The 15 Steamiest Olivia Wilde Photos You'll Ever See

With a beauty that is unlike most others in the entertainment industry, Olivia Wilde has had a meteoric rise to fame during her career. Hailing from Washington, DC, Wilde, who took her stage name from the writer Oscar Wilde, was just 20 years old when she began landing roles in various projects. Her climb to the top didn't take too long, and before she knew it, she was a household name thanks to her body of work as well as her otherworldly beauty. Wilde has maintained a very diverse career, and she has acted in film and television, directed music videos, stunned readers with her modeling, and has been heavily involved in activism. She is as intelligent as she is gorgeous, and she is as talented as anyone in the business.

With an outstanding career that has now spanned 14 years, Olivia Wilde's diverse filmography runs the gamut of genres, and it show off her role diversity. She is capable of bringing audiences to a roar of laughter, and can break your heart just the same. With light-colored eyes and dark hair, Wilde's exotic looks has kept men drooling over her for years now, and even without her work in film, Wilde could have been one of the planet's top models. The photos found on this list are of Wilde flashing her modeling talents, as well as showing off some skin for the camera. The beautiful Wilde may be in her 30s, but she is as hot as she has ever been.

15 Too Fine

After deciding to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, Wilde soon found herself cast in a recurring role for her first television gig. Wilde portrayed the character Jewel on the series Skin, which aired on Fox. Unfortunately, Skin would only air a total of 8 episodes, and it was quickly removed from television. The exposure did wonders for Wilde's career, and she wasn't without work for long. The following year in 2004, Wilde would land a recurring role on the hit series The O.C. as the character Alex Kelly. Her time on the show spanned 13 episodes, and her time on The O.C. was well spent. That same year, she would make her big screen debut in the film The Girl Next Door.

Let's kick off this list with a bang, and show you this amazing photo of Olivia. She has plenty covering her up, but the look on her face says everything that you need to know about the photo. This woman is insanely hot, and we are just getting started.

14 Perfection

Wilde's casting on The O.C. would last until 2005, and her 13 episodes on the series kept her busy. Her role in the film The Girl Next Door was a great way to kick off her film career, and she would follow this up with a role in the film Conversations with Other Women. Unlike The Girl Next DoorConversations with Other Women failed to catch on with audiences. This is not to say that The Girl Next Door was a smash hit. Conversations with Other Women made less than $1 million at the box office. The first several years of Wilde's career were a mixed bag of success to say the least, but the beautiful performer kept busy, and her pursuit of fame would help her land other roles.

Wilde's modeling career has been successful in its own right, and as she continued to land roles in film in television, more opportunities began pouring in for the actress. It seems that she is hot regardless of what she's wearing.

13 Relaxing By The Pool

After a down year in 2005, Wilde was looking to bounce back in a major way in 2006, and that year, she would appear in 3 films. Her first release that year, Alpha Dog, made $32 million during its time in theaters, and has since developed a huge cult following. Next, she would appear in Bickford Schmeckler's Cool Ideas, and this film failed to do much at all. Lastly, she acted in the horror film Turistas which had a modest haul at the box office. Unlike the 3 previous years, Wilde had no television appearances in 2006, choosing to put all of her focus into breaking out on the big screen. While her role in Alpha Dog certainly helped, Wilde was still chasing down her breakout role.

Is there anyone on the planet hotter than Olivia Wilde? This photo of her relaxing by the pool doesn't require her to strip down in order to be provocative. She is hot enough to have our mind's wandering regardless of what she's wearing.

12 Low-Cut Everything

After spending a year away from television, the beautiful Olivia returned to the small screen, and it would be fortuitous casting in a television series that would give her the big break that she sought. After spending 14 episodes on the series The Black Donnellys (which was cancelled before all of its episodes aired), Wilde would be cast as the character Dr. Hadley in the smash hit series House. The show helped launch Wilde's career, and she would stay on the series until 2012. House had already been on television for several years before Wilde's casting, and her presence on the show changed the trajectory of her career. She would star in the film Bobby Z that same year, but the film did little to help her move ahead.

Low-cut shorts have always been a staple for hot women to wear, and Olivia Wilde looks amazing in them. Throw in a vest with no shirt to cover anything up, and you have yourself a truly stunning photo of the beauty.

11 Goodness Gracious...

Now that she was on a hit television series, it seemed that everyone wanted a piece of Olivia Wilde, and her face was quickly placed in magazines around the world. Despite the immense success that she had found with House, Wilde was still interested in breaking out on the big screen, and in 2008, one year after being cast in House, Wilde acted as the character Bella in the film Fix, which was directed by her now ex-husband. The film received great reviews, but it never received a wide theatrical release.

My, oh my, this photo here is too hot to handle. Olivia has no issues with showing off plenty of her body for fans everywhere, but let's take a second to appreciate the hair and makeup in this photo. Whoever was responsible did an excellent job. Who are we kidding, you probably didn't notice at all, and we can't really blame you.

10 Gorgeous In Stripes

Wilde had spent two years on the series House, and the actress would continue to try her hand at the big screen in 2009. She would find herself with a role in the film Year One, though this would not be the film to launch her to superstardom. Despite boasting a cast that was filled with hilarious performers, Year One was considered a massive flop at the box office. It was ripped apart by film critics, and the film struggled mightily in regaining its budget. Down but not out, Wilde was still chomping at the bit to land her break out film role, and in 2010, fate would finally smile on her.

Wilde has on more clothes than usual in this photo, but her showing off her perfect midsection was just too hot to leave off of our list. Yes, her clothes look great on her, but we truthfully couldn't care less about her striped top.

9 Only The Best In GQ

After the disaster that was the film Year One, Wilde was still looking to reach the heights of the Hollywood elite. In 2010, Wilde started her year off by appearing in the film The Next Three Days. The film was pretty successful, hauling in $67 million during its time in theaters. Her final role of 2010, however completely changed the game for her. Wilde starred in the film Tron: Legacy, the sequel to the beloved classic. Tron: Legacy, while not as beloved as its predecessor, hauled in $400 million at the box office, and the actress had finally found what she was looking for. Wilde had officially made it in film, and Tron: Legacy was only the beginning.

Unless you have never decided to look at hot photos of the world's most famous women, you are well aware of the fact that GQ is one of the best in the business for a reason. Wilde's modeling ability was captured perfectly here, and seeing her on the beach in a bikini is perfection.

8 What A Body

After being launched into a new echelon of fame, Wilde was looking to capitalize the following year. She starred in 5 films in 2011, and the films had mixed box office results. Cowboys & Aliens may have made a bunch of money, but given its outrageous budget, the film isn't considered a hit. On the Inside was a small-budget film that wasn't destined for much. Her film The Change-Up pulled down solid numbers while in theaters, and the film's $75 million was a pretty decent haul. Her final film that year, In Time, proved to be her biggest success. It raked in $173 million, and it kept the train rolling on Wilde's film career.

Now, this photo is truly one of the hottest that you will ever find of Olivia Wilde anywhere. She has very little on, and that is quite alright with us. Each article of clothing, no matter how small, is fit perfectly on her body, accentuating exactly what she wants.

7 Baywatch Babe

After being on the show for 6 years, House finally came to an end in 2012. Fans were devastated that the show wasn't on the air, but they had plenty of episodes to rewatch. Wilde, now a big-name film actress, wasted little time in getting busy after House left the air. On television, she lent her voice to the shows Tron: Uprising and Robot Chicken, and she was also featured in the documentary Half the Sky. She would star in 4 films in 2012, and each film fell flat in comparison to her previous hits. It wasn't her strongest year, but Wilde was adding to her already impressive resume.

She may have never appeared in the series Baywatch, but maybe she should have had a role in the film. The red swimsuit looks flawless on the star. All she needs now is a shot of her running on the beach in slow motion.

6 A Smile To Die For

After a year that saw poor box office returns and minimal activity on television, Wilde would find a much better year waiting for her in 2013. Not only did she appear in films that were praised critically, but a few of them had decent returns while in theaters. Rush, the film about famous driver James Hunt, received great reviews from film critics, and it pulled in a whopping $98 million. The box office returns for the film Her may have been a bit less, but the film was a critical darling, and it would find itself in contention for some impressive hardware. What a year it was for the beautiful Olivia, and these two films are now some of the most impressive in her filmography.

Most of the photos on this list have Wilde showing plenty of skin, but it is nice to mix things up every once in a while. Yes, her legs look incredible here, but the subtle smile on her face is what truly makes this photo hot.

5 Olivia, The Beautiful

2013 was a huge year for Olivia Wilde in film, though not so much on television. She lent her voice to one project that year, but did nothing else. 2014 would be quite the opposite for the star. Her films in 2014 failed to do much of anything, and her biggest roles that year were on television. Let's just put it this way; her biggest film of 2014 made less than $1 million. However, she found herself landing roles on American Dad!Portlandia, and BoJack Horseman. Sure, two of the roles were her doing voice acting, but each show has had an impressive run.

If we're being honest here, this photo could have been the one to top this list. Not only does Olivia look stunning, but the photographer did a wonderful job in making sure everything in the photo looked perfect. While she does look flawless, allow us to show you some more pictures of Wilde showing off her body.

4 Showing Off

For the second time in her career, Olivia Wilde's film career seemed to reach a cooling stage once again. She was still heavily featured in magazines thanks to her outstanding modeling ability, but was failing to ignite huge numbers at the box office. Fortunately, in early 2015, Wilde starred in the horror film The Lazarus Effect, and the film would prove to be a minor hit for the actress. Against a tiny budget, the film's gross of $38 million was truly impressive. Despite having an impressive ensemble cast, her film Love the Coopers wasn't the hit that people were expecting. Thankfully, her roles on Portlandia and BoJack Horseman stretched into 2015. She would also appear on 5 episodes of the series Doll & Em.

Whether she is all dressed up or showing off plenty of her perfect body, we have yet to see a photo of Olivia that we don't love. She is in incredibly good shape, and this photo gives us all a sneak peek.

3 A Little White Number

After finding success in film and television, Wilde took a different approach to the entertainment industry in 2016, and that year, she directed her first two music videos. Her first video was for the song "No Love Like Yours" for the band Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes. Her final music video that year would be for the song "Dark Necessities" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. That latter video was a huge deal for Wilde as the Chili Peppers have been one of the most successful bands of all-time since breaking out in the 1990s. Aside from directing music videos, Wilde also appeared in 8 episodes of the series Vinyl which has since been cancelled.

Cosmopolitan has long been a leading publication, and spreads in the magazine are reserved for only the most beautiful women in Hollywood. Their body of work speaks for itself, and Wilde was a perfect fit for the storied magazine.

2 Beauty And The Beach

By 2017, Olivia Wilde had seemingly done it all in the entertainment industry. Few people are lucky to find success in one facet of the business, but her taking over film, television, and modeling is truly amazing. Throw in her talent for directing music videos, and you have yourself a star who is incredibly diverse. So far in 2017, Wilde has no film appearances set for release, and her only television role was lending her voice to the series Son of Zorn. Instead, Wilde decided to head to the world of theater, and she was featured in a production of 1984. This was the first time in 10 years that Wilde had been on Broadway, and the performer can seem to do no wrong.

Seeing Olivia Wilde on the beach is something that will truly never get old. She is dressed in a bikini that makes it look like she is fully exposed. While everything here has a similar color, her eyes really stand out.

1 A Lacey Number

Now that she is currently doing things in the world of theater, one might expect Wilde to completely shift her focus to one thing, but that just isn't her style. Although she didn't make any film appearances this year, Wilde has 2 films that are set for release in 2018. The first film is A Vigilante, and the second film is Life Itself. One look at the cast of Life Itself leads us to believe that the film is set to do some big things at the box office. She currently has no set appearances on any television projects, but that could all change relatively soon.

Few women on the planet could ever achieve what Wilde has done over the course of her career. Aside from being insanely beautiful and talented, she is as intelligent as anyone else in the business, and the three of these combined are more than enough to make a person famous.

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