The 15 Worst Bridezillas Of All Time

For the bride to be, a wedding day is considered one of the most special days of their lives. Given the pressure, extra anxiety and stress is expected. It’s perfectly normal for brides to be nervous about timing and have little patience when things don’t go right, this is okay. However, there are some brides that simply lose it. This is about these brides, otherwise known as bridezillas.

Personally, I think I got lucky, getting married in Vegas, twice (same girl, long story). Now for others it’s more complicated. Some brides have unreasonable expectations for their special day. They believe that since it’s “their day” everyone should cater to them and that no matter how insane the request, it should be granted. She extends to the food, environment, the guests and yes, even the uncontrollable weather.

No one is safe from a bridezillas. If you are the wedding planner – watch out. If you are a member of the wedding party – definitely watch out; and if you are the groom, it’s best you just do what you are told. We’ve got family issues, money issues, color coordination and even weight concerns. Oh, and yes, we’ve got murder, because of course we do! Here are the 15 most terrifying bridezillas of all time…

15 Groom’s Family By Invite Only


This one is a good one to start the insanity. This particular bride decided that if she hadn’t met you before being engaged, you weren’t coming to her party. Most of this was pointed at the family of the groom, of course. How crazy is this? I mean, weddings are the perfect time to bring family together and not exclude. I’m sure the decision to not invite these relatives and friends didn’t offend anyone… Yes, that’s sarcasm.

So you can probably guess what happened. The bride had over 60 guests while the groom only had 6 show up for the wedding. It is one thing to be a cranky and picky bride, but quite another to shut out your groom’s family. Not too worry, I’m sure she’s been paying for this move. Regardless of what the husband does he’s always got, “Well at least I didn’t blackball your whole family!” That’s good material if the marriage lasts, which let’s face it, it probably didn’t.

14 “This Is My Year, Not Yours!”


There is nothing like stealing the bride’s thunder, at least in the bride’s mind. In this instance the bride freaked when the same year her sister came out to her family as a bisexual. Initially the bride ordered her sister to stop talking about it because this was supposed to be “her year” and wanted all the glory. She even went as far as telling her sister she had to bring a date that would be considered “normal,” whatever that is.

Clearly a case of narcissism on the bride’s part who doesn’t realize people care more about details around the open bar and how much that wedding present is going to cost them. This is the type of person that will seek revenge and at some point later in their lives (probably after she has divorced) will try and steal her sister’s thunder, but will fail because you know, karma and that fact she seems like an awful person.

13 Bride Demands Reimbursement


Everyone is aware that weddings are expensive and can be a financial burden. Everyone is also aware that this is not a crowd-sourced event, or at least I thought everyone was aware. This bridezilla expected her guests to pay for their reception. When guests gave wedding presents of $50, they were thanked with a note asking them why they were so unhappy or dissatisfied with the wedding and letting them know they were unable to pay the bill for the reception due to their “low” gifts.

Hey, next time you throw a BYOB party let people know ahead of time what is expected. It’s a bad move to bring this up after if there is a minimum expected. Bonus: If you do request a minimum the cost of the reception is going to go down due to the number of guests that will refuse to attend your stupid little ceremony.

12 Bride Demands All Guests Color Coordinate


Shopping for bridesmaid dresses is the worst, we are aware, especially when the bride is crazy. The dresses are typically not flattering, purposely on the ugly side so the bride stands out and carry a heavy cost. This bride not only required her bridesmaids to buy their dresses, but also had specific Pantone colors for the dresses as well as “suggested” colors for makeup and jewelry. Bad, but not THAT bad, right? Well, it gets worse. She then sent out a PDF document to her guests telling them not only what colors to wear, but also what fabric they should wear.

Apparently all of this was because she wanted to have her wedding published in a blog. Was she successful? Maybe, it’s not clear, but what is clear is that she should have been published in, a website I just made up and should exist for people like this.

11 Candy Basket Shaming


Buying wedding gifts is a drag and typically not a fun exercise. Either you just click on a registry which is boring (is it really a gift if the shopping was already done?), stress over the perfect gift or just give cash. There is one more option and that’s to get something cute or funny. One bridezilla was not happy with one couple who gifted her with a bag of candy.

Her response was very clear.  First, they expected an envelope of cash (guess they didn’t register) and also called out the money spent on the reception ($100 a head). Apparently the candy was sour patch kids which always seem to get a bad rap! Maybe some nice chocolates, trail mix or Skittles would have gone over better. Who doesn’t like Skittles? Can you imagine $200 worth of Skittles? Probably want to make sure the happy couple has dental insurance before executing that one.

10 Bride Calorie Monitoring


Okay, now we are starting to get into the truly insane part of this list (welcome Top 10!). This bride probably started with some simple requests and then had a total breakdown. She hired a nutritionist to work with some of her bridesmaids to put on weight so that they would not be skinnier than the bride! She suggested a diet of protein weight gainer and to log their “progress” in a Google doc. She suggested this because “due to exams” she was unable to check-in as often as she liked. I’m assuming exams are not related to school; instead, medical exams checking on her lobotomy.

In addition to the weight gain, she also ordered all her bridesmaids to not cut or color their hair unless they discuss with her first. Not sure if hair length and color was also included in the Google doc or she was good with the honor system on that request. No word on how many of the bridesmaids committed suicide prior to the wedding.

9 “No One Leaves On My Day!”


This particular bridezilla really didn’t think her actions through. After her wedding there was a reception, but when the guests arrived looking for dinner, they only found cheese and veggie appetizers. It didn’t take long for hunger to set in and many decide to leave to get something to eat; however, this bride wasn’t having any of that. She proceeded to block the door and scream “Bride’s Day, Bride’s Way!” Eventually her father came and got her off the door, possibly explaining the definition of kidnapping in the process.

The story goes that she was not happy the rest of the night, electing to get really drunk and puke everywhere! Where was the groom? I’m guessing down the street at a Denny’s eating a Grand Slam and contemplating his decisions. Lesson here is that you should always serve a hearty dinner at your reception, if for no other reason, it helps off-set the drinking…

8 Maid of Honor Scrubs Floor


Being asked to be a Maid of Honor is supposed to be special; however, often it becomes a burden. Here is one of those cases… The bride asked her best friend to be Maid of Honor by telling her when to have the bridal shower and what should be on the menu. Strike One. Next, to save money, the bride wanted to make adjustments to her own dress, but didn’t do any of it. This led to the Maid of Honor sewing all night long before the wedding. Strike Two. On the morning of the wedding they arrived at the hall. It was winter so there was a trail of salt on the floor. The bride made her clean the floors. Worse, it was old-school, just a bucket and cloth.

I would like to point out that this is an amazing friend because pretty much anyone else would have told this bride to take her wedding and shove it. Would love to know what she was thinking while scrubbing the floor after an all-nighter of sewing.

7 The Bride That Refused To Hold Anything On Her Wedding Day


Sometimes it’s the little things that are annoying as hell. For brides on their wedding day, they have a lot of little things that tend to create much more drama than necessary. Sometimes it’s a family member acting inappropriately, a hung over groom or a dress that just isn’t fitting right. I can go along with these being annoyances. You want everything to be perfect and just right. It is a day of celebration. Having to hold something on your wedding day does not make this list.

This particular bridezilla was holding a bag (believed to be wedding favors) and had the nerve to yell out ,“Will someone explain to me why I am holding something on my wedding day?” I mean, seriously? Maybe someone should offer an explanation as to why you are breathing on your wedding day. Having to hold something is definitely not drama-worthy, even on your wedding day.

6 No Cell Phones!


This bride definitely sounds like a keeper, for whom I have no idea! While at the altsr, the groom’s phone (in his pocket) started ringing. He silenced it, but the bride stopped the ceremony to pull it out of his pocket, give it to her Maid of Honor and say (so everyone could hear) “Remind me to smash that later.” She then berated her future husband before allowing the pastor to continue with the service.

Also (because the cell phone incident wasn’t enough) she talked to the groom while the pastor was discussing God, did an eye roll when God was mentioned and even mocked the pastor when he discussed God. I think we all know how this ends. Two years go by, everything is “okay” and then his cell phone rings creating a flash back that escalates to murder. That’s the way this ends, right? I see no other way.

5 No Poor People Allowed


This one is just awful and quite honestly, I don’t think a lot of people would be offended if they didn’t get invited. This bridezilla said that anyone who is poor can’t afford to be her friend. For her wedding she reserved the right to review how much money her guests made, financial records including taxes and the value of their home. I am a little curious to know what the cutoff was, but then again, no, I don’t want to know. Safe to assume there’s not a lot of charity work going on with this couple.

I just hope this power couple eventually fall victim to a pyramid scheme or something where they are on the other side and shunned because they don’t have the money required to be friends with others. Essentially I’m proposing the old movie Trading Places with Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd, but this time without the happy ending.

4 Rules: Must Dye Your Hair and Pay $80


The next bridezilla on the list is a wack job on several levels. Because she wanted to be the only blonde, she told her bridesmaids that if they are blonde, they must dye their hair brown. She wasn’t bluffing either, when one refused she was replaced with a non-blonde bridesmaid. This wasn’t just any bridesmaid mind you; this was a close friend of eight years. Seems a tad extreme, eh?

In addition to the hair dying requirement she also charged each guest $80 to attend their wedding to cover the cost of a BBQ buffet. I’m sorry, but for $80 I can eat at Dallas BBQ for a week – seems like they are making a profit here. Anyway, if that wasn’t enough (and apparently it wasn’t) they asked everyone to give gifts greater than $50. How was all of this communicated? Via Facebook of course, because when you suck, you make sure you suck all the way!

3 No Pregnant Bridesmaids


This is not a happy story. After trying to get pregnant for a long time, a bridesmaid was finally pregnant and shared her joy with her friend, the to-be bride of the upcoming wedding. When this bridezilla heard the news she kicked her out of the wedding party, afraid she would ruin all the photos because she would be pregnant. Seems pretty bad, but screw her, right? Oh, I wish that was the end of this tale…

Three months later the ex-bridesmaid had a miscarriage. The bride called her and told her that because she was no longer pregnant she could now attend the wedding. She declined her offer for obvious reasons (and likely never talked with her again). I wonder if that was the right decision. Had she attended, she could have systematically destroyed the wedding countless number of ways. I mean, that’s mean, but this bride totally had that coming!

2 Bride Stabs Groom With Stiletto


Oh, to be in love! After the wedding reception this bridezilla and new husband got into a fight in their hotel room. The fight escalated, leading the bride to hit the groom with her stiletto heel in the head, leading to being covered in blood. The police arrived and found her, still in her wedding dress and covered in blood. The next two days she was jailed.

Lots of burning questions, right? How long was she in jail before she removed the blood covered dress? What happened to the husband? Was she trying to create a Quentin Tarantino narrative? Is the stiletto okay? How is the happy couple doing today? Regardless of the answers, I am certain there is a man out there that freaks out a little each time he hears the clip-clak of a pair of stilettos on the floor.

1 Bride Commits Murder


I get the whole “the show must go on” attitude, but when you kill someone, maybe postponing the next day’s activities to reflect (or run) is a good idea. This Russian bridezilla murdered a man the night before her wedding as her fiancé watched (note: he apparently watched calmly as if this wasn’t the first beating he’s seen – nice girl!). She beat up some guy that owed her money. You know a good way to not get your money back? Kill the person that owes you money. There’s a reason people break legs versus murder.

The next day she decided to go on with her planned wedding. Hey, it’s not like killing a guy should stop this bride-to-be from having her happy day. Of course, the police showed up at the reception and took her away. How many guests went and tried to retrieve their gifts? The correct answer has to be all of them…

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The 15 Worst Bridezillas Of All Time