The 15 Weirdest Television Episodes That We Let Happen

Even taking the table-flipping reality TV aspect out of the equation, there are just some really weird and awkward television episodes out there.

Ahh television. One of the best pastimes in the Free World. But the idea that it's so accessible is probably why we have allowed so many crazy television sitcoms, series, and episodes to air as we tune in faithfully. Even taking the table-flipping reality TV aspect out of the equation, there are just some really weird and awkward television show episodes out there. For starters, The Twilight Zone and Bump in the Night might be some favorites (if you can get over the idea of them being extra scary to most children) that were very weird.

But what about shows that are still popular today that we can't seem to get enough of? People seem to be fascinated with things that are unusual. Still, there are even some shows and television specials that are even stranger considering we wouldn't expect it from some people. Other episodes just have hilarious moments that make you go, "Wait…What?!" Either way, it can often provide a good time and a heavy dose of entertainment, even if it wasn't meant to be funny. From comedies to reality shows that make you wonder not only who would think of that concept but who would actually go through with it, the wonderful world of television is like an empty canvas waiting to be filled with awkward and weird moments.

Somehow, we allow this because we keep tuning in. We might speak about it and say how crazy it is, but then set our DVRs to make sure we don't miss what happens next. It has this way of sucking us all in -- so let's take a look together at The 15 Weirdest Television Episodes That We Let Happen.

15 The Time Friends Went A Different Route

It's easy to see why a Valentine's Day special on Friends wouldn't necessarily go over well. After all, none of them really had it together when it came to the romantic department of their lives. This certainly held true in the Valentine's Day episode that aired in season 8 back in 2002. Unfortunately for Chandler, he thought his Valentine's Day would be poppin' that year. When he came home expecting a certain type of film from Monica, he was surprised to find that it was actually a video clip of a woman having a baby. Apparently Phoebe thought it would be a good gesture to help Rachel get ready for her own mommy moment. The writers did an amazing job of almost making us forget about Mona dumping Ross in this episode because the birthing video absolutely took over the entire thing. Viewers don't actually see it, but the audio alone does enough damage.

14 Jessie Spano Was Not Excited

Finish this sentence. "I'm so excited…I'm so excited… I'm so…" If you said, "scared," you were definitely a fan of Saved by the Bell back in the day. This now infamous quote came from none other than Jessie Spano. She was known as the perfect girl but she certainly had a moment out of character when she tried to take caffeine pills to keep up with her school work and the girl group she, Kelly Kapowski, and Lisa Turtle started together. She had this moment when her good friend, Zach Morris, confronted her about abusing the pills. She tried to convince him she was okay to sing but instead showed herself she wasn't anywhere near ready when she broke down crying. As hilarious as it was, it definitely served as an awkward moment that is now one of the most talked about episodes of the show. Actress Elizabeth Berkley pulled out her good skills for that scene. It was later revealed that they originally wanted the character to take speed, but the network wouldn't allow it.

13 Take A Bow… Or Not

So another very awkward and weird television episode was on The CW's The Game. Who remembers the moment when Tasha Mack burst out singing "Take a Bow" after she thought her then boyfriend, Rick Fox, set her up to fail. So what did she do? Burst out singing Rihanna's hit single "Take a Bow." What made it even funnier and more awkward is Fox was trying to chime in between her pauses to make sure he got his point across. And he wasn't alone. The company manager, Irv, guaranteed Rihanna's ad libs like "Please!" were heard during Tasha's lackluster performance. While it marked one of the funniest and most hilarious episodes of the entire series, which eventually moved to BET after a disagreement with the writers, it was certainly a weird one that's still talked about years after the show saw its last episode on either network. That deserves a bow but maybe not an encore.

12 Spencer Pratt's Breakdown On The Hills

It's hard to pinpoint one exact episode on The Hills that Spencer Pratt didn't show his tail. He was the main antagonist on the popular MTV series that told the story of privileged young adults that most of their audience probably envied instead of actually relating to. But let's talk about the scene in which Spencer first disowned his sister, then said he pretty much wanted to shoot his now wife Heidi's mother after he accused the matriarch of "emotionally raping" Heidi. But he didn't hold back when it came to giving Heidi's sister a piece of his mind. He claimed he wouldn't disrespect her but then popped off and called her, "The biggest loser in this town." Apparently that means a lot when your town is Los Angeles. It's no wonder he won't let his children watch the show more than ten years later. Of all the scenes on The Hills that were dubbed to be fake, word on the curb is this one is as real as they come.

11 Bruce Jenner's Moment with Diane Sawyer

So Bruce Jenner's big revelation to Diane Sawyer back in April of 2015 was probably one of the most awkward and real moments on television to date. There had already been speculation that Bruce would soon be coming out as a transgender woman, but when he confirmed it with Sawyer, it was still shocking and very uneasy to watch for many. Interestingly enough, his Kardashian stepdaughters weren't by his side, while his biological children were. This sparked a battle that transitioned from the small screen to social media as Kris Jenner, Jenner's now ex-wife, was accused of not supporting him. Still, the lack of support (allegedly) from the Kardashian clan didn't stop him from revealing that he struggled with his identity even when he was just a child. But he made clear to note that he would still be voting Republican. It was a high rated special for the network, and Bruce as we knew him became Caitlyn Jenner just days after.

10 She Bangs, She Bangs!

Oh, William Hung. Now, there are more than enough bad American Idol auditions to go around, that's for sure. But William Hung's is one for the books as he belted out his best version of Ricky Martin's "She Bangs" hit. Keep in mind this is with the original judges -- Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul, and Simon Cowell -- long before the show was accused of only showing the bad auditions for more ratings and weeding out the great ones. Poor thing was so excited but might not have realized that he was the butt of the joke and people were laughing at him and not with him. Let's just say the dance moves didn't help. But they were so adorable!

Randy was spotted covering up his laughter with a piece of paper and Simon couldn't even hide his irritation as he covered his face with his hand before ordering the contestant to stop in mid motion. He apparently thought he was sharing breaking news when he didn't have any professional training.

9 Fresh Prince's Jennifer Holiday Rendition

Will Smith was known for bringing the laughs to the classic show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. But things got extremely weird (yet still hilarious) when he serenaded his uncle with Jennifer Holiday's "And I Am Telling You…" The moment is still a favorite with the audience. It came at the end of an episode when the beloved Uncle Phil (portrayed by late actor James Avery) had had enough of Will and Hilary's antics during his judicial election. The two cousins tried the entire episode to help clean up their own messes, but ended up making things worse for Hilary's dad and Will's uncle, who he already had a love/hate relationship with. But it was Will who stuck around when Uncle Phil wanted both of them out of his sight. He apparently tried to win him over with lip-synching the hit "And I Am Telling You." He might not have kept Uncle Phil's attention but the awkward moment certainly kept ours.

8 Diversity Day At The Office

Speaking about race and diversity in any work setting has the potential to get extremely weird and awkward. So of course it was a plotline for the hit series The Office, which is one of the longest parodies in history of a typical workplace here in the states. The "Diversity Day" episode aired in 2005 and had more than enough awkward moments to fill the entire 30 minutes. One of the first that comes to mind is when Kevin tried to do his own rendition of Chris Rock's "Black People vs. N****z" bit in his 1996 Bring the Pain standup. One doesn't really need a breakdown of why this would be perceived as extremely weird and awkward. But when Michael tries to get him to stop, Kevin insists on continuing. Of course he didn't get the roaring applause that comedian Rock received. Instead, he was met with blank stares and side eyes.

7 Christmas With The Lacheys

So I absolutely adored Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey back in the day. Who didn't? But they seemed to try their luck at being America's favorite couple during their Christmas special in 2004. Of course their hit reality show was popular during their whirlwind romance, but spending Christmas with them on the small screen was extremely corny and just weird to watch.

For starters, it's safe to say they probably got paid a ton of money because Lachey looked like he wouldn't have been there otherwise as they danced to "Baby It's Cold Outside." And who can forget the moment Nick told Jessica to fix the thermostat when she told him it was 98 Degrees. She was actually referring to the boy band Nick was a part of, duh. How. Hilarious. This Christmas special had cringe-worthy moments back then and they still apply today. I can only imagine what Nick and Jessica think if they ever see it.

6 Bow Wow Wannabe vs. Catfish

So the episode of MTV's Catfish when a girl is caught pretending to be Bow Wow on social media was hilarious yet very strange. Bow Wow documented his thoughts on social media, but it was aspiring rapper Dee Pimpin who got all of the attention. Dee pretended to be Bow Wow but while all moments of the impersonator getting caught are weird and awkward, this one was much different as Dee Pimpin revealed not only was she not Bow Wow (didn’t see that coming) but Dee identified as being a young man. Dee went as far as admitting the great efforts made in getting girls to believe she was born a male that had all of social media blowing up. Let's just say lamb skin was involved somehow. As for Bow Wow, he made it clear he wasn't mad, but rather said he was "flattered," that someone actually wanted to be him.

5 When The Bachelor Gave His Rose To The Wrong Woman

It was only a matter of time before a mix-up like this occurred on ABC's The Bachelor. But it did. And it was epic. And hilarious. And unforgettable. So let's rewind to 2004 when the iconic dating reality show had just begun its fifth season. That season's man of the hour, Jesse, was doing the usual rose ceremony when things got a little… twisted around to say the least. It was the first ceremony of the season for Jesse, who was also the quarterback for the New York Giants, when he called a woman named Katie. His facial expression was priceless as she walked up! It was clear that he didn't mean to call her name. I remember watching this episode and being mortified for Katie. But Jesse actually meant to say Karen. Instead of playing it off, he actually went as far as telling Katie he didn't mean to call her name. Katie still decided to stick around but it looks like Katie or Karen didn't make a big enough impression on him.

4 Any Episode Of My Strange Addictions

So My Strange Addictions is definitely a First World Problems type of show. Like, who allowed this show to last for as long as it did (an entire four years in case you were wondering). The show, which premiered in 2010, of course followed around people who were battling… you guessed it… strange addictions. One episode that was not only weird but also gag-worthy was the man who was obsessed with pulling hair out of the drain. I know people who have struggled with plucking their own eyebrows obsessively or even pulling out their own lashes. But taking hair out of a drain? How many different ways can one say disgusting? But Evan took it even further when he made it clear it couldn't just be any type of hair. "It has to be slimy, it has to be wet... Like if I pulled out a bunch of dry hair, I don't know -- actually, I've never done that, so I don't know." Gag.

3 Who's Dustin Diamond And What Did He Do With Screech?

While Jessie Spano, played by actress Elizabeth Berkley, offered us one weird episode of Saved by the Bell, her former co-star, Dustin Diamond (who played Screech Powers) gave us quite another dose of awkwardness on VH1's former hit series Celebrity Fit Club. It's no secret we all tuned in because we wanted to see what Screech was like in real life. I don't think I'm alone when I say I was oddly disappointed to see what Dustin had grown up to be. But who can forget that time when he went head-to-head with Harvey Walden. In Harvey's defense, Dustin said he would fight him if necessary when a weighing session turned pretty ugly to say the least. Harvey's response was, "I will wear your a** out… You're out of your mind… Get your fat a** out of here." What made it even crazier was Dustin refused to leave. But when he went to walk away, Harvey was more than fired up so he kept yelling, causing Dustin to turn back around and walk toward him again. Let the games begin.

2 Vanilla Ice Goes What?!

Amish. The answer is Amish. You might remember the show, Vanilla Ice Goes Amish, it premiered on the DIY Network in the fall of 2013. Like, who even approved this series to waste valuable space in the biggest television season of the year? Someone did. Because it made it to the small screen. For those who don't know, the series was about none other than Vanilla Ice traveling to what is known as the largest Amish area in the country. The rapper, who at time also prided himself on being a renovator, had to find the best way to reconstruct the home of Amish families without things that the average American sees as necessities such as electricity. I get it. The concept was actually pretty cool. But this should not have happened. And while you might be thinking it probably didn't get past one episode, it was renewed for a second six-episode season.

1 A Dinner Party With The Office

The "Dinner Partyepisode of The Office goes down as one of the weirdest, most awkward television episodes in the history of the small screen. Not only did their food take forever, which to some is a terror in itself, but Jane and Michael took the opportunity to tell one another's business, even the ugliest details, in front of their very embarrassed guests. Jan's time as an unemployed member of the workforce was clearly well spent as she had a dig for everything Michael had to say. To make matters worse, Jan would even cut a side eye to Pam, who wanted Michael for herself. The way things were going, it wouldn't be completely shocking to see Pam get her way. Things got so ugly there's a question of whether the very first censored word blocked out an explicit. This certainly goes down as one of the most talked about moments in the history of the show.

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The 15 Weirdest Television Episodes That We Let Happen