The 15 Steamiest Lana Del Rey Photos EVER

Lana Del Rey isn't short on talent, but she's not lacking in the looks department either.

Musically magical and astoundingly gorgeous. If you looked up special, talented, or unique in the dictionary, Lana Del Rey should have a caption. In truth, if there were one female that would be a blast to go out with on a Friday night she'd be at the top of that list for many of us out here. She's a unicorn for many of us boys, and girls believe it or not, there's no doubting that!

Singer, song writer and model Elizabeth Woolridge Grant was born in June of 1985 in New York City. It would be twenty odd years before she would make a splash on the music scene. Well, more like a wave, a tidal wave actually. Since 2005 she's released four albums into the clamoring hands of the public. Since then she's been critically acclaimed and admired by her millions of fans, lusted after by anyone who's been fortunate enough to see how captivating she is, singing, dancing, or in photographs.

Lana Del Rey isn't short on talent; she's not lacking in the looks department either. Hell she's got all of those things and so much freaking more it's insane. Shockingly enough I thought this list would be easy to write. Not so much, in fact quite the contrary. It was a bit overwhelming, to see so much beauty in one place. Mind blowing if you will, though I'm not complaining. After reading this listicle I'm sure you'll see why Lana Del Rey is one of the most beautiful people on the planet!

15 Kicking Things Off


There's no better way to start of our list today at number 15 than Lana Del Rey in a hot black leather jacket. Shying away from the camera is one of the many ways this uber famous beauty is photographed throughout the past several years. As you can see she's visually stunning isn't she? Ooh, la, la muy bonita! Her long, wavy brown hair looks perfect with those aqua earrings and full, luscious honeycomb colored lips. Her earrings add the only splash of color needed for this picture. Lana shows us easily how less can often be more. It's pretty obvious after seeing her at number 15 that she looks ravishing in any damn thing she feels like wearing, period.

14 Lucky For Us She's A Bad Girl


She's a bad girl, thank goodness for that! Someone out here certainly has to be, and she fits the bill perfectly, right? What a rocking photo of her with some dope ass heart shaped glasses and Coco Chanel earrings. Topping her killer look off with fire red hair, a thick gold chain and "bad" ring draws our eyes towards one hell of a great photo of Lana Del Rey. There's just as many girls out there with huge crushes on Lana as the boys and it isn't hard to figure out why is it? After seeing Lana in this ultra sexy photo, it's pretty apparent as to why she's on of the most famously gorgeous, and attractively alluring females anywhere in the world.

13 Good Morning; Damn Right It Is


Damn, she's fire in this photo wouldn't you say? Lana Del Rey isn't just ridiculously beautiful though; she's infinitely talented as well. This super cute picture reminded us that just about any man would want to see her looking this way when rolling over in bed waking up in the morning. Who wouldn't? Lana leaning up against a bedroom wall dressed in what most of us reading this listicle would wish to be that Tommy Bahama Hawaiian button up shirt. Of course, the fact that the casual shirt itself isn't buttoned up at all lends to the intrigue of the photo. This is definitely one of the simpler photos of Lana, but it screams stupid hot in such a sensual way.

12 Legs For Days And A Red Velvet Booth


Lana Del Rey shines divine in her pink embroidered short dress, relaxing in her little red velvet booth. She looks like she's having a good time doesn't she? You could say this picture has a vintage feel to it once you see her hair style and those fun Mary Jane shoes. This photograph oozes style. It oozes her in reality and captures her appearing extremely cool and so damn alluring it's hard to look away. This just happens to be a great photograph, and that's why we had to include it here at number 12 on the list today. The hard part as you'll soon see is that none of these photos suck. They're all amazing in their own way.

11 Looking Like An Angel

I almost feel like a total cheese ball writing about this shot of Lana Del Rey. "Why," you ask? Because I'm sitting here smiling like an idiot, dumbfounded that any person on earth can even look that freaking hot. Writers get paid to fill up these blank pages with insightful thoughts and spot on descriptions, yet the only thing I can think to say right now is "Wow, she's absolutely unreal." What a smile and god what a dress. Her hair enveloped in flowers and all look like something you'd see in a story book when talking about the most beautiful girl anyone has ever seen. A seemingly perfect picture of a radiant Lana Del Rey shoots us past number 11 straight to number 10.

10 Dark And Seductive


Not many girls look as ravishing in an unassuming white t-shirt, stylish black leather jacket and cut off high waisted jean shorts as Lana Del Rey does. This picture is one of the reasons we decided we should put together a list of her hottest photos ever. Plain and simple, she looks great in this photograph. Other than the obvious though, is the photographer's set was nothing short of sweet and it helps capture a really great photo of her looking her best. What a fantastic shot of Lana on a fur rug. On a fur rug, stop it! We had to include this shot because it was the sexiest of her with long black hair looking near bashful, but darkly seductive.

9 That's A Really Big Gun


What's cooler in a photograph than a sexy girl with a really big gun? Apparently number 8 through 1 is, that's what. This picture comes from one of Lana's many music videos you can find all over the internet. It's a cool, fun photograph of her acting out one of the scenes in the video don't you think? She looks pretty damn good (and oddly right at home) holding that huge gun and she doesn't disappoint at the end. That much we will say. I won't give away the ending of her video, though it does have fire, helicopters and explosions. We thought that was a good combination and worthy of blasting this photo of Lana Del Rey straight to number 9.

8 Such An Enchanting Smile


Lana Del Rey has such a fantastic smile, doesn't she? Her eyes light up like diamonds in this photograph of her looking elegantly stylish in her black dress surrounded by a black fur wrap. Lana's also wearing a dainty gold and ruby heart necklace with a large gold, emerald and diamond ring on her ring finger. It all looks quite dazzling on her and helps accentuate her dress in this engrossing photograph of her looking right into the camera. When I asked several of my female friends what photo of Lana Del Rey they liked the best, many of them pointed at this photo at number 8. Then again many of them just stared at all of the pictures like I'm sure many of us here today are.

7 Simple And Sweet


We dig the setting the photographer used in this simple yet sweet photo of Lana looking, dare I say, innocently. I know that description of her won't be used from here on out so relax. Even the innocent photos of her are ill. There also weren't many pictures of her floating around online that we found of her with light brown hair. The fact that she's wearing bright red lipstick, and wearing it really well, earned this hot photo of her a top 10 position. Lana looks beautiful and at ease in this modelling shot of her lounging out in a chair. Cut off jean shorts and a pretty white top are all that she needed to make this picture of her appear smoking hot.



Fantastic long, curled red hair, fire red lipstick, and a grin that stops people in their tracks may not be the best part of this photograph of Lana Del Rey in all honesty. I'm thinking it's got to be her eyes. They kind of speak to you. Her eyes in this shot look remarkable don't you think? Alluring would basically be an understatement. Damn they just sparkle? Maybe that's just me and I need some coffee but I doubt it. You also get to see what her tattoo says on the underside of her hand if you haven't before. I heart this photo of Lana and had no problems placing it here at number 6 and I'm hoping most of you out there agree. It's pretty fire.

5 Who Doesn't Wish?


The top 5 hottest photos of Lana Del Rey is a grab bag of great photographs of the famous singer, songwriter, model that are surely going to be a tasty treat for all of you to see in one place today! Take this photo of her for example, my word just look at that woman she's visually stunning standing there in that fabulous, soft white sweater. Here's another picture of Lana where the photographer nailed the setting, everything looks perfect. Obviously, so does she as she playfully provokes the camera by holding the curtains only half way over the rest of her body. Anyone looking at this photo right now is probably daydreaming. We don't blame you one bit.

4 A Little Bloody


This is one of those dark, cool, slightly hardcore photographs of an ultra sexy Lana Del Rey that had to make the list today. It's easy to see from this shot why the famous singer has also been a successful model in the past. Her lips are simply amazing even after the prick of a thorn. Put a mystical blue rose between some of the most popular lips in Hollywood, and you could have something special. That little bit of blood streaming down her chin is the icing on top of the cake when referring to this picture of Lana. Who knows, you may see her in the next round of vampire movies. There wouldn't be a sexier one anywhere else out there that's for sure!

3 Navy Blue Polka Dot Dress


Ruby red lipstick, a dope gold chocker necklace, paired with a hot navy blue, high waisted pencil skirt and polka dot dress gives this photo of Lana Del Rey that Vintage feel wouldn't you say? The peekaboo bra adds that modern flare to a sultry photo bringing her outfit all together for the photographer. This is the only other shot of her we used today on our list of hottest Lana Del Rey photos of her with caramel-colored hair. She looks so sexy doesn't she? The fact that you take all of what makes this photo of her so hot and put her lying down on a bed staring into the camera with those mesmerizing eyes this picture settles right in at number 3.

2 What A Dope Closeup


You may be sitting there wishing this list would go on forever and ever. I know I am, but all good (even great) things must come to an end eventually. Unfortunately, that just can't happen here today, there's got to be a winner. It's hard to sit here and write why this smoking hot closeup of Lana Del Rey isn't number 1. Her fair skin and long red hair are on full display here as you see. We were so captivated by this photo of her gazing into the camera that we placed it super high on the list, and as we gathered more glamorous photos of Lana it never fell below number 2. In the end, the number 2 spot is where we felt this photo belonged.

1 Wrapped Up In A White Sheet


When creating this list of hottest Lana Del Rey photos I thought that this shot of her captured the celebrity in the brightest of lights. She seems to photograph so well and has been shot in so many different settings making that decision wasn't an easy one I assure you. Photoed here she's wrapped up in nothing more than a white sheet, she looks flipping perfect. Lana embodies what sexy looks like in this photo don't you think? If not you readers out there should check your pulse because the rest of us feel our your hearts pop out of your chests. Lana Del Rey all wrapped up in a silk sheet wraps up this list (for now) of hottest Lana Del Rey photos EVER!

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The 15 Steamiest Lana Del Rey Photos EVER