The 20 Hottest Women In Comics According To Comics Buyer's Guide

Way back in 1971, when “comic book collecting” wasn’t even a thing, the Comics Buyer’s Guide was an innovator. They were the first to put out a list of what back issues of comics could cost and how some issues could be quite important and worth money one day. More and more comic magazines followed suit but CBG also provided some smart analysis of the industry in their columns and insight for comic book fans. True, they helped push the “speculator’s market” that almost ruined the industry in the 1990s yet still were seen as a great magazine. Professional comic writers would do columns for them and it gained more popularity and influence. However, like other comic book magazines, the coming of the Internet changed things as fans began going online for such features more than magazines and so CGB ceased publication in 2013.

Before that, like many a magazine about comics, CGB would do a lot of lists of various characters and stories. Among the biggest was a huge list where they counted down what they thought were the 20 hottest women in comics. It was quite interesting as it was a mix of the A-list famous gals but also some from lesser known comics. Some have been on screen while others may never make it there. The list still holds up years later, a fascinating look at some of the hottest women in comics and how they provide some great entertainment. Here is the list of what CGB believes are the twenty hottest women in comics and surprising who they see as the sexiest ladies to ever grace those pages.


20 Starfire

The genius of the character has always been that she has no idea of how she renders men (and the occasional woman) into a drooling wreck. Princess Koriand’r was sold into slavery to help save her planet from invaders. After years imprisoned, she broke free, her body having the ability to capture solar energy for flight and blasting energy. Escaping to Earth, she joined the Titans and became a mainstay for the team. The sight of her flying with her long hair flowing to her ankles and energy flowing from it was always great, especially when drawn by George Perez. Her orange skin made her look even more beautiful and while alien, her humanity shone well in her relationship with Dick Grayson. She found a second career as a model and it was funny how she could fail to understand why humans bothered with clothes as she saw no reason to cover up. She’s had ups and downs (a controversial period where her already skimpy costume was barely anything and then hopping into bed with various guys) but a recent series has returned her more to her roots fitting in living in Florida. While she has issues with humanity at times, one look is enough to know why this alien ranks on this list.

19 Donna Troy

You’d need all day to understand the ridiculously convoluted history of this character. She’s been an Amazon, a “magic mirror” creation of a young Wonder Woman, a member of a pack of old gods, a woman reincarnated in various lives and created to be an evil double for Diana. At least she remains a gorgeous lady in all of these versions. With her dark hair and great body often shown in a bathing suit-like outfit, Donna is a first class warrior trained by the Amazons and often having powers of flight and super strength. She was a member of the Darkstars, a space police corps and was married for a time but it ended very badly. She’s held her own as a member of the Titans and even leading the Justice League and showcases a great strength and humor to inspire her teammates. Currently, she’s gotten a makeover, a tougher warrior in many ways but slowly showing off a more human side. While her background may be a total mess, you can at least appreciate how sexy Donna is and any version stands out as among the more beautiful in the DCU.

18 Shadow Lass

The Legion of Super-Heroes is one of DC’s longest-running mainstays. Created in the 1950s, they were a group of teenagers in the 30th century defending the galaxy from threats. Tasima Mallor comes from the planet Talok VIII and like all her people has dark blue skin and pointed ears. She also has the ability to create waves of pitch darkness, thus her name. Her costumes have always enhanced her beauty, many of them basically bikinis as she has no shame flaunting herself if need be. Like others in the Legion, she’s had her origins shift about, including the persona of Umbra, far more ruthless and businesslike. She later returned to her old personality, working with the Legion and romancing hero Valor. “Shady” loves to help others and it’s fun how a woman who uses darkness can have such a bright personality. While there are many beauties in the Legion, Shadow Lass is probably the hottest of them all and despite her name, she shines very bright on the page.

17 Barbara Gordon

Trying to boost ratings for their third season, the 1960s Batman TV show decided to add an important character. Barbara Gordon was the police commissioner’s daughter, a bright librarian who donned a red wig and her own costume as Batgirl. The comics followed suit with her as a true redhead and looking amazing in the outfit. She spent years fighting crime, always a beauty while flirting with Dick Grayson in his various guises. A shocking storyline in 1988 had Barbara shot by the Joker and put in a wheelchair. Instead of wallowing, she remade herself into Oracle, the supreme hacker/information source for the super-hero community. She aided the JLA and helped form the Bird of Prey, brilliant and still hot even in the chair. In 2011, Barbara was healed of her injuries and back as Batgirl, continuing the good fight and looking fantastic. She still works well with her amazing humor and drive and while she doesn’t go all in on her sex appeal (preferring her brains to be her weapon), Barbara is still gorgeous when she tries and has proven herself capable in any role to be Batman’s equal.

16 Harley Quinn

When the Joker was introduced on the 1990s Batman animated series, creator Paul Dini decided to add something to him in the form of Harley Quinn. A gorgeous lady in white makeup and a fun outfit, Harley was an instant hit with viewers with her own quirky humor and stole the show. She got an origin as Dr. Harleen Quinzel, a psychiatrist who fell in love with the Joker and soon became his murderous partner. In the comics, she’s an even bigger deal, still in love with “Mistah J” but going on her own, more an anti-hero in many ways. She and Poison Ivy have had a long partnership (in more ways than one) as Harley also works with the Suicide Squad. She’s completely nuts with a toxin that’s allowed her enhanced agility and strength and her madcap approach to life makes it impossible to tell what she’s going to do. She got a hot makeover for the Arkham Asylum video games and further fame played by Margot Robbie in the Suicide Squad movie. She may be a total nutcase but you can’t help but love this madcap lady and her very sexy appeal in madness.

15 Ghost

Elisa Cameron was a reporter tracking some drug dealers when she was shot dead. Somehow kept between life and death, Elisa decided it was time to hit back. Donning a tight white bustier dress with hood and cape, Elisa took on the role of Ghost to attack crime and find out who killed her. She can teleport by moving through a plane of existence where she can spend months with no time passing on Earth and wields dual pistols to take on criminals. Her appearance is what has led to her fame, very beautiful with a bountiful chest and the costume highly popular with cosplayers. The character has seen changes with her origins, her powers, her history and even the revelation she’s not actually dead. But that appearance is what makes her a key character in the Dark Horse mythos and why, despite the challenges, many a writer and artist are willing to boost her for fans. She doesn’t have the name recognition of others on this list but there’s no denying her sex appeal to show this is one Ghost who’s very much hotter in the flesh.

14 Scarlet Witch

Standing out from her debut, Wanda Maximoff was a mutant like her twin brother Pietro. In her case, she could manipulate probabilities, creating “hexes” to cause unlikely things to happen. Her gorgeous looks and lush red curls added to her appearance with her red costume as she went from a villain to a member of the Avengers. She actually had a family with the Vision but it all ended badly and drove her to a breakdown. But Wanda has continued her sexy appeal, complete with some very hot costumes (such as the “gypsy” outfit created by George Perez) and a key member of the Avengers. She had another breakdown that helped 'de-power' mutants around the globe but has returned as strong as ever. Still incredibly beautiful, she has an edge that gets more wicked when she goes bad but when she doffs it for a red bikini, Wanda proves that when it comes to sexiness in the Marvel universe, she’s truly red hot.


13 Supergirl

Her character has really changed over the years. She was originally Superman’s cousin from Krypton, a lovely teenager who became a heroine in her own right. Her death in the epic Crisis on Infinite Earths was a shocker for fans and still regarded as classic. Then came “Matrix,” a shape-changer from another universe who took on the role. That was followed with her merging with troubled teen Linda Danvers to become a bizarre angel hybrid complete with flaming wings. That version was replaced by another take on the original, Superman’s cousin but looking very hot (especially when put in an evil leather outfit). Whatever the version, the gorgeous blonde has shown off nicely as a great beauty who backs it up with power and wanting to prove herself a heroine beyond her cousin’s shadow. She’s gotten more fame with her hit TV show starring Melissa Benoist and coming into her own and while she doesn’t trade on her looks, the Girl of Steel has shown she’s got the power to be sexy on top of all her other abilities.

12 Leetah

While it’s not as famous as other books, Elfquest has gained a massive cult audience since its debut in 1978. Set on a primitive world, it focuses on the lives of various clans of elf creatures handling threats of both magic and science. Leetah is a member of the Sun Riders clan, a healer whose powers can even bring someone back from the dead. Gorgeous with light golden skin and a lush mane of curly hair, she’s dressed in often skimpy outfits which show her form off well (including how the artists could often have the female characters go nude). But Leetah has an inner strength with a feline elegance and not above fighting tradition for her own way (such as when she refused to honor the “bond” with elf fighter Cutter). She eventually chose to join the forest-bound Wolfriders but fans of the series still saw her as a gorgeous ray of light for the show and how well she shone in tough times.

11 She-Hulk

When the Incredible Hulk got his own TV show in the 1970s, Marvel decided to capitalize on it with a new title. Jennifer Walters was Bruce Banner’s cousin, a lawyer shot by a mobster she was going after. Bruce gave her a blood transfusion which ended up causing Jennifer to transform into a massive seven foot green-skinned powerhouse. But unlike Bruce, Jen could control her mind when she was transformed. This led to the great touch that Jennifer loved being this knockout beauty rather than her human persona. John Byrne got great credit with boosting her to fame as a member of the Avengers and then the Fantastic Four, followed by her own title where she actually talked right to the reader. A sharp lawyer, She-Hulk balances helping folks in the courtroom with smashing up bad guys and that she’s nonchalant about charging into battle half-dressed just makes her more appealing. The Hulk may be a monster but his cousin is more glamorous, smart and plenty more sex appeal to make herself stand much higher than the Hulk’s female counterpart.

10 Rogue

When this character first appeared, she was a full-on villain, a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Her mutant power is to absorb the memories and power of others with a touch and she nearly rendered Ms. Marvel a cationic mess because of it. Driven to near-madness, Rogue went to the X-Men for help and was accepted as a member. Despite her power, she has a great way of showing off her body, her dark hair marked by a white streak and her Southern roots adding to her charm. Artists like Jim Lee loved to show off her curves and often in a variety of skimpy outfits as she tried to handle her curse to never be able to touch anyone while still being a heroine. She rose up to become a leader among the X-Men and even an Avengers team and able to handle her abilities well. Surprisingly, she was played in the movies by Anna Paquin who toned the hot appeal down but on the comic book page, the feisty Southern sexpot was among the hottest of all the X-Ladies and well worth the risk of touching to get close to.

9 Power Girl

Her origins have shifted a lot. She’s been Superman’s cousin from another Earth, an Atlantean princess and more, but Karen Starr still retains her utterly gorgeous looks. She’s famous for her costume, a tight white leotard, a red cape and of course, a cut-out at the center of her very ample chest. According to legend, original artist Wally Wood just kept drawing her chest larger until someone told him to stop. That’s made Power Girl stand out, a key to her popularity but she backs it up with smarts and powers on the level of Superman, able to go toe-to-toe with the strongest and toughest guys around. A member of the Justice League and Justice Society, Karen has survived a variety of bad moves (the multiple origins, having a kid, etc.) to remain among the more likeable character in the DCU. While she’s not as famous as Supergirl, she most definitely has the hot looks and that stunning body to rank high among the sexiest in the DCU. She gets some cracks about her chest but few are laughing when she’s able to kick them into orbit and Kara shows her Power isn’t just her name or looks but in being a great heroine.

8 Venus

Her place on this list should be no surprise. She’s basically the goddess also known as Aphrodite who’s come to Earth in a human form. Originally appearing in 1948, the character was little known until revived in the late 1970s for appearances with the Sub-Mariner. It was later revealed she was not truly a goddess but one of the ancient Sirens who used her voice to mesmerize men. That might surprise given that her looks alone would make her easy to win over any man in her path. Rendered with amnesia, the siren came to think herself a goddess due to her powers and began to redeem herself for her past actions. She became part of the cult team the Agents of Atlas where she used her skills in various ways to seduce guys and later worked with Hercules in some adventures. While she’s faded into the background lately, she might make a comeback and no matter siren or goddess, the gorgeous woman stands tall as a gorgeous lady even for Marvel.

7 Witchblade

The breakout character of Top Cow, Witchblade could be seen as an example of the gratuitous way women in comics were shown in the 1990s. Yet Michael Turner also helped create a great character in her own right. Sara Pezzini was a New York detective involved in a bust gone bad. During it, she gained control (or maybe it was the other way around) of a mystical gauntlet called the Witchblade. Throughout history, the glove has been used by numerous warrior women (including Joan of Arc) to help fight evil and Sara is the latest. The glove was famous for creating a metallic costume over Sara, showing off a lot of flesh and tattered clothing. That was toned down in later years for more covering armor but it still showed Sara’s body on display nicely. She was tough as nails facing everything from mobsters to demonic forces and even having a kid (it’s complicated). Sara later moved to Chicago to be a private eye but remained a top heroine and no matter her outfit’s form, the Witchblade makes her one hell of a beauty.

6 Wonder Woman

That she’s not number one may be a surprise given this was the first of them all and still the best. Created back in 1941, Diana has seen her origins shifted a lot but retains her regal bearing. The princess of the Amazons, she is a warrior born and trained, a terrific fighter, strong as Superman, cunning as Batman and the fact she’s beaten them both down proves it. She has had some rough bits (the time she was a powerless kung fu expert and when she was stripped of her crown in the 1990s) but the essence of Diana remains strong. That costume has shifted but still a classic to show her beauty and the fun aspect of Diana not really realizing how tongue-tied people get in her presence. She is still a fantastic fighter, able to hold her own against armies and was even briefly the Goddess of War herself. She’s stunningly gorgeous, amazingly power, sexy as hell yet in many ways, remains down to earth despite it all. That power is what has made her an icon for so many and that strength truly is sexy.

5 Emma Frost

She began as a full-scale villainess and was even intended to die in her first appearance. Emma Frost was a breakout as the White Queen of the Hellfire Club, a powerful group trying to attain more domination. A powerful telepath, she got attention for her amazing costume consisting of a white corset, high heeled boots and a cape, dominating and strong with a wicked smirk on her face. She was a constant thorn in the side of the X-Men for years but when she was nearly killed by one of their foes, she decided to work with the team more. She’s hardly a heroine, still selfish and looks down her perfect nose at most everyone she meets. She knows she’s a lovely lady and enjoys flaunting it majorly as she seduces a married Cyclops and has the ability to turn her body into solid diamond. Frost has undergone some humility but still retains the attitude that made her popular and showcasing one of the sexiest outfits any hot blonde can possibly pull off.

4 Zatanna

It’s the outfit that really makes her stand out. The daughter of a famed wizard, Zatanna Zatara followed in his footsteps with the unique ability to cast spells by speaking backwards. She has played the hero game, working with the Justice League and even a superhero costume. However, Zatanna often prefers to stick to being a stage magician using her tricks for audiences. This includes her fantastic outfit of a tuxedo top, top hat and gloves with shorts and fishnets. It’s a wild sight having her in this costume going into a fight but she makes it work. Chipper and possessing a nice attitude, Zatanna can have a dark side to herself (she spent years using her powers to erase the memories of villains who stumbled onto the secret identities of the JLA) but it’s the bright personality that wins fans over. That and how great she looks in those leggings help make this heroine among the hottest around and truly magic in her sex appeal.

3 Jean Grey

From the start, Jean Grey stood out and not just because she was the only woman on the X-Men. Lovely with lush red hair, Marvel Girl (yeah, it was the ‘60s…) had spirit and fire to go with her telepathic and telekinetic abilities. It was a bit disturbing that Professor X had a crush on her but she also found herself romantically pursued by the other guys on the team. She had a few unique outfits before she and Cyclops got together and it became a bigger deal when she became the cosmically powered Phoenix. This led to her turn to darkness that killed an entire world and Jean seemed to sacrifice her life for the universe. But, it’s comics so she was brought back to life, still lovely in tight outfits working with X-Factor and back with the X-Men. She and Cyclops married and had a good time before she was killed by a twisted Magneto imposter. So far, she actually has stayed dead despite hints of a return but should be remembered as a lady who stood out so much and was among the hottest of Marvel’s many hot ladies.

2 Death

If there’s a character you never thought could be called sexy, it would be Death. However, leave it to Neil Gaiman to change that. In his classic series Sandman, Gaiman introduced the Endless, a “family” whose members embody powerful aspects of the universe such as Dream, Destiny and Destruction. For Death, Gaiman created a lovely young woman with white skin, a gothic-looking outfit made up of a dark tank top and jeans rather than robes and a scythe. Her face is marked by a tattoo by her eye resembling Horus, the Egyptian God of the Dead and an ankh medallion around her neck. Whereas Dream is somber and serious, Death is often joking and loves humanity. As a matter of fact, she's over having to lead people to the other side but it’s her job and she does her best to help them handle it. The idea of the Grim Reaper being a perky young woman was priceless and made her the most popular character of the series. She even got her own mini-series showing how, once a year, Death walks as a human to get to know them better. If Death truly does look this good, maybe passing on isn’t something to fear at all.

1 Red Sonja

In the early 1970s, Marvel had a massive hit with Conan the Barbarian, adapting the classic pulp fantasy hero to comics. Soon, the idea of a “female Conan” took hold and Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor-Smith were inspired by a one-off Conan character to create their own heroine. Orphaned when her family is massacred by bandits, Sonja teaches herself fighting and soon rises up to become a deadly mercenary. The “She-Devil With a Sword” immediately caught the eyes of fans with her appearance, muscled but gorgeous with lush red hair flowing behind her. The fact she went into combat in what amounted to a metal bikini just added to her fame and soon she was a huge hit in her own right. The character has survived time with an acclaimed series by Gail Simone that showcases how Sonja knows full well her beauty but much prefers to be known by her warrior spirit. She’s also not above celebrating a win with a drink and a hot bout of sex before moving on. Gorgeous, cunning, ruthless and powerful, Sonja truly lives up to her mantra as the hottest lady in comics.


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