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The 15 Most Powerful Creatures in Final Fantasy XV

The 15 Most Powerful Creatures in Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV has been touted by their creator, Square Enix, as a Final Fantasy for fans and new players alike, even to the point of showing that text at the beginning of the game every time you put it into your console. Normally, a post like that would make someone have immediate second guesses about the game, but it turns out that it’s true. As a Final Fantasy fan who has played the series since the original Final Fantasy all the way into the latest installment, I recommend this game to everyone.

One of the best aspects of the Final Fantasy universe has always been the creatures and monsters that seem to blend in seamlessly with the environments in which they are placed. Everything from the cute Moogle to the iconic Chocobo have become household names in every gamer’s vocabulary. Aside from the everyday animals, there are the monsters. Enemies in the Final Fantasy games have always been legendary, even if the view of them inside the game is intended to be mundane. Monsters in Final Fantasy XV are no different. Equally beautiful as they are deadly, the monsters found in Final Fantasy XV are truly a sight to behold.

This list will explore the strongest and most deadly monsters in the Final Fantasy XV game. We are avoiding Daemons and Imperials in this list. Instead, we’re looking at creatures who are a part of the world.

15. Behemoth


The Behemoth is truly the first epic creature that you’ll encounter in the game, and it’s the first one you might find yourself truly afraid to fight. The Behemoths roam the Hammerhead area and, true to its own name, this creature is truly huge. Deadeye will likely be the first Behemoth you come across, and it doesn’t disappoint. They’re a pale purple with a blonde, lion-like mane.

You might think being small will be a problem, since the behemoth will be able to gobble you up in one very small bite, but you actually have to use your smallness to your advantage when you fight it. Use the trees around as cover, warp around and be as fast as you can to beat this gigantically awesome creature.

14. Bloodhorn


At first glance at its starts, you might think that this creature is a weakling, but a few concepts really combine into a perfect storm for this creature that make it deadly and powerful when you come across it. First and foremost, you take on this quest very early in the game, which means you are not going to be as familiar with the controls as you will be later on in the game, you don’t have much ascension and your level will be fairly low. Second, the creature is damned tough. It has a full fifty percent reduction to all incoming damage, which will cause you to have to fight this thing for some time before you knock it down to size. Combine all of that with relatively high hit points and you’ve got a powerful early game creature.

13. Mictlantecihuatl


You may not know it, but the Mictlantecihuatl is not only incredibly strong, but has some of the best drops in the entire game. If you don’t at least encounter this creature once in the game, you’re truly missing out. These creatures are basically half-dragon, half-birds that come in a variety of colors throughout the Final Fantasy series. In the Final Fantasy XV installment, these creatures have a sea green coloration with yellows and reds that accent its beauty. This creature is exceedingly dangerous, even in the later parts of the game due to their incredibly high hit point values and fast and powerful strikes that you will have to time your dodges incredibly well against in order to survive. It’s also immune to quite a few effects, including death and several forms of elemancy.

12. Malboro


The Malboro is a unique creature that has become a calling card as a Final Fantasy staple. It is a reoccurring character in the Final Fantasy series, and its ferocity seems to be increased in Final Fantasy 15. It is some kind of huge, octopus-like plant that has a strange method of attacking. You won’t have to worry about it killing you just by inflicting an insane amount of damage, even though it can. What you’ll have to worry about with the Malboro is the fact that it can inflict such a wide variety of status ailments that you’ll run out of curatives long before the fight is over. Because of this, it will slowly whittle away at your hit points until you are dead.

11. Killer Wasp


Almost everyone in the world has a primal, instinctual hatred and fear of bugs. The ones that bite and sting garner a special kind of hatred, and that is no different in the Final Fantasy universe. The problem is that in Final Fantasy XV, the bugs are absolutely gigantic and the Killer Wasp is absolutely no exception. Alone and with the right equipment, they don’t pose much of a threat. The problem with them is the fact that they will not only poison you, but they’ll also be found traveling with several other creatures at the same time. Encountering a swarm of these Killer Wasps can be a real downer for anyone who isn’t properly equipped, but given their resistances and hit points, they can even be a minor danger all on their own.

10. Kingatrice


Who would have thought that a giant chicken would be any more dangerous than the fried chicken you ate last night? The Kingatrice is an evolved form of a beast called the cockatrice. It evolved this way because it was stuck in a region that was primarily occupied by daemons and, in order for it to survive, it had to become stronger and tougher. And it sure is. If you’re ever out and about in the Cleigne Region, you are likely to run into one of these puriform poultries. This creature has insane resistances, including poison, death and even most of your weapons. It will also inflict a number of status effects on anyone it hits, including Poison and Compromised, which can take such a toll on you that you either have to use all your curatives, flee or die.

9. Kujata


The kujata are huge creatures that roam the lands of Duscae and can be a real problem if you’re not prepared to deal with this kind of creature. These creatures look a lot like a buffalo, only they are much, much bigger but also their horns look a little different. They’re much longer and sharper, and look like they could just impale you if you got too close, and they can. Not only do these creatures have an insane amount of hit points, but their tough hide along their back gives them a lot of resistance to all attacks. At high enough levels, you can farm them for their drops, which are substantial and valuable because they have a 100% drop on Giant Hooves, Curved Hollowhorns, and Ice Elemental Units.

8. Manxom


The Manxom is a bona fide bad ass dragon that can really wipe the floor with an unprepared Noctis and company. They’re described as silver from tip to tail, but to me they seem mostly a dark blue. When you encounter one, you had better be stocked up on curatives, or you’ll be seeing the death screen pretty quickly. These dragons are beyond strong. They can inflict insane amounts of damage and are resistant to just about everything. Worse yet, they have the ability to petrify you pretty much whenever they like. Much like the behemoth, you have to use your size to your advantage. Getting out of the way of its attacks while using your warp is the key to victory. And a hard won victory it will be.

7. Gigantaur


A much bigger version of its iconic Cactuar cousin, these creatures are fast and hard to catch. In previous Final Fantasy games, the Cactuar was the subject of abilities, songs, souvenirs and much more. You encounter this creature by activating a hunt called “In The Drylands, It Rains Spines” and seeking it out near the Longwythe Rest area. Just like all previous versions of this creature in other Final Fantasy games, this creature deals 1,000 damage per attack. The key to beating this tough creature is timing. You have to move fast and avoid its needle attack before countering and closing in for the kill. It is incredibly resistant to damage and magic, so you’ll have to use your Libra to figure out what to do. Good Luck!

6. Alphagin


Alphagin are found amongst and are the leaders of their fellow Sahagin. Similar to their Sahagin cousins, they are aquatic and reptilian creatures with several amphibious traits. Their wings are not just for show, either. Though they cannot fly, they use their wings to glide and avoid falling damage, but also to swim. These creatures are slightly larger than their Sahagin cousins as well, and far more powerful. For their level, they are quite strong. They do a lot of damage and attack very quickly, so dodging and parrying their attacks is difficult. They’re immune to death and Alterna castings, but also quite a few damage types that will beef up their already high for their level hit points, making them a creature that is not to be trifled with.

5. Jabberwock


Considered to be one of the strongest dragon type creatures in the Final Fantasy 15 game as a whole, the Jabberwock is a creature that you’re not going to want to take for granted. For those of you who have never seen or read Alice In Wonderland, the Jabberwock is a vicious and vile servant to the Queen of Hearts in that universe, and this creature in Final Fantasy is definitely true to form. Aside from its obvious advantages in hit points and its ability to inflict an insane amount of damage, it can also inflict the dreaded petrification spell on your entire party, which can really cause a lot of problems if you’re unprepared. Spells such as Death, Alterna and Stop are also practically useless, so don’t bother.

4. Hvitrormr


Lurking around the lakes of Leide are giant snakes that you will encounter from even an early point in the game, which is partially what makes them so dangerous. They’re highly resistant and, especially early game, do a lot of damage and can take a heaping cart full of damage before going down. In fact, the first time you encounter a Hvitrormr, you may have to run from it. Worse yet, this snake is capable of inflicting the poison status affect, and that poison will drain and deplete your hit points before you know it, so if you think you might be in that area, make sure you keep antidotes on your person. Their saving grace is that they’re not immune to poison, either.

3. Bandersnatch


Yet another reference to Alice in Wonderland and the Red Queen, or Queen of Hearts, the Bandersnatch is another of the Queen’s servants, and perhaps her most deadly and violent one. In previous versions of Final Fantasy, the Bandersnatch was a fluffy white creature who you might actually want to pet. This time, the developers took the opposite stance and made him something that would impale you if you tried to cuddle with it. The creature can be found near Malmalam Thicket in Leide, but there is also a crater that will lure you in with food and mining, but then you’ll notice one of these guys roaming around down there and there is no way to get to that stuff without taking one of these things down.

2. Bilrost


The differences between Jormungandr and Bilrost are almost purely aesthetic, but worth noting nonetheless. It has bright red scales with blue-green, seafoam whiskers. While the Jormungand has brown antlers, the Bilröst has blue green antlers sprouting from its head. More importantly, its attacks are ice instead of fire, and this is the biggest issue that you’re going to have if you come into this fight thinking you’re going to fight just any dragon. Unfortunately for you, though, when you get comfortable with the ice, it’ll spit fire at you, too! In addition to this, it can inflict burnt and overheated status on your characters, which can really turn the tables on your character if you’re unprepared. That isn’t even mentioning its insanely high hit points, resistances and damage output.

1. Adamantoise


This creature is so massive, so tough and so much what Final Fantasy is and should be that it is featured in the commercials, demos and presented as one of the bigger hooks that gets players interested in the game to begin with. This creature, as far as combat goes, will never disappoint. It is so massive that it camouflages itself as a mountain. It is so strong, in fact, that there are tutorials on how to kill it in 50 minutes, whereas the first person to report actually slaying it mentioned that it took just over an hour to do so! There is no way to make this guy go down easily, and taking him down at all will require you to devote an investment of time, gil and a soul-crushing number of retries.

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