The 15 Ugliest Stars In Men's Favorite "Industry"

As you run through the list, keep in mind that these guys and gals are, at the very least… on top of their game.

If you’re a chap and explicit adult entertainment is not your thing, you’re officially in the minority one-third of the entire population of the developed world -- that's according to a report by the University of Montreal. In 2013, a Huffington Post headline read, “P*rn Sites Get More Visitors Each Month Than Netflix, Amazon And Twitter Combined,” which, thanks to the same report, was proven true. What’s more, the boffins’ research showed that two out of three computers in the workplace had also been used to view adult material.

So when did it get so big (excuse the pun)? Well, unsurprisingly, it all started out in prehistoric times when our more primitive urges weren’t so well disguised. Throughout man's early history, depictions of a sexual nature, either in cave drawings or on uncovered artifacts, were commonplace. Then, thanks to the Danish abolishing years of censorship in 1969, the adult entertainment industry worldwide enjoyed a boom, and despite recent obscenity laws and more planned restriction on content, erotica now boasts something for everyone: group, ethnic, fetish, amateur, etc.

Let’s face it, though: most of us aren’t going to be offended if the actors we watch don’t have the chiseled chin of a Greek god or Keira Knightley’s defined cheekbones. After all, those features aren't the centerpiece of the plate, so to speak. So we thought we’d take it a step further and give you a little rundown of the stars of the other industry that are generally considered the ugliest in the business.

As you run through the list, keep in mind that these guys and gals are, at the very least… on top of their game.

15 Luscious Lopez

35-year-old Californian Rosalia Murillo (AKA Luscious Lopez, Luscious, Dasha, and Fabiola) entered the industry in 2005 at the age of 24 after moving to Southern California. She is of Mexican descent and prior to her work in adult entertainment was employed in teaching and healthcare. While attending art school in Arizona, she modeled for life drawing classes; this led Lopez to secure easy work as an erotica actress.

Having been active since 2005, Lopez has been nominated for three awards including the XRCO Award. According to Spanish Wikipedia, she has appeared in around 150 films. Apparently, Lopez has never undergone any cosmetic surgery procedures such as breast augmentation, facial implants, or a buttock lift.

14 Gianna Michaels

American glamour model and adult film star Gianna Michaels was born in Seattle, WA in 1983. At 18, she moved to California with a guy she was dating and began a new life as a nude model. From then, she developed contacts within the industry and began to star in adult films such as “Fashionistas Safado: The Challenge - Evil Angel,” “Sophie Dee's 3 Ways,” and “G for Gianna.” She has also appeared on numerous amateur adult websites and hosts her own website from which she sells videos and shoots exclusive content.

Michaels (AKA Mistress Gianna, Gianna Micheals, Giana Michaels, Gianna Rossi, Becky, Gianna Michael) has, in fact, appeared in over 200 films and has won seven industry awards. Unfortunately, we’ve discovered her looks divide the audience, and the general consensus is that her most attractive feature is not her face. We’ll let you decide.

13 Kayla Kupcakes

From Deer Beach, Florida, 47-year-old Kayla Kupcakes (AKA Susan Marie Surrette) has appeared in dozens of films including, “Private Stuffers” and “Lusty Busty Babes.” She began her modeling career at the age of 17 after her parents sent her to modeling school, but by 19, she was beginning to sideline at a strip club. Her successful career in adult entertainment progressed from there. Since then, Kupcakes has made appearances in several magazines, including Score, Gent, and Hustler's Busty Beauties.

Her movie career runs in tandem with appearances on TV with Playboy Channel, Hot Network, and Spice Channel. However, Kupcakes didn't engage in hardcore adult stuff until she was 36 years old when she took a starring role in the movie “C*nt and Blow.” Her most recent film, “Big T*t Sq----ting Mums,” also starred Anita Cannibal, Mae Victoria, Penny Porsche, and Teri Weigel.

12 Pamela Peaks

Canadian Pamela Peaks is an actress, stripper, and dancer who began her career in the other industry back in 1999 at the age of 30, although she only made her first appearance in adult films in the early noughties. She lists some of her current talents on her official website as: “Pamela Anderson Lookalike,” “Comedian,” “Webmaster,” and “Journalist.” She also happens to run her own escort service.

Although her film career spanned less than ten years, Peaks got a reputation for her sizeable 50GGs. She's also starred alongside actors Paul Mensher, High Pitch Eric, Nick Manning, Benson, and Kat Kleevage, to mention but a few. One of her last movie productions was “Big B--bs and Tight Lips” (2011), with Dani Sexton, Raylene, and Ava Devine.

11 Ron Jeremy

Listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the "Most Appearances in Adult Films,” Ron Jeremy is widely considered a bit of a rough diamond in the world of glamour, which is, of course, why he makes it onto our list. He's mentioned as having starred in over 2,000 adult films, and he’s directed 285. He was recognized for his “contributions” to the other industry by being inducted into the AVN and its Hall of Fame.

Working under various pseudonyms such as Ron Jay, Ron Pighead, and Bill Blackman, Jeremy’s career spans from 1980 to the present day. Jeremy gave up his job as a teacher to follow a career in mainstream acting. However, making no money by doing so, he soon found work posing for Playgirl after his then-girlfriend sent a photo to the magazine. The rest is history.

10 Angelica Sinn

42-year-old Jessica Sinn trained as a nurse at the University of South Carolina before starting her ascent into the adult industry. She began her career posing for glamour magazines such as Penthouse and Club and in tandem with this gained notoriety as an exotic dancer and feature entertainer (gentleman’s club burlesque and erotic dancer). Her reputation as a glamour model grew, and she moved to Los Angeles in 1998.

Sinn has starred in over 300 productions including “Juggernauts” (2003) and “The New Devil in Miss Jones,” which won eight awards at the Adult Video News Awards in 2006. Following a successful career spanning 1997-2013, Sinn is now retired from erotica.

9 Alia Janine

38-year-old Alia Janine Dailey-Willis (AKA Alia Janine) began a career in adult entertainment when she took up a job as an exotic dancer at the age of 20. After taking some time out to study, Dailey-Willis returned to dancing but also became increasingly involved in filmed erotica. Her first starring role was in the 2010 film Mamazon alongside Alexis Silver, Rachel Love, Kali West, Daylen Rio, Shyla Shy, J Mac, and Colton Jag.

Since then, Dailey-Willis has appeared in over 150 scenes including several movies for major studios. Her website’s tagline is, “COMEDIAN, ACTRESS, WRITER, PODCAST HOST, LOVER OF FUN STUFF.”

8 D--k Nasty

61-year-old Dick Nasty (AKA Dick Nastie, Richard Mastier, Richard, Kurt Lancing, Peter London, or Collin West) is a British adult entertainment actor. According to Excalibur Films, Nasty is a “very versatile heterosexual actor.” His name is apparently indicative of his penchant for niche activities, and he has the reputation for the unorthodox use of grownup toys on himself and others.

He has appeared in literally hundreds of movies following his arrival on the scene in 1990 at the age of 34, including “30 Days in the Hole,” “3 Way Addiction,” and “Sorority Sl*ts.” This year saw the release on DVD of “Bone Collectors,” starring Nasty alongside Presley Maddox, Cassandra Cruz, Crissy Moon, Addison Lee, Nikki Rayne, and Renae Cruz. IMDb quotes Nasty as saying, “I'm a nice guy who falls in love with women in abusive relationships. I've never hit a woman in my life, but I keep falling for lovely women who prefer men that treat them badly.”

7 Veronica Moser

Veronica Moser is a legend in the adult film industry... but for reasons which are probably best left to the imagination. Austrian by birth, Moser began to model for glamour mags then movies, starring in her first adult film (Josefine Mutzenbacher: How She Really Was - Part 3) at the age of 18. Ten years later, she shot her first film involving coprophilic acts and has since made a name for herself baking brownies or getting others to bake them for her.

Like most stars of the erotica scene, Moser is a self-confirmed exhibitionist with a “nymphomaniac vein,” according to German Wikipedia. She has starred in over 120 films, mostly involving parking custard. However, in 2007, re-branding herself “P*rnarella,” she began to focus on other fetish niches such as latex, tattoos, and piercings. She claims to be making a new film every month for the online market.

6 Ramon

Spanish actor Ramon Nomar (AKA Raul Armenteros) began in the industry at the age of 24. He got his first break after meeting Italian director Luca Damiano at the Barcelona International Erotic Film Festival. He eventually broke into the industries in Europe and the U.S. and is mostly remembered for the size of his endowment. He has since won 11 awards since first getting naked in 1998, including the prestigious AVN Award for Best Three-Way Sex Scene, and has been nominated six times for various other standards.

The 52-year-old is renowned in the industry for his energy, too. Growing up an underprivileged Cuban native who then immigrated to Florida, Nomar has made a name for himself and a success of his career.

5 Randy Spears

Going by the pseudonyms "Greg Ory," "Nick Russell," and "Wayne Green," American actor Randy Spears has a career in the other industry spanning 24 years. As an aspiring mainstream actor, Spears was initially unsure of his first glamour shoot, but having fallen on hard times in the late 80s, he was tempted by the prospect of making solid money from nude work.

Spears’s first acting part was as detective Hank Smith in “The Case of the Sensuous Sinners,” a story about a cop on the scent of a couple of “religious con artists.” The film was brought out on video in 1988. Two years later, Spears and Tom Byron (an alumnus of the University of Houston) made the films “Singles Holiday,” “Sexual Healer,” and “Outback Assignment,” among others. Spears also starred as Captain Jim Quirk in the “Sex Trek” series of movies, a parody of the famous sci-fi series "Star Trek."

4 Arnold Schwarzenpecker

Known for his prowess in group activities and the volume of his, err, delivery, American actor Arnold Schwarzenpecker began his career in 1993. The three-time award-winner Washingtonian has appeared in 476 films since, including “Extreme Revolution,” “Semen Demons,” and our favorite, “Glazed And Confused.” The veteran performer has also directed on at least five occasions and produced “Renegade Women” and “Nudist Colony Vacation,” according to IMDb.

Schwarzenpecker’s most favored asset is the ability to torrent more data than The Pirate Bay; as such, he can usually be found playing the lead in niche movies involving multiple actors. At 53 years old, Schwarzenpecker (essentially “black pecker”) doesn’t seem to be intent on holding back even though at upwards of $1500 a day pay, he could afford to. However, his last listed movie on the Database, “Asa Akira Is Insatiable 3” came out five years ago, so perhaps he has decided to take a load off.

3 Tim Von Swine

Between 2012 and the present day, American actor Tim Von Swine has been nominated for over ten awards (including “Unsung Male Performer of the Year” and “Best Director”). He began his career in adult entertainment back in 2003, and in 2005, Von Swine won the CAVR Director of the Year, and a year later, the coveted Best Gonzo Director at the Adam Film World Awards. He was inducted into the AVN (Adult Video News) Hall of Fame in 2015.

Von Swine’s own acting career plays upon his "Average Joe" appearance. At 5’9” and with a slightly overweight build, he’s perfectly made for the more personal Gonzo-style movies.

2 Dirty Harry

Dirty Harry (AKA Harry Rivera and Uncle Harry) is a 66-year-old star of American adult entertainment. In a career spanning 14 years, he has earned a reputation as the vintage “father figure.” Having begun his relatively short career in 2002, the Puerto Rican-born grandad of erotica was nominated for an AVN Unsung Male Performer of the Year in 2010. Having now retired, his movies such as “Bad Habits” and “Lick Me Stick Me 3” are still going strong.

The unfashionable mustache, we think, harks back to the glory days of 70s erotica when the prerequisites of a successful career were the facial hirsute of Randy Jones (he of Village People fame) and a member the size of a prize-winning marrow. But that doesn’t seem to have dampened people’s enthusiasm for current movies starring Uncle Harry, who has been nominated for seven other AVN awards in various categories.

1 Max Hardcore

Two-time XRCO award winner Max Hardcore (AKA Paul Little, Vince Hardcore, Randy Andy, Video Paul, Michael Smith, and Max Steiner) rose to prominence in 1992. His work has largely been classified as amateur gonzo and was described in 2006 as "testing the limits of acceptability." The narrative of Hardcore’s films generally revolves around sexual acts with women who act like either underage girls or their distraught mothers.

Unsurprisingly, Hardcore was charged by the city of LA in 1998 with production of obscene underage material, but the charges were dropped in 2002 on a technicality. In 2005, Hardcore released a statement following later investigations by the FBI: “I am proud of the movies I make and proud of those who buy and sell those movies."


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