The 15 Most Powerful Objects In The DC Universe

In your opinion, what is the most powerful object in the DC Universe? The answer to that question will depend on so many factors, since DC does not have a list ranking objects in its universe in the order of their superiority. Therefore, the best way to answer this question would be to look at the objects used, past and present, in this universe and try to compare them to see if we can come to a reasonable conclusion.

The objects up for consideration here include more than just the offensive weapons and defensive weapons that both superheroes and villains use. The technologies designed by civilizations to meet their survival needs and some teleportation devices that can help a hero or a villain gain advantage over his or her enemies are also included.

It would make sense to have the most powerful beings in DC to feature on the list, but it just so happens that most of the badass superheroes and villains do not always need to use objects. If some of the characters featured on this list would know how to use these objects in the best possible ways, chances of them rising to the top of the list of most powerful beings in the DC Universe are very high.

Here is a list of fifteen of the most powerful objects in the DC Universe, which of these objects do you think deserves to be number one? Is there an object not on this list that you think deserves to be here?


15 Cosmic Staff

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Jack (The Starman) did not have superpowers, but when he used the Cosmic Staff, he would transform into one of DC's most powerful superheroes. Jack's father, Ted, who was the original Starman, invented The Cosmic Staff - an object that grants the user powers such as levitating objects, manipulating energy, and rapid flight. In addition, the staff can absorb energy from the stars and use it to create a defensive force field, as well as extremely powerful offensive energy blasts.

An additional feature about the staff that comic readers discovered not so long ago is that its owner can control it using his or her mind, even if it is far from him or her. What made Jack even more dangerous with the staff is his training in Jujitsu, which helped him to handle the staff like a pro. Stargirl currently has the staff, making her just as dangerous as Jack was when he had it.

14 Soultaker Sword

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Katana, the wielder of the Soultaker sword, is its ideal owner, owing to her proficiency in swordsmanship, hand-to-hand combat and martial arts, and the fact that she is a superhero and not a villain. Muramasa, a famous 14th-century swordsmith, is said to have forged this sword, which has the curse of making its evil wielders to be even more evil. What makes this sword so powerful and dangerous is its ability to take the souls of those it kills and store them.

The wielder of this sword can communicate with those souls stored within it and even perform sacred rituals to reincarnate them to use them for his or her will, whether those souls desire to be used or not. This sword is also dangerous, because it bequeaths its owner the power of immortality and enlightenment. Can you imagine battling an immortal enemy who can summon an army of dead people?

13 The Cosmic Treadmill

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The Cosmic Treadmill is one of the most powerful objects in the DC Universe, since the Flash uses the treadmill to travel through time. Some people would not expect the Flash to feature in this article, let alone his treadmill, but according to comics, this treadmill gives Flash the power to do what very few heroes or villains can do; travel through time. Time travel in itself is so dangerous, because it gives the traveller the power to alter history and reality as we know it.

The first appearance of this treadmill was in The Flash #125, and its precise purpose was to send Barry Allen to battle aliens that had come and overthrown the earth in 2287. This treadmill allowed the Flash and Kid Flash to battle against the aliens and win, with the Flash travelling to the future and Kid Flash travelling to the past for them to accomplish this feat.

12 Wonder Woman's Bracelets And Lasso Of Truth

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Wonder Woman is one of, if not the, strongest women superhero characters in the DC Universe - and this is, in no small part, thanks to the weapons she has at her disposal.

Wonder Woman's bracelets and Lasso of Truth go together, which is the reason for having one entry for both of them. The bracelets are in every way indestructible, and she can deflect anything you throw her way or absorb immeasurable impacts with them. Her strength, speed, and agility make handling these bracelets easy and it gives her enemies a very hard time.

Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth was originally called the Magic Lasso of Aphrodite, but it also goes by the names Golden Lasso and Magic Lasso. This Lasso is interesting in that, as opposed to offering a deadly strike to her enemies, it forces them to tell the truth and obey the truth. The combination of these two powerful objects makes Wonder Woman a nigh-indestructible superhero.

11 Enchantress' Weapon

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If you are a true DC fan, or simply a fan of superhero movies, then you must have watched the film Suicide Squad, DC's latest Superhero movie. In this movie, a government agent called Amanda Waller came up with a plan to recruit supervillains, most of whom were behind bars, to a special black ops unit that would be called upon by the government to save the world from powerful threats, in exchange for less severe sentences.

One member of the team was Dr. June Moone, an archeologist who was possessed by the Enchantress' spirit - a spirit that gained control only when Dr. Moone called her name. The problem here is that Enchantress goes rogue and frees her brother and herself from Amanda Waller's control. Using her mystical powers, she develops a weapon that would enslave the entire human race - a mission that would have succeeded were it not for the interference of the Suicide Squad which killed her and freed Dr. Moone. A weapon that can enslave the whole human race is too powerful to leave out of a list like this.

10 Starheart

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When the Guardians of the Universe decided to bring order to the stars and rid the universe of magic, the mystical energies gathered in an orb that came to be known as the Starheart. The Starheart continued to grow powerful and eventually became self-aware as the Green Flame of Life. A small part of the Starheart travelled out to fulfil its destiny, moving through space until it got to earth, landing in China as a meteor. Centuries after landing on earth, the fragment was reshaped into what looked like a lantern by an insane lamp maker.

Alan Scott found this lamp and, owing to the power of the lamp, became the first Green Lantern - one of the most powerful superheroes in the universe. The Starheart is so powerful because it gives the user powers including eternal youth, the creation of protective force fields, invisibility, flight, energy blasts and hypnosis. Also, it gives the ability to phase through solid matter, danger detection, heat beams, blinding light, teleportation and a host of other amazing powers.

9 Spear Of Destiny


The Spear of Destiny - otherwise known as the Spear of Longinus or Lance of Longinus - is one of the most powerful yet mysterious objects in the DC Universe. This spear is believed to be the spear that pierced Jesus' side while he hung on the cross, to make sure that he was truly dead, since the Romans did not want the disciples to take Jesus' body before they were sure he was dead. However, the spear encountered godly blood at the cross and became one of the most dangerous weapons.

Whoever has this spear gets so powerful to the point that they can become the world's ruler, simply by owning it. Hitler used this spear during the Second World War to prevent American superheroes from getting involved in the war. Also at this period, Hitler corrupted it using a magical ritual that made anyone who wielded it to lust after power and greed. Anything that can prevent superheroes from accessing a battle area and make the wielder strong enough to rule the world is very powerful.


8 The Phantom Drive

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Fans of Superman know all too well how powerful the Phantom Drive is; especially after watching the 2013 film Man of Steel. The Phantom Drive is an engine built by the Kryptonians that can fold space and access black holes, through which the Kryptonians can move vast distances across the universe in an instant. Baby Kal-El was sent through the Phantom Drive from Krypton, which was in the midst of being destroyed, to Earth, a very long distance off in another galaxy far from Krypton.

General Zod and his rebels retrofitted the Phantom Zone Projector by using the Phantom Drive to travel vast universes in search of surviving Kryptonians and habitable planets that they could colonize. Upon discovering that Kal-El and the Growth Codex were safe on Earth, General Zod and his rebels came to earth and powered their World Engine and Black Zero (his ship) using the Phantom Drive. Anything that can access black holes and fold space is powerful enough to make it to this list.

7 The Helmet of Fate

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The Helmet of Fate is one out of the three magical objects that make Doctor Fate so powerful; the other two include the Cloak of Destiny and the Amulet of Anubis. The Helmet of Fate made it to this list because it has powers of its own that do not depend on the presence of Black Alice to manifest. The helmet offers the wearer powers of sorcery, flight, telekinesis, it resists any form of damage, and it enhances a wearer's physical strength.

The wearer can perform great feats of magic, manipulate energy, gain enhanced intellect, look into the past and the future, and access knowledge and insight through spells and rituals. The wearer also gains cosmic awareness, can detect magic, can travel through time, move with super speeds, summon or banish creatures, and live like an immortal. This is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful objects in the DC Universe.

6 Warworld

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The Warzoons, a warlike alien race, created Warworld, which was a planet, to be their perfect weapon. However, the planet somehow killed all the Warzoons mysteriously, with the last one to die found by the Largas (peaceful aliens) sitting on the planet's control chair. Later, the whole Largas race died out and they handed over the key to a Martian race before their extinction. When Mongul got his hands on the keys to Warworld, he activated it, sat at the planet's control chair, and began to operate it using his mind.

The world was full of weapons of all kinds, with some nuclear missiles the size of skyscrapers. Both Superman and Supergirl tried to stop Mongul, but the world was too powerful even for both of them. However, the neurological stress caused by controlling the world was responsible for killing the Warzoons and it began to drain Mongul to the point of leaving him unconscious. Anything that is more powerful than Superman and Supergirl combined deserves a spot on this list.

5 White Lantern Rings

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The White Lantern Rings might be the smallest of all objects on this list, but it is highly likely that they are one of the most powerful. When the White Lanterns wear these rings, they can create white energy constructs, they can easily eradicate Black Lanterns, they enable the wearer to recover from fatal wounds in minutes, and they help restore heroes that Nekron has claimed. In possession of a white ring, Deadman resurrected a dead bird and he transformed a devastated Prometheus land into a beautiful forest.

These rings do not require charging since they become more powerful as the wearer remains alive. Although most people assume that the Green Lantern rings are more powerful, the White Lantern Rings are by far superior, and a Green Lantern can graduate to becoming a White Lantern if the user takes full control and masters the emotional spectrum. Anything that gives the user this and even more power is worth a permanent spot on this list.

4 The World Engine

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The World Engine is an amazing Kryptonian object that has the power to transform uninhabitable worlds or otherwise into worlds identical to Krypton. This equipment transforms atmospheres and topographies of planets into what the user wants them to become. This equipment was created when Krypton sought to expand, thereby sending thousands of ships to scout outer space and identify worlds that could host the Kryptonians.

When General Zod and his rebels were inadvertently released upon the destruction of Krypton, he obtained a World Engine, attached it to his ship - the Black Zero - and went in search of a good planet to call his home. Upon discovering earth and losing a battle to Kal-El, General Zod ordered the activation of the World Engine, which started transforming earth into what Krypton was like. Superman managed to destroy the World Engine, leaving whatever was left of it at the coast of India, from where some people discovered Kryptonite.

3 The Mobius Throne

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This is no ordinary throne, since it is a space-time vehicle that Mobius or the Anti-Monitor use to search for knowledge. Metron uses this chair as his masterpiece of technology, allowing him to cross inter-dimensional and space-time barriers. Whoever is sitting on the throne has access to some of the most powerful features in the DC Universe. With this throne, the user can fly, move from one time dimension to another within seconds, and can produce holograms. Whoever is sitting on the throne becomes all-knowing and all-powerful, and it has the ability to support life.

The chair has a powerful force field around it, protecting it from attacks and penetrations from any beings - including those with phasing abilities. Whoever is sitting on the Mobius Throne has access to a powerful tractor-beam that is so strong it can pull a planet. The power described here is too much to leave this throne out of this list.

2 The Miracle Machine

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The controllers created the Miracle Machine and gave it to the Legion of Super-Heroes in 2960 as a gift for stopping a renegade Controller. This Miracle machine is definitely one of the most powerful and most dangerous objects in the universe, since it has the power to convert what a person thinks into reality. This is an advanced version of the willpower technology created by the Guardians, or a reverse engineering of the same, according to Brainiac 5, since the Green Lanterns technology is willpower in a form that one can manipulate.

The danger in using the Miracle Machine lies in the randomness of an individual's thoughts since imagining that you are dead will actually kill you. Owing to how dangerous the machine was, it was locked in the Legion's vault, hoping to never use it again. However, during Final Crisis, the Legion pulled Superman forward in time to battle Superboy-Prime - a scenario that ended in the unexpected conquering of the Earth by Darkseid, who wrapped space and time around him, thereby preventing Superman from returning to his time.

1 The Mother Boxes

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Although Himon - an Apokoliptian scientist - created the Mother Boxes using Element X, their true nature is not clear. These boxes have wondrous powers that even the gods of New Genesis, who are the users, hardly comprehend them in totality. These boxes give the users amazing powers, including those of teleportation, the power to manipulate energy, and they have healed the injured rapidly. These boxes can change the gravity in a particular area, they sense life and danger, they can absorb powerful blasts, rearrange the matter in objects, create force fields, and manipulate their host's life force.

Furthermore, the boxes can take control of machines, evolve into machines, merge with beings, and sustain life in a harsh environment. The gods of New Genesis use the Mother Boxes at specific times to help certain superheroes when they are in need. Only beings born on Apokolips or New Genesis can manufacture a Mother Box - a craft that requires much training to achieve.


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