The 20 Steamiest Vixens From Superhero Movies

Every good superhero movie needs a steamy vixen. Preferably more than one. It’s been the time-honored formula for decades, and it works. Without sexy super villains or flawless damsels in distress, you just have a bunch of dudes running around in spandex. And that’s no fun. (Well okay, maybe it would be fun for some). Every superhero movie has them; the love interest, the sexy super villain who is evil - yet vulnerable. Or sometimes it's the super hero woman with attitude that fights crime alongside the good guys. At least one of these women is a "must have" in any good superhero movie, and a combination of more than one is ideal.

If you think about it, a superhero movie is the perfect genre to include a steamy vixen. First of all, you have an excuse to dress them up in revealing, form-fitting costumes that usually involve lots of spandex. Second of all, they’re probably going to be fighting other superheroes, and that sexy little costume will most likely get ripped to pieces, revealing even more of her body. And third of all, these sexy superheroes are more than likely going to be fighting other sexy super villains, who are also wearing revealing spandex costumes, that are also getting ripped to shreds. Now that’s what I call a winning combination.

There’s a very logical reason these girls are included in superhero movies. They’re guaranteed to raise ticket sales. It’s that simple. And you know what? It works. A lot of people probably went to see The Watchmen just because it included the Silk Spectre in her outrageously sexy costume. Many people went to see Suicide Squad just to lay their eyes on the sexiest Harley Quinn outfit ever seen. And tons of people probably went to see the latest Batman movie just to see how sexy Anne Hathaway looked in a Catwoman outfit. It’s just common sense.

20 Viper

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We kick off our list with a one of the hidden gems of steamy superhero vixens, Viper. She appeared in 2013's The Wolverine. The movie centered around, you guessed it, Wolverine, but she really stole the show with her heart-stopping good looks and natural charm. The Viper is played by Russian actress Svetlana Khodchenkova, and she was the talk of the town after this movie hit the theaters. The Viper is a mutant with incredible abilities, a member of Hydra, and a natural enemy of the X-men. She has slowed her aging process, and is an adept athlete and martial artist. Her main skills involve poison. She herself is immune to all poisons, and she loves to create her own toxic chemicals and poisonous cocktails. You could say that her good looks are "intoxicating" as well...

19 Poison Ivy

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No list of sexy super vixens would be complete without Poison Ivy. This queen of poison is from the DC universe, and sex appeal is toxic (in a good way). Perhaps the most iconic appearance of Poison Ivy was in 1997's Batman And Robin. The sexy super villain was played by none other than Uma Thurman. With an actress like that, the already incredibly hot concept of Poison Ivy was taken to new heights of sexiness. Poison Ivy's touch is deadly, while she is immune to all poisons herself. She can also produce pheromones that allow her to control people's minds. She loves to create her own toxic poisons, and her preferred method of administrating them is by wearing them as lipstick and then kissing her victims. She can also control plants down to their very atoms.

18 Catwoman

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Catwoman is perhaps the most iconic of all the sexy supervillains in history. She ticks all the boxes: Misunderstood, naughty, sexy, mentally unstable, and clever. One of the hottest performances of this character was by Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns, all the way back in 1992. People are still talking about how hot this version of Catwoman was. It may have had a lot to do with that kinky, BDSM-like latex bodysuit Pfieffer was wearing, but we must also recognize the actress's incredible talent. She brought this character to life in a way that captured the hearts of millions. Like Batman, Catwoman is just a human woman, and has no superpowers. She does have quite a few talents however, including being a master thief, a talented gymnast, and an accomplished hand-to-hand fighter. She is also equipped with razor sharp claws and a bullwhip. Hot.

17 Harley Quinn

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Harley Quinn is probably the most overtly sexy super villain in history. Other female supervillains have a flirtatiousness that is a little more subtle, whereas Harley's whole identity is based on raw sex appeal. Everyone was talking about Harley Quinn after this year's release of Suicide Squad, where she was played by Margot Robbie. She was probably the main reason a lot of people even went to see the film. Harley Quinn actually first appeared in Batman: The Animated Series in 1992. Since then, she has migrated into the world of comic books, and finally film, all the while losing more and more of her clothes. She used to be dressed in a head to toe tight-fitting clown outfit, but what she wears now is a far cry from that. She is most famous for working with the Joker, who she met while working as a psychiatrist in Arkham Asylum. She is immune to most poisons, and is a skilled gymnast.

16 Batgirl

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Batgirl is one super heroine that proves you don't have to be "bad" to be sexy. This sidekick of Batman was played by Alicia Silverstone in 1997's Batman and Robin. With such an amazingly sexy, this rendition of Batgirl was destined to go down in history as one of the hottest characters ever in a DC movie. Batgirl's real identity is actually Barbara Gordon, daughter of Gotham Police Commissioner James Gordon. Like Batman, she's only a human woman, with no powers to speak of, however she does make use of several gadgets and is an accomplished athlete. She was officially killed off as a character in a 1988 comic book by DC when Joker shot Barbara Gordon through the spine, paralyzing her. Since then, other individuals have donned the Batgirl suit, taking up her mantle.

15 Elektra

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Elektra was one of the things that made the 2003 movie Daredevil even remotely bearable. In fact, let's be honest, it was the only thing that made that movie bearable. Jennifer Garner was the sexy super hero "Elektra," and she was inevitably the love interest and a major part of the story. But she is far from just a sex kitten, she also has a nasty bite. She is an accomplished assassin, armed with two blades known as "Sai." She took 22nd place in a recent poll for the "Sexiest Females in Comic Books." And that place is definitely well-deserved. Her specialties are stealth and creating illusions designed to mesmerize her opponents. But her greatest skill of all is winning the hearts of her fans, and all other super heroes that come across her beautiful form...

14 Mystique

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Mystique is definitely an acquired taste. For some people her blue, alien-like skin can be a turn off. But for others, it has developed into somewhat of a fetish. One thing's for sure, out of all the sexy super villains on the list, she wears the least clothing. And it's an easy win because Mystique doesn't actually wear any clothing whatsoever. Every curve of her body is visible, and blue skin or not, this is a glorious thing. Rebecca Romijn played the villain in the first few X-Men movies, and Jennifer Lawrence took over the mantle in the newer generation of films featuring the renown female mutant. Mystique is able to alter the molecular structure of her skin and cells, making her a master of disguise. She can perfectly imitate any person, right down to their voices.

13 Black Widow

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The Black Widow was a huge hit in all of the Captain America films so far. Seeing as she was played by Scarlett Johansson, it's no wonder why this character was so loved. After all, Johansson has been voted "Sexiest Woman Alive" in the past. And the talented actress brings every ounce of that sexiness to her portrayal of the Black Widow, giving a performance that enthralled her audience. Her real name is Natasha Romanoff, and she began her career as a Russian spy. She later defected to the United States, and began working for S.H.I.E.L.D. As a spy, she is trained in all types of combat and is an accomplished gymnast and athlete. While in Soviet Russia, she was experimented on using biotechnology. As such, she heals at an advanced rate and enjoys a prolonged lifespan. This is due to the manipulation of her white blood cells. She is also equipped with a number of weapons such as electro-shock blasters.

12 Rachel Dawes

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Let's take a break from female super villains and heroines to examine one of the most entrancing portrayals of a love interest in any film: Katie Holmes as Rachel Dawes in 2005's Batman Begins. Katie Holmes is one of the most beautiful women in film today, and any character she plays seems to mesmerize viewers. Rachel Dawes is no exception. Katie Holmes is able to exude sex appeal in the most subtle ways, and it's her innocence and classiness that ends up being even more effective in grabbing attention than a skimpy latex outfit. In Batman Begins, Rachel is Batman's closest childhood friend. It's a classic tale of her falling in love with Batman, and yet not realizing that Bruce Wayne is the man behind the mask.

11 Psylocke

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In the most recent X-Men movie to date, entitled X-Men: Apocalypse, viewers were treated to one of the sexiest super heroines ever to grace comic books and the big screens. That steamy vixen was no other than the mutant known as Psylocke. Played by the ravishing Olivia Munn, this already delectable concept of a character was brought to life in heart-pumping style. She is well-known for her extremely revealing outfits, which at times seem to overshadow her actual powers and fighting abilities. Her real name is Elizabeth Braddock, and she was born in Britain. She is a very powerful telepath, able to read minds and communicate with people using her thoughts. She can also generate psychic blasts of energy. In addition, she able to see random flashes of future events, although she cannot control these visions.

10 Lady Deathstrike 

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We all remember this stunning super vixen from 2003's X2: X-Men United. She was played by Kelly Hu, and she captured the hearts of viewers around the world. Although she's full of attitude and definitely one of the most dangerous mutants around, she mixes this with a cold beauty that is hypnotizing and intimidating at the same time. She's a classic "Femme Fatale." Her real name is Yuriko Oyama, and she was born in Japan, where she learned she learned the strict code of honor that governs her life, similar to that of the ancient Samurai. Her abilities make her one of the most lethal mutants in existence. She was turned into a cyborg, enabling her to interface with computers, and her skeleton is infused with adamantium, much like Wolverine. The major difference between the two is that instead of three claws she has one for each finger, protruding from her nails.

9 Emma Frost

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Emma Frost was first seen in 2011’s X-Men: First Class. She was portrayed by none other than January Jones, and she brought the mutant to life in stunning and entrancing style. In the film, she is seen as a villain, and a powerful one at that, but later in her storyline she turns to the side of good, and actually joins the X-Men. One thing that has remained consistent throughout her life, however, is her irresistible sex appeal. In both comic books and in movies, she is seen wearing very little clothing. Her signature is white clothes similar to lingerie, and is usually seen wearing long stockings. Her abilities make her one of the most powerful mutants of all time. Her telepathic ability rivals even Charles Xavier himself. She can also convert her body into an indestructible diamond form. While in diamond form, she cannot use her telepathic abilities, but she’s also immune to all psychic attacks from other telepaths.

8 The Invisible Woman

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This list wouldn't be complete without Jessica Alba's portrayal of the invisible woman. Why? Because it's Jessica Alba, that's why! She appeared in all of the Fantastic Four films, and let's face it, those movies were terrible. But she wasn't! One film even featured a scene where she was stripping down in broad daylight on the street so she could then turn invisible. Whoever thought of that incredible scene deserves an academy award. The Invisible Woman's real name is Susan Storm, and you guessed it, she can turn invisible. Later, her powers increased and she became one of the most powerful members of the Fantastic Four. These new abilities included the ability to create psionic energy blasts for both attack and defensive purposes. Throughout her career, she was always seen as a major babe, whether her powers were strong or weak.

7 Gwen Stacy

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2012 brought us a new, rebooted Spider-Man series of movies and a fresh new face to play the love interest: Emma Stone as the deliciously cute Gwen Stacy. She’s always been an extremely alluring character, but with Emma Stone’s natural charm she was brought to life in stunning and sensual style. She competed with Mary-Jane for the heart of Spider-Man, a battle which Gwen Stacy was always destined to lose. They did have their moments however, and Gwen and Peter Parker were naturally drawn to each other because of their mutual interest in sciences and other intellectual pursuits. However, it just wasn’t meant to be, and eventually Gwen Stacy was ruthlessly killed off as a Spider-Man character after being murdered by the Green Goblin.

6 Sif

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The Thor series of movies were a worthy addition to the already teeming flow of superhero films, and they featured one of the steamiest super heroine vixens ever seen: Sif. Played by the unparalleled beauty, Jaimie Alexander, Sif is a strong Asgardian goddess who fights evil alongside Thor and the other Asgardians. She is often flirtatious towards Thor, but he seems more interested in mortal women in the films. He must be insane, because Sif exudes both incredible strength and sex appeal, a combination that any sane man would go crazy for. Sif is basically a god, and her character is based on the Norse god of the Earth with the same name. She has superhuman strength, speed, agility and reflexes. She is also immortal, and has lived for many centuries despite her youthful appearance. She also has the ability to create portals that transport her to and from Asgard.

5 Jane Foster

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The Thor movies were filled with beautiful women, and it wasn't just the female super heroines. Natalie Portman played one of the hottest "damsels in distress" ever with her portrayal of Thor's love interest, Jane Foster. Let's be honest. Any character Natalie Portman plays in any film is going to be extremely hot. It's just a fact. I'm not sure what exactly made Jane Foster so appealing, but I think it had to do with her "down to earth" persona and her accessibility; she looked like an average girl you'd run into on the street. Although she typically plays the role of a helpless onlooker, she has at times taken a more active role in helping Thor. More than once, she has been allowed to wield Mjolnir, Thor's hammer, when he's not around to bash the baddies!

4 Angel Salvadore

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Another undeniably hot addition to 2011's X-Men: First Class was the mutant known as Tempest, also known as Angel Salvadore. Right from the get go, it was obvious that she was going to be an extremely sexual character. First of all, they found her in a strip club. Second of all, she was a stripper in that strip club. And lastly, she actually flashed her boobs to a young Charles Xavier and Magneto! She had to take off her top in order to reveal her mutant powers: a pair of insect-like wings that enable her to fly. She can also spit acid, and vibrate her wings to generate sonic sound blasts. Her body is very similar to that of a fly, and she can also spin a cocoon around herself in order to heal from intense injuries.

3 Roxanne Simpson

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A lot of people probably forgot all about that movie Ghost Rider, but it had one addition that made it intensely memorable: Eva Mendes. Anytime she graces the screen with her amazing charm and sex appeal, guys everywhere go wild. This movie was no different. I mean come on people, it's Eva freaking Mendes! She definitely deserves a spot in this list, and she wouldn't be deserving of anything less than the top three. Roxanne Simpson is the longtime love interest of Johnny Blaze, otherwise known as Ghost Rider. Although she's been pretty much relegated to being a spectator throughout the comic books and the movie, there have been times where she took a more active role. She was once resurrected as a demonic servant known as the Black Rose." That sounds pretty hot.

2 Silk Spectre 

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The Silk Spectre was definitely one of the main reasons people went to see 2009's Watchmen. Malin Åkerman played the sly super heroine, and she was perfect for the role. She looked simply stunning in that latex outfit, complete with stockings and suspenders. Everything about his actress and character exudes sex. In the film, she's also the love interest for more than one super hero, including Dr. Manhattan and Dan Dreiberg, the latter participating in a steamy sex with her. In this scene, she gets nude and it's seriously hot. As far as her abilities go, she's just a human being with now powers to speak of, but is a master of hand to hand combat, gymnastics, and agility, so when need be, she's more than capable of packing a whopping punch to match her gob-smacking beauty.

1 Catwoman (Anne Hathaway)

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This isn't actually what Anne Hathaway wore in her portrayal of the Catwoman in 2012's The Dark Knight Rises, in case you didn't know. It was part of a photo shoot she did to promote the film. But even without this pleasingly revealing outfit, she packed as much sexiness into her performance as this picture arouses in any warm-blooded male. Anne Hathaway is one of the true beauties of Hollywood today, and she's also one of the most talented actresses, without a doubt. It's this alluring and entrancing combination that makes her such an object of desire in any role she plays. Her performance in The Dark Knight Rises is no different. We've already talked about Catwoman's general backstory in this list, but Anne Hathaway may have just blown Michelle Pfeiffer's rendition of the famous villain out of the water, which is by no means any easy feat. It's for these reasons that Anne Hathaway takes the number one spot on our list.

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