The 15 Steamiest Photos Of The Cast Of Mean Girls

Back in 2004, Paramount Pictures released the comedy film Mean Girls, and the hilarious teen comedy would make a huge splash at the box office. Starring Lindsay Lohan at the peak of her career, the film boasted a talented cast of beautiful young women who played their roles to perfection. Mean Girl was written by the amazingly talented Tina Fey, and it was released while she was still a performer on Saturday Night Live. The film received positive reviews upon its release, and it would go on to make $129 million during its theatrical run. From that point on, the film's quotable lines would remain a fixture in pop culture, and the rise of meme culture have also aided in keeping the film as relevant as it was over a decade ago.

Each young woman who performed in Mean Girls used the film's success to find roles in other projects, sustaining a successful career in a cutthroat industry. Though they have found success in other films and television shows, fans of Mean Girls will always associate these women for the roles that they played in this comedic classic. The film's casting department hit the nail on the head with each role, and these women are as hot as they are talented. The photos that you are going to see on this list are from the women who were in the original film only, not the blasphemous direct-to-video sequel that everyone ignores. Mean Girls has developed into a cult classic over time, and these women are a huge reason why.


15 Rachel McAdams In White

Let's face it, Rachel McAdams has always been, and will always be a total babe. Her character in the film, Regina George, was an absolute nightmare, but we couldn't help fawning over the gorgeous McAdams. McAdams made her film debut just 2 years before Mean Girls saw its release, and it didn't take long for her to find success in Hollywood. Her first year in the industry saw her appear in 3 films, most notably The Hot Chick, which went on to make $54 million at the box office. She had no film appearances the following year, and in 2004, she had her breakout in Mean Girls and in The Notebook. Talk about making a huge splash in Hollywood.

McAdams may be absolutely gorgeous, but make no mistake about it, she is a very talented actress who has garnered plenty of critical acclaim for her work. This photo here of McAdams wearing white just had to be included on our list. Showing some leg and striking a seductive look, McAdams is simply too hot to handle.

14 Amanda Seyfried Striking A Pose


While playing the role of Karen Smith, Amanda Seyfried sometimes get overlooked for her role in Mean Girls, and that is a total shame. Sure, the character of Karen is a total airhead, but she is hysterical at times, and the beautiful Seyfried played the role to perfection. Mean Girls may have been her first film role, but Seyfried had been putting in work on television for several years before she made her way to the big screen. Starting in 1999, Seyfried had a recurring role in the series As The World Turns, and she followed that up with by appearing in several episodes of All My Children. Soap operas may be devoid of comedy at times, but Seyfried showed her comedic chops when she got the role of Karen in Mean Girls.

Outside of her acting career, Seyfried has put together an impressive modeling resume, and her talents are quite apparent in this photo. In fact, it was her modeling career that helped her gain traction in the industry.

13 Lacey Chabert By The Pool

Lacey Chabert may have been a kid when she first started landing roles in Hollywood, but her development into the gorgeous woman that we know today certainly helped her along the way. After landing several roles on television in the early 1990s, Chabert finally landed a role on the hit series Party of Five, and her career quickly took off. She would stay on the show until 2000, and she appeared in 142 episodes. While on the series, Chabert also pulled down work in film and on television, and in 1998, she got the role of Eliza Thornberry in the beloved cartoon The Wild Thornberrys. One year later, she was cast as the original voice of Meg Griffin in Family Guy. Unlike some of her other costars in Mean Girls, Chabert had achieved a ton of success prior to the film's release.

Chabert has done plenty of modeling shoots over the course of her career, and this photo was plucked from her time with Maxim. Chabert is smokin' hot, and her role as Gretchen Weiners in Mean Girls was hilarious.

12 Lindsay Lohan In Her Prime


Back in the early 2000s, there were few people on the planet that were as famous and as popular as Lindsay Lohan. She was a media darling, and everyone wanted a piece of the actress. She had grown up in front of the public eye, and she turned into one of the hottest women in Hollywood. By the time Mean Girls was set for release, people wondered if Lohan could sustain the success that she had found in her young career. The film's box office haul left little doubt that Lohan was a bonafide star, and the hit film did a world of good in boosting her stock in Hollywood. That same year, Lohan released her first album, Speak, which has since been certified platinum in the United States for sales of over 1 million albums. She was on fire at the time, and everything that she touched turned to gold.

Due to her incredible amount of success and her status as a young sex symbol in Hollywood, Lohan was no stranger to appearing in magazines during her prime. She was a red-hot commodity, and people couldn't get enough of her.

11 Tina Fey, The Queen Of Comedy

If we are being completely honest, few women on the planet are as funny, talented, and beautiful as Tina Fey, and her success in the industry should come as a surprise to no one. The gorgeous Fey got her start on the series Saturday Night Live, and she used her time on the show to solidify herself as one of the funniest women in the entertainment industry. While on the show, Mean Girls was released, and Fey had a massive hit on her hands. She had done plenty of writing for Saturday Night Live, and seeing her film blow up the way that it did left no doubt that she was ready to move on. She would leave Saturday Night Live in 2006, and that same year, 30 Rock, which was created and written by Fey, would find its way onto television.

Fey's witty, and smart style of comedy has gained her a ton of acclaim during her career, and she is incredibly easy on the eyes as well. She works well in front of the camera, and we will never complain about seeing her on the cover of any magazine.

10 Lizzy Caplan Is Insanely Hot


Don't be fooled by the oddball character that she played in Mean Girls, Lizzy Caplan is a total babe, and her work since the film has proved that. Caplan first appeared on the cult classic television series Freaks and Geeks, before appearing in the television film From Where I Sit. Caplan continued to find roles in television, and eventually made her film debut in 2002 when she appeared in the comedy Orange County. Two years later, she would be cast as Janis Ian in the film Mean Girls, and she found herself being a highly sought-after actress in Hollywood. She has maintained an incredibly successful career in the entertainment industry, and has appeared in such projects as The League127 Hours, and Masters of Sex.

Though acting is her primary focus, Caplan is a total stunner, and looks great in photos. She has done several magazine appearances, and quite frankly, she should consider doing more.

9 Lindsay Lohan, Take Two

After a 2004 that saw the release of Mean GirlsConfessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, and her debut album, Lohan was on top of the world. The following year, she would appear in the film Herbie: Fully Loaded, which inexplicably made more at the box office than Mean Girls. Her second studio album, A Little More Personal (Raw), would be released as well. Her second record didn't match the success of its predecessor, but it was still able to secure a gold certification for sales of over 500,000. Success would be harder to come by for the actress, but she nevertheless pushed forward, and her slate in 2006 saw the release of 4 new films, most notably Just My Luck and Bobby. Both films were successful, though neither was able to match the success of Mean Girls.

Even though things were slowing down a bit for Lohan, the media still couldn't get enough of her. Once you reach a certain level of fame and popularity, people will always want a piece of you, and in her prime, Lohan gave us more than we could handle.


8 Lacey Chabert Looking Seductive


Not only was Chabert the original voice of Meg Griffin on Family Guy and the voice of Eliza Thornberry in The Wild Thornberrys, she also lent her voice to Hercules: The Animated Series and the video game Injustice: Gods Among Us. She is insanely hot, but she also has a special talent for voice acting, making her equally effective behind the camera as well. After Mean Girls, Chabert appeared in a number of films, and in 2009, she secured a role in the hit film Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, which hauled in $102 million at the box office.

Heading back to her shoot with Maxim, Chabert looks incredibly seductive in the photo, and the unbuttoned blue top adds a lot to the photo. She looks great when she is dressed up, but is even hotter when she is stripped down. She has had plenty of amazing photoshoots, but Maxim is among the cream of the crop for a reason.

7 Rachel McAdams Cranking Up The Heat

2004 was a huge year for Rachel McAdams, and her appearances in Mean Girls and The Notebook put her career into overdrive. The following year, McAdams would continue her successful career by appearing in the films Wedding CrashersRed Eye, and The Family StoneWedding Crashers roped in $285 million at the box office, and Red Eye pulled down $95 million. It seemed that the actress could do no wrong, and those two years proved huge for McAdams. Three years later, McAdams acted in the film State of Play which went on to gross $87 million at the box office, giving her yet another successful film to put on her already impressive resume. By this time, McAdams was a bonafide star in Hollywood, and the Canadian actress was at her peak.

McAdams may not show a whole lot of skin, but she still knows how to play to the camera and crank up the heat. She has been considered among the most beautiful women in Hollywood for over a decade now, and photos like this keep people begging for more.

6 Amanda Seyfried Is Magical


Mean Girls proved to be a huge break for the former model, and Seyfried seized every opportunity that she got. In 2006, she landed a role in the film Alpha Dog, and two years later, her career would reach amazing new heights. Seyfried was cast in the role of Sophie in the film Mamma Mia!, and the musical exceeded all expectations at the box office. Mamma Mia! made an astonishing $609 million during its theatrical run, cementing itself as one of the most successful movie musicals of all-time. While her 2009 wasn't as successful, her role in Mamma Mia! helped Seyfried achieve another level of fame, and future hit films were right around the corner. She played the character Savannah in Dear John, which would go on to make $114 million at the box office.

Given her background in modeling, Seyfried has the experience to take control of every photoshoot that she takes part in, and is able to turn out quality work. We usually aren't into top hats, but on Seyfried, we don't mind it one bit.

5 Tina Fey With A Classic Look

Once her series 30 Rock hit television screens, Fey had another hit show on her hands, but that didn't stop her from dabbling in film once again. 30 Rock aired until 2013, and had a total of 138 episodes, and Fey would appear in plenty of films during this time. In 2008, Fey starred in the film Baby Mama, and the film's $64 million haul at the box office netted Fey another successful film. Two years later, her film Date Night, which boasted an insanely talented cast, would make $152 million at the box office. Fey could practically do no wrong, and her voice work in the animated hit Megamind helped the film earn $321 million while in theaters.

Tina Fey may be the eldest of the women that are on this list, but that doesn't make her any less hot. Some women get better looking as they get older, and Fey certainly fits that bill.

4 Lohan In A Striped Bikini


Unfortunately for Lohan, she would soon find herself in a tidal wave of controversy over the next few years of her career, all of which was readily available for public consumption. Nevertheless, she continued acting, though her films weren't nearly as successful as they had been during her prime. She was still a fixture in pop culture, but not for the reasons that she wanted. After several slow years, Lohan finally had an output in 2013 that resembled her earlier career. She was in 3 films that year, and has yet to act in another feature film since. She is rumored to be attached to the film The Shadow Within, though its release is still unknown.

Every girl looks better in a bikini, and Lohan just happens to have the beauty and the body to look irresistible. Even when battling her personal demons, she continued making public appearances, and fans cannot wait to see her act again.

3 Lacey Chabert With Bedroom Eyes

Chabert has had an immense amount of success on the big screen throughout her career, but it is her work on television that has been her primary source of success. Her voice acting career has continued to wow audiences, and her portrayal of the character Zatanna in DC animated projects has been stellar. Zatanna is considered one of the hottest characters in the history of comic books, and having Chabert provide the voice for the character is almost a dream come true. She has done plenty of work for Disney, DC, and Marvel, making her voice acting career both varied and successful. Chabert portrayed the character Fiona in the film Moonlight in Vermont this year, and has now appeared in films over the course of 3 separate decades.

There is something to be said about a woman with bedroom eyes, and Chabert has some of the hottest in the business. She looks amazing in white, and her stare in this picture is insanely hot.

2 Amanda Seyfried Leaving Little To The Imagination


Often times, treading the same waters can bring a ton of success in Hollywood, and Seyfried should be the poster child for this. In 2012, several years after the incredible success of Mamma Mia!, Seyfried once again starred in a musical, and the box office results would once again be astonishing. Featuring an impressive ensemble cast, Les Miserables received some good reviews upon its release, and it would generate a whopping $441 million at the box office. Seyfried was once again part of another massively successful film, further cementing her as a star in Hollywood. Seyfried has continued finding success in the business, and in 2018, she will star in the musical Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again!, the sequel to her smash hit from a decade earlier. Needless to say, expectations are insanely high for the film.

Seyfried isn't wearing a whole lot in this photo, and we don't mind a single bit. Her black attire makes the actress look seductive, and gives viewers plenty to look at.

1 McAdams In Leather

Rounding out our list at the top spot, we chose to go with the Plastic that was responsible for making life a living hell for those that got in her way. McAdams was truly the perfect person to play Regina George, and she nailed the character flawlessly. Last year, the beautiful McAdams made her debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe by playing the character Christine Palmer in the smash hit Doctor Strange. The film helped catapult McAdams back to the top, and next year, she will be appearing in the film Game Night, which has a cast that is sure to bring the laughs. She has done some television work, but her film career has been far more successful.

With a leather jacket draped over her shoulders, McAdams is smoking hot in the picture, and it was an easy choice to be on our list. Few women in Hollywood are as hot as they were when they had their big break, and McAdams is still a beauty after over a decade in the business.


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