The 15 Steamiest Films On Netflix Right Now

Netflix has quickly become one of the primary sources of films for the general public. Their massive database gives fans access to a crazy number of movies, from both the past and present, English and foreign, in basically every genre you can imagine. With so many titles to choose from and nearly every type of film under the sun, some of the best surprises come in their sexually explicit content.

Netflix has stood firm on its no-p*rn policy. Even though there has been rumors that there is some secret p*rnography section that lies hidden in their database somewhere, the truth is much less mysterious. Yet, while there is no outright p*rnography, there are plenty of films that brush up close to that classification. Netflix even has a subcategory called "Steamy Movies," a list filled with movies that feature intense and erotic sex scenes. Are you curious which ones are the steamiest? Well, we've done the research.

If you're looking for quality films that are also steamy, this is, admittedly, not the right list for you. Sure, there are a few great movies that have made the list, but most of them forgo plot and substance for sex and naughtiness. For the most part, this list is dominated by foreign arthouse films that feature vast amounts of sex and intimacy masquerading around as art.

Still, we won't be the ones to deny that there is a natural human interest in watching sex on screen, so we won't shame anyone who's interested in finding and researching these gems on Netflix. We will try to identify individual scenes when necessary, but for the most part, these films feature several intense intimate scenes. Not only is it difficult to discuss these scenes in a PG manner, but many of the films herein involve much more than one steamy scene. Much more. Enough talk. Let's look at Netflix's risqué side. Be warned, these movies are all quite graphic. Here are the 15 steamiest films you can watch on Netflix.


15 Nymphomaniac: Volume I and II

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Even prior to the release of the Nymphomaniac films, director Lars von Trier had built himself a reputation of filming very detailed and explicit sex scenes in some of his films. This reputation was obviously intensified when he released the two volumes of the Nymphomaniac film, a movie about the sexual exploitations of a sex-obsessed woman. von Trier filmed the sex scenes using well-known actors, while skillfully simulating sex scenes. For most shots, he achieved this effect with prosthetic genit*ls or by digitally swapping the actors' lower halves out with p*rnographic body doubles. The effect is one that convinces the audience that they are seeing well-known actors partake in unsimulated sex on screen. It's a weird thing to see. Regardless of whose body parts are shown, the film is very graphic and there are countless scenes which can be considered steamy, too many to name just one. That being said, it's also one of the best films on the list, despite the sometimes off-putting and fetishistic sexual encounters.

14 Wetlands

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In this German film from director David Wnendt, a number of very taboo and strange subjects are dealt with in very graphic ways. The film is almost entirely built on shock value, though many critics did enjoy the movie in its entirety. If you're interested in the body and sexual topics, this is a pretty engaging movie, but take heed: watching this with your family or anyone who you aren't comfortable discussing sexual irregularities with could result in the most awkward two hours of your life. It's also possible that you might never look at vegetables the same way again.

13 Blue is the Warmest Color

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Even though the film, Blue is the Warmest Color, has had a number of controversies come out from behind the scenes, it was originally met with a very positive critical reception. Coming in at just under three hours, this movie is a devastatingly long trek through a lesbian coming-of-age story, full with explicit sex scenes, including one that is over 7-minutes long. Director Abdellatif Kechiche was not shy about getting as close and personal to the stars as he could, making for some very intense on-screen moments. Now, this film is much more than its individual intimate scenes, but, make no mistake, these steamy moments dominate the film and make the most lasting impressions on the audience.

12 Love

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Director Gaspar Noé is well-known for his disturbing film content and his film Love is no different. All the sex in this film, and there is plenty of it, is unsimulated. Much of the nudity and sex is gratuitous, showing the process from start to finish in the kind of detail you would expect from p*rnography, not a movie on Netflix. Actor Karl Glusman spoke of the sex scenes and how he hopes audiences take a liking to them "Because we’re not doing anything that’s perverse," he said. "We’re not doing anything strange. Everything in the film, all the sex, it seems natural, to me at least.” While we do agree that it is natural, it's also a bit shocking that this one made it by the Netflix censor police.

11 En la cama


En la cama is a Chilean film that translates to In Bed in English. The entire film revolves around a one-night stand between two young people. While there is some discussion in the film that breaks up the sex scenes, the film is called In Bed, so you can pretty much figure out what's going to go down in most of the scenes. Since there is only one location for the film, a motel room, and a wardrobe that consists of underwear, literally, this movie can feel entirely one-dimensional. Well, it is entirely one-dimensional and that single dimension is sex. There are two many steamy scenes to identify just one, but trust us that you will get your fill of them with this one. Basically, if you’re looking for p*rnography with some decent dialogue, this movie is a good pick.

10 Room in Rome

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You would think that En la cama's simplicity and dullness would mean that it would be forgotten about rather quickly, but that wasn't the case. In 2010, director Julio Medem decided to make a film loosely based on En la cama, called Room in Rome. While there is much more substance to this film than En la cama, it still deals with very similar topics. Scratch that. This film deals with the exact same topics really, with the exception of Room in Rome centering on two women as opposed to a man and a woman. Like its predecessor, Room in Rome also features two actors who are basically nude for the entire film and features plenty of sex scenes. Though the sex scenes are simulated, prepare yourself for a movie that looks and feels every bit like a standard p*rnography film.

9 Romance

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Coming from director Catherine Briellat, a woman who has made a name for herself as one of the most sexually explicit directors out there, Romance is a movie jam-packed with unsimulated sex, sadomasochism, crying and borderline-not-so-borderline p*rnography. This is a film that is said to merge p*rnography and art, but it often feels like p*rnography pretending to be art. Some of the scenes can be challenging to watch, not because of their explicit nature but because of the violent implications attached to them. Essentially the film follows a woman (Caroline Ducey) who is exploring her sexually adventurous side after she has been rejected by her boyfriend.


8 The Exterminating Angels

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The Exterminating Angels is the English title of Jean-Claude Brisseau's weird film about a director who films three women having sex. Technically, there is more to the film than that, but you'll need to keep reminding yourself of that fact as you watch the countless sex scenes. No, the scenes aren't always p*rnographic as many of the films on this list, but there are a few in particular that feature full and intimate full frontal nudity. The strangest part is that most of the film is based on the actual lived experiences of director Jean-Claude Brisseau, a man who was arrested and charged with the sexual harassment of three female actresses while filming his 2002 film, Secret Things. Call it autobiographical, normalizing of a real crime or whatever you want, but we're calling it "steamy."

7 Sex and Lucia

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Starring Paz Vega, Sex and Lucia is a film that, compared to most on this list, involves much more than sex. Don’t be confused though, it is absolutely filled with gratuitous nudity; it's just not dependent on it like most on here. On top of the many graphic sex scenes, there are also several unsimulated sex acts, which can be a little alarming for viewers sitting down for a Netflix movie. That being said, Sex and Lucia isn't all that bad of a movie. Sure, it feels like a p*rno during many of the scenes, but deep down, there is a movie there. So many of the scenes can be classified as steamy, so if that's what you're looking for, you'll be more than satisfied with this choice.

6 Anatomy of a Love Seen

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In a list about specific steamy scenes, it is fitting that Anatomy of a Love Seen is one of the choices. This film is about two female actresses who fall in love while filming a love scene. After a relationship forms between them following this encounter and then the breakup, the two actresses are reunited when they have to reshoot that original scene. It's actually an interesting premise for film, though the execution falls a little short. Still, the explicit sex scenes between the two women just barely straddles that thin line between blatant p*rnography and "steamy". Check it out yourself if you're curious, but viewer discretion is advised.

5 The Piano Teacher

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From director Michael Haneke, a man known for depicting graphic realism in his films, The Piano Teacher is a strange, sometimes beautiful and other times disgusting movie. Following a 40-something teacher who becomes sexually obsessed with one of her students, The Piano Teacher features a number of disturbing scenes, including one masochistic r*pe scene that will leave you feeling so dirty you'll need a shower. The content, like almost all of the content Haneke deals with, is troubling and tough to swallow at times. While "steamy" is hardly the right word for many of the explicit and non-explicit scenes in the movie, there is plenty of sex and graphic nudity in it to keep the steamy-seekers happy, just don't expect to finish the movie and feel refreshed.

4 Young and Beautiful

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The French film Young and Beautiful has received quite a bit of critical acclaim since its release, so there is a movie to be seen here, but it follows the exploits of a young prostitute sleeping with a number of older men, so there's that as well. Much of the nudity in the movie is tasteful, but there's more than enough of the implied and vile scenes to make this a strange viewing. One scene in particular has a man die of a heart attack whilst doing the deed with the protagonist, which is weird and uncomfortable to watch, as is almost all of the sex scenes involving people of vastly different ages. Even though the main actress was well above the age of consent while making the film, her character's age make this even harder to watch. Still, there's a realism to the film and its scenes, which sucks the viewer in and makes the experience feel more authentic than you could imagine.

3 Y Tu Mamá También

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From the moment this film opens, Y Tu Mamá También is sex, sex and more sex. Directed by Alfonso Cuarón a few years before he did Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, this film feels like a departure from what we know Cuarón as today, but Y Tu Mamá También received a slew of critical acclaim and was nominated for a number of awards including Best Foreign Film at the Academy Awards. That should at least be proof that there is a quality storyline here. Still, there is hot and heavy sex scenes throughout, several of which are very graphic and explicit, including full-length sex scenes rarely seen in legitimate films. Led by an incredible cast including Diego Luna (Rogue One) and Gael Garcia Bernal, Y Tu Mamá También is a must watch, possibly the only "must watch" on this list.

2 Enter the Void

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Another Gaspar Noé film, this one more intense and with more graphic sex scenes than Love. Though many of the explicit scenes in Enter the Void are mixed with trippy lighting and visuals, there are some very p*rnographic visuals that are impossible to hide. We won't go into any details here, but there is almost everything you would see in a p*rnography in this movie, even if it might be slightly diluted with flashing/strobing lights. The film follows the protagonist's out-of-body experience as he travels the streets and sex clubs of Tokyo. It is very weird and deals with plenty of taboo topics, including prostitution. With more than enough dazzling and high-quality visuals to keep your eyes interested, this film and its content comes dangerously close to pointless, aside from the obvious p*rnographic intent.

1 Antichrist

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By far the weirdest, but also quite possibly the most artistic film on the list, Antichrist from Lars von Trier is a film that stands alone from it's steamy scenes, but it is also aided by them. Sure, there are almost certainly some of the most disturbing things you'll ever see in a film in this one, but the viewer at least feels that there are enough good reasons for these shots to exist as well. That's important for people who are looking for a film, even if steaminess is desired too. Graphic sex, genit*l mutilation, extreme violence and scary images are all present in Antichrist, so don't be asking mom over to watch this with you. While some of the sex scenes can definitely be considered "steamy," they are also mixed in with harsh tragedies and violence, which is kind of the point of the whole thing: sex and violence. If you've got a strong stomach and are looking for a film that is highly sexualized but also significant, this might the best choice for you on this list.

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