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The 15 Most Powerful Enemies in Fallout 4

The 15 Most Powerful Enemies in Fallout 4


When wandering through the wastes, it’s easy to get distracted by all of the awesome wonders you will find on your travels, but have you ever stopped wandering for a few minutes just to revel in the magnificent splendor of the people and wildlife you’ll find in the Commonwealth? No, you only think about yourself.

The Commonwealth is home to a vast array of incredibly detailed and powerful people and creatures designed specifically to make your life and travels absolute hell. You’ll notice that this list only contains one well-deserving member of the Brotherhood of Steel, and only because he needs an honorable mention. I’ve also intentionally excluded the Sentry Bot and Assaultron because even though they can do some major damage to your calm, you’re unlikely to find them in the top ten or even fifteen of the strongest enemies in the Commonwealth. The Assaultron will only kill you by using that laser, which is really easy to avoid. And that’s if she even decides to use it. The Sentry Bot can be easily destroyed or disarmed by blowing up or stealing the fusion core in its back. This grants you an instant victory over one of the most powerful robots in the game, causing an immediate disqualification.

The following fifteen are scaled for level and progress within the game, with an honorable mention at the end. Enjoy.

15. Mirelurk King


One of the toughest enemies you’ll come across early in the game is the Mirelurk King. During later portions of the game, or if you’ve explored much of the wastes and have encountered these before, you may not see these creatures as much of a threat. If you’re unlucky enough to be ambushed by one or more of these beasts early in the game however, the odds are stacked against you. With their disarming song, if you could call it that, and their fast movement, they are a force to be reckoned with during the early game. Later on, they only really seem to pose a danger if you’re low on health and caught unaware. Still, the Mirelurk King is one of the most powerful early game enemies you will encounter. Can you imagine the sex between the Mirelurk King and Mirelurk Queen? Gross.

14. Synth Leader


Another early game danger is the Synth Leader. These arseholes can really do some damage if you’re running through synths like butter and happen to be caught unaware by one of these guys. They do much more damage than your average synth and have better resistance and health. They’re usually the boss of a level occupied primarily by synths and seem to prefer synths to human company. If you’re hoping to use ballistic weapons against them, think again. Their armor and resistances are geared toward resisting ballistic weapons so you’re generally going to have to blow out some clips on them, or get up close and personal. With their ability to deal out damage with their modified Institute weaponry, this is almost never a good idea.

13. Glowing One


If you’ve visited any ghoul infested areas in the early game, then the Glowing Ones are bastards that you have certainly come to know and loathe. Now, I usually take off from the normal plot lines in my early games in Fallout 4 because I’ve completed the main plots, but I remember being out-matched by them early on and spending countless rounds finding a circular path to run from the Glowing Ones, staying one step ahead of them and having to outsmart them in order to survive and kill them. While this tactic is fun to play and to watch, fighting them before level 10 is not something that is recommended even by pro Fallout 4 players such as myself, unless you’re a glutton for punishment and relish the thrill of besting an opponent that outmatches you on every level.

12. Swan


When most people hear the word swan, especially when combined with the words lake or pond, they find a familiar and beautiful white bird floating lazily on still waters. Fallout 4 players find no such memory in their minds when the name Swan is mentioned. The Swan of Swan’s Pond was once a human being but is now a unique super mutant and one of the most challenging early game fights you’ll encounter in Fallout 4. I say early game because that’s when I first encountered this guy. I remember being level 20 something and seeing Dogmeat take a swim in Swan’s Pond. Oh, how naive I was. As I approached to gather some plants for the alchemy list I was compiling, you can imagine the brick I dropped when a huge super mutant roared from the waters and chased me past the Freedom Trail to my certain doom.

11. Kellog


This guy is by far the most hated and reviled character in the game, especially early on. Before the heartbreak of the storyline comes to fruition, and before you realize that Fallout 4 is just going to keep tearing your soul apart piece by piece and leave you staring at a decision on your screen for hours at a time, questioning your own ethics and reasoning ability, there is Kellog. This guy is a real a-hole. You learn early on that this guy is a cold-blooded killer. He’s killed men, women and children alike. He admits that he may have felt bad about it, but under most circumstances a human being ain’t going to shoot a baby in the head; you can totally imagine Kellog doing so… for a price. Easily one of the toughest boss fights in the early game.

10. Gatorclaw


Who doesn’t remember their first gatorclaw? This tough sumbitch doesn’t go down easily. It is a part of one of the coolest downloadable content bits of any video game and comes with an awesome story all its own. With a name and stature so similar to the deathclaw, it’s easy to see why the gatorclaws made this list. Though they seem similar to the deathclaw, maybe brothers from another mother, they actually have nothing to do with them. They’re genetic creations with combined DNA from the chameleon and alligator and brain cells of the super mutant. These creatures can be found in the Nuka-World add-on DLC. In a head to head fight, these creatures are about as powerful as a normal deathclaw and have some great resistances, making them a fun challenge.

9. Hermit Crab


Hermit crabs are awesome. You can give them just about any small shell or object with a hole in it and these cute little creatures will make a home in it. There is even a picture somewhere on the web of a hermit crab using a mouse skull as a home, which is kind of creepy but totally cool at the same time. The hermit crabs you’ll find in Fallout 4 are no longer the cute little first-time pets you know and love. The hermit crabs in the Commonwealth are insanely tough and if you happen to be caught unaware by its disguise, you’ll quickly find yourself in a bad place. They have a lot of resistance, befitting their shells, but are a bit slow in their attacks. If they were much faster, they would be higher up in this list.

8. Gunner Brigadier


You might notice that humans don’t make this list except twice, and the reason for that is the fact that humans in Fallout 4, except for the sole survivor, are actually pretty darn weak. You can mow down entire squads of humans if you really wanted to. The exception to this is Kellog, mentioned previously, and the Gunner Brigadier. While the Gunners are problematic, you can usually dispatch them with a fair amount of ease. That is, with the exception of the Gunner Brigadier, because in Commonwealth Gunner Brigadiers mow YOU down! He’s incredibly strong and tough and worst of all, he is immune to VATS. That makes him a problem for targeting and anyone who relies on critical hits to dispatch their opponents is pretty boned here.

7. Deathskull Radscorpion


Radscorpions are a menace in the early game, and that is a cold hard fact. If you get caught by a pack of them unaware, or are just dealing with them while low on health, they will do you in pretty quickly. The Deathskull Radscorpion, however, is another story entirely. These creatures are incredibly resistant to damage, even more so than their Radscorpion predecessors. To make matters worse, they do an insane amount of poison damage with their sting, as well. They’ll level up with you, so you can never pacify them. As a last line of defense, you may think that running away is a great option and for other enemies you would be right. The Deathskull Radscorpion, however, can burrow underground and appear anywhere they want almost instantly, making a tactical retreat a pipe dream.

6. Ancient Behemoth


Supermutants are fun. You almost always know when they’re around because they leave shopping carts and hanging bags filled with human body parts and viscera. They’ll talk the best smack in the game, in spite of their obviously stunted intelligence. Some of the coolest side-quests in the game involve them as well. When it comes to the ancient behemoth, however, fighting with supermutants suddenly becomes something completely different. They are hands down the strongest supermutants in the game. Their only redeeming quality — and I say redeeming because it is literally the only reason you can beat them, is the fact that they have stupid low resistances compared to other creatures, even to their own type. This gives you the leverage you need to come out on top in a fight.

5. Mythic Deathclaw


You’ll come across your first Deathclaw pretty early in the game, and if you’re anything like me, its appearance will startle you and you’ll run across the screen yelling obscenities and wake your whole family up, who will subsequently ask you why the hell you’re yelling at thee o’clock in the morning. Subsequent encounters are somewhat less surprising but no less difficult to best. The Mythic Deathclaw, however, is in a class all its own. The attacks that come from this creature are insanely fast and stand a large chance of staggering you. If you’re unlucky, you’ll get staggered on your first attack and in a flurry of claws, you’ll be hearing that slow motion death knell in no time. It has the highest resistance of any creature in the list so far.

4. Dusky Yao Guai


The Yao Guai are amazingly tough, even early in the game. They give you great meat that you can cook up into delicious meals that give awesome bonuses. The Dusky Yai Guai, however, is the strongest and deadliest variant in the game. It has complete immunity to radiation, which means you can’t take him down that way. He also has a plethora of other resistances that will make causing significant damage to him difficult at best. To top it all off, he dishes out more damage than even the Mythic Deathclaw could ever hope. It attacks faster than previous creatures as well, which is frightening when you consider the speed of the Mythic Deathclaw and carries a “claw, claw, bite” maneuver with extremely high DPS. If those stagger you, you are dead when that next attack hits. Good luck.

3. Venomous Angler


This creature ambushes you from underwater which can mean a quick and surprising death without even getting a good look at the angler. It has massive health levels which equate to more health than Mythic Deathclaw and Dusky Yao Guai combined. Worse yet, it has higher resistances than all previous creatures as well. That means you’ll do less damage, but you also have to inflict more of it to kill the damned thing! It also has complete immunity to radiation and poison damage and it can survive a headshot from even the strongest weapons in the game. Even from afar, it can kill you with a ranged fireball attack with damage that hasn’t even been recorded. If you come across this creature and manage to kill it, consider yourself lucky.

2. Enraged Fog Crawler


Like some kind of nasty, overgrown bed bug, the Enraged Fog Crawler is by far the toughest bona fide badass monster in the game. It has the highest health in the game. It scales levels with you so it can’t be pacified. It’s completely immune to radiation and poison and has high energy resistance as well. In fact, the damage resistance of the Enraged Fog Crawler is the highest in the game. It has incredibly high slashing damage and can jump attack with area damage that causes stagger. Its only real, significant disadvantage is its sometimes slow movement, so you might get lucky enough and see it get stuck in terrain. That’s really your only chance to survive an encounter with this creature. If you beat one, comment here with your experience!

1. Liberty Prime


Liberty Prime gets an honorable mentioned because technically, it isn’t a villain at all. In fact, the only way you’ll even fight it is if you choose to take on the brotherhood, activate the Liberty Prime robot and then take a shot at it. This thing is forty feet tall and shoots lasers out of its face hole that’ll kill you in just a second or two. If that doesn’t kill you, then its tactical nukes will do the job. It is the strongest, toughest thing in the game. With its insane health, highest resistance of any creature in the game and weapons that will knock even a high level Sole Survivor out in a matter of seconds, the Liberty Prime gains an honorable mention as the most powerful villain in Fallout 4.

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