The 15 Worst Power Rangers Villains Ever

The Power Rangers are a name synonymous with Generation X's youth and the epitome of what it meant to be a kid in the early 1990s. The show was a hit as soon as it aired and a huge billion dollar indu

The Power Rangers are a name synonymous with Generation X's youth and the epitome of what it meant to be a kid in the early 1990s. The show was a hit as soon as it aired and a huge billion dollar industrial-sized franchise was built around it. To this day, the Power Rangers is a name that at least one person in every household knows. In spite of the initial reaction to the violence displayed in the show, kids all over the world were picking up the franchise and running with it. Go ahead and tell me who your favorite was.

Today, we can look back with no small manner of nostalgia for the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. We can sit in awe of how simple the props were or how low budget the show actually was. One thing that the writers could easily be credited for is the sheer quantity of content they produced in such a short time. Hundreds of plots, hooks and monsters. More ways for Rita Repulsa to try to take out those color coded martial artists once and for all.

In this list, we take a look at not the greatest monsters ever to take part in the show's success, but some of the absolute worst. While the show itself did a magnificent job of turning foam into just about anything you can imagine, there were some monsters that just seemed goofy to even the most hardcore fan.

15 See Monster


"Hey, lady. Want to buy an eyeball? Real cheap."

Whoever thought this guy up must have either been flashed that day or sold a real nice knock off Rolex because, really, just look at the guy. At least the writer can say that it's Finster monster, which are usually the culprits most often defined in this way. His main attack, in case you haven't realized it, is that he opens up his trench coat-like flesh to reveal what looks to be muscle tissue and a whole butt load of eyes. That's how he gets you. He flashes you once, and you're never the same again.

There really isn't a whole lot more to say about this character. He flashes people. Not a great model for a monster, really.

14 Eye Guy


"Eye Guy at your service, my queen."

There is something that all writers in all generations and iterations of the Power Rangers franchise have had in common, and that is eyes. Eyes all over. Eyes on the bus, eyes in the clouds, eyes that glow and eyes that disappear. Monsters made of eyes, too! That's where Eye Guy comes in, more toward the latter. The thing is, every time I see this character or hear about him or something similar, I can't help but think of that Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode where Carl gets his head transplanted onto a body of eyes.

"Why do my knees feel like they want to tear up?"

Wouldn't everything he does just hurt? How can he fight the Power Rangers as the weakest and most fragile organ in the body?

13 Pumpkin Rapper


Okay, there was something to be said about 1990s rap and hip hop. In a time when rap was making a huge franchise on its own, Saban Industries, I'm sure, wanted to capitalize on the success they saw in songs like "California Love," "Nothin' But A G' Thang" and "O.P.P." Unfortunately for everyone encountering him, though, the Pumpkin Rapper will "distract you with his clever raps and rhymes" as Zordon says, including "Pumpkin rapping is about to happen!"

It's almost as bad as when the Power Rangers jump in and try their hands at 90s rapping, too! "Trick or treat, you're incomplete until the Power Rangers you can beat! All you are is full of pumpkin meat!" As you can imagine, the sheer awful raps wake up the awful rapper and they have a rap battle of the ages.

12 Purse Head


Stretching their writing skills just as far as they can for every single episode, the Purse Head monster was brought to life! Lord Zed decides to take one of Kimberly's possessions, well something she was looking after anyway, and give it life. What did Lord Zed turn into a monster this time? A purse, obviously!

Kimberly's mom's purse becomes the head of Purse Head. Granted, this is a coin purse that goes inside of a normal purse so I'm not quite sure how to react to that one. The maze of a real woman's purse would probably have done the Rangers in. Plus, it doesn't even look like the purse.

Regardless, Lord Zed wastes not because he doesn't just turn the purse into a monster, he also gives function to everything inside. Including, but not limited to a compact mirror that could freeze enemies.

11 Brick Bully


Not much to say about the Brick Bully. You take a brick wall that a bunch of hardworking people are trying to build around some orphanage or other pathos driving structure and have some monster on the moon tear it up to create a really bland monster called Brick Bully.

In spite of his goofy, ne'er-do-well look and graffiti stretching concept, he is actually one of the stronger villains that the Power Rangers grappled with. When he begins to lose the fight, he just eats more bricks and construction equipment and boom! Instant power upgrade. He turns people into bricks, too, which makes me wonder why he didn't turn the Power Rangers into a brick and just eat them. Food for thought, wouldn't you say?

10 The Wheel of Misfortune


There is no shortage of imaginative ways that the Moon couple, Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa, can ruin people's stuff like some sort of over-sugared fifth grader with a vendetta. This time they decide that Kimberly's grandmother's spinning wheel is the target of their angsty, teenage destructive urges and turn it into some kind of sentient spinning UFO monster. Wait a second, why are they always picking on Kimberly, anyway?

You might think that such a thing as a spinning wheel wouldn't do much harm. It's a wheel that knits things, right? Wrong. This thing was probably one of the strongest villains that Rita created and almost did the Rangers in. That must be why the wheel was used in not one, but several episodes.

9 Chunky Chicken


I learned while doing a bit of research on this next Power Rangers character that I really need more fried chicken in my life. Probably not from this monster, though. I imagine he tastes kind of like burnt rubber and asphalt.

Meet Chunky Chicken. Rita Repulsa and Finster put their heads together on this one. Rita wanted a truly cruel monster and Finster apparently had fried chicken on his mind just like I do right now. Together, they created Chunky Chicken. The meanest fowl to foul up the Power Rangers in the 1990s and beyond. He has to use giant scissors to tear open time and space itself to move around. Now, I imagine this one is because he's had too much of that fried chicken we've been talking about. There's a joke here, somewhere.

8 Gnarly Gnome


Who is afraid of the big, bad gnome? The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers are! The Gnarly Gnome is another of Finster's creations, made with that wacky clay stuff that I wish I had sometimes just to make clones to do all my housework and chores for me. Who wouldn't? Rita and Finster had it all wrong.

Either way, this monster is one tough cookie with powers to spare and really puts the Power Rangers to the test whenever they come around. He's even in their video games. The thing about him is, well, have you ever seen the Travel Gnome? Can you imagine a yard gnome or travel gnome springing forth from his grassy knoll to scream bloody murder as he brandishes his weapons and charges you for reasons no one is clear on? Me neither.

7 Mister Ticklesneezer


This one is even more creepy than the Gnarly Gnome, and I can't quite place why. Even so, he's kind of ridiculous in the sense that you can't really see this guy as being a danger. You'd fall over laughing at this guy if he threatened you. Still, this is yet another vandalism and theft of property by the bandits on the moon beset on Trini Kwan's favorite childhood doll. Is nothing sacred for this intrepid and immature duo? Either way, this guy received mixed reviews and eventually wound up being a Santa Clause-like villain called Grumble the Elf, which suits him even more, I think. Either way, he did have an interest in collecting objects like entire cars, big buildings and your Aunt Mildred in his glass baubles. That's kind of scary, right?

6 Pineoctopus


There aren't many people that like a clown on the best of days. They are creepy for some reason and just unnerve folks, you know? Okay, maybe that's just me, but for some reason the Pineoctopus is an odd combination of Pineapple the clown, who was a creepy clown to begin with, his namesake the pineapple fruit, as well as an octopus plant thing of some sort. No one really knew or understood this one, but he was kind of cool in his own weird way. To top it all off, in addition to having come from a creepy clown character the Rangers encountered, he is also the only monster ever created that could withstand most of the Zord's attacks. He is the only monster to be defeated by the cranial laser.

5 Magnet Brain


Now, I'm no producer, but wouldn't someone, anyone from Saban Entertainment have looked at this and wondered at its awe and magnificence? Or its ridiculous look, anyway? This monster was conceived by the infinite creativity of Lord Zedd out of one of Billy's science projects called a polarizer. I have no idea what that does and I'm sure he explains it in the episode, or at the very least uses some 1990s style pseudo-science that blends a bunch of complicated sounding words together in no particular order. This guy's head is his main weapon, and he sticks his weapon to the Megazord to deliver it. I'm not sure, but I think I've seen this guy on another television show called Bill Nye the Science Guy. Or maybe an ICP song.

4 Artistmole


Oh ho ho. Oui Oui. Grey Poupon. The Artistmole was pulled out of one of Kimberly Ann Hart's dreams by Lord Zedd and represents her view and perspective of her mother's fiancee. It's kind of funny in a daddy issues kind of way, but in the end, this guy winds up one of the most laughable villains to grace the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers television screen and, to be honest, this guy is more appropriate for a scene in Ratatouille than he is a legitimate monster in any kung fu children's show. It's like they just set him up to be offed by the ultra-cool Ninja Mega Falcon Zord, which is okay in my book. Designing a villain just to show off the cool things the Rangers can do? Okay, fair enough.

3 Crabbie Cabbie


Did you know that Finster has a machine called a Vehicular Transformation Apparatus or VTA? I bet you didn't. This guy is one of the monsters that attended Master Vile's conference, too. He also turns up later to help defeat the Aquitar Rangers, whoever they are. Regardless, this was a roadbike type monster who really got a lot more play than he rightfully should have. This guy is kind of like something you'd stare at from the back seat on a really long road trip with your family. The only real redeeming quality of Crabbie Cabbie is that he's got this massive cannon on his back that actually does some real damage to the Rangers that come into contact with him. Regardless, he's still kind of dumb, to me.

2 Cavity


Maybe this one is much more of a terrifying monster than I give it credit for, but when you look at the Cavity, you really can't help but ask what the writers were on to think it was a good idea. Granted, kids loved it, so I can't say much. The thing is, the guy's costume really doesn't make any sense and just looks goofy, even for the 90s. Unless of course they were going for some kind of surreal take on what a tooth ache might look like, in which case they were pretty much spot on. Take that with the idea that the episode he aired in is called "The Tooth Hurts", then you can't really take any of this as more than a laugh.

1 Pachinko Head


Have you ever watched The Price Is Right? You know that game you get to play in the second round where you drop a disk along a slanted wall of pegs trying to get into a prize slot below? That's this guy. That's literally all this guy is. He's a game of Pachinko turned into a monster by Lord Zedd. Somehow, this guy is the strongest villain they come across and is able to turn all the Rangers into Pachinko balls. I literally can't even figure out why a Pachinko monster would be able to pull one over on the Power Rangers who literally see these kinds of tricks every day. It's like the monsters aren't dumb, the Power Rangers are. Given, the Rangers do tend to rule the day, in the end. But still, how does a lame monster like this even get the upper hand for a brief moment?

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