The 8 Hottest Reality Stars We Miss On TV (And The 8 Current Hottest)

Reality stars have become the biggest celebrities of our generation. It is almost like in order to become famous you need to start with a reality show. We as viewers get attached to these celebrities because they bring us into their personal world, something that is so different from movie stars and musicians.

Reality television is so addictive because it humanizes these celebrities. It gives us all a glimpse of what it is like being them, the good the bad, the dramatic and the sad. It gives viewers hope that everyone goes through tough times, including the most fabulous of women.

There are some women that we love seeing on television and others that we wish were still on. This is why we at TheRichest thought it would be a fantastic idea to talk about the eight women that we love seeing on reality television and eight women that we miss dearly.

We are hoping that the women who are not on reality television will come back to the small screens and those that are still on will stay on for as long as possible.

These are our picks for the 16 sexiest women of reality television, 8 of which are still on and 8 that we are dying to see be back on a reality show!


16 We Miss - Paris Hilton


I think we all remember the addictive and amazing show The Simple Life with Paris Hilton because it was that amazing. Paris Hilton is one of the original reality divas, she even had her own show after The Simple Life called My New Bff, which was terrible, but even with that fact being said, we still miss it!

Paris Hilton is pretty iconic, however, we are not quite sure she is as iconic as she believes to be, “There's nobody in the world like me. I think every decade has an iconic blonde, like Marilyn Monroe or Princess Diana and, right now, I'm that icon”, said Hilton in an interview.

Hilton is more than an ex-reality star and heiress. She is a DJ, actress, and entrepreneur and we at TheRichest will always be fond of her.

15 Still On - Barbie Blank


Barbie Blank is wrestler, WAG and reality star and we love more than nothing but to tune in and see the beauty tackle the world. Blank, who is married to hockey playing hunk Sheldon Souray is on the show WAGs and she has really won over the hearts of viewers. Not only is she beautiful but she is a great wife with a very sweet disposition.

When asked if she was asked about why she joined the show, she said the following

“I came from the world of WWE and entertaining at such a young age, at 19 years old, from a wrestling standpoint. So I did that for seven years and I just fell in love with entertaining. After I retired about two years ago, it was all about WAGS. And I just thought it was such a great concept. In the reality world, you just have stuff like that but you don’t see the relationship and the struggles we go through [while] dating a professional athlete, whether it be being traded to a different team, the schedule, all that stuff that comes along with dating someone that’s in that world. Our show shows a different side of it, our lives and the ups and down we go through. I think it turned out really well.”

We are happy that she decided to do so, as she is a great example that WAGs can be more than just beautiful women.

14 We Miss - Camille Grammer


Camille Grammer was one of the most entertaining housewives ever. Grammer, who was once married to actor Kelsey Grammer, was full of surprises.

The reality star actually had to go through her painful divorce during the show. Divorce is hard in any situation but having to be filmed during the difficult time is more than a lot of people can handle.

When asked about her situation, the reality star responded with a lot of class saying “I've got a great support group, real and true friends and I'm moving forward with my life. I was sad and wanted to make things work but I'm completely fine now. I'm moving on.”

Camille is someone that we miss terribly on the show, however, her once in a while appearances give us hope that maybe she will return.

13 Still On - Nicole Williams 


Nicole Williams is a smoke show no two ways around it. The model is now on the show WAGs: Miami and we are so excited that the show is coming back for season 2. For those who do not watch the show, Williams is a sweet woman who is pure of thought. Her love for her fiance, Larry English is undeniable and fans of hers were elated when he proposed on the show.

Williams is very comfortable with her body and it shows in the show “There’s a lot of nudity in everyday life, actually, I just saw the teaser for the first episode, and you’ll definitely see a lot of nudity from me. … There are a lot of explicit, a lot of blurring out. I actually had to close my eyes for a couple of the scenes I’m in” said Williams in an interview.

12 We Miss - Jessica Simpson


Remember the days when Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson were married. Okay, now remember when they had their own reality show Newlyweds. Well, we at TheRichest do and we miss seeing this blonde bombshell take over the small screen.

After both the marriage and show got canceled, the singer stated the following "I'm actually very different than I seem on the show, I'm a deep thinker, and I'm very intuitive. I read people like that, and I'm also a good judge of character. The show is very real, but I knew when the camera was on me, and it was hard not to give the cameramen what you know they want.”

Regardless of how "real" she was on the show, you definitely cannot deny that she was incredibly entertaining.

11 Still On - Erika Jayne


Erika Jayne is one of the sexiest people on television. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member marches to the beat of her own drum, which is something viewers love each other. Jayne is the perfect combination of sass and class. Her indisputable wit is a breath of fresh air on the show.

Jayne is a badass and she is incredibly sexy, which is why we love that we can tune in and watch her on a weekly basis.

Jayne has some great lines on RHOBH but this one says it all “It's expensive to be me, looking this good don't come for free... that's definitely true.”

Well, expensive or not, she is looking better and better as the days go by, and we hope she stays on television.

10 We Miss - Nicole Richie 


Nicole Richie is without a doubt one of the funniest reality stars ever. Her incredible personality, raw realness, and undeniable star quality are what made the world become addicted to her.

However, Richie was not always the best role model, she struggled with addiction and was even arrested for a DUI. She then became a wife and mother and everything changed. “Besides being responsible for myself, I'm now responsible for someone else. And I have to set the right examples. I have to really be someone that I would want my child to look up to” said Richie.

Since appearing on The Simple Life, she has tried to start other reality shows, but sadly they did not see much success.

We at TheRichest would love for The Simple Life to come back on television but something tells us that probably will not happen.


9 Still On - Nikki Bella 


Nikki Bella is a rockstar wrestler who is on the show Total Divas. Her fierce attitude, in combination with her badass job, is what makes her such a good edition to reality television.

Bella has an “I am the best” attitude and it has gotten her quite far in her career. She and her twin are both wrestlers and on the show together, and we will focus on her in a bit, but right now, our attention is on Nikki.

Bella, as previously mentioned, has quite an attitude. She is one of those people who was born to be in the spotlight, but if you try and get in her way she will literally beat you up.

"The last thing I'm going to do is let some newbie come in and take my spot because like, hello I'm Nikki Bella", said Bella in a previous interview.

8 We Miss - Jojo Fletcher


Jojo Fletcher won over the hearts of America when she made it to the final two of The Bachelor. She gained such a large fan base the show ended up making her The Bachelorette, where she found love with former football player Jordan Rogers.

Before the show began Fletcher was beyond excited to start this adventure, "I want to find my husband. I want to find the person who will complete me and who will make me the full person that I’m meant to be, I’m so excited. I’m ready to fall back in love and be crazy and have somebody love me as much as I love them. And I want to start a family” said Fletcher.

Well, she ended up falling in love and we hope a reality show combining the two of them is in works and if it is not, it should be!

7 We Miss - Brie Bella


Brie Bella, Nikki's twin sister is amazing on so many levels and is also on the show Total Divas. The two sisters are definitely the hottest twins in the wrestling world. Bella who is married to Daniel Bryan is expanding her family and is expecting a little girl.

“When I found out it was a girl I actually got really emotional, I have such an amazing relationship with my mom and I think, wow, I’m going to have that with my daughter. Also as a woman, I now have my own blood to follow my legacy. It’s such a special feeling! My mini me!” said Bella.

Brie Bella is the perfect combination of classy, sexy, cute and beautiful and can pull anything off when it comes to clothing. Her beautiful face and incredible body are why we love seeing her on the show Total Divas.

6 We Miss - Brandi Glanville


When it comes to legendary housewives, Brandi Glanville is at the top of the list. Not only is the reality star hotter than hot, she is also pretty funny. Her ridiculous comments and outgoing nature got her into a lot of trouble with the other cast members and has gone on record to say “Miserable people love to make other people miserable. I don't hate them, I just feel sorry for them.”

Glanville eventually was cut from the show and she ended appearing on a season of The Single Project and fans were ecstatic to have her back on the small screen.

We would love to see Glanville back as one of the RHOBH but something tells us that the cast members would not be happy about that, only time will tell with this one!

5 Still On - Khloe Kardashian


Khloe Kardashian has been on many reality shows. From Keeping Up With The Kardashian to Khloe and Lamar and even Kourtney and Khloe: Take on Miami. All this to say that Khloe is no stranger to having cameras follow her throughout her daily life and we are not strangers to seeing her on television.

Khloe Kardashian is hilarious, we love seeing her on television because she is so real. She is always willing to share her opinion and talk about true issues that she has been through, something that is quite admirable which we believe she got from her father,

“My father raised us like... we were not allowed to see people in any sort of colors, but also we were not allowed to call people fat. If ever we were to say, 'Oh that fat person, or this person,' he would make us put a bar of soap in our mouth and count to 10. We weren't allowed to look at people like that,” said Kardashian in an interview.

4 We Miss - Yolanda Foster


Yolanda Foster is the definition of a strong woman. The ex-reality star battled lime disease all while being filmed, something that takes an immense amount of courage. She also went through her divorce with music legend David Foster during this time, which showed the world that even the most fabulous people go through hard times.

“Life doesn’t always go according to plan, and we don’t always act in a way that represents who we are. What matters is that these moments become teaching moments” said Foster, which is exemplary of why we are in such awe of her class.

We miss seeing this confident woman take reality television, we also miss hearing her talk about her children, Bella, Gigi and Anwar Hadid, who are all super successful models.

3 Still On - Claudia Sampedro


When fans found out that Claudia Sampedro was going to be on WAGS: Miami, the internet went crazy.

Sanpedro made headlines when she was marked as a Kim Kardashian Look-alike. Now, she has a child with the talented football player Julius Peppers and is even engaged to him. For those of you who do not watch the show, it did not seem as though Peppers was in any rush to get down on one knee, “I think that, um, I don’t feel the pressure to get married at all or engaged, I like the space that we’re in right now. I like where we’re at. I don’t feel like we need to put any extra pressure or any expectations on it when it’s good right now.” said Peppers.

Which is why fans were so surprised when Sampedro walked into the Reunion Show with a pretty serious diamond weighing down her hand.

2 We Miss - Corinne Olympios 


Corinne Olympios was by far the best contestant to ever be on The Bachelor. Olympios who is of greek origin is from Miami Beach and us here at TheRichest believe that she should get her own show, well her and Raquelle her nanny that is.

Although many people did not love her, we at TheRichest think that her authenticity and crazy statements made this season of the show be the best one yet.

She had some of the most epic lines on the show like "Make America Corinne again”, "Michael Jordan took naps. Abraham Lincoln took naps. And I'm in trouble for napping?" and our personal favorite "My heart is gold, but my vagina is platinum."

Fans are hoping that we will be seeing Corinne on the show Bachelor in Paradise because we have not gotten enough of her yet.

1 Still On - Kim Kardashian


Love her or hate her, you must admit that Kim Kardashian created quite the empire for herself. The wife, mother and reality icon is one of those stars that people have gotten used to seeing her on television.

Kardashian is super confident and has opened up about her own body, “If I don't feel confident about my body, I'm not going to sit at home and feel sorry for myself and not do something about it. It's all about taking action and not being lazy. So you do the work, whether it's fitness or whatever. It's about getting up, motivating yourself and just doing it” said Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian is going to be on reality television until people stop watching which is something that is quite respectable of her. She knows how loyal her fans are and continues to give them what they love to see, which is her life!


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