The 8 Most Anticipated Movies Still To Come Out In 2017 (And 7 Nobody Cares About)

It is not a cheap experience to go to the movies. On top of paying upwards of $15 for your ticket, not to mention even more if it's an IMAX experience, you're probably not sitting down in your seat without some refreshments and solid snack selection. Because you know, you'd never sneak in snacks, right?

But if you're going to be dropping some serious coin, you want to make sure you're doing it on a movie that is worth your time. Any movie can look great when you condense it to a stylish few minutes trailer, but when you look deeper at the film (such as the cast and crew involved), it may become clearer on what is a potential dud, and what films are going to become instant classics.

And to make the decision even clearer, we've tracked down 8 films that you should be circling on your calendar on anticipation, and 7 that even if it came across on Netflix, you probably shouldn't waste your time with it. Especially because some of our entries are either film franchises that should have long been put out to pasture or run the very real risk of significantly ruining parts of your childhood. On the plus side, some entries also have the opportunity to make some of the films you grew up loving all the better.

Seeing a crappy movie can take hours out of your day, so make sure you take the few minutes that it'll take to get an informative look at the movie scene for the rest of 2017.

15 Can't Wait - IT (September 8th)

When listing off things that the common person is afraid of, clowns are definitely going to be pretty high up on that list. One of the biggest reasons may be the horrifying Stephen King book (and later made into a miniseries), It.

The series centers around the alien Pennywise that has the ability to shapeshift into your worst fears, which for the children protagonists just happens to be the terrifying clown that you're staring at above.

The series is getting a remake in 2017 which promises to be even scarier and given its R-Rating, we're sure will have plenty of visuals that won't leave your head anytime soon; especially when you're trying to get some sleep at the end of the day!

14 Nobody Cares - Bright (December 22nd)

Netflix has done a tremendous job of building up their brand through original content. While their area of expertise may be television series', they're taking a big leap in the movie department with the upcoming film Bright which is starring Will Smith. The film is also being directed by David Ayer who previously directed Smith in the underwhelming and disappointing film Suicide Squad. 

Perhaps it's because we can't completely erase that taste out of our mouth, but it's hard to get too excited for this one. The positives come from the fact that Smith is a cop working in a world with mythological creatures, which is at least kind of like his Men in Black series, but considering this film releases on late December, we wouldn't blame you if you didn't make it part of your Holiday season.

13 Can't Wait - Kingsman: The Golden Circle (September 21st)

Hollywood is full of sequels that really don't need to be made. In fact, you're definitely going to see at least a few of them on our list today. But you have to admit after the first Kingsman ended, you were definitely left wanting more. Granted that could be because the first one ended on a pretty raunchy note!

The sequel promises more good times but adds several new talented members to the ensemble including Channing Tatum and Halle Berry; both of whom will be representing an American version of the Kingsman.

Watch out, if this movie does well it may not be long before you see a full-on spin-off featuring Tatum in the near future. Not that we'd hate that!

12 Nobody Cares - Flatliners (September 28th)

We're going to lead with the best potential part of Flatliners. Charlotte McKinney has joined the project and as of now, the only thing we know about her character is that she plays a nurse.

Are you sold? The producers and people involved with the upcoming sequel to Flatliners sure are. A sequel I say? That's right, of course, to the original that came out way back in 1990.

The film follows 5 people in their quest to experience near-death experiences. The redeeming factor may come from the casting of Diego Luna who you'll at least recognize from his role as Cassian Andor in Rogue One, as well as bringing back Kiefer Sutherland who starred in the original.

11 Can't Wait - The Last Jedi (December 15th)

Wait, we're going to talk about Star Wars on a list about the most anticipated films of the year? You might not be the most surprised person in the entire world, but that doesn't mean that The Last Jedi isn't still well worthy of our attention.

The film would have already garnered your attention, but with it confirmed that it's the last appearance of Carrie Fisher in the iconic role, we're sure you'll pay close attention when you find yourself in the theater.

The Star Wars franchise was already booming, but adding talented actors to the upcoming film such as Benicio del Toro will only further increase the appeal. Especially because we're sure we're going to get to see a lot more of that sweet sweet, Mark Hamill beard.

10 Nobody Cares - Pitch Perfect 3 (December 21st)

There are plenty of franchises that succeed with an original concept, but then go and create a sequel that just seems like it's rehashing the same jokes and ideas. This becomes even more noticeable if the series goes around for a 3rd run.

Did we love the original Pitch Perfect? Love might be a strong word, but the 80% at Rotten Tomatoes and the idea behind the film were enough to make it a pleasant surprise. The sequel had the clever catchline "We're back pitches", but outside of that failed to rekindle some of the charm; scoring only 65%.

The ladies are trying to sing a high note yet again with a 3rd film coming out in December and despite the sexy women, the film may end out coming flat!

9 Can't Wait - The Foreigner (October 13th)

Whether or not you love Jackie Chan, you definitely should respect the man. He's a consummate professional and there is no shortage of moments in his life where he has dialled the badass factor up to an 11. So when he plays a man who is sent on a revenge-fuelled vendetta following the death of his daughter, as the movie synopsis so kindly describes him, you know you better buckle in for some awesome action.

Chan hasn't been as prominent in North America as of late, nor has the other lead in the film Pierce Brosnan, but this makes many people even more excited to see their film.

Coming out in October, expect this film to be an easy contender for the top thriller of the year and one you need to make sure you see in theaters.

8 Nobody Cares - Jumanji 2 (December 20th)

We're going to spend some time throughout this list focusing on sequels, but none may fill you with more trepidation than Jumanji 2. Johnson isn't exactly doing himself any favors considering many boys fantasies were ruined when he took the 90s classic Baywatch to the big screen this past summer. Here's hoping he doesn't sh*t on even more of our childhood when he tackles the board game classic Jumanji. Wait, did I say board game? Scratch that, it's actually a video game in the sequel...because you know, technology.

Does a video game make more sense in 2017 than a board game? Perhaps, but perhaps that's just another reason why the film should have stayed firmly planted in the 90s.

7 Can't Wait - Thor: Ragnarok (October 25th)

There aren't many film franchises out there that are guaranteed to poop money (...so to speak) more than anything coming from the Marvel properties. And while the Thor standalone films may have been more disappointing than say the Captain America or Iron Man films, we're sure going to do our best to get amped for the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok.

At the very least all the promotional material is pitching the film as being a seriously fun and enjoyable ride. While Portman is a great actress, the absence of Jane Foster may serve to improve the franchise.

As will, of course, some serious Thor/Hulk action.

6 Nobody Cares - Justice League (November 16th)

Is Justice League going to be great? Your guess is as good as ours, and for the unpredictable nature of the finished project, we're throwing this one on the negative side of our list. Granted if the movie does bomb you will left feeling emotions towards it, they just won't be the most positive.

The stakes are definitely high as the project is being used to help introduce audiences to several heroes including Jason Momoa's version of Aquaman. Succeed and you build a huge amount of hype for his future solo film, but if you bomb, the comparisons to the Avengers universe will never be more apparent.

For their sake we hope they pull it off, we just don't know if they will.

5 Can't Wait - Blade Runner (October 6th)

The idea that the upcoming Blade Runner film being a disappointment is not something that fans of the franchise should have to worry about. Sure, Harrison Ford might not be kicking quite as much ass as he used to; but he still makes an appearance in the film and it's not like people don't love seeing Ryan Gosling.

The films are also in the talented directing hands of the incredibly talented Denis Villeneuve. Villeneuve's most recent project was Arrival, but we're sure you're also excited for his upcoming project Dune which for those unaware, is one of the most influential novels of all-time.

4 Nobody Cares - Bastards (December 22nd)

It's impossible for me to not have a warm spot in my heart for both Ed Helms and Owen Wilson. Growing up, Zoolander was one of my favorite movies. But then Wilson decided Zoolander 2 was a good idea. I can't tell you how many times I've seen and laughed at Ed Helms at The Office, but don't even get me started on some of his solo ventures such as Love The Coopers which followed a rowdy family and scored 18% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Helms is taking that love of family and putting it to the test yet again when his brother (played by Wilson) and he travel to try and track down their long lost father. The only redeeming factor may be the inclusion of J.K. Simmons, but the trailer also makes several jokes about how Helms and Wilson's mother was "loose", making it abundantly clear the level of thought that went into this movie may be minimal.

3 Can't Wait - Phantom Thread (December 25th)

Daniel Day-Lewis may be the most talented actor to ever grace Hollywood. There is without question that his dedication to acting, as seen through his rigorous method acting has earned him the respect of everyone. It also doesn't hurt his case that he's taken home two Academy Awards for Best Actor.

Day-Lewis may very well pull it off for a 3rd time with his upcoming film Phantom Thread that sees him play the role of a fashion designer. The film will be set in the 1950s and is directed by the inspiring Paul Thomas Anderson.

The film isn't without a sad note, however, as it marks the last performance of Daniel Day-Lewis who announced his retirement from acting earlier this year. There are plenty of amazing films coming out this year, you owe it to yourself to honor the career of Daniel Day-Lewis by making this film one of them.

2 Nobody Cares - Geostorm (October 20th)

There is no shortage of films in which the world seems like it is surely about to end. In the upcoming thriller Geostorm, it's satellites that are in control of our global climate that start to bug out and create effects that we're sure the film will tell us will leave us all on the brink of extinction.

Jokes on you Geostorm, there's nothing you can throw at us that may be more damaging than Donald Trump! Zazie Beetz who lends her talents to the upcoming Deadpool film is along for the ride, but so is Gerard Butler who has been marred with disappointment after disappointment.

One of his most recent, Gods of Egypt wasn't just bad, it was one of the worst films all year and would you feeling offended that it wasted your time. Don't let Butler do it again.

1 Can't Wait - Mother! (September 15th)

Jennifer Lawrence took some heat in the tabloids lately when the separation of Chris Pratt and Anna Faris became public. Honestly, it's a bit ridiculous considering the rumors that the two were hooking up were founded on the fact that they were close in the film Passengers, but that's Hollywood for you.

The rumors are perhaps all the easier for Lawrence to laugh off because she is comfortable in the arms of the director, Darren Aronofsky, who she is romantically involved with.

Aronofsky has previously directed Natalie Portman to an Academy Award for Black Swan and very well may do it again with Mother and Lawrence. The film is light on details but is expected to be in the horror/thriller genre and involve unwanted guests breaking into the home of Lawrence and her supposed love interest, played by Javier Bardem.

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