his abilities to travel through any material that has a reflection and becomes an issue for Flash on a regular basis. To put this in perspective, he is able to hide in mirrors and come out of them anywhere once he feels like it.

He could see a reflection in the water and use it to hide or go through it to come out on the outside somewhere else that he felt safer at.

He is clearly a great thief, but he is also used to help out in various ways involving getting information when needed as well. Sneaking into places and getting in and out undetected is tough, but he has no issue.

Due to his impressive and varied abilities, Flash runs into several issues trying to catch him as speed alone is often not enough to stop Mirror Master much of the time. In fact, Flash has even been caught in the mirror universe before as well!

4 Weak - Pied Piper


Hartley Rathaway was known as a genius of sonic technology. He was able to make a very amazing flute that was capable of hypnotizing anyone within the area of its sound. Due to this, he can make these people do whatever he chooses and has even managed to make people he controls "invisible" to the people around them. He would normally only use this on humans, but sometimes animals were used too.

Thankfully he can normally be held back by simply putting him in a dampener or holding him in an isolated, padded cell. Though in terms of fighting him, Flash can run at high speeds and often times he has run at the speed of sound and can even travel through time. So when it comes to the Pied Piper, Flash doesn't normally have a lot of trouble. He does in the comics at times for parody purposes, but overall the Piper is by no means a top villain and while popular, is probably one of the weakest in the Rogues Gallery for The Flash.

3 Power - Gorilla Grodd


Gorillas are some of the most dangerous animals in the world. They are excellent climbers and can run faster than one assumes. On top of this, they are incredibly strong. If there is a territorial situation going on, all of these abilities may be heightened.

Just this alone is enough to fear. Add in that Gorilla Grodd has all of these traits, plus his insane intelligence which is high or higher than savant level humans and you can understand why he is so high on our list.

Grodd often communicates through talking to people through their brains. If his target is close enough, he has also shown the ability to have mind control, even if it does take a lot of concentration.

Grodd is incredibly dangerous and known for his fights with Flash. Barry normally always struggles to beat Grodd and at times he has lost to him, so we really can't imagine you're too upset with our placement here. But can you think of who #1 is?

2 Weak - Captain Boomerang


Captain Boomerang may have looked pretty cool in the Suicide Squad film last year, but the movie also helped prove how useless Boomerang actually is. Though for his benefit, we'll also cover some of his redeeming qualities.

He's known for using various boomerangs, and he is usually quite accurate in how he uses it. He rarely misses and is pretty good at getting it into tough to access areas. He's also a pretty good physical fighter, which makes him quite difficult to go head to head with especially if you're just an average human.

Due to his impressive accuracy, his boomerangs take out various enemies of his and many of them are sharp and can easily kill. However, it is tough to be accurate when a person is running so fast that you can barely see them (if at all!).

Boomerang is very popular in the Flash rough gallery, but this is usually because he has been made out to be funny and entertaining and not because of his strength.

1 Powerful - Zoom


Zoom may very well be one of the most impressive villains in all of comic book history. Flash and Zoom have a history that spans across time and various worlds. There could really never be a Flash without Zoom either. The way Flash becomes Flash is by working hard to catch the true killer of his mother, which was Zoom; who did this to hopefully avoid Barry ever becoming the speedster he became. But sadly for Zoom, it was the killing of Barry's mom that would indirectly lead to him becoming Flash.

Barry was working in a lab for the police force in Central City, and it was there where the particle accelerator would blow up and give him powers. If Zoom never kills his mother, Barry never works for Central City's police lab and never gets his powers.

But in the future, Zoom clashes with Barry and hates him so much for what he did to him that he travels in time to try and stop him then.

Zoom may be the greatest Flash villain of all time, mostly because he matches Flash in every single way and has even been known to be faster.

The only way Barry beats him is by outsmarting him, and at times he can't do this. If there was ever a perfect foe, Zoom is that to the Flash and no one else comes close.

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