The 15 Worst Ways Game Of Thrones Could Actually End

HBO has announced Game of Thrones will have a season seven and a season eight. And, that’s it. Yep, season eight will be the end of Game of Thrones.

What will you do with your Sundays? What will you look forward to all year? Yes, I know the inevitable end of Game of Thrones is ruining your life, but you also have to hand it to HBO. Game of Thrones is clearly a huge moneymaker for the network, and yet they are honoring the storytelling process over the mountains of cash the show makes. I mean, they could easily try to drag out Game of Thrones for thirteen seasons, but that would ruin it. It would become... Grey's Anatomy.

Being that it’s both wildly popularly and a critical darling, the ending of Game of Thrones is one of the most anticipated television endings in recent history. So, here's the question: will they pull it off? Will Game of Throne live up to the hype, through to the very last moment on the show? Or, will Game of Thrones miss the mark and tarnish the outstanding reputation of the show in the last few moments? I mean, let us not forget the not-so-loved endings to Dexter, Lost, and The Sopranos.

On that note, what’s the worst possible way Game of Thrones could end? Um, there are actually many possibilities in that department. Below we have 15 of the most awful endings that would totally ruin Game of Thrones.


15 Cersei Lannister Beats Everyone

Because Cersei Lannister is currently sitting on the Iron Throne, it seems pretty unlikely that it’ll end with her still sitting on the Iron Throne. In the home stretch of Game of Thrones, I’m expecting twists and turns, y’all! I want another moment that rivals the Red Wedding. Okay, I don’t actually want to live through the Red Wedding again, but you get what I mean.

What if the biggest twist was the lack of twists? Yes, what if it ended with Cersei Lannister ruling the Seven Kingdoms? More importantly, how would this happen? Well, if Cersei gets her hands on the Dragonbinder - a horn that is said to control dragons - she may be able to control Dany's greatest weapon. And, we all know how much Cersei likes to play with fire.

I personally enjoy Cersei’s one-liners and affinity for wine, but she's become one of the least liked characters of the series. The Cersei haters, and there are a lot of Cersei haters, are expecting to see her finally get what’s coming to her in these final seasons. For the Cersei haters, seeing her keep the Iron Throne and not pay for her sins would be the worst ending of all.

14 Even Worse, Littlefinger Nudges His Way Onto The Throne


Even Cersei Lannister is more likable than Littlefinger. Cersei, at least, has some redeeming qualities, even if she now has the worst Game of Thrones haircut of all time. I'm sorry, but Qyburn literally brought the Mountain back from the dead and he can't do anything to make Cersei's hair situation any better?

Back to Littlefinger, who is pretty awful. He's a creepy schemer. He has a crush on his old crush’s daughter. And, he is to blame for basically everything bad that has happened on the show. He’s THE WORST. But, what if he finds himself on the Iron Throne? Quite frankly, Littlefinger on the Iron Throne is pretty plausible, as Littlefinger has low-key been playing the game harder than anyone else since season one. He had a hand in Ned Stark’s beheading, Joffrey’s poisoning, and the Battle of the Bastards.

If Littlefinger wins the Iron Throne, this would truly set the tone of Game of Thrones, in that the righteous person doesn’t prevail, but rather the manipulative person wins. Littlefinger landing the Iron Throne would prove that, yes, it’s really just about outplaying your opponents.

The bigger question here is would Sansa Stark be his queen?

13 Thrones Don't Matter Because The White Walkers Win

I personally think an ending in which the White Walkers win would be epic, but most fans would be outraged.

Why do I think it would be epic? Well, we’ve been so preoccupied with all the fancy conflicts of King’s Landing. We thought the real war was between the Targaryens, Lannisters, and Starks. And yet, GRRM could do an interesting flip. He could have the White Walkers simply dominate and the Iron Throne – with which the characters and the audience has been obsessed – would cease to matter. It would be an ending that makes a point of mankind’s greed, shortsightedness and arrogance.

Sure, it seems likely that the dragons, Jon Snow, and Azor Ahai (whoever that may be) should be able to defend themselves against the White Walkers. But, White Walker domination could also very well be the ending they’ve been working towards. I mean, the very first scene o tfhe entire series isn’t of Ned Stark, the Iron Throne, or Daenerys Targaryen. No, the first scene of the series is of the White Walkers killing people, so...

12 Ned Stark Is Actually Still Alive And Saves The Day


This Ned-Stark-is-alive theory seems to have arisen because people simply cannot accept the fact that Ned Stark is dead AF.

There are two theories that explain how Ned Star could be alive. The first theory involves the Stark family members’ ability to warg, most obviously Bran, who possessed Hodor, and Jon Snow, who possessed direwolves. This warg theory suggests that Ned Stark warged into Ilyn Payne at the moment of his beheading. If this were the case, it would be interesting because Ilyn Payne’s tongue had previously been cut off, so Ned – in possession of Ilyn Payne’s body – wouldn’t be able to tell anyone.

The next theory involves the Faceless Men, because of course it does. I’m sorry but when you make an elite group of assassins who can take on anyone’s face, obviously it’s going to spawn a million theories. But GRRM knew that, didn't he? Anyway, this theory’s strength comes from the fact that Arya meets Jaqen H'ghar all the way back in season one, when he is being transported, as a prisoner, to the Red Keep, aka the same place Ned Stark was being held prisoner at this time. This theory can go several different ways, but the basic gist is that Varys convinced Jaqen H'ghar to either take Ned’s place or sacrifice another prisoner as Ned. The book gives several hints about Ned looking “different” as Sansa notes that the head on the Red Keep doesn’t look like her father and Catelyn notes that his bones look smaller.

This brings us to the point where we ask if Ned is alive, what is he going to do? UM, SAVE THE DAY. While I'd love a Ned Stark resurrection as much as anyone, this wouldn’t be the most satisfying ending, as Game of Throne was initially praised for killing Ned off and subverting our expectations.

Also, bringing dead characters back for the grand finale is the stuff of soap operas. Game of Thrones can do better than that, even if I desperately want Ned Stark to come back.

11 Sansa Stark Betrays Jon Snow

Obviously, Sansa betraying Jon Snow would not be good for House Stark, but there are quite a few clues that are pointing towards this situation. First, there was that look exchanged between Sansa and Littlefinger in the season six finale, though I'm pretty sure that's how Littlefinger always looks at everyone all the time. There has also been tension building between the brother and sister in season seven, as Sansa is trying to be taken serious in a culture that’s clearly misogynistic.

Oh, and there’s the clue that had people freaking out about Sansa. In the season seven opener, Sansa remarks that she learned a lot from Cersei... apparently, including how to do her hair. Yes, Sansa Stark was rocking the same exact hairstyle Cersei Lannister wore in season three. THE SAME EXACT. Since everything in Game of Throne is done for a reason, people have theorized that this means Sansa will be Cersei 2.0.

Seeing an ending in which Sansa Stark betrays Jon Snow would break the hearts of those rooting for Sansa Stark. I mean, Sansa has been through hell and back and she very much seems to have evolved as a character. This is not the same innocent, naïve girl who was all about Joffrey being bae. She’s manipulative, calculating, and cold - and I mean that all in a good way. She seems like she could be a major player in Game of Thrones. But, betraying Jon would be a misstep and show she has actually learned nothing. Sansa betraying Jon would make it feel like all her suffering was in vain.

10 None Of The Prophecies Pan Out


Game of Thrones is a world full of prophecies. In fact, there are prophecies and visions that happened way, way back in time. Like, thousands of years before any of the stuff we’re watching now. That is all in the book, but we still get our fair share of prophecies on the show too.

In a flashback scene, we see Cersei given a prophecy from Maggy, that old witchy looking lady. On the show, this prophecy was cut short on the show. In the books, however, Maggy tells Cersei, “And when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you.”

This has led people to believe that this prophecy will be carried out by Jaime, who is indeed the younger twin. Jaime will then become the Queen Slayer. Ah, it's really poetic, isn't it?

There’s also the prophecy of Azor Ahai/The Prince Who Was Promised, which tells of a hero who will conquer the White Walkers. There’s the vision Daenerys has in the House of the Undying and basically anything Melisandre ever says. But, what if none of this matters? Yes, what if NONE of the prophecies panned out? It would be utterly disappointing to the people who have taken these prophecies seriously and theorized exactly how everything could pan out based on these prophecies. But honestly, I think Melisandre would be the most bummed out of all.

9 It's Just Been Littlefinger And Varys Playing Chess

Littlefinger and Varys are the two men secretly pulling all the string on this show. Like, they've pulled every single string on the show. It seems that everyone’s moves and counter moves have all been part of their scheming. Also, both Varys and Littlefinger are characters have also lived much, much longer than either of them should really have lived on this show.

So, what if this show is really just Littlefinger and Varys playing chess in the park? Or Dungeons and Dragons? Or they’re both in a mental hospital and dreamed this all up? Or they’re both in a mental institution? Or it’s all a dream? Oh, there are many, many lame ways a show can end these days.

This theory has a 0% chance of panning out. I mean, GRRM isn’t going to end his epic fantasy book series with this ending, so we won’t have to endure this on the show. I just wanted to remind everyone of how bad television endings can be sometimes.


8 The Hound Loses Cleganebowl


For a long time, fans have been awaiting Cleganebowl. If you’re unaware of Cleganebowl, it’s the highly anticipated moment in which the Mountain and the Hound battle to the death. This battle isn’t something we know for a fact will happen, though it does seem like a great climax to a story about two warrior brothers.

That being said, if the Mountain won Cleganebowl that may be the worst ending to Game of Thrones ever. The Mountain has abused the Hound pretty much since birth. I mean, the Hound’s scars are literally due to the Mountain holding him in fire. So, the Mountain simply cannot win.

Also, the Mountain has this coming to him. This is the guy who killed Elia Martell’s babies, before raping and murdering her. Oh, and when Oberyn Martell tried to avenge his sister’s murder, the Mountain literally crushed his head. Justice needs to be brought to the Mountain, and the Hound needs to be the one to serve it.

If the Mountain beat the Hound, it would just be another gruesome murder at the hand of the Mountain, and we’ve seen enough of those.

7 Someone Random AF On The Throne

We all know how the power players are in terms of the Iron Throne. Cersei Lannister currently sits on the throne, with Euron Greyjoy trying to marrying into the throne. Daenerys thinks the throne is hers by birthright. Jon Snow is King of the North, but also a heavy favorite to end up sitting on the throne. There’s also those who have proclaimed their desire to win the throne, like Littlefinger. But, what if someone totally random ended up on the throne, like Arya, who has never once made it seem like she has any desire to sit on the Iron Throne?

Though, it would be kind of amazing if Arya went all Faceless Man, took Cersei’s face, and started ruling benevolently via being Cersei, right?

But, just imagine if Jorah Mormont, Brienne of Tarth, Davos Seaworth, or even Bronn ended up on the Iron Throne. Okay, I may be into seeing Bronn on the Iron Throne. But still, if it ended with someone completely out of left field, that would just feel false to the entire narrative of the show.

6 Daenerys And Jon Snow Live Happily Ever After


There are plenty of fans of the show who are desperate to see Jon Snow and Daenerys fall in love, get married, and peacefully rule together. Seems like a dream ending, right? WRONG.

This would be one of the worst imaginable endings. This is an ending for an ABC show, not Game of Thrones. No, Game of Throne needs to end in a way that makes us cry, scream, gasp and all the while, nod and think, “Yeah, that seems about right.”

What I’m saying is that the Game of Thrones ending cannot be easy. No, it has to be painful, especially after what we’ve endured. I did not sit through Ned Stark’s execution, the Red Wedding, Oberyn Martell’s death and everything else, just to watch Game of Thrones wrap up with a romantic comedy. Hell no.

Ending the show in this happy, peaceful way would feel very false to the tone of the show and the world in which it takes place. Sorry, fans. I know this is a beautiful fairy tale ending, but it simply cannot happen.

5 Daenerys Becomes The Mad Queen

Historically, the Targaryens have been a little on the mentally unstable side, y'know to put it kindly. Earlier in the series, Cersei even says that every time a Targaryen is born, the gods flip a coin. Yep, there's even clever phrases about the Targaryen madness because that’s how many crazy Targaryens there have been.

All that being said, it’s been theorized that Daenerys could win the Iron Throne, only to go insane and become the Mad Queen, much like her father was the Mad King. It’s also theorized that Dany is actually already the Mad Queen, as many of her tactics are pretty extreme to say the least. I mean, Daenerys has burned literally all of her enemies... which kind of seems like something the Mad King would do, right?

On a storytelling level, this would be brilliant. We would find out the person we’ve rooted for the whole time (Daenerys) is actually the bad guy. It’s also a total GRRM thing to do. However, audiences may not take too kindly to this, as Dany is a fan favorite.

Finding out the hot mother of dragons is actually the bad guy would be a lot for fans to swallow.

4 Daenerys Takes Back The Thrones And Restores Peace


An even more disappointing ending than Daenerys literally being an insane villain is her being the leader we’ve always thought she would be.

I’m serious. I mean, how lame would it be if the show ended exactly how we all thought. Blah blah blah, Dany takes the Iron Throne through fire and blood, blah blah blah, she’s a great leader, blah blah blah, Targaryen rule restored. NOPE. No thank you.

I’m not saying this would be the worst ending, but it’s predictable and boring. It would be more interesting to see Dany sacrifice herself for the good of the kingdoms, or go insane, or do anything other than doing what she’s literally been saying she’s going to do for six seasons.

Also, Jon Snow now has a better claim to the Iron Throne. So step aside, Dany.

3 Samwell Tarly Has Been Reading From A Book

When Samwell Tarly arrived at the Citadel, it became heavily theorized that he wasprobably the author of Game of Thrones. I mean, if this is an epic story, you need someone to tell your epic story, right?

That's not a bad theory. Samwell could very well be the person who transcribes all of the events that we've seen on the show into a book at the Citadel. That’s lovely, in its own way. It really is. But, it shouldn’t be too literal. Imagine if Game of Thrones ended with Samwell Tarly scribbling everything down. Even worse, imagine if it ended with an old Samwell reading from a book to someone younger, a la The Princess Bride.

Yes, Samwell can be the author of this epic story, but that shouldn’t be done in a corny way, as it will cheapen the whole thing.

2 A Cliffhanger, LOL


I don’t think they’ll do this to us, right? Like, they wouldn’t torture us in this big, big way. It would simply be too much if Game of Thrones ended in an actual cliffhanger. But HBO has done it before with The Sopranos.

Don't fear, because this seems extremely unlikely for many reasons. The first and most obvious reason is that the book series will almost definitely not end in a cliffhanger, as most book series don’t. GRRM won’t do that to us. The second reason is that Game of Thrones doesn’t generally end in cliffhangers, not their episodes or their seasons. Yes, there was that one time that Jon Snow was “dead,” but that’s generally not a storytelling tool they use all that much.

While it’s highly unlikely Game of Thrones will end in a cliffhanger, it still could and that would be horrible. If I don’t find out who is on the goddamn Iron Throne at the end of this, I will revolt. You hear me, HBO?

1 Bran Uses His Ability To Make None Of It Happen

Ah, Bran. I really didn’t give a sh*t about this Stark kid until he started having cool visions. Actually, I still don’t really give a sh*t about him, but I just like getting to see the visions. And, it’s his visions we’re talking about here.

When Bran was hanging out at that tree for forever, it became clear that he can effect things while having his visions, like Mr. “Hold The Door” Hodor. This even led people to theorize that Bran may have made the Mad King go crazy. There's really no telling how much Bran can affect through his visions.

Because of Bran’s ability to tinker with the past, many people have theorized that perhaps he will once again, but in a big, big way. If something completely disastrous happens, like the White Walkers kill every single character we know and love, Bran may be able to change the past. He could go back in time and maybe tell Jon to start preparing sooner, or tell Daenerys to get her dragons to Westeros faster, or Ned to never become the Hand of the King so none of the other stuff on the show would ever happen. Yes, people actually think Bran may erase everything that has ever happened. And, how unsatisfying would it be if it was revealed that everything we watched never happened?

What’s the worst way Game of Thrones could end, in your opinion? Sound off in the comments!


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