The 15 Worst Actors/Actresses In Hollywood History

Movies and television shows are a great source of entertainment for us. There are all kinds of things to watch from drama to romance to action or adventure. If someone can think of it there has been a

Movies and television shows are a great source of entertainment for us. There are all kinds of things to watch from drama to romance to action or adventure. If someone can think of it there has been a movie or a show created about it. It’s a billion dollar industry for a reason. That reason is everyone wants to be entertained.

We all love a great show or a great movie. Memories from a classic scene can last a lifetime. On the other hand, memories from a bad scene can last just as long. In the world of entertainment, there are some really good actors and actresses. We get spoiled with the great performances and come to expect them all of the time. That’s why it’s so noticeable when someone doesn’t fall into that category.

A bad performance can completely ruin a scene or even an entire movie or show. Some people in Hollywood though are worse than just one bad performance. Some of them make a career out of them. It’s hard to watch them and you have to wonder why they keep getting more work. You know the type of people I am talking about. People like Keanu Reeves, Andy Garcia, and Beth Behrs come to mind right away.

They are all on the list along with several others. Can you guess who is the worst of all time before you read that far?

15 Andy Garcia


Andy Garcia is a complicated actor to follow. Sometimes he is dead on and nails a role, but then other times he is just flat out bad. Maybe it’s because he always seems to play the same type of roles. Maybe that leads to boredom on his part, who knows.

In Ocean’s Eleven, he played a great part in a great movie. The cast for that flick was so star-studded that even if Garcia had been bad nobody would have noticed. But the movie was a great one as was his role. The same can’t be said for Ocean’s Twelve though. What a difference one movie can make. That one wasn’t very good overall and his performance was lackluster at best. Since the movie didn’t turn out as good as they had hoped Garcia’s lack of enthusiasm showed that much more.

Throughout his career, he seems to keep the good performances every once in a while. Every third or fourth movie he does is a top notch performance with several crappy ones in between. He has the look for the gangster roles that he seems to favor but he only lets his talent show once in a blue moon. That’s too bad.

14 Pam Anderson


Pamela Anderson is known for one thing and it’s not her acting. For many years her large chest was the first, and in many cases, the only, thing people noticed about her. When she got started on Home Improvement she didn’t have a lot of lines. She was there strictly to be eye candy. Then when she moved on to Baywatch she started to talk more consistently on camera and people started to notice something about her other her chest. That’s right, she was a bad actress.

After spending five seasons on Baywatch she moved onto to bigger stardom with VIP and Barb Wire. The reasons for the term bigger stardom are because of the bigger paychecks, not because of her being allowed to showcase her acting talent. When she was the main character it quickly became obvious that acting was not on her list of talents and it’s amazing that VIP lasted as long as it did.

At one time Anderson was one of the hottest women in the world. Credit has to be given to her for that. She used all those photo shoots to land gigs in Hollywood and she stayed there for quite some time. You have to give her credit for that as well. We just want it to be clear that the length of her career, however, had nothing to do with her acting skills.

13 Rob Schneider


Remember the days when Rob Schneider was cool? Yeah, I can’t blame you if you don’t, that was quite a long time ago. You should know, though, that there was actually a time that he was a pretty good actor. Or at least he was decent. As his career progressed, though, things didn’t get better. Not even close.

If it weren’t for his friend Adam Sandler (who we will talk about shortly) his acting career might have been over long ago. He seems to have a knack for playing every type of stereotypical role that Sandler needs in his lackluster movies. A few good examples of this would be in I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (dumb movie), 50 First Dates (actually a pretty good movie) and You Don’t Mess with The Zohan (not very good).

Schneider also had some pretty forgettable performances in Big Stan, The Benchwarmers, and The Animal. There are several more as well but you get the idea. His delivery of lines and on-screen interactions are always lacking and a lot of times it looks as though he is struggling to get through his scene. Thankfully we don’t get to see much of him anymore.

12 David Hasselhoff


David Hasselhoff is most known for two major roles, Michael Knight on Knight Rider and Mitch Buchannon on Baywatch. He butchered both roles with equal levels of horrible acting. Knight Rider was actually kind of a cool show especially in the world we live in today. The vehicles we drive now aren’t that far off from that car he drove back in 1982 on the show. That doesn’t mean that he was any good at acting in the show. His acting skills back then were not very good and they didn’t get any better as time went on.

When Baywatch hit the airwaves Hasselhoff’s lack of acting talent was well hidden behind all of the beauties that appeared every week on the hit show. He is definitely not one of the reasons that the show was so successful. Nobody cared how bad he was as long as the babes on the beach were shown constantly.

More recently he was part of the brutally bad Sharknado movie series and he even admitted that those were bad. He said in a past interview, “It’s the worst movie you have ever seen. The first one was the worst. The second one was even worse. I’m so honored to be in Sharknado 3.”

At least he clearly understands these movies aren't exactly looking for Academy Award consideration!

11 Rosie O’Donnell


Rosie O’Donnell used to be a pretty big star on television and in the movies. Though nobody can really figure out why. She isn’t a very good actress and she never thinks before she speaks or writes anything on social media. For some reason producers thought she would be a big hit on television talk shows and once again they were right. Again, nobody can figure out exactly why. Her mouth led to her career come crashing down. Executives finally grew tired of her thoughtless banter on subjects nobody cared about.

If you want to see her at her acting worst just watch the movie A League of Their Own. The movie itself was pretty good about women’s baseball back during war time but it shows Rosie in the prime of her acting career. It wasn’t a prime that was very good either. Her role is not a major one but she is in the movie enough to prove that she should never have been there in the first place.

Recently she said that if Donald Trump won the election she was going to move to Canada. As of now, that hasn’t happened yet but we are still hoping. Does anyone want to pitch in for a U-Haul truck for her?

10 Adam Sandler


Adam Sandler has been in a few very good movies. 50 First Dates was a very funny movie, The Longest Yard was a great remake of the film that Burt Reynolds made famous, The Waterboy was kind of stupid but not really all that terrible and Happy Gilmore was a great flick. The scene that had him involved in a brawl with Bob Barker on the golf course is a classic. If those movies made up Sandler’s career he wouldn’t be on this list. Unfortunately for him, there are plenty of others to his credit and none of them are good, such as Jack and Jill. 

Being part of bad movies doesn’t make you a bad actor. But in Sandler’s case, it kind of does. The above-mentioned movies had great supporting casts that hide Sandler’s lack of acting skills very well. The ones that flopped didn’t have that strong supporting cast and the world saw how bad he was. Yet people keep coming out to his movies and he has made a ton of money.

But you can't fault him for a lack of self-awareness. One time when he was appearing at a convention in Las Vegas he said to the audience “My name is Adam Sandler. I’m not particularly talented. I’m not particularly good-looking. And yet I’m a multimillionaire.” At least he is honest with himself.

9 Whoopi Goldberg


Somehow Whoopi Goldberg has won a lot of awards for her acting. If you watch some of her roles and performances you might wonder why that is. She was part of a few movies that were pretty good but they weren’t good because she was in them. They were good because they were well written and she had some good co-stars in the flicks.

The Color Purple and The Sister Act were movies that weren’t all that bad but she didn’t do much to make them better. Her lack of acting talent was well hidden in both flicks by her talented co-stars. If you watch Ghost and Rat Race you’ll see her at her worst. Ghost wasn’t all that bad either but only because of Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze.

A Whoopi Goldberg bio could read very much like Rosie O’Donnell’s. Goldberg is another one that doesn’t think much before she talks and it’s not surprising to see how many times her and O’Donnell crossed the same paths and problems.

Goldberg was another one that said she would move to Canada if Donald Trump won the election. Again, we are still waiting for her to move. Maybe there will be enough room in the back of the U-Haul that her and Rosie can share the same truck and live together in the Great White North.

8 Tyler Perry


Tyler Perry has a talent. He writes some pretty good stuff. Not everyone likes his movies and plays but the results at the ticket office and box office cannot be denied. There are plenty of people that like his work. He has been writing scripts for many years and just like anyone else, he held a lot of regular jobs before he finally hit the big time.

There is a talent that he is lacking in though and that’s acting. He wasn’t blessed with a strong acting gene by any means. The best part of his movies is when he isn’t making an appearance in them. Some people are just meant to be behind the camera and not in front of it. Some people also know the difference and it is quite obvious that he doesn’t.

He has been named on several lists of some of the smartest people in Hollywood but you’ll never find him on a list that talks about some of the best actors of our time. He doesn’t have a good presence while on camera and his jokes are much funnier when told by other actors.

You have to give him his due credit as a pretty good writer and producer but he loses a lot of his credibility whenever he steps out from behind the camera.

7 Evan and Ryder Londo


I almost feel bad putting these little guys here because they are so young. But the piece is called the worst in Hollywood history and they are well deserving. The good news for them though is that they are young enough to still have plenty of time to turn it around.

Evan and Ryder are identical twins that took turns playing the role of Abel Teller on Sons of Anarchy. Abel is a key role as he grows up with his father, Jax Teller, (Charlie Hunnam) being the President of the Sons of Anarchy motorcycle club. A lot of the show revolves around Jax’s love for his sons so they are shown quite a bit in the later seasons. That was all good until they started giving Abel lines to say.

There are child actors that have been a hit from day one but nobody is going to mistake the Londo’s for that. They are horrible, they mumble their lines and they stare off the screen quite often. It must have been hell for Hunnam and the rest of the great cast that was on the show to work with them. Remember, what we saw on the show was the BEST take of each scene. That means there were other shots that were much worse than we saw on the air.

For the Londo’s it was their third gig but the first one with actual lines. They appeared on Modern Family and Mad Men prior to joining SOA. Let’s hope they stay in school and get a good education and take some acting classes in a few years. To this point, nothing they have done has been memorable. Well not in a good way anyway.

6 Tori Spelling


Tori Spelling had an advantage that most actors or actresses didn’t have. She had a very famous father in Hollywood producer Aaron Spelling. He was a part of many hit shows including The Love Boat, Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place and 90210, the final three which saw Tori have major parts in. She played the same role of Donna Martin in each of those shows and if it weren’t for her famous dad, she might not have ever received an acting role. Having a famous father doesn’t translate into the child having talent. Although having the same last name will certainly open up some doors even if the talent isn’t there.

When you get past the fact that she can’t act, you stumble upon the fact that you can’t believe a single word she says either. Spelling has been caught in so many lies over the years that it’s hard to know what’s true about her anymore. We know though that it’s a fact that her reality show was very bad and it did nothing to help her lose the moniker of a bad actress.

The best acting job she ever did was when she drove her car into her children’s school while trying to get away from the paparazzi. That had drama, excitement and danger all rolled into one.

5 Steven Seagal


Steven Seagal started his movie career with a big bang. The man has an in-depth knowledge of the martial arts and his first couple of movies were good hits. When you watched them you were highly entertained with plenty of excitement and butt kicking but you knew something was just a little off.

That something came to light a few movies later. It continued on for movie after movie until the public figured it out and just couldn’t take it anymore; Steven Seagal is a horrible actor. He tried to come across as a bad ass (which he is) but he tried way too hard to get it across and it made him look weak on screen. Not to mention that every single movie he made was the same thing over and over again. Maybe different scenarios could have hidden his lack of acting talent longer than it did.

When you see movies like Under Siege 2: Dark Territory, Half Past Dead, and Exit Wounds, you find yourself wondering why you watched another Seagal flick. Maybe it was in hopes that someone figured out how to make it look like he could act.

This entire section could be recycled and used pretty much word for word in a section for Jean-Claude Van Damme. We’ll give him an honorable mention here because he and Seagal made the same kind of movies during the same time frames and they were all equally bad for the same reasons.

4 Jeffrey Donovan


Burn Notice was a great show that aired on USA Network for seven seasons. It was centered around the spy Michael Westen who got burned and dumped in Miami. Westen spent most of his days after that incident helping people that were in trouble. In his spare time, he also tried to get his name cleared with the CIA.

Jeffrey Donovan played the main role of Westen and while the character was solid, Donovan wasn’t very good at pulling it off. His delivery of lines and interaction with the other stars was sometimes pretty bad. Anyone else playing that part would have made that show an all-time classic.

The beautiful Gabrielle Anwar played Fiona, Bruce Campbell played Sam, Sharon Gless played the part of Michael Westen’s mom, and Coby Bell joined the cast in later seasons as Jesse. Combined, they all made it a great show and they made it very watchable. The talent level of the other cast members was good enough to overcome Donovan’s shortcomings.

He tried to be funny at times and failed miserably and when the character tried to come across as a bad ass, Donovan just couldn’t pull it off and make it believable. Anwar’s character of Fiona was more of a bad ass than Westen ever was, thanks to Donovan.

But remember Burn Notice was still great. If you can deal with the main character’s bad acting it’s a great show to check out. It’s still on in syndication.

3 Kat Dennings


You know Kat Dennings from the worst sitcom to ever grace your television screen, 2 Broke Girls. The show isn’t as bad as it is just because of Dennings though; she has a lot of help.

When she was in Thor and Nick and Nara’s Infinite Playlist she was pretty good. She’s always good to look at and in those instances, she showed that she does indeed have some acting talent. That talent is completely lost though in her current, what they call comedy. Nothing about the show is funny because the writing is horrible and her interactions with co-star Beth Behrs leave a lot to be desired. Maybe the show could be saved if Behrs’ character were to move away and leave the show. She is the worst part but her lack of talent is bringing Dennings down with her.

A lot of the on-screen conversation seems forced and there is no natural flow to their conversations. The constant attempts at sexually related comedy only hit their mark one out of ten times.

If Dennings were to see this and leave the show in favor of more suitable roles she would easily be removed from this list. As of right now, though, even this beautiful woman can’t make watching the show any easier. The show is so bad that it’s leading her to be unfairly included in lists like this one.

2 Beth Behrs


We just talked about Kat Dennings on 2 Broke Girls. Her co-star Beth Behrs is one of the main reasons that this show is the worst sitcom in the history of television. Sure the writing for the show is brutally bad but when that’s the case you need a good actor or actress to deliver the lines in an acceptable manner. Behrs is not the one to pull that off.

Her delivery of punchlines is flat out bad and she is the sole reason that character is so unwatchable. Even the normal conversation between Dennings and Behrs on the show is bad. It sounds like each scene is a struggle and the conversation is forced. The lack of talent that is shown each week by Behrs is giving Dennings a bad name by association.

It’s completely amazing that this show has been on the air for as long as it has. The public, however, is finally starting to catch on to how horrible it is. Unless the character of Caroline (Behrs) gets tired of being broke and moves away (leaves the show) there is no way this atrocity stays on the air for another four years.

Making Dennings the only main star would allow her to show the talent that she actually does have and it would save the show. Yes, the writers aren’t very good but Behrs doesn’t do anything to make them look any better. The lack of talent all the way around shows you what a doomed show looks like for thirty minutes every week.

1 Keanu Reeves


There is no question that Keanu Reeves is by far the worst actor in the history of Hollywood. The fact that he has been so successful over his career is completely amazing. Chalk it up to great co-stars that have saved the movies. Speed had Sandra Bullock, The Matrix series had a few and Point Break had Patrick Swayze.

Point Break could be one of the best movies ever made. It’s that good of a film. If it were to be graded it would receive a solid A. It would fall short of an A+ simply because of Reeves’ portrayal of Special Agent Johnny Utah. Brutal is being very kind to describe his performance.

The climax scene of the movie is a great setting where Swayze asks to be let go so that he can go and surf a set of deadly waves. He tells Johnny Utah that he can’t possibly paddle all the way to New Zealand so Utah lets Brodie (Swayze’s character) go out and surf to his death. It’s a classic scene that is made 100% by Swayze. The best part about it? For about thirty seconds Swayze says his classic lines and Reeves says nothing.

Keanu Reeves can’t act but I have to give him credit. He is one hell of a nice person who gives away about 50% of the money he makes. You have to give a guy credit where it is due.

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