The 15 Most Snobby Women Of Hollywood

Being an actress in Hollywood is a tricky thing. You can be hot, be talented and do your best to rise up in a tough industry. But the pressure appears to be larger as actresses can often be held to a different standard then men. It’s not just in looks but also their behavior as a male star can often act up and it won’t be too bad but if a woman does it, it leads to them branded a “diva” and other bad labels. It’s rough but it’s there and some women don’t deserve such a reputation. Others, however, do. There are many actresses who have decided to basically toss class totally away and act in some of the worst ways imaginable. It may not be fair but it’s true and how so many ladies act in very unladylike ways.

The “Divas” are easy to pick out, the gals who act high and mighty, insist on being waiting on and such. There are also the ladies who fall into bad habits that get them wild and end up turning their careers into tabloid jokes. Some actresses are able to rise above this and still have successful careers but others are sunk badly by these actions in terrible ways. Some just come off arrogant, others truly horrible and some just plain nuts. It’s sad to judge them but some are just asking for it with their antics and how they let their fans down with behavior. Here are 15 of Hollywood’s biggest “ladies” who threw class out the window and acted in ways that shame a lot of their legacy and standing.


15 Jennifer Aniston

She may have grown to fame as the star of Friends but in real life, Jennifer Aniston is slammed as a terrible diva. Stories abound that during the making of the show, Aniston would refuse to eat with her cast-mates and simply take her food and be on her own. Whenever salary negotiations took place, Aniston would make her own deals rather than stick with her cast-mates and demand more money. Stories abound of Aniston refusing to make time on movie sets for her cast-mates, eating alone and sticking to her entourage. While others stick to the production vans, Aniston has her own luxury SUV and keeps her private trailer up to two miles away from the set. While you can understand her attitude thanks to her divorce from Brad Pitt, Aniston still maintains a reputation for demands on set that outdo any of her co-stars, carrying on at some parties with some harsh behavior and putting folks down. She may be a sweetheart on film but behind the scenes, Aniston’s snobby behavior hardly makes her a friend to those in the business.

14 Madonna

“The Material Girl” is well known for her truly outrageous behavior from ludicrous red carpet outfits to bad-mouthing in the press. However, her ego has allowed her to engage in some massively diva antics that put others to shame. A germaphobe, Madonna insists any hotel she stays in basically be cleaner than the Center for Disease Control and has been known to go on a tirade if she finds so much as a piece of hair left behind. She brings her own entourage who have their own entourage that go around in private trailers. When she makes appearances on talk shows, Madonna insists the studio pay for her own makeup guys as she “doesn’t trust” the studio’s. She’s been known to be horrific to her backup dancers with demands like wearing all black and also screaming about some being “too fat” in her presence. Her 2013 trip to Malawi had her making such huge demands for VIP treatment that the nation’s government labeled her a bully. This is a woman who demands to have her own private seat on her private jet. Maybe it makes sense one of the biggest music stars of all time also have one of the biggest egos but it makes her a lot harder to like.

13 Jennifer Lopez

Her ego is nothing new as reports abound that Jennifer Lopez has been a hassle ever since her days as a “Fly Girl” on In Living Color. At first, she seemed okay as talk abounds of her terrific for her star-making role in Selena. But as her fame grew as a singer and actress, so did Lopez’s ego and need for control. A major talk is that Lopez refuses to directly address people on set, even co-stars and her director, instead having them talk through her handlers. She’s been known to throw tantrums when hotel maids dare to give her peanut M&Ms instead of plain ones and not setting her room just right. A famous story is Lopez entering a boutique, asked what she wanted and simply replied “the best.” Her tenure as a judge on American Idol had her fighting constantly with her fellow judges and accusations of running down the acts in private. That’s not to mention her clashes with Taylor Swift and other starlets as Lopez hates anyone stealing her spotlight. She has owned up to some behavior and is still a huge star but it’s pretty clear how “Jenny From the Block” allows her ego to ruin a lot of her reputation.

12 Gwyneth Paltrow


She’s a great actress with an Oscar and even a star in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Pepper Potts. But Gwyneth Paltrow also has gained a reputation as an incredibly pretentious woman who often drives people crazy with how she seems completely disconnected to real life. Her interviews and Twitter feed are filled with comments like “I can’t pretend to be someone who makes $25,000 a year” and sharing way too much information on her bodily needs. She’s a horribly tipper at restaurants and is constantly name dropping knowing people who will later claim to have never met her. Then there are the prices for her Goop company that includes $200 jeans and a “casual” sweat shirt at $300. Then there are her comments on “every woman should have time for exercise” and making it sound like her life as an actress is harder than a typical mother. She comes off nice in public a lot but the word is that behind the scenes, Paltrow’s demands and narcissistic behavior make her one of the worst folks in Hollywood to know thanks to how she thinks she’s better than so many others.

11 Elizabeth Taylor

Long before today’s sexpots like Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Lawrence, Elizabeth Taylor was clearly the most glamorous woman on the planet. A great actress and Oscar-winner, her stunning curves made her a favorite and she was often dressed to the nines in the best gowns and dresses and stunning diamonds. But for all her class in appearance, Taylor could be a hell of a lot rougher in real life. Anyone working with her knew they were getting a very temperamental lady who was primed to show up late on set or even not at all and wielded her clout like a hammer. The high point would be when she basically stole Eddie Fisher from his wife Debbie Reynolds, the press slamming Taylor as a home-wrecker. Then, when filming Cleopatra, she and Richard Burton engaged in an affair that set the world press ablaze. All told, Taylor was married eight times to seven men and would be public on her views about her great sexual drive and outgoing attitude. Her last years were marked by bad health and a tabloid joke but Taylor’s wild behavior on sets and in real life showed that she was a bigger star just being herself than in any of her films.

10 Katherine Heigl

A pretty obvious case when it comes to ladies whose behavior earns them a bad reputation. Katherine Heigl had been rising up for a bit with movies like Under Siege 2 and the popular sci-fi series Roswell, hot to look at and a bit intense. In 2005, she began her role as Izzie Stevens on Grey’s Anatomy and appeared as stunned as everyone else when the drama became the hottest show on TV. It won her a Golden Globe and soon led her to box office success with hits like Knocked Up and 27 Dresses. But it also began Heigl’s infamous behavior as a total diva. She withdrew her name from Emmy consideration, openly saying her writers hadn’t given her the best material to work with. She trashed Knocked Up (a box office hit that made her a major star) as being horrible toward women and reports of her behavior got her kicked off of Grey’s. Heigl is trying a TV comeback with the upcoming Doubt and has apologized for some of her attitude over the years, but her reputation as a diva still marks her far more famous than her awards.

9 Salma Hayek

The stunningly gorgeous actress is well known as a sultry beauty from Mexico. Her talent (and body) have been on display in films like Desperado and she’s even been good as a producer, creating the ABC hit Ugly Betty. However, that beauty hides an ego that some say puts her on-screen personas to shame. The big thing is that Salma Hayek basically refuses to allow anyone to look her directly in the face. As strange as it sounds, Hayek will only talk to people if they’re not looking right at her or if they’re talking to one of her assistants. Reports abound that when a crew member dares to look and talk right to her, Hayek will scream and walk off set until that person leaves or is fired. There are also demands of wild stuff like the best linens for her hotel rooms and will even order from a top restaurant to be delivered rather than room service. Hayek is also known for screaming at staff at restaurants and ranting on bad service at hotels. She’s gorgeous but don’t get on her wrong side or you’ll face a spicy temper.


8 Shannen Doherty

Recent events have made her a lot more sympathetic but don’t erase Shannen Doherty’s horrible past. The actress became an instant star when Beverly Hills 90210 stunned everyone by becoming a smash hit in 1990. It shot Doherty to the A-list and made her one of the hottest actresses around. However, Doherty was soon infamous for some absolutely horrible behavior on set combined with hard partying and some drug use. It became too much for producers and Doherty was fired from the show in an infamous row in 1994. Doherty would follow that with a nude spread in Playboy and trashing the show and her co-stars. In 1998, she got a second chance with the series Charmed and for the first three years, did well with it. But once more, stories abounded of Doherty’s ego and screaming on set and clashing with co-stars Holly Marie Combs and Alyssa Milano. At the end of the third season, she left with clashing stories on whether she was fired or quit. Either way, Doherty was basically considered too toxic to use in Hollywood with a drunk driving arrest on her record. Today, Doherty is now seen in a new light with her battling breast cancer and thus more willing to forgive her for her classless acts of the past.

7 Kim Kardashian

For a woman who basically came to fame due to a big rear end and a sex tape, Kim Kardashian has taken to heart being a modern day “royal.” As she has become famous as a reality TV star, a mogul with her own clothing and beauty supply lines and more, Kim is also known for some outrageous demands. This includes $1 million for any public appearance and twice as much for an endorsement. She demands at least five first class tickets for travel, always the absolute best hotel suites, portal-to-portal first class ground transportation, a personal greeter at the airport and a private security detail. That’s not to mention top dollar for the best hair and makeup people and final say on any photographs, even paparazzi ones. Kim has been known to demand food be sent back just because she spills a drop of sauce and ranting about her hotel rooms not up to snuff if the sheet count is off. While not confirmed, a major rumor is that behind the scenes, Kim basically snaps to her family that if it wasn’t for her, they wouldn’t have all their riches and fame. She’s hot to look at but deep down, Kardashian can get pretty ugly.

6 Christina Aguilera

There are “divas” and then there’s Christina Aguilera. You can’t deny she has a stunningly gorgeous voice that she’s used to become one of the biggest stars in the world of music. However, Aguilera’s ego abounds with reports of clashing with numerous directors and stars. It reached its height when she signed on to be a judge on The Voice and had it in her contract that she have a police escort as she hates being stuck in traffic. She demands to see all footage of her before it airs and if she believes she doesn’t look that good that it all be reshot. She’s fought with fellow judges and is very demanding, delaying tapings because she needs a 30-minute foot massage… for a program where she’s sitting in a chair all the time. There are reports of she and Cher clashing a lot on the set of Burlesque and how Aguilera met her match in the even more powerful diva of Cher. Still, Aguilera is notable for a huge ego and while her voice is fantastic, behind the scenes she can be truly snobbish.

5 Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts became a star almost overnight when Pretty Woman turned into a massive box office hit in 1990 and put her on the A-list. Robert was winning over moviegoers with her beauty and lovely smile but behind the scenes her attitude was getting bad. Julianna Marguiles loves to tell the story of being a working waitress when Roberts hit it big and claims Roberts treated her horribly, not leaving a tip, and complaining about the service. The two are friends today but stories of Roberts’ bad treatment of restaurant staff abound in Hollywood. She and Steven Spielberg fought on the set of Hook with Roberts making lavish demands for her own trailer and more money, so she was nicknamed “Tinkerhell.” Roberts is wary of working with other female co-stars and wanting more screen time with demands the press be kept away from her while working. She seemed humbled when her career hit a skid in the mid-1990s but her Oscar win for Erin Brockovich brought that behavior back. She’s still one of Hollywood’s biggest starlets but Roberts’ troublesome behavior doesn’t match her winning persona on-screen.

4 Faye Dunaway

Once, Faye Dunaway was one of the most beautiful and biggest stars in Hollywood. Her works included classics like Bonnie & Clyde, Chinatown and Network, the latter of which won her an Oscar. She became a huge favorite with her wild portrayal of Joan Crawford in the cult classic Mommie Dearest. Little did anyone know that Dunaway would soon outdo Crawford when it came to acting up majorly. Intensely private, Dunaway was always demanding but it got worse after a string of flops hurt her cred in the town with age also slowing her down. She once took down the scales at an AIDS gala to measure her own food and stories are legendary of her screaming on sets and tearing down co-stars. The biggest tantrum, however, was when Dunaway was cast in a production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical version of Sunset Boulevard. Having her play Norma Desmond looked like a brilliant idea but Dunaway’s singing was terrible and she and Webber clashed non-stop. So Webber replaced her with Glenn Close and Dunaway responded with a lawsuit and howling to the press on Webber as a monster. It's such a shame that a once gorgeous legend could fall apart like this.

3 Ariana Grande

The actress/singer got her start playing the scatterbrained Cat Valentine on the Nickelodeon teen comedy Victorious. She moved on to a spin-off, Sam & Cat which was a ratings hit. However, stories grew of how Ariana Grande and co-star Jeanette McCurdy were clashing on set, each with some diva behavior and wanting more screen time. The show was canceled as Grande moved onto fame as a singing star. However, more stories came to light of her behavior and dismissing those some tweens who had won a contest to meet her, not even bothering to ask their names and demanding they delete candid photos they took of her. The star is also known for demands in photoshoots like refusing to be photographed in natural sunlight and needing to approve every single shot with the ones she dislikes to be deleted forever. While she held it together for the recent Hairspray Live program, stories continue to abound of Grande acting every bit the diva (her recent posting of being "the hardest working 23-year-old") behind the scenes and showcasing a truly massive ego for one so young.

2 Lea Michele

The actress had already gotten a start on Broadway when she was cast as Rachel Berry on the Fox series Glee. The show turned not just into a hit but a full-fledged phenomenon that made the entire cast stars. However, it soon became clear that Lea Michele wasn’t just playing being a diva, she really was one. Many have slammed her constant posing on the red carpet with a “look at me” pout and plastered-on smile. She’s been known to give the cold shoulder to fans who skipped school and traveled halfway around the country for concert events and even wishing she had bodyguards for them. Glee co-star Naya Rivera supposedly was fired from the show on Michele’s demands and Rivera trashed Michele majorly in interviews. When Kate Hudson guest-starred on Glee, she also came out calling Michele one of the worst people she’s ever worked with. While the death of her love Cory Monteith seems to have sobered her up, Michele still has a reputation as a lady so snobbish she makes Rachel look downright humble.

1 Joan Crawford

You think horrible behavior by actresses is a new phenomenon? Think again. If today’s tabloid culture had existed in the 1940s, Joan Crawford would have been a godsend to them. The woman was infamous for her demanding behavior on set, carrying on massively as a diva and short-tempered for fits. Once declared “box office poison,” she managed comebacks with an Oscar victory for Mildred Pierce and several top hits. However, Crawford was noted for her bad antics and should be lucky she was in a time when the studios worked hard to keep such acts under wraps. As it was, most in the business would prefer poking their eyes out rather than have to work with Crawford for a movie thanks to her demanding to be treated like royalty. But her later life was famous like becoming head of Pepsi and clashing with the board members for control. Then there was her near abusive relationship with daughter Christina immortalized in Mommie Dearest. Most notable of all was Crawford’s decades-long feud with Bette Davis that led to some of the biggest Hollywood party rows imaginable. That is to be given new life in the upcoming series Feud with Jessica Lange as Crawford and remind the young stars of today how wicked Hollywood icons can get.

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