The 20 Hottest Vixens From Comic Book Movies

We can never get enough of these ladies...

The rise of comic book movies has been a major bit of Hollywood over the last decade. Once considered “just for nerds,” comic book movies have become major business with every studio wanting a piece of the pie. The big ones, of course, are Marvel as Disney has reaped massive box office receipts with their fantastic cinematic universe. Warner Bros is trying to catch up by pushing the Justice League to mixed results. There are also various independent comics being made into movies as many a studio is trying to get a piece of that box office pie. It needs good source material, the right directors, and the right cast. That includes adding some very nice ladies to the cast.

It’s no surprise that comic book movies have given us some very hot women. The medium trades on that overall and it helps to have some hot ladies in steamy outfits to show off on screen. Whether it’s playing an iconic character or a lesser known one, so many actresses have done a great job filling out those costumes and sometimes even less to stand out. It’s better that some have done more than one comic book movie to enhance their profiles up more. True, some films are far better than others and more than one hot lady has been wasted on a horrible film. However, it still shows how many incredible sexy ladies have shown their talents for this medium. Here are the 20 hottest vixens of comic book movies and why they help make these movies even more must see.

Some Spoilers for some films.

20 Zoe Saldaña - Guardians Of The Galaxy


The lovely actress has been pulled to several big-budget franchises in her career. She got raves playing Uhura in the reboot of the Star Trek series as well as a key role in the epic hit Avatar. So, it was natural that comic book movies would be in her wheelhouse eventually. First was The Losers, based on the DC Comic of a batch of ex-CIA operatives seeking payback on the guys who framed them. As the femme fatale getting involved, Saldaña was quite hot blasting away with machine guns and a rocket launcher to boost the movie up. Saldana then had her dark skin painted green to play Gamora, the “deadliest woman in the universe” for Guardians of the Galaxy. Doing great in fights and looking killer in the leather outfits, Saldana helped the film be a massive box office smash, making Gamoa hot but also attractive in many ways to make the movie be a hit. Saldana will be reprising the role for the upcoming sequel and showing no matter what color skin she might have on screen, she’s one of the hotter ladies in comic book films.

19 Natalie Portman - V For Vendetta


From her debut in The Professional, Portman showed a fantastic talent that would lead to her terrific Oscar-winning career. She’s proven herself capable of handling everything from high drama to comedy to Star Wars that it is only makes sense to put her in comic book films. Her first was V For Vendetta, the 2006 film based on the acclaimed graphic novel. As Evey, Portman rocked a great British accent as she falls in with the mysterious vigilante in a dystopian England. Portman famously shaved her head bald for a scene yet still looked gorgeous, especially the scene where she dresses as a hot schoolgirl for a seduction. Post-Oscar, Portman played Jane Foster, the scientist who falls in love with the Thunder God in Thor. Even dressed down in jeans and blazer, Portman was lovely and gave the movie (and its sequel) great life and a good human touch. While she sadly won’t be back for the planned sequel, Portman still showcased the “girl next door turned hot” vibe that makes her such a favorite.

18 Halle Berry - Catwoman/Storm


Berry had long been noted as both a great actress and quite the hot looker, both of which she put to use in her rise to stardom. Her casting as Storm in the first X-Men movie was good but marred first by her attempt at an accent that Berry herself admits was rather bad. Also, she had to put up with the movie’s infamous “toad struck by lightning” line that hardly helped. Still, Berry was able to rise up by winning an Oscar and thus pushed as a better Storm in the two X-Men sequels. In 2004, she was the controversial choice to play the title role in a Catwoman movie, not based on the comic book character but a strange “cat mythology.” The sight of Berry in her shredded costume was hot to be sure but marred by how the movie was an absolute disaster. The story was idiotic and her “cat behavior” came off totally laughable. Showing she had a good sense of humor, Berry showed up in person to accept her Razzie Award for “Worst Actress” for the movie and has been up front on how bad it was. She reprised the role of Storm in Days of Future Past, still looking fantastic and shows how, no matter the material, Berry shines well.

17 Marion Cotillard - The Dark Knight Rises


The gorgeous French actress exploded onto the international scene with her sensational role as Edith Paif in La vie en Rose. It earned her the Oscar for Best Actress and launched her as a must-get starlet for many a director. Christopher Nolan cast her as the woman with the dark past in Inception and grew to love her performance a lot. Thus, he decided Cotillard was perfect for the role of Miranda Tate in The Dark Knight Rises. A businesswoman allied with Bruce Wayne, she was lovely to look at with her alluring eyes and accent and had a very steamy hookup with Bruce Wayne that involved showing off a nice back tattoo. Cotillard was great in the part to win viewers over which was key to the entire film. Because in a major turn, it’s revealed she’s actually Talia al Guhl, the daughter of Ra’s, using Bruce all along in her to destroy Gotham. Cotillard’s turn from innocent to villainess was sensational and made her role even hotter. It showcased the mix of talent and hotness that’s made Marion a hit on both sides of the Atlantic and a success in this film.

16 Jennifer Lawrence - X-Men: First Class


It’s funny to think that in 2010, Lawrence was a little-known presence in Hollywood, just coming off her Oscar-nominated turn in Winter’s Bone. Her casting as the younger Raven, aka Mystique, in X-Men: First Class was a surprise as she wasn’t quite a knockout supermodel. It turned out to be part of the plan as Lawrence brought more depth to the role, looking great in her “human” self but standing out with the blue makeup as well. Lawrence showed the battle in Mystique between her good and bad halves and the irony that a woman who could become anyone else had trouble being herself. It helped launch Lawrence to the mainstream, leading to the Hunger Games and her Oscar victory. Thus, it was no surprise she returned for two more X-Men movies, continuing to balance Raven between heroine and villainess and gorgeous in either way. It makes sense this part could change Lawrence’s entire life so much and showing her heat early on.

15 Morena Baccarin - Justice League Unlimited


The stunningly gorgeous Brazilian-born actress has made a career on her elegant ethnic looks giving her an alluring air. That served for her breakout role as “companion” Inara in the cult sci-fi series Firefly. This led to numerous TV roles, usually as a femme fatale type and she voiced Black Canary in the Justice League Unlimited series. Baccarin showed real acting chops with her performance as Damien Lewis’ wife in the Emmy-winning Homeland and has a regular role as a doctor on Fox’s often wild Gotham show. In early 2016, Baccarin got her biggest movie role as Vanessa, the hooker with a heart of gold who wins the heart of Wade Wilson in Deadpool. No damsel in distress, she has her own tough side, loving Wade, but able to hold her own in a fight and some nice funny lines to boot as well as a hot sex montage. It’s likely she’ll be back for the sequel with many hoping she becomes the comic book character’s shape changing Copycat. As she also voices Talia al-Guhl is some direct to DVD movies, Baccarin is perfect as the sly and gorgeous seductress that fans are hoping she shows off a lot more in the future.

14 Michelle Pfeiffer - Catwoman


Originally, Anette Bening was cast as Catwoman in Batman Returns but had to bow out due to pregnancy. Thus Pfeiffer took on the role and some complained over the blonde actress as the long-brunette character. But the results spoke for themselves as she was utterly sensational in the part. Starting as (intentionally) a mousy girl, her Selina was changed by a near-death experience to transform into this wicked thief determined to make a mark in her own fashion. Pfeiffer looked stunning in the gorgeous tight leather suit but also the wicked edge needed for the part, being cunning with a lovely smirk on her face throughout. Her clashes with Michael Keaton’s Batman were charged up as both rivals and lovers and she looked stunning in and out of costume. Pfeiffer also showed the decent side deep down of Selina and the warring nature and many wish she had been brought back for a sequel. Many an actress has taken on the role but few have showed the true feline sexy side of Catwoman as well as Pfeiffer to remind fans why the part is so iconic.

13 Olivia Munn - X-Men: Apocalypse 


For years, Olivia Munn had been a popular face for the geek community as co-host of Attack of the Show. She showed great comic timing while dressing in a variety of hot costumes to show off, especially her long legs. Munn would go topless in Magic Mike and then dress down a bit for a reporter in the HBO series The Newsroom. However, it was probably inevitable a comic book movie would come her way and it ended up being a notable role as Psylocke in X-Men: Apocalypse. She was placed in the comic character’s classic costume of tight blue to show off her lush legs and cleavage with black hair flowing, a fantastic sight. Her role was more a villainess attacking the X-Men and having some nice fight scenes, some deriding the part as just eye candy. However, Munn looked fantastic in the part in a role she was perfectly suited for.

12 Rebecca Romijn - X-Men


As good as Jennifer Lawrence might have been, Rebecca Romijn truly played Mystique much better. While the character in the comic had long had blue skin, it was Bryan Singer who came up with the idea of her being basically nude with blue scales to make her shape shifting more effective. Casting super-model Romijn made sense, the woman looking fantastic in the blue paint. She added to it with a hard edge, showing how dedicated Mystique was, but also proud of being a mutant (see how, when asked why she doesn’t disguise herself all the time, she replies “because we shouldn’t have to.”) She looked great in fight scenes as well as pushing her hot seductive edge with various characters like Wolverine and slinking about. A great bit in X-Men: First Class was Lawrence’s Mystique in bed told by Magneto “come back when you’re older” and she turns into Romijn. Thus, the role is linked as Romijn showed she had the much sexier side to Mystique handled.

11 Gal Gadot - Batman v Superman


For decades, Wonder Woman was the comic book character fans wanted to see on screen the most. There were numerous starts and stops and various attempts but in 2016, it finally happened. While Batman v Superman had plenty of issues, most agree that Gal Gadot’s role as Wonder Woman was a highlight. Building up with her as the mystery figure was nice, Gadot looking lovely in designer dresses and some tough attitude. It paid off in the climatic fight scene with her going all out in her amazing costume to shine wonderfully (see the way she smiles after a hard blow) and finally bring Diana to big-screen life. Gadot is ready to reprise the role in the Justice League as well as her own solo film and many a comic book fan is thrilled to see her give Wonder Woman her due. It’s been a long wait, but at last, Diana has an actress who mixes the strength and power with the sex appeal that’s made Wonder Woman the greatest comic book heroine of them all.

10 Margot Robbie - Suicide Squad


From the moment she walked out naked to seduce Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street, Robbie was getting attention as a fantastic sexpot. She showed true acting chops in other roles to enhance her profile and make her a new “It Girl” of Hollywood. That paid off big time with her role as Harley Quinn, the Joker’s psychotic aide in Suicide Squad. Critics hailed Robbie as the best part of the movie, fantastic as this lunatic, her style glorious to watch. The bit where she’s half naked in front of an army base just looking at her in confusion was notable, but Robbie showed the great way Harley plays by her own rules. Her twisted love for the Joker plays out as well as how she throws herself into combat with a laugh on her lips. The movie had plenty of detractors, but Robbie was easily the best part and many hope she returns for the sequel to highlight one of the sexiest hot messes in comic book history.

9 Angelina Jolie - Wanted


The 2008 film Wanted took several liberties from the original comic. The comic imagined super-heroes truly existing until all the super-villains got together to wipe them out and make the world forget so they could rule in secret. The film changed it to a secret society of super-assassins welcoming a new member. However, it still shone thanks to casting Angelina Jolie as Fox. It’s impossible for the Oscar-winning icon to look anything but sexy as hell no matter her role and this is one of her best. Smooth, seductive and alluring, that killer smile is on display whether blasting guys with a shotgun while driving or pulling off some other nice kills and putting the moves on our hero. A memorable moment is her emerging from a tub showing her naked back with lush tattoos on full display and totally nonchalant about it. The movie wasn’t a huge success, but one can’t deny that Jolie as the “bad girl” was perfect casting and it makes sense she would add a comic book flick to her resume of sexy parts.

8 Rosario Dawson - Sin City


With her knockout looks and great talent, Dawson has been a favorite for roles of sexy ladies with plenty of backbone. One of her first prominent parts was in Men in Black II as the love interest who has a secret past. Dawson truly upped the sex appeal in Sin City as Gail, the leader of the section of town for ladies of the night. Her amazing body strapped in leather, her hair in a Mohawk, and snapping out sharp lines, Dawson was a true vision for the film. She highlighted the sequel by reprising the role, still the sardonic lady taking a drag on a cigar while blasting away guys with a machine gun, using her beauty to get ahead majorly. Dawson has added on with other hot roles and currently has a recurring role on Netflix’s various Marvel shows as nurse Claire Temple. No matter her role, Dawson has shown she truly has a sinful side to herself that makes her hot in any comic book role.

7 Jennifer Connelly - Hulk


Dale Stevens based the character of Jenny in The Rocketeer comic on Bettie Page, the famed 1940s pinup girl. For the 1991 movie, they came damn close by casting Jennifer Connelly in the role. With her dark hair, flawless face and amazing chest, Connelly was terrific in the 1930s outfits, especially the lovely white dress she wears for the movie’s finale and helped push her as a fantastic starlet. It’s a shame the movie was a box office disappointment as Connelly in the sequels would have been a great sight. In 2003, after winning an Oscar, Connelly was cast as Betty Ross in Ang Lee’s Hulk film. Her role here was quieter and muted, but still looked quite lovely despite how the movie was a rather dull misfire. When it came to absolutely stunningly gorgeous, it was hard to beat Connelly in her 20s and her first comic book movie role remains one of her most iconic sexy parts ever.

6 Lena Headey - 300


Long before Game of Thrones, Headey was showing her incredible sexiness off on the big screen. After roles in various movies in her native England, she came to international attention as Queen Gorgo in the hit 300. She was fantastic to look at it with hot love scenes but also incredibly strong and a top warrior in her own right. Her role in the sequel was smaller but still showed off in the great finale to tear up guys left and right with terrific sword play. Headey also showed off in the highly underrated Dredd. As “Ma-Ma,” the twisted gang lord controlling an entire 200 story building, Heady showed a brilliantly evil side, her scarred face showing her ruthless demeanor, not above killing herself while ordering her building’s inhabitants to take out Dredd. It was a great evil performance and Headey was the highlight of a film that deserved more attention at the box office. She’s more famous thanks to Thrones but Headey showed her hotter side in both of these films.

5 Anne Hathaway - The Dark Knight Rises

Hathaway’s transformation has always been amazing. Breaking out in The Princess Diaries, she was a lovely young talent with a fun humor and seemed destined for family movies. In 2005, she remade herself big time in films like Brokeback Mountain to show off her naked body and up her acting talent. By 2012, Hathaway was a major box office star as well as Oscar nominee and that mix was exactly what Christopher Nolan wanted to play the role of Selina Kyle in The Dark Knight Rises. While she’s never called Catwoman on screen, it’s her role and Hathaway is fantastic in the tight suit, a sardonic presence and a great chemistry with Christian Bale to carry the role on, the perfect cat burglar. The actress underwent training for the movie to slim down and learn gymnastics as well. It paid off with her spectacular performance winning raves and coming the same year Hathaway would win an Oscar for Les Miserables. As great as she can be in dramas, Hathaway more than proved herself worthy of the feline fatale’s boots.

4 Eva Mendes - Ghost Rider

Her lush ethnic roots, dark hair and fantastic body makes Mendes a favorite for many a film fan. It makes sense that she would make her way into comic book movies although they are among two of the most reviled ever. First, she was Roxanne in Ghost Rider, the love interest for Nicolas Cage’s character, a lovely gal who looked amazing in just jeans and tight tops. Mendes would follow that up the much-loathed The Spirit, a horrific adaptation of Will Eisner’s beloved comic. She played Sand Saref, a master thief in fantastic leather suits and also a lovely seductive manner. She was pretty much the high spot of the movie, including a scene of Mendes flashing her naked rear end showing off nicely in other ways. It’s a shame she couldn’t have gotten better material but at least Mendes stood out quite nicely with her excellent sex appeal in two otherwise unwatchable comic book films.

3 Jessica Alba - Sin City

Alba was already a sex symbol thanks to her breakout role in Dark Angel as the motorcycle-riding super-soldier Max. It made perfect sense she’d hit the superhero genre eventually and looked fantastic in it. In Sin City, she was cast as Nancy and the posters of her in tight leather chaps helped sell the movie right there. She was the standout for the terrific dance moves as she faced some danger and while she didn’t strip down totally, she was still amazing. Alba would return in the sequel, a darker Nancy with a harsh side and even scarring up her face did nothing to steal from her incredible beauty.

Alba was also cast as the Invisible Woman in the first Fantastic Four movie. Many derided the casting because of her looks and not right for the part but there’s no denying the sigher of Alba in blue spandex was sensational. She had fun bits like Sue turning up naked on the street and some nice humor and you can’t blame her for how bad the movies overall were. In either role, Alba proved herself among the hotter ladies in any comic book movie and her presence always a fun sight.

2 Scarlett Johansson - Iron Man 2/Captain America

Many forget that Johansson’s first brush with comic book films was 2001’s Ghost World. Based on a beloved cult comic, this film had her and Thora Birch as outcast teenagers handling growing up with some quirky humor. It wasn’t a huge hit but got them attention and was one of the first roles to boost Johansson’s presence. In 2008, Johansson starred as Silken Floss in The Spirit. The film is one of the worst comic book movies of all time but at least Johansson looks great with her smooth outfits and glasses looking hotter.

By 2010, she had become a standout with several hot roles and thus perfect for the part of Natasha Romanoff aka the Black Widow in Iron Man 2. She was the standout of the movie for the scene taking down a hallway of bad guys with fantastic martial arts moves and the tight leather outfit fitting her perfectly. Johansson reprised the role in both Avengers movies (the latter of which had her filming while pregnant) and the Captain America sequels. She’s been fantastic showing Natasha as deadly but facing her dark past as a killer and trying to be a hero. She’s the top female heroine of the MCU so far and also the sexiest to showcase how deadly and hot the female of the species can be.

1 Eva Green - 300: Rise of Empire/Sin City: A Dame To Kill For

With her stunning beauty, deep hypnotic eyes, lovely voice and fantastic body, the French actress has been a standout in many a movie. She’s a Bond Girl as well as TV work like Penny Dreadful and does a great job eating up the camera. In 2014, Green was on full display (in every sense of the word) in two major comic book movies. First, in 300: Rise of an Empire, she played Aremista, the conniving warrior who organizes a war against Sparta. Green looked amazing whether slicing up guys with a sword or seducing an enemy and showing off nicely to spark the movie up.

Later that year, Green was the highlight of Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. She played the perfect femme fatale, a woman who seduces an old love to her side for help from her wicked husband. As it turns out, she’s the wicked one, setting this whole thing up to kill both for a fortune. Green eats up the screen with stunning nude scenes and also a wicked edge framed by the nice way the movie is shot. Both films flopped at the box office but Green was the best reason to watch both and showcasing a killer sexy side so few can top.

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The 20 Hottest Vixens From Comic Book Movies