The 8 Best (And 7 Worst) Movies To Come From The Friends Gang

There's no denying that Friends is one of the best sitcoms ever. So you'd want to love their movies, but man do they make it hard sometimes!

There is no denying that Friends is one of the best sitcoms to ever come on the air. In fact, you definitely wouldn't be alone if you've spent at least part of your past week (...or day) watching or having the series run in the background.

So it makes sense that you'd really want to love the movies that the cast has done, but man, do they make it hard sometimes. There are movies here so awful not even Joey would have taken and roles that you know must have made them pining for their days in Central Perk.

Perhaps the most offending cases come when they made terrible movies while Friends was still going! Who was their agent, Estelle?

But it isn't all bad for the gang. In fact, we've tracked down the best (and worst) movie that each cast member has done and some of the cast even gets multiple entries, though not always for the best reasons!

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15 Best - Scream (1 And 2): Courtney Cox

While Cox has lent her talents to a variety of genres (sometimes to much less than desirable results), we do have to give her credit for her appearances in Scream and Scream 2; both of which are considered classics in the horror genre.

Anytime you get the chance to work with an outstanding director like Wes Craven, you'd be smart to take that chance. To make the decision all the smarter for Cox, she also got to meet (and work) alongside her future husband David Arquette in the franchise.

While the last 2 movies struggled with critics (though not enough to earn our list), the first two earn a respectable 79% and 81%.

14 Worst - Zoom: Courteney Cox

If you found yourself purchasing a ticket to go watch the movie Zoom back in 2006, you probably wouldn't be alone if you found yourself zooming out of the theater (heh!). The movie also starred Tim Allen who had clearly given up at this point and was nominated for a Razzie award for his "efforts".

The movie features Allen who attempts to train some kids into becoming superheroes, but it lacks all the charm and humor required to even kind of pull it off.

The movie was panned both by critics, earning 3% on RottenTomatoes and also at the box office as it earned $12.5 million; despite a budget of $35 million.

You can imagine part of that budget was paying for Cox's salary!

13 Best - Madagascar 3: David Schwimmer

There are plenty of franchises (including perhaps something on this list?) that sequels come out and they definitely make the entire series worse.

Yet for David Schwimmer and the Madagascar gang, they seem to have figured out their mistakes from the first one; which earned 55% on RottenTomatoes.

The sequel bumped it up to 64%, and the one really worth talking about was the third which earned 79% and a critical consensus of,

"Dazzlingly colorful and frenetic, Madagascar 3 is silly enough for young kids, but boasts enough surprising smarts to engage parents along the way."

Plus, I mean, how are you going to turn down seeing Schwimmer voice a giraffe?

12 Second Best - The People v. O.J. Simpson: David Schwimmer

While there are plenty of great roles on this list, there might not be a more exciting role than David Schwimmer on The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story.

The series was widely successful and Schwimmer is outstanding playing Robert Kardashian.

The series is also the first of what hopes to be an American Crime Story series for FX which would hopefully lead to more Schwimmer taking on different roles (similar to American Horror Story) in the near future.

11 Worst - Since You've Been Gone: David Schwimmer

We need to apologize if after reading the movie title that you now have that Kelly Clarkson song stuck in your head. But unfortunately for David Schwimmer, there is no hiding from his dud Since You've Been Gone which released in 1998.

Not only did the movie bomb (with 20% on RottenTomatoes), but it was literally never released in theaters and was made for TV. What the heck, Schwimmer? 1998 is definitely when your career should have been bumping and this is what you turned out?

The movie centers around people coming together at a 10th-anniversary class reunion and was also directed by Schwimmer.

10 Best - Cake: Jennifer Aniston

There are plenty of roles that leave Jennifer Aniston looking absolutely gorgeous, but she wasn't cast for her good looks for the role in Cake.

Aniston played a character living in the aftermath of a car accident that left her with chronic pain and also took the life of her son. The movie also stars Anna Kendrick and William H. Macy but it was Aniston, in particular, who was singled out for her performance.

While she did not win, she was nominated for a Best Actress award at the Golden Globes Awards as well as the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

The movie didn't do amazing with critics, earning a 48% rating, but that makes Aniston's performance which was universally loved all the more impressive as she shows off her dramatic side.

9 Second Best - Horrible Bosses: Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston has literally been considered one of the sexiest women in Hollywood since the 1990s. Which means that even in 2011, she was an outstanding choice for the sexpot character of Dr. Julia Harris. Aniston dials her sexuality to an extreme as she engages in various raunchy behavior to try and woo over Charlie Day and will leave your jaw dropped with her good looks in both Horrible Bosses.

Even forgetting Aniston's good looks for a second, the movie is absolutely hilarious and also features a strong performance from Kevin Spacey and Colin Farrell.

The movie also received 68% on RottenTomatoes which given that it was a comedy, isn't too shabby.

8 Worst - Horrible Bosses 2: Jennifer Aniston

Don't get us wrong, Jennifer Aniston (as you see in the above photo) looks every bit as sexy in the sequel that came out in 2014, but this time it wasn't enough to save the movie. Sometimes Hollywood churns out sequels that just don't need to be made and with the film going with a new direction by Sean Anders (who also worked on the screenplay), the film was a disappointment.

It's $107.7 million at the box office wasn't half of the $209.6 that the original brought on, despite having a higher budget.

Critics were also less kind to this film, pegging it with a 34% and the consensus "Horrible Bosses 2 may trigger a few belly laughs among big fans of the original, but all in all, it's a waste of a strong cast that fails to justify its own existence."

7 Best - The Ron Clark Story: Matthew Perry

Ron Clark is an amazing educator who helped make a difference in America by working with several disadvantaged students, primarily in New York and North Carolina.

Matthew Perry got the chance to take on the role of this inspirational man in the made-for-television movie The Ron Clark Story which came out in 2006. But while it may have slipped past your radar, critics were well aware of it and it was nominated for 3 Emmys.

Perry himself was nominated for Outstanding actor at the Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild but failed to capture either award.

While not earning his own blurb, Perry also earned 2 Emmy nominations for Outstanding Guest Actor with his 3 appearances on The West Wing.

6 Worst - The Whole Ten Yards: Matthew Perry

You ready for a spoiler bomb about Matthew Perry? According to critics he has never, and we mean never, been in a movie that they have deemed certifiably "fresh". Yet no movie is more hated on by critics for Perry more than The Whole Ten Yards, which scores a laughable 4%.

To put that in another perspective, of the 118 official movie critics that were asked, only 5 rated the movie as "Fresh" (generally above a 5/10).

The movie is all the more disappointing for Friends fans as it also features Bruce Willis who is of course, unforgettable for his great cameo appearance on the show.

5 Second Worst - Fools Rush In: Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry has made plenty of questionable choices as an actor, but with Fools Rush In at least you could make the argument that he got to hook up with the gorgeous Salma Hayek.

However beyond that, the movie has little merit as it centers around the two of them hooking up; not seeing each other for three months when she tells him she's pregnant, getting married, getting divorced and then re-married.

Sounds like a role for Ross! The movie holds 33% on RottenTomatoes and was definitely not the smartest move for Perry to make in 1997.

4 Best - Easy A: Lisa Kudrow

You aren't going to be alone if you spend a large portion of the next little while watching movies of the recent Oscar winner, Emma Stone's movies. After all, not only is Stone absolutely gorgeous but she is also (as evident by her award) incredibly talented.

But part of what helped her land movies like La La Land is killing it in movies like Easy A, which also features a hilarious role for Lisa Kudrow who plays Mrs. Griffith.

The movie was a huge hit with critics, earning 85% on RottenTomatoes which no doubt helped the film in earning $75 million at the box office; despite a budget of only $8 million.

3 Worst - Table 19: Lisa Kudrow

We're going to have to use some recency bias when it comes to our selection to Kudrow's bomb with Table 19. While it isn't her worst reviewed movie, the movie was a huge disappointment especially when you consider the accompanying cast.

Craig Robinson, Stephen Merchant and Anna Kendrick were all along for the ride on this train wreck that earned 19% on RottenTomatoes, with a critical consensus of,

"Table 19 is marginally more entertaining than actually sitting with a table full of strangers at a wedding—although most screenings won't come with an open bar, which makes it a wash."

Never a good thing when the critics say alcohol is needed to get through the movie!

2 Best - Episodes: Matt LeBlanc

We would have loved to put a movie from Matt LeBlanc on here, and if we were pulling at straws we suppose we could have included Charlie's Angels, but we'd much rather dedicate this blurb to plug his show Episodes. The series is also co-created by David Crane who found success creating Friends, so it's really like there are two reasons to check it out.

LeBlanc is outstanding as he plays an exaggerated version of himself (thus his character also going by LeBlanc) and was nominated four times for an Emmy (one more than Friends), including winning a Golden Globe.

Joey could only dream of finding that kind of success!

1 Worst - Ed: Matt LeBlanc

There are plenty of roles that Joey Tribbiani would have taken on Friends to continue his career, but you have to agree with us when we say that even he may not have taken on THIS role.

In case you have never heard of the movie Ed, it's about LeBlanc who plays a pitcher who befriends a chimp, who also acts as the team mascot.

LeBlanc also goes by the nickname Deuce, as if that wasn't a fitting enough sign about how the movie was going.

To make matters all the worse, this came out in 1996 which was when Friends was picking up steam! What was LeBlanc thinking?

The movie earned 0% on RottenTomatoes and was nominated for 4 Razzie awards.

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The 8 Best (And 7 Worst) Movies To Come From The Friends Gang