The 20 Hottest Celebrities With The Ugliest Personalities

While there are many famous figures that are extremely down to Earth and gorgeous to boot, there are quite a few hotties with ugly hearts.

There are very few people in this world who are beautiful inside and out and it’s even rarer to find celebrities who fit into both categories. While there are many famous figures that are extremely down to Earth and gorgeous to boot, there are quite a few hotties with ugly hearts. The celebs on this list may look stunning and handsome, but at the end of the day, this is pretty much all they have going for them.

From making wildly selfish demands to treating their fans like crap, these stars seem to take their fame for granted. The fact that they’re attractive isn’t enough to disguise the ugly truth – that they have a truly awful personality. Living your life in the spotlight with limited privacy has got to be tough at times, but a lot of celebs manage to deal with it gracefully and without alienating their fan base. The following celebs, on the other hand, can’t seem to handle the pressure and they make this pretty clear by acting like spoiled, rich divas.

Beauty might get you far in Hollywood, but a bad attitude will taint your reputation for years to come – and once that happens, respect from fans and colleagues is pretty hard to come by. We all have our bad days, but these people seem to make a habit of acting like total d-bags. There’s no doubting that the following celebs have their fans, but the rest of us see through their image and talent (and it ain’t a pretty picture). Here are 20 famous hotties with the ugliest personalities.

20 Charlize Theron - A Terror On Set

3At nearly 6ft tall with legs that seem to go on forever, there’s no doubt about it, Charlize Theron is a stone-cold stunner. But there’s a less than attractive side to this leggy blonde beauty. She may have dated a string of Hollywood heartthrobs (Ryan Reynolds, Keanu Reeves, Jeremy Renner), but they sure as hell weren’t interested in her kind and humble nature. Theron has been known to belittle film crew members and generally act like a diva on set. Her Mad Max co-star Nicholas Hoult remembers feeling mortified by her attitude: “She walked around like she owned the place and glared at anyone who made a scene suggestion.” Meow.

19 Kristen Stewart - Serial Cheater And Rude To Fans

The Twilight phenomenon may have made her hugely popular among tweens and young girls around the world, but none of the love from her fans seems to have softened Kristen Stewart’s heart. The fact that she cheated on her then BF and co-star, Robert Pattinson, is just the tip of the iceberg with this chick. Before their split, Stewart apparently hit on other guys just to make him jealous and then flew off the handle when Pattinson so much as talked to another girl. K-Stew is not much nicer to her fans either. She’s been routinely seen flipping the bird and telling autograph hunters to “get the f--k out of my face!”

18 Christina Aguilera - A Notorious Diva

The pint-sized singer with the big voice is also a great big drama queen. Christina Aguilera is known by other famous figures to be more than a little difficult to work with and has been slammed by the likes of Kelly Osbourne and Mary J. Blige for her diva antics. Ouch. Fellow celebs have criticized her selfish and snobby attitude towards her fans. One such incident tells you everything you need to know about the "Genie in a Bottle" hottie. The gay character in Mean Girls sang Aguilera’s hit song "Beautiful" and got the chance to meet her soon after filming. When the young man gushed about being her fan and singing her song, she simply replied: “Never saw the film” and walked away. Classy.

17 Gwyneth Paltrow - Pretentious As Hell

The blonde beauty has been in the limelight for a long time, but this shouldn't excuse a "high and mighty" kind of attitude when answering questions from the press. There’s nothing wrong with being a private person, but Paltrow manages to carry herself with an air of self-importance and has come out with some pretty pretentious and patronizing things in her time. In an interview with Elle magazine in the UK, she once said: “I am who I am. I can’t pretend to be someone who makes $250,000 a year.” Another gem was when she admitted that she’d “rather die” than let her kid eat a Cup-a-Soup.

16 Jennifer Lopez - Crazy Diva Demands

"Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got. I’m still, I’m still Jenny from the block." Really? You coulda fooled us, Jen. Miss Lopez may have once taken pride in the fact that she has remained humble despite her fame, but her diva-ish attitude speaks volumes to the contrary. Turns out, good ol’ Jenny from the block has previously demanded that every toilet seat she uses is brand new and therefore, germ-free (oh, just hover like the rest of us!). JLo has also asked that every hotel room she stays in must always have (among other things) soft-baked cookies, a Jo Malone Grapefruit candle, and 12 bottles of water in her wardrobe. WTF?

15 Mariah Carey - Outlandish Diva Demands

This list just wouldn't be complete without mentioning Mimi. Mariah Carey has "Diva" running through her like a stick of rock candy. In fact, if she had a taste for the stuff, she’d probably demand they all have her name inside! Mariah is a beautiful babe with a beautiful voice, but her personality is nothing of the sort. The flamboyant singer has previously asked that her dog has a chauffeur, that a total of 11 bodyguards surround her so diners can’t see her eat and that she needs a $50,000 antique table to sign autographs on. Ridiculously, Carey has said, “I don’t think I’m demanding enough”. You gotta be f--king kidding, woman.

14 Lindsay Lohan - Partying Too Hard

It’s never an easy ride for child stars, but nobody has handled fame worse than Lindsay Lohan. It’s not the fact that Lohan has been to rehab more times than we’ve had hot dinners. Everyone has their vices. But the Mean Girls star has let fame get to her head in more ways than one. Other than partying to excess, Lohan is a diva to excess too. Many times, the red-haired beauty would not agree to an interview until her crazy demands were met – these have included staying at the penthouse suite at hotels, having a manicurist on every flight, and even demanding that Vladimir Putin is present at her interview for the Russian press!

13 Elizabeth Hurley - Body Shames Other Women

Any twenty-something guy who first discovered her in the original Austin Powers will have fallen head over heels for her. Elizabeth Hurley is now 52 and still hot as hell, but things cool off a little bit whenever she opens her mouth. The brunette British babe has come under fire for saying a lot of insensitive stuff over the years – mainly about other women’s figures. She once famously said that she would kill herself if she were “as fat as Marilyn Monroe.” This comment alone proves what an ugly person Liz is. As well as regularly fat-shaming perfectly healthy women in the media, Hurley also has a tendency to verbally abuse any reporters who come her way. She should be lucky to get any attention at all.

12 Katherine Heigl - Speaks Badly About Her Projects

About a decade ago now, Katherine Heigl was riding high on the success of Grey’s Anatomy, and her hit comedy with Seth Rogen Knocked Up, but the pretty blonde actress has become a little stuck up in recent years. Heigl made things awkward for herself when she spoke to magazines about how “mediocre” the writing was on Grey’s Anatomy. She also slammed Knocked Up for being too “sexist.” Anyone familiar with Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen’s tongue-in-cheek humour will know that it is anything but. Also, why did Katherine agree to be a part of it in the first place if she found it so sexist? The pay cheque is our guess.

11 Julia Roberts - Rude To The Press...And Her Own Family

Throughout the 90s and early 2000s, Julia Roberts was the darling of Hollywood and one of the biggest female movie stars on the planet. But despite her big, cheery smile and star status, the Pretty Woman star isn’t such a delight behind the scenes. Roberts reportedly branded her half-sister a “fat failure” (she suffered from depression and eventually committed suicide in 2014). Other than bullying family members, she also has a reputation for harassing reporters and critics for negative press. In 2006, she intimidated a critic who had written a fair and balanced review of her Broadway show and couldn’t let a less than flattering review go. Pretty Woman is pretty pathetic.

10 Christian Bale - Goes Berserk On Crew

There had always been rumours that Christian Bale was difficult to work with, but the actor’s D-bag tendencies went on display for all the world to see (or rather, hear) when audio of his infamous rant on set leaked out. Whatever your opinion was of the handsome Dark Knight star before, they certainly changed once you heard that. Bale’s infamous rant happened on the set of Terminator: Salvation in 2009 when the Director of Photography mistakenly walked into Bale’s eye line during a take. Bale flipped out, cursed the guy ‘till he was blue in the face and demanded that the poor man be fired before he’d return to the scene. Holy a-hole behaviour, Batman.

9 Nicki Minaj - Raps About Haters, Even Though She's A Hater

Miss Minaj has a loyal fan base, but she has plenty of haters too. In fact, most of her music seems to have a “f--k the haters” kind of mentality to it. Some of the hate is (unfairly) focused on her look. A female rapper is always gonna get a harder deal than her male counterpart, but Nicki’s slutty dress sense doesn’t exactly do her any favours and she can be a demanding diva in the dressing room. On the subject of her looks, Minaj had half the female population mad at her when her "Anaconda" lyrics included the line: “F—k them skinny bitches.” Curves are hot, but so are slim girls, Nicki. If you don’t want haters, stop spreading hate yourself.

8 Madonna - Shows Up Late And Insults Fans

At 58, the undisputed Queen of Pop still has sex appeal, but she has gained a reputation as the Queen of something else over the years – Queen of the Divas! Madge regularly keeps her fans waiting at her concerts and then insults them when she decides to show up. When she arrived an hour late to a gig in Manchester in 2015, she was (quite rightly) greeted to boos from the crowd. She quickly got up on stage and launched into a sweary tirade shouting: “All you bitches who keep complaining about it can shut the f—k up!” Silly us, we’re on Madonna’s time, not our own.

7 Adam Levine - Doesn't Give Autographs "To Ugly Chicks"

The Maroon 5 frontman seriously needs to work on his manners. With a tendency to always take his shirt off and swagger around like he owns the place, Levine has never exactly come across as a sweet-natured guy, but he cemented his status as an arrogant A-hole when he gave an unbelievably cruel reply to one of his fans. He shut down one female fan’s hopes for an autograph by saying “I don’t give autographs to ugly chicks.” Nice one. He also likes to humiliate fellow celebs too. After being told that Jennifer Love Hewitt had a crush on him, he responded on national television with the put down “I heard about that. That was aggressive.” With a personality like that, be grateful anyone crushes on you at all.

6 Naomi Campbell - Rude, Spoiled, And Bitchy

If Madonna is the top diva of the music world, then Naomi Campbell surely holds the crown for Queen of the Divas in the modelling world. It should be no surprise to us that some supermodels can be a catty and spoiled bunch, but Miss Campbell takes the cake (not literally, of course) when it comes to bitchy behaviour. The slender British beauty has been accused of bullying younger, aspiring models, insulting the physical appearance of modelling contestants on the reality show The Face and was told by top agencies that they would not re-hire her if she were “the last model on Earth.” Yikes.

5 LeAnn Rimes - No Longer A Wholesome Country Girl

The film Coyote Ugly made an instant star of this gorgeous blonde country singer, but the public isn't so crazy about LeAnn Rimes nowadays. Her wholesome country girl image has recently given way to an obnoxious diva and a behaviour that some celebs have branded a “Kardashian attitude” in her. (You know you’ve hit rock bottom when you’re compared to the Kardashians). Rimes caused some controversy back in 2014 when she rudely interrupted David Gray’s set at a concert - talking to the crowd the whole time. She also once threatened a KNIX radio host, saying that she would “kick his ass.” And of course we can't forget her infamous affair with Eddie Cibrian. Class act.

4 Megan Fox - "Unbearable" And "Ungracious" To Work With

Even after her (unnecessary) plastic surgery, Megan Fox is still a stunning girl, but there’s nothing particularly stunning about the way she conducts herself in front of fans and film crew - unless you count being stunningly rude. The actress once compared her Transformers director Michael Bay to Hitler and regularly drove crew members to the verge of despair for being "ungracious" and "unbearable" to work with. Fox is no better with her fans. A man who asked for her autograph in San Diego was instructed by Fox, via her bodyguard, to “Get this disgusting creep away from me.” The moment she ignored a boy’s sweet offer of a rose at one of her premieres was another awkward show of diva tendencies.

3 Kim Kardashian - Spoiled Airhead

Picking on Kim K kind of seems like a cheap shot (her hubby is worse to be fair but he’s ugly in both senses, so he didn’t make it on this list). Kim may have many pleasing...assets, but she doesn't have many redeeming qualities when it comes to her personality. You don’t have to watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians to know that Kim K is a spoiled little airhead. Despite making a sex tape, she has hypocritically slammed other girls for being slutty and “wh*res” on Twitter. She also sent out a bitchy email to her mom, Kris Jenner, about a family fashion tradition, ranting that “We need chic, tight dresses, not this Amish sh*t anymore.” She seems fun.

2 Shia LaBeouf - Terrible To Co-Stars

The Transformers star has been known for acting a bit batsh*t crazy as of late – what with his appearance on the red carpet with a paper bag on his head covered in the words “I’m not famous anymore” and his bizarre motivational speeches. But he’s also acted crazy in a pretty mean way too. He was apparently kicked out of the Broadway show Orphans for creating friction between him and his co-star Alec Baldwin. In LaBeouf’s own words, he only took the role with the intention of “intimidating the f—k out of Baldwin.” Um...okay, then. You probably pissed him the f—k off, but intimidated? He’s been around far longer than you, buddy.

1 Tom Cruise - Bizarre Religious Rules

The original Hollywood heartthrob has plenty of reasons to be thought of as odd and alarming (his belief in Scientology and his weird Oprah antics, to name a few), but for the most part, Cruise seems like a stand-up guy, right? Not so much. When Katie Holmes was in labour with their first child, he apparently demanded that she give birth “in silence” -WTF. This has been linked to Scientology teachings in some way. Another way in which Cruise’s bizarre religious leaning has led him to behave like a total D-bag was when he slammed Brooke Shields for taking meds during her post-partum depression. What the hell would Cruise know about PPD in the first place?!


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