The 20 Hottest Becky Lynch Photos Ever

Lynch is the first ever WWE SmackDown Women's Champion, and she was the perfect choice to kick off the title's run in the company.

Beautiful, talented, and dedicated are just a few of the words that are often associated with WWE star Becky Lynch. The Irish talent has become one of the company's biggest stars thanks in large part to her tireless work ethic, her uncanny ability to work a crowd, and her seemingly natural talents in the ring. In order to truly understand her journey, you would have to go back 15 years to the beginnings of her training with current WWE star Finn Balor. Lynch always had the beauty, but needed the physical training to make her way in the wrestling business. A head injury in 2006 nearly derailed her career, but Lynch persevered, and pursued her dreams. Now possessing the physical tools needed to make it in the business, she has become a major star in the company, and has remained on the main roster for the last two years.

Lynch is the first ever WWE SmackDown Women's Champion, and she was the perfect choice to kick off the title's run in the company. She has all of the qualities that the company looks for in a champion, and her future definitely holds a few more title reigns. The WWE has had an impressive run of beautiful women in its rich history, and Becky Lynch is no exception. The Irish beauty continues to be a mainstay on huge pay-per-view cards thanks to her looks and her talent. Lynch has a unique look to her that keeps WWE begging for more, and we have the photos to prove it.

20 Queen Of The Ring

The Irish Lass Kicker may not look like one of the WWE's most imposing figures, but her talent in the ring is undeniable. Good looks aside, Becky Lynch has been blessed with an incredible physique, and photoshoots like this are a great showcase for her beauty and her body. Being beautiful is practically a prerequisite for being a top-tier female in the WWE, and Becky Lynch is among the most beautiful in the company's history. The WWE ring may not have the same type of warfare as the boxing ring, but the physical toll taken on these athletes is no joke.

With her hands taped up and her boots laced up, Becky Lynch looks like she is ready to go 12 rounds with the world's best in the boxing ring. WWE athletes train in a number of disciplines, and I'm sure that Lynch has spent plenty of time training on the heavy bag to improve her in-ring striking.

19 A Post-Workout Selfie

There's nothing quite like hitting the gym and getting a good pump on the weights, and Lynch was more than happy to share her pumped upper body for the world to see. Social media is littered with people posting selfies at the gym, cluttering my news feed with pictures that aren't nearly as impressive as they would lead us to believe. Becky Lynch, however, is a professional athlete who is in phenomenal shape, so fans have no issues with her posting photos like this. She has always maintained her physique, though few people truly understand what it takes to maintain a body as impressive as hers.

Lynch is one of the best workers in the WWE, and her discipline in the gym has aided her in maintaining her place near the top. She doesn't need to be huge to intimidate her opponents. Instead, her shredded body and in-ring work precede her before every match that she takes part in.

18 Happy To Be A Champion

In the sport of professional wrestling, there is no better feeling than reaching the top of your company and finally hoisting the championship belt. It takes years of hard work and training, making sacrifices that few people will truly understand. Each performer's path to the top is unique, and when Lynch finally earned her WWE title, she could hardly contain herself. To the victor goes the spoils, and last year, Lynch received everything that she had worked her entire life for.

What makes Lynch's title reign more impressive is the fact that she was the inaugural WWE SmackDown Women's Champion. She won the belt back in September of 2016, and held the belt for nearly three months. Lynch has been a trailblazer in the WWE, and though she may not have the belt now, I have a feeling that she will once again regain her position at the top of the division.

17 Steampunk Princess

Each WWE performer has a unique look and style to their character, and Becky Lynch has one of the most recognizable gimmicks in the company. Electing to rock more of a steampunk style (complete with some pretty cool goggles), Lynch has blazed a path right to the hearts of fans around the world with her distinguishable style. This backstage photo of Lynch captured her with a cute smile, and with the coolest pair of leggings that money can buy. There are very few performers who could make this look their own, and Lynch did just that.

The WWE marketing machine has cranked out products that have made the company unfathomable amounts of money, so it is no surprise that fans are able to purchase their very own set of Becky Lynch goggles. It is part of her signature look, and fans attending live events have been captured wearing them at live shows for quite some time now.

16 A Quick Selfie While Packing

Being on the road for insane amounts of time is part of what comes with being in the WWE. Their performers are constantly traveling and working around the world, leaving little time for relaxation at home. The fans that attend the shows and buy the merchandise are incredibly grateful for the sacrifice that these performers make, but the reality of their situation is a hard pill to swallow. With a bag of luggage behind her, Becky Lynch took a quick moment to snap a selfie, at least appearing in a pretty good mood, despite the possibility of hitting the road.

It is easy to imagine that she is used to being on the road all the time now, but it has to be more taxing than people truly know. Nevertheless, Becky Lynch flashed a beautiful smile for the fans, looking as incredible as ever even with a more relaxed look.

15 All Dolled Up

Unlike our last photo of Lynch which featured her in a simpler look, she opted to rock a romper here, and fans were left speechless. The romper worn by the WWE star here is gorgeous, and somehow makes the already beautiful Lynch even more stunning. Given the use of lighter colors on the outfit, Lynch's fiery red hair really pops in this photo. Her hair has become a trademark of sorts for Lynch, so she will jump on any opportunity to make it really standout.

The romper itself isn't too revealing, and it leaves plenty for the imagination for WWE fans. It does, however, do a great job of fitting Lynch's toned body perfectly. This is easily one of my favorite photos of Lynch, which says a lot considering that the Internet in replete with amazing photos of the performer. She has rocked a variety of looks over the years, and she has excelled in making them all her own, and looking stunning while doing so.

14 A Fiery Look

Oh, how gorgeous she is. The last two years have seen Lynch grow immensely in talent along with several other key female performers who have helped reshape the public's perception of the female division. They are beautiful and talented, and have put on fantastic matches on some of the company's biggest cards. At one point, women's wrestling, aside from a few performers, wasn't a major factor. These days, they have rightfully earned their place in the company.

As I mentioned a few entries ago, one of Lynch's signature pieces to her attire are her steampunk goggles that she wears on hear head, and this gorgeous photo is a perfect showcase for both the goggles and her beautiful smile. From head to toe, Becky Lynch is one of the most beautiful women in WWE history, leaving most of her peers in the rearview mirror. Her smile is infectious, her look is unique, and her makeup is perfect here in this photo that was taken for the WWE.

13 Giving A Zatanna Vibe

As a huge fan of comic books, I can always appreciate a good cosplay of some of my favorite characters. Though this isn't a direct cosplay, Lynch is definitely rocking a Zatanna-esque look in this picture, bringing together two of my favorite things in the world. The all black wardrobe and top hat in this picture certainly makes her look similar to one of DC Comics most beloved and attractive characters. Zatanna is considered one of DC's best looking characters, and having Becky Lynch wear a similar outfit makes perfect sense.

This backstage photo is an incredibly flattering photo of Lynch, and shows her all dressed up and ready to go. This small variation on her normal in-ring attire is a nice touch, and looks great on her. Each new event is a showcase for the athletes in the WWE, and they all thrive on the opportunity to improve and make their way to the top.

12 The Great Outdoors

Some of our earlier photos have done an exceptional job at showing off Becky Lynch's physique, though they have mainly focused on her toned arms and shoulders. This picture takes things to the next level, and gives us a glimpse at her shredded torso and abs. Unlike her Zatanna-esque blackout look, this is typically what Lynch wears in her matches. The outfit is effective in the way that it allows Lynch to stay athletic and creative in the ring, and also shows off her body, which fans will never complain about.

The WWE isn't all fun and games, and Lynch's serious side is front and center here. The normally lighthearted Lynch looks like she is getting ready to go toe-to-toe with the best that her division has to offer, and has no fear in doing so. She may be beautiful, but she is also tough as nails, and is a fierce competitor in the ring.

11 Putting In The Work

As fulfilling as working out at the gym can be, the truth is that most people aren't willing to put in the work on a consistent basis. In order to succeed in professional wrestling, athletes are required to be in tip-top physical shape in order to perform to the best of their abilities. This photo was probably taken in a professional and staged setting, but that doesn't disregard the fact that Lynch is a well-conditioned athlete.

Judging by the amount of plates that she is lifting here, I would be willing to bet that Becky Lynch can out-lift most of her fans. She has a shredded physique as opposed to a bulky one, but that doesn't stop her from utilizing a number of impressive and physically demanding moves in her arsenal. At times, Lynch can be among the most punishing wrestlers in the women's division, and that is largely due to the time she has spent hitting the weights.

10 Jumping For Joy

Sometimes, you've just got to jump up and down and celebrate when things finally go your way. To conquer your division and reach the top of the WWE is a dream of every person looking to make a career in professional wrestling, and most will sadly never reach that peak. While a good number of performers eventually hold a title, there is a small number that get to claim to be the first-ever champion of a newly-introduced belt. Back in 2016, Lynch become the inaugural WWE SmackDown Women's Champion, cementing her place in the pantheon of WWE pioneers.

This photo is silly and cute, and it shows Lynch at a moment she is savoring. Outside of the ring, she doesn't have to take herself too seriously, and is getting to enjoy the moment that she earned. Every champion responds differently to winning a belt, and it looks like Lynch to the more joyous route.

9 Women's Revolution

The behind-the-scenes shenanigans of WWE performers are usually not on display for fans, but occasionally we get a glimpse into their lives, usually by way of social media. In this candid and hilarious photo, Becky Lynch and her pal Natalya took some time away from the grind to enjoy a silly moment together. They have squared off against each other on multiple occasions, and seem to have a good relationship outside of their heated and competitive matches.

Both of these women are well-respected by their peers, and have both been champions at one point in their careers. They might be doing a disservice to the storytelling that the WWE so desperately tries to keep intact, but this photo is too cute to ignore. Personally, I'm on board with allowing athletes to post photos like this. It is a great way to keep things light, and to give fans a view from the other side of things.

8 Gorgeous And Silly

At this point in her career, Becky Lynch may not be champion, but she could very well be the best selfie-taker in the WWE. This is no easy feat as the other women in the company are no slouches either. Even some of the men are inclined to post their fair share of selfies. For Lynch, a quick picture snapped on her phone is all that is needed for the world to enjoy a photo of this beautiful woman.

There is a reason that she has over 2 million followers on Instagram. Lynch is immensely popular with WWE fans, and her selfie game is too strong. She does a great job of mixing personal and professional photos on her account, giving her fans the best of both worlds. She is also good about posting fan-made art as well. If you haven't already, I highly recommend giving her a follow and enjoying the amazing pictures that she has posted.

7 Backstage Photoshoot

She may not have too many spreads to her name, but in my opinion, Lynch definitely has a potential career in modeling, and this photo is all the proof you'll need. Her selfie game may be impressive, but her ability to shine as a model is fantastic as well. WWE stars are no strangers to being the focal point of photoshoots, especially those that are immensely popular and have been champions. Lynch thrives in the spotlight, whether it's in front of a camera lens or in front of thousands of screaming fans. She commands attention wherever she goes, and that is an important trait in a successful model.

One thing that really stands out in the photo is the Irish-inspired twist to Lynch's outfit. Being from Ireland, Becky Lynch is proud of her homeland, and this outfit blends her patriotism with her modern look. She may live in America now, but Lynch will always be proud of her roots.

6 Ready To Kick Some Lass

When it comes to being a foreign-born performer in the WWE, the company has a rough history with dropping the ball on blending in cultural stereotypes into their characters. The evil foreigner has long been a gimmick in the company, which is surprising in our increasingly politically correct culture. Performers are often billed from incorrect countries, and are relegated to using ridiculous stereotypes to portray villains. Thankfully, the WWE found a good balance blending in Irish culture with Lynch, and it has paid off in a major way.

The Irish Lass Kicker is a name that is both funny, and fitting for Lynch. It plays into her Irish roots, and gives her opponents a warning before they step into the ring with the former champion. Let's hope that the WWE continues this trend with future foreign performers who make their way into the company. Lord knows that some of their past attempts were dreadful.

5 Showing Some Pug Love

Even though some would argue that they are some of the most unattractive beasts roaming the earth, there is a huge community of people who love pugs. Among those people that find these little creatures to be adorable and heartwarming, Becky Lynch might be the most famous. Lynch is a massive lover of pugs, and her love of the breed has even crossed over into her style, as shown in this photo. She has tweeted about her affection for the animal, and it wouldn't be all that surprising if she ends up owning a few during her lifetime.

The pug shirt may dominate this photo, but Lynch just looks flat out amazing. She is sporting her fiery red hair and her trademark goggles, pleasing each fan she has. This behind-the-scenes photo may never be heavily featured by the WWE for promotional material, but fans are still able to enjoy the simplicity and beauty of it at their leisure.

4 Catering To The Fans

The importance of a WWE star having the ability to command a crowd cannot be understated. Wrestling in and of itself is a performance art that requires its performers be able to have all eyes focus on them in order to help suspend reality for the crowds. For those unable to get the crowds to react loudly to their performances, they are quickly shown the door to make way for a potential star. But, for performers like Becky Lynch, the crowds get behind them quickly, and help catapult them to the top of the promotion.

Every time she heads out to the ring, Lynch is met with a roaring reaction from crowds all around the world. As she slowly disrobes into her attire, she plays to the crowd, getting them pumped for the match that they are about to witness. It is a useful quality to possess, and Lynch is able to wrap the crowd right around her finger.

3 Absolutely Shredded

Thanks to their partnership with the Tapout brand, the WWE has helped tremendously in reshaping the image that the brand once had. For many years, Tapout was associated with Mixed Martial Arts, which, in its rise to the top, was heavily watched by douchebags who had little shame in wearing both Tapout and Affliction. Mohawks, bandanas, and awful tattoos were the primary focus of Tapout, but thank God, the days of Jersey Shore are finally over with. Tapout has worked hard on becoming a legitimate athletic brand, and WWE stars have made great use of their products.

Oh, you didn't notice that Lynch was wearing Tapout in this photo? I can't say that I blame you. Lynch is drop dead gorgeous in this photo, taking away from the shine of the brand that she's wearing. As long as people are staring, I'm sure that Tapout doesn't really mind having Lynch steal the show here.

2 A Barn Burning Beauty

At first, I wasn't quite sure what to make of this picture. Yes, Becky Lynch is incredibly hot in this picture, but that is nothing new. She always looks great. However, her holding a pitchfork in a barn with a bunch of haystacks really took me by surprise. As it were, the photos were taken during a photoshoot for WrestleMania a few years ago, and Lynch wasn't the only performer to be roped into the shoot. A number of WWE stars took part in the shoot, and their photos are just as hot as this one featured here.

Despite the odd setting of the photo, Lynch is still a total babe, and once again shows why she has a viable career in modeling whenever she decides to pursue that. The other females who were photographed that day are beautiful as well, but Lynch stood out among her peers.

1 Shades Of The Little Mermaid

I'm sure that we've all seen The Little Mermaid, and I think it is safe to say that Lynch might want to consider auditioning for the rumored live-action film that Disney has planned. The beautiful Lynch looks perfectly comfortable soaking up the sun and enjoying the water, and we wouldn't mind making her part of our world whenever she would like. Her photos aren't usually as revealing as her swimsuit photos, but there's a reason that this photo here tops our list. Now that she resides in Florida, I'm sure that Lynch makes time in her schedule to enjoy the beautiful beaches that the state has to offer.

This list is practically endless, but the 20 photos we selected are the cream of the crop. Lynch has proven on multiple occasions that she is an absolute force in the WWE, and fans will have lots to cheer about for years to come. Naomi may have the belt and prestige now, but I expect Becky Lynch to regain championship form and once again rule her division.

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