The 20 Most Gorgeous Supernatural Ladies of TV

There’s something about the supernatural that adds some heat to women. In many ways, they’re already mysterious so tossing them into a supernatural setting just makes it hotter. Vampires are the obvious of course as well as witches to throw in magic. However, there are plenty of other supernatural creatures to win folks over: Werewolves, zombies, other various creatures and that includes those who fight the bad guys. For years, TV has used the supernatural for various shows, many of them smash hits with huge fandoms. And several of these shows have boasted some very hot ladies as the stars.

Vampires and witches have gotten their own lists in the past but there are still plenty of supernatural ladies with sexiness to spare in television to enjoy. The criteria is how they have to have some power of their own, not a human in a supernatural world (like Dana Scully). Some are overt in their power, others are more “just something special” but they all are good in showing how hot they can be. They run the gamut from evil to really good folks and even champions. What they have in common is blossoming with fantastic sex appeal that goes all out on screen. Here are twenty of the sexiest ladies of supernatural TV shows that aren’t vampires or witches and how the darker side can offer some bright ladies.

20 Anya - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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In the classic episode “The Wish,” a jealous Cordelia off-handedly wishes Buffy had never come to Sunnydale. At which point, her new friend Anya (Emma Caulfield) grants it, creating a nightmarish world where vampires (Including Willow and Xander) rule Sunnydale. She’s really Anyanka, a vengeance demon whose “aid” for scorned women can be nasty. When things are set right, she ends up losing her powers and is forced to live as a human. Intended to be a one-off, Caulfield’s performance was so winning that she became a regular cast member, Anya, having a relationship with Xander that turned very steamy with her wandering nude a lot. Her utter lack of tact led to sharp one-liners that stole the show mixed with a love for money and yet still helping the team when she could. She would break up with Xander, become a demon again, but bounce back as human and eventually give her life to help save the world. Through it all, she was a dependable source of good humor and some sexy times to make her a demoness one could truly love.

19 Aphrodite - Hercules/Xena

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You’d expect the Goddess of Love to be a knockout and the producers of these cult syndicated series managed to choose well. Alexandra Tydings looked the part for sure with her long hair, bright smile, and a stunning body, mostly clad in a nearly sheer white robe. The image alone was enough to make men drool in her presence and willing to do what she said. That she played the role as a grown up Valley Girl was a nice touch to make her lovable in many ways. She could be egotistical and her attempts at help often caused huge messes, but was still funny and unique. This Aphrodite could have some backbone in a fight with rival Discord and often showed off nicely, but the fact she carried her sexual presence with a light air made her relatable. Appearing on both series constantly, she was a popular face to show a goddess more than a few TV viewers could fall in love with big time.

18 Lydia Martin - Teen Wolf

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The fun of the MTV series is how it plays with classic tropes of horror and teen shows alike. At first, Lydia appears the classic rich, popular girl, a shallow gal who runs down the heroes with sharp lines and Holland Roden had it well in hand. However, as with so much else, the show introduced a new layer as it was revealed Lydia was an absolute genius who preferred to be known as a shallow girl. Soon, she was pulled into helping the others on the team fight evil and eventually fell for geeky Stiles. A major twist was the revelation that she was a banshee, unleashing a massive sonic scream and having visions to help out. Roden sold the hot side of Lydia well (including a scene of her stark naked in front of a squad of policemen) and yet blossoming as a strong character and the show’s center. The evolution was terrific to turn what looked like the most annoying character of the series into its best and Roden making her a hot screamer.

17 Moira O’Hara - American Horror Story

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The very first season of FX’s acclaimed hit is still considered the best, showcasing the goings-on at a haunted house. The first sign things were off was when the character of Moira was introduced, talking to wife Vivien (Connie Britton) and an elderly matron in demure clothing played by Frances O’Connor. When Vivien’s husband, Ben (Dylan McDermott) entered, the audience realized that to him (and any living man), Moira appears to be a drop-dead gorgeous redhead in her 20s played by Alexandra Breckinridge. It turns out she’s the ghost of the maid of a former occupant killed when the man’s wife mistook him assaulting her for an affair and shot them both. Breckinridge is fantastic in the part, sultry in her talk, lovingly flaunting her body and showing off garter-clad legs with plenty of hot talk. There’s comedy in how Vivien can’t understand why Ben and other men ogle this “older” woman and yet Moira wins you over as she tries to get someone to find her corpse so she can move on. Breckinridge helped makes the first season of AHS fantastic and one of the saga’s most intriguing characters.

16 Wynonna Earp - Wynonna Earp

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This offbeat Syfy series has won a large cult following with its quirky humor and its great leading lady. Not only was Wyatt Earp a great lawman, he was also protected against demons with a mystical gun to send them back to Hell. That mantle has been passed on through generations of Earps, but when her older sister vanished, Wynonna left town rather than the heir. Returning to the town of Purgatory, Wynonna has to accept the mantle to face a new pack of threats. Much is made of her habit of sleeping around in the past and Melanie Scrofano sells it with her reddish-brown hair and affinity for tight jeans and tops. She looks amazing in the fight scenes and has a funny as hell demeanor as Wynonna faces all these threats, aided by her quirky sister and Doc Holiday (yes, the Doc Holiday) as she wields this mystic gun with pride. The show is ready for a new season, giving us more looks at a lady who can kick ass in a designer dress as well as tight leather and a gunslinger for the present time who’s hotter than the Hell she’s fighting.

15 Elena Michaels - Bitten

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Laura Vandervoot was already used to some fantasy stuff by playing Supergirl on Smallville. This made her ideal for the role of Elena on this Syfy series. A normal girl in Toronto, Elena found herself being bitten by a date which transformed her into the first female werewolf. She tries to live a normal life but targeted by both hunters and the “pack” of the guy who bit her who want her to belong with them. Vandervoot nicely showed off her body a lot, especially for the scenes of Elena stripping before and after her transformations. The fact she was also quite active with men also helped; her lush blond hair adding a new spice to the role. Through three seasons, Vandervoot kept viewers tuning in to see Elena handle the various sexy antics and prove herself quite nicely, especially when doffing all of her clothing.  As a female werewolf, most fans would gladly let her take a bite out of them.

14 Faith LeHane - Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Angel

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From the moment she sauntered on screen in the third season of Buffy, Faith was a scene-stealer. Another Slayer called when a previous one died, her Faith grew up in a tough Boston neighborhood and was eager to prove herself. With her tight leather pants, low cut shirts, and wicked smirk framed by dark hair, Faith was a looker. She was also a true bad girl, enjoying flaunting herself, dancing with guys and having a one-night stand with Xander. But that darkness turned serious when she killed a human and soon pulled into joining the evil Mayor. She returned after a bout in a coma, at first for revenge but then sought redemption by going to jail. Broken out, she helped save the world and continued to fight on in her own unique fashion. Eliza Dushku became a star with the role, looking absolutely gorgeous in the part, selling Faith’s wicked side so even when she was a “bad girl,” you couldn’t help but root for her. Dushku has made a career of sultry roles since, but Faith is still her most famous to show how hot a Dark Slayer can be.

13 Clary Fray - Shadowhunters

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After it failed as a movie franchise, The Mortal Instruments was given a second chance via this Freeform TV series. It’s done a better job replicating the best-selling young adult novels and doing it in a nice theme. Katherine McNamara plays Clary, who grew up all her life thinking she was a normal teenage girl. That was until she started seeing people others couldn’t and found herself involved in a battle against demons. She’s actually one of the Shadowhunters, children imbued with angel blood who are chosen to defend humanity in a secret war. The series shows Clary accepting her new abilities and taking part in this war. With her bright and lush red hair, McNamara is great in the role, especially given Clary’s fondness for leather outfits and looking glorious in various hot dresses. She has a good sense of humor that helps out and does her best to handle the various battles while living a normal life. The show had a good first season and coming back in 2017 as McNamara lives up to fan hopes to make Clary a great character while also among the most feisty of supernatural ladies on a network devoted to hot nubile ladies.

12 Ruby - Supernatural

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In the world of the long-running CW hit Supernatural, demons possess human bodies (“meat suits” as they call them) to walk on Earth. Ruby has been a long-running thorn in the side of the Winchester brothers, offering aid at times but then literally stabbing them in the back in others. She first showed up in the third season, played by Katie Cassidy with a sharp humor and wicked edge. She adored showing up in leather pants and tight shirts and flaunting a hot side that could keep on even when beaten on by demons. Ruby would jump into a body, played by Genevieve Cortese, her performance a bit more low key but still very sultry. This Ruby would bed Sam and their chemistry was nice so it was no surprise Cortese and Jared Padalecki were married later. Ruby would end up betraying the brothers for her own gain and killed for her own gain too. A fun later episode had Sam and Dean entering the “real” world as their actors and a funny bit of finding “Sam” was married to “Ruby.” In either body, Ruby was a very hot presence that reminds you how the baddest girls can be the sexiest around.

11 Liv Moore - iZombie

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Ironically, it took dying for Liv Moore to finally enjoy life. A straight-A med student, Liv was turned into a zombie during a party, still able to remain herself as long as she feasted on brains. Working for the Seattle medical examiner, Liv’s “diet” allows her to gain the memories and personas of people to solve crimes. Rose McIver looks amazing in the part, being able to make the white skin and hair look very attractive with Liv’s unique style. Helping her is how she gets into very hot personas like a stripper (giving friend Peyton a lap dance), a frat boy (dressing just in tape for a party) and even a super-hero (a tight leather costume). Even when she goes into a “zombie rage” with red eyes, Liv can look amazingly hot and McIver adds a great quirky humor to help the role along as she handles these various twists to herself. Seeing what persona she takes on (even a sex book writer) makes the show stand out and McIver shows how great you can look even when you’re dead.

10 Hayley Marshall - The Originals

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Phoebe Tonkin was easily the best part of The Secret Circle as a sardonic and sexy witch. When that show was canceled at the end of its first season, producer Julie Plec brought Tonkin onto The Vampire Diaries as Hayley, a werewolf from a rough life. Standing out with nice humor and some good outfits, she got a bit more screen time as the season went on. So they had her added to the spin-off The Originals as Haley moves to New Orleans to track her family. A complication was that a one-night stand with vampire Klaus left Hayley with a mystical pregnancy that made her a target of various forces. The birth ended up transforming Hayley into a werewolf-vampire hybrid, able to change into a wolf but still with vampire powers and looking hot either way. Her bouts of nudity after a change were nice as her dark hair and lush eyes gave Tonkin a supernatural air to start with to excel. She remains with the show and still looks great proving no matter what type of creature she plays. Tonkin is one of the CW’s sexiest.

9 Red/Ruby - Once Upon A Time

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The writers of Once have been experts in taking the classic fairy tales and giving them wild twists. A key case is Ruby, a waitress in Storybrooke who enjoyed wearing ultra-tight shorts and loose tops that pushed her cleavage, lush dark hair, and a wicked smile. It was revealed she was Little Red Riding Hood, but the twist was that she was also the Wolf, transforming under a full moon and killing her own boyfriend under this curse. She balanced it out with Meghan Ory looking glamorous showing off Ruby still this hot gal while fighting with her animal side and her nice style and humor winning viewers over. She left in season four (Ory starring in the short-lived Intelligence) but returned in season five with the revelation Ruby had left to find her own people. This led to Ruby finding love with none other than a grown-up Dorothy Gale and fans hopeful she returns later in the show. With that red cape around a lovely body, Ory helped make Ruby a red-hot presence for this already steamy show.

8 Cordelia Chase - Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel

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It’s astounding that Charisma Carpenter was 26 when she landed the role of high schooler Cordelia on Buffy as she looked perfectly 17. For the first two seasons, Cordelia was the Queen of the high school, incredibly bitchy and vain and caring only for her rich lifestyle. She did grow with a relationship with geeky Xander and won fans over with her biting sardonic lines and hot wardrobe. She was brought low by losing her fortune and when the Angel spin-off was created, Joss Whedon decided to have Cordelia join as seeking fame in Los Angeles. At first just a helper, she got a push when she was given the power to have visions of danger to help Angel and his team out. Over the course of the series, she got more hot stuff, very revealing outfits abounding, but still had the great humor that won her a huge following. She suffered a harsh fate, used by a demon to try and take over the world, becoming comatose and a finding a surprising final fate. However, Carpenter was the heart of the series to so many and that she barely looks like she’s aged since just makes her even hotter.

7 Tamsin - Lost Girl

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A popular actress in her native Canada, Rachel Skarsten joined the cast of the supernatural drama in its third season. Tamsin was a Valkyrie, meant to carry the dead to the other side but was now stuck as a cop. While she started off on the dark side, she stood out with her sardonic humor and an affinity for kicking ass that got her off on the action yet still acted as a gal who could toss down drinks after work. It didn’t take long for her to hit it off with Anna Silk’s Bo and by the final season, they were regular bedmates. Tamsin had to undergo some ups and downs, including being killed and reborn into a body that grew up fast, but Skarsten was great in the role with her blonde hair, icy features and yet able to get very hot. She could handle everything from a goofy dance number to brawling with demons and got a powerful send-off befitting to her character. It takes a lot to steal the limelight from a succubus, but Tamsin pulled it off quite nicely.

6 Jeannie - I Dream of Jeannie

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Even for the 1960s, this was one whacky plot. While crashing to Earth, NASA astronaut Tony Nelson (Larry Hagman) finds a bottle on a deserted island. Opening it, a billow of smoke reveals Jeannie (Barbara Eden), a 2000 year old Genie who grants his wish to be rescued. Having fallen in love with Tony, Jeannie follows him and proceeds to use her magic to help him out with a variety of whacky results. The sight of Eden in a classic genie outfit of nice top, sarong, and bare belly was pretty daring for the time but also hot as hell. Her funny timing was great with her misunderstanding modern times and granting riches beyond what a NASA operative should have. The sight of her crossing her arms and bowing her head for magic became iconic and Eden’s bright smile just added to her hot sexual presence. She would glam down now and then but remained in that classic costume to make this show a hit and Eden still one of the best knockouts any TV fan could possibly wish for.

5 Melinda Gordon - Ghost Whisperer

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Jennifer Love Hewitt was already famous for her role on Party of Five and various movies but a bit of a career lull in 2005. That ended when she landed the lead role in this CBS series that ran a good five years. Melinda grew up with the ability to see ghosts, trying to deny it in her youth but eventually learning to accept it. Living in a small town, Melinda ran an antiques shop with her paramedic husband and soon helping spirits solve the issues that kept them on Earth. Love Hewitt was always a looker and the show’s opening titles had her in a lush white dress. While Melinda was a down to earth gal, the producers made sure to have her in dresses that emphasized Love Hewitt’s ample cleavage and nice rear end a lot. She could be funny at times and warm as she helped the ghosts solve their issues to cross over to make the show feel grounded despite its fantastic elements. As the show went on, Melinda became a mom and dealing with her husband dying and reborn into a new body, but Love Hewitt’s gorgeous looks were the real reason to watch as her sexiness screamed loudly.

4 Maze - Lucifer

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Fox’s version of the Vertigo comic book has been a surprise hit with the idea of “the Devil working with cops” turning into a great idea. While the focus is on Lucifer, also rising is his bartender, Maziekeen (Maze for short), a demon who followed him from Hell. She’s a bit annoyed at how Lucifer wants to help out a female cop, but before long, finds herself drawn into an odd friendship with others. Lesley Ann-Brandt definitely looks hot as hell (pun intended) in the role with tight leather outfits to boost her cleavage up. It’s clear Maze enjoys some kinky times in bed that can border on assault, but her bedmates (male and female) are not complaining. She’s tough as well, able to beat up an entire gang all by herself and look great doing it. Bouncing between loyalty to her boss and a relationship with his angel brother, Maze makes it clear she follows her own path now. Whatever the case, Ann-Brandt makes her a great looker that’s worth risking eternal damnation for.

3 Buffy Summers - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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When the WB version of the movie flop began, few gave it much of a chance. However, it ended up being a smash hit that put Joss Whedon on the map majorly. A key reason was Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy herself, the idea that this blonde cheerleader could be a champion of humanity quite fun and tripping the genre up. Over seven seasons, Buffy went from just fighting vampires to taking on every manner of demon imaginable, even gods, all with a mix of great fighting and a sharp sense of humor. Gellar herself blossomed in her beauty, looking sexier as the show went on, often showing in some hot outfits and a few steamy love scenes. She carried herself through challenges, including death itself and showing the hardship of her duties. But Gellar was still fun as hell in the part with her lush form and making it a hit and one of the most beloved cult series of all time.

2 Vanessa Ives - Penny Dreadful

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Any character played by Eva Green is automatically hot as hell. On Showtime’s gothic series, Vanessa is a woman with the powers of a seer and a connection to the supernatural world she doesn’t fully understand. Over three seasons, she finds herself meeting a werewolf, Dorian Gray and targeted by Dracula himself, nearly driven mad, but continuing to fight on. This being a Showtime series, Green naturally doffs it all to showcase her stunning body and her rich accent and lush eyes just add to her amazing appeal, so it’s no wonder Dracula wants her badly. Poised for most of the time, Vanessa can get dark and wild with thrown into an asylum and the scorpion motif to her dark dresses added something special as well as she enjoys showing a steamy side when she can. The show only lasted three seasons, but Green kept one watching throughout to show one of the hottest women alive just gets sexier when thrown into a dark world.

1 Bo - Lost Girl

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It makes sense that topping this list is a succubus. On the hit Canadian series, Bo is living her life unsure why she seems to suck out other people’s life force and can make folks do what she wants with a touch of pleasure. It turns out she’s one of the Fae, a race of creatures living among humans who exists on others’ chi which can usually be taken through sex. From the beginning, Anna Silk was a standout with her lush dark hair, lovely voice and an affinity for tight leather outfits. She also pushed the sex appeal big time in various costumes and adventures, landing in bed with men and women alike. Indeed, she ended up in relationships with three other main characters over the show’s run and pushed major stuff like threesomes that scorched the screen. Silk was utterly sensational in the part to make the show a cult favorite with humor and great appeal and thus it’s perfect that a succubus should top a list of the hottest supernatural creatures to grace the screen.

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