The 15 Most Stunning Female Celebs Over 40

Have you ever heard that 40 is the new 30? For some people, it’s true. We’ve all known someone who just refuses to look their age. I’m not talking about that over-the-hill friend who refuses to dress their age in a vain attempt to recapture their long-gone youth. No, I’m referring that person who just looks younger than they really are. Whether they’ve achieved this through working out, spa treatments, good living, or just good genes, they’ve managed to elude Father Time for the time being. It’s no different in Hollywood. In a town obsessed with youthful looks, you can always find some poor celeb that chose to go get enhancements in order to artificially try to maintain some semblance of youth and vitality. More often than not, they end up looking like a ridiculous caricature of their former selves. They’re not fooling anyone and would have been better off letting themselves age gracefully.

But then there is that select group who have managed to stay looking young without any work (at least that we can tell). They might utilize personal trainers, healthy diets, rigorous workouts, expensive spa treatments, creams, lotions, and oils. Whatever they do, it works for them. There are so many beautiful celebs in their forties or fifties who can still hold their own against some of the younger celebrities. In fact, it seems these few celebs only get better with age. They remain some of Hollywood’s hottest, glamorous stars and could be just hitting their prime! Join us as we take a look at fifteen steamiest celebs over the age of 40.

15 Eva Mendes: Age 43

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Eva Mendes has always looked incredible. Many have had a crush on her for years! Her style and beauty are on a whole other level. At the age of 43, Mendes still retains that vivacious youthful look. Most people say it’s easy for Hollywood celebs to stay looking youthful as they age; they’re loaded and can afford all the treatments and trainers. However, if you ask Mendes, she doesn’t believe in spending a fortune to maintain her style and beauty. In fact, she says you can most of what she uses daily at your local drugstore, just shop smart and get good body scrubs and coconut oil, which she says is great for removing makeup. Also, she stresses to stay hydrated all day and be consistent in your exercise regimen, whatever it may be. If it keeps her looking great, it must be true!

14 Cindy Crawford: Age 51

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I know what you’re thinking: a supermodel on this list? They have a head start on everybody because they are darn near perfect to begin with! But it takes work to keep it that way. Even at age 51, Cindy Crawford still looks like she walked off the runway in Milan as she did over 20 years ago. According to her, she likes to keep to a diverse exercise regimen to stay fit. She alternates between running, biking, and Pilates. “It’s a combination of a lot of things. I don’t smoke; I don’t take too much sun on my face – all those things. If you keep doing them enough over the years, they add up,” she says. She told Shape magazine in 2011, “I work out to stay the same. But I love having a fit body…” Well, we love you having a fit body too, Cindy! Though looks aren’t everything, they sure don’t hurt!

13 Sofia Vergara: Age 45

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Where does one start when talking about the incredible Sofia Vergara? Her beautiful hair, her sexy voice and Colombian accent, or her incredible body? For being 45 years old, Vergara is an absolute stunner! She says the key is confidence (along with some Pilates and weight-training, of course). Whether it’s confidence in your body or your business, Vergara says it’s an important starting point. Vergara has called Sophia Loren the epitome of glamour and strives for that level of perfection. Recently, Vergara released photos of her when she was sick in bed running a high fever, believing her flushed cheeks would make a great makeup color. Even in those photos, she looked unbelievable! If you ask Vergara what could be her best asset, she might reply, “I love my butt!” She once said the secret to her striking backside is up to four strength-training sessions a week, and some spin classes. Whatever you’re doing, Sofia, it’s working!

12 Halle Berry: Age 51

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Halle Berry just doesn’t age! At age 51, Berry still looks incredible; probably better than most women a decade or so younger. According to her, she keeps her super stunning bod by following a variety of fitness programs: Ramona Braganza’s 321 Training Method, as well as Harley Pasternak’s 5-Factor Fitness Plan. Her regular workouts include plenty of cardio, core and circuit training. "A magical thing happened when I turned 40 — a light sort of went off, and I felt more self-assured and confident, like I finally had the right to be authentic about who I am, to say what I want to say. I guess that comes with getting older," Berry says. Even as a busy mother, she admits she loves to show off her toned abs. I would too if I had them! As for eating right and keeping her super-fit figure, she says, “It’s a lifestyle for me.”

11 Mariah Carey: Age 47

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Songstress and diva Mariah Carey might be a Grammy-winning, twice-divorced, mother of two who has topped the music charts for over two decades, but don’t call her old! Getting older in an industry that is obsessed with youth is difficult but apparently not for Carey. If you ask her, she’s eternally young: “I don't count years, but I definitely rebuke them — I have anniversaries, not birthdays, because I celebrate life, darling." She’s eternally young at heart and has the looks to prove it. To keep absolutely stunning at 47 years of age, Carey says the key is avoiding the sun to save your skin from sun damage and to treat your body with care. Oh, and if you’re wondering what the key is to Carey’s beautifully pouty lips? Well, no collagen there. Carey chooses an all-natural route, mixing mint extract with her lip gloss to open the pores and allow better blood flow.

10 Alyssa Milano: Age 44

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Whether you’ve grown up with Alyssa Milano and remember her from days on the series Who’s the Boss or Charmed, she’s always remained a vibrant, beautiful un-aging talent. Even now, at 44 years of age, Milano still retains the energetic glow of an actress half her age. What’s her secret? She says eating organic is important, or when not possible, find the healthiest option. She indulges in fresh tomatoes and papaya, and confesses to putting avocado on anything. While it might not be essential to her youthful appearance, Milano loves to cook with plenty of herbs and spices, like garlic and onions, which, as she puts it, “is natural for an Italian like me.” She says she enjoys a healthy lifestyle, with dance classes a few times a week as an alternative to the gym. Also, most importantly, her secret is happiness: “I’ve always said that as long as my laugh lines are deeper than my frown lines, I’m living a good life.”

9 Gwen Stefani: Age 48

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Can you believe it’s been over twenty years since Gwen Stefani burst onto the music scene with her band No Doubt? Now at age 48, this popular The Voice coach is still just as hot and sexy as she was back in her punk-ska-pop days! Being a mother of three hasn’t stopped Stefani from maintaining her vitality and looking eternally stunning! Though she’s dedicating to fitness and keeping her figure, she has stressed the importance of a healthy life balance. She’s disclosed that occasionally she skips a workout to spend time with her kids and enjoy some outdoor activity. The key, according to Stefani, is feeling good about yourself and not always about keeping those six-pack abs (which Stefani has in spades!).

8 Jennifer Lopez: Age 48

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Even though Jennifer Lopez is a doting mother of twins, she can still hit the stage and perform like an artist half her age. She’s currently in residence, performing at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. At 48 years old, this former “Fly Girl” and American Idol judge still looks smoking in her stage outfits. She’s made it clear in interviews that women shouldn’t be written off once they are out of their twenties; a forty-year old is more in control of who they are and what they want. No arguments here. Lopez always exudes sexy confidence! When asked about how she does it, she says,” I try to always get as much sleep as I can, so I can start the day rested and do my morning meditation and affirmations.” Lopez also admits freestyle dancing is her main exercise and she commits to dancing five times a week.

7 Jennifer Aniston: Age 48

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Jennifer Aniston became a household name thanks to her hit television series Friends. When you see her today, over ten years after the show ended and pushing nearly fifty years old, she’s still one of the steamiest women in Hollywood! Is it natural beauty? Maintaining her looks isn’t easy. Aniston has admitted to getting a chemical peel to keep her ageless complexion. “It’s extremely intense – you don’t realize you look like a battered burn victim for a week,” she said during a 2012 interview. I guess no pain, no gain. If she’s willing to endure it to keep her youthful appearance, who are we to complain. But facial beauty aside, she’s got to have some sort of exercise regimen to keep up that perfect body!

6 Salma Hayek: Age 51

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I had to do a double-take when I heard that Salma Hayek was 51 years old. Can you believe it? There’s no way. Her looks are unreal. Hayek has long spoken out against society’s emphasis on looks and once said, “We’ve got to fight for our confidence every day in modern life because we live in a society that is very harsh to women.” While that may be true, Hayek’s age-defying beauty is timeless and has the rest of us in awe. How does she do it? She says she keeps it au naturel whenever possible. One thing she admits is not over-cleaning your skin. She cleanses really well at night and then doesn’t touch it in the morning, as she was raised to believe your skin replenishes at night and over-cleansing would be harmful. As for makeup, she stresses, in her case, that less is more.

5 Kate Beckinsale: Age 44

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If you ask Underworld star Kate Beckinsale how she stays looking great at 44 years old, she will tell you it involves a lot of sweat and an absolutely punishing workout. Like most of us, Beckinsale confesses that she hates to work out, but she does it anyway because of how great she feels afterwards. Beckinsale meets with trainer at least five times a week for super intense sessions. She maintains that her beauty routine consists of hydrating her skin, cleansing, and exfoliating. What’s her chosen method of washing her face? She uses warm milk to wash her face, rinsing with cold water, and then pat dry. She says the vitamin A is healthy for your skin. Her hardcore exercise, along with yoga, a healthy diet, and a skin care routine, all help to keep Beckinsale’s looking great at 40 and beyond!

4 Sandra Bullock: Age 53

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Sandra Bullock is one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actresses, and has been nominated twice for an Academy Award, winning one in 2014 for her role in Gravity. Her breakout role was in the 1994 action film Speed, but truth be told she barely looks like she’s aged since then, over twenty years later. In fact, her personality and the way she carries herself would make one think she’s at least a decade younger. What’s her secret? She says varying up her workout helps to keep in fresh and avoiding your body from hitting a plateau. She mixes it up a bit with some Pilates, kickboxing, and weight training while in Los Angeles, and when in her hometown of Austin she goes bike riding or running. She also plans her meals weekly, allowing herself a cheat day to eat whatever she wants. To keep it fun she tries to wear new, stylish, or cute workout clothing to give her motivation.

3 Jada Pinkett Smith: Age 46

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Jada Pinkett Smith is another mega beautiful Hollywood actress who just refuses to age. If you’ve ever seen any of those paparazzi shots of her and the family out at the beach, it’s hard to tell if she’s the mom or just one of Willow’s friends. How does she do it? “I was raised to believe you eat because your body needs fuel for energy,” Pinkett Smith told Shape magazine in 2009. “So, I eat super foods.” I suppose keeping track of her superstar husband Will Smith and those two kids of hers will also help burn unwanted pounds. No matter how she does it, Jada Pinkett Smith is definitely in top shape and doesn’t look anywhere near her age of 46. She’s definitely one of the steamiest celebrities around today.

2 Nia Long: Age 47

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Remember Nia Long when she was in films like Boyz n the Hood (1991), Friday (1995), or even Big Momma’s House (2000)? She looked like the epitome of natural beauty. I know one thing we all fear, on some level if we’re honest with ourselves, is growing old and looking it. Long must sleep well at night because she definitely doesn’t look like she has to worry about that. For some people, beauty is painted on and superficial, fake hair, skinny jeans, whatever. Long credits her natural look on a routine beauty regimen that includes a deep cleansing facial wash and moisturizing. When asked, she said, “Sitting in a steam room for 20 minutes, I think, is the secret to why my skin has a youthful glow. It really does keep you moisturized. At home, inside of my steam shower, I add eucalyptus oil and it opens everything up.”

1 Tyra Banks: Age 44

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This former supermodel and America's Next Top Model host was the first African-American woman to grace the cover of GQ magazine and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, twice! To be honest, at age 44, Tyra Banks still looks like she’s could hit the modelling runway tomorrow! Asked how she does it, she jokes, “For lunch, some red velvet cake and fried chicken. For dinner, you repeat what you just ate for breakfast and lunch. Then you get in bed and have Cheetos, Fritos and Doritos.” Seriously, though, she does acknowledge a must-do face-cleansing ritual to keep her beautiful face glowing, being sure to wash off her makeup every night before bed. She reports that she’s obsessed with moisturizing and credits that as the secret to not looking her age: “My mom taught me to lotion every part of my body right after I get out of the shower or out of the bath before your skin dries up.”

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