The 15 Most Powerful Comic Books Characters Ever Created

These god-like creatures inspire our wildest dreams and fantasies and make us wonder what it would be like to live in world filled with such power.

For generations now, comic books have been entertaining and exciting fans. Crossing genders, ages and cultures, comic books have become a huge part of our popular culture for years, eventually leaping off the pages onto our TVs and movie screens. Within the pages of these comic books are characters that defy reality, superpowered beings that can do anything and everything. These god-like creatures inspire our wildest dreams and fantasies and make us wonder what it would be like to live in world filled with such power.

However, throughout all these stories, characters, and comic books, one question has always been at the forefront of people's minds: just which character is the strongest and most powerful? Whether you're a Marvel fan or DC, or you get your comic book fix from another source, which character is the strongest? With this list we have looked through every comic book company and every fictional universe and decided to answer that very question. Here are 15 comic book characters that we think are the most powerful characters ever created.

15 Doctor Manhattan

We start our list with a trip into the dark and murky world of The Watchmen. Out of all the heroes and villains in Watchmen, as well as the mainstream DC universe, Doctor Manhattan is up there with the most powerful of them all. After essentially being disintegrated by an Intrinsic Field Subtractor, Jonathan Osterman re-materializes and has some serious powers.

Changing his name to Doctor Manhattan when he starts to work for the government, Osterman is not only a super genius and pretty much indestructible, but he can also control atoms, teleport, travel across dimensions, duplicate himself, and he can also manipulate reality, and that's only a fraction of his powers.

Also, Doctor Manhattan is the only Watchmen character to be included in the mainstream DC universe, particularly with the events of the DC rebirth.

14 Thanos/ Darkseid

The next entry on our list was just too difficult to decide so we put both the superpowered overlords together. There's no denying that both Thanos and Darkseid deserve a place on any list of the most powerful comic book characters, as each of them in their own right has caused so much death, mayhem, and destruction across their respective universes.

With Thanos, and his Infinity Gauntlet, the most powerful "Eternal" is pretty much indestructible. Not only is it almost impossible for him to die or even be harmed, but he can also survive without any sustenance. As for his power levels, the extent of his powers reached a devastating climax when, in an effort to impress Death, Thanos clicked his fingers and wiped out half the known universe!

Darkseid may not hold the powers of the Infinity Stones, but he can certainly hold his own in the battle of the overlords. Not content with ruling his home world Apokolips, Darkseid seeks out to rule the rest of the universe. Often coming up against the likes of Superman, and often coming out on top, Darkseid is pretty much invincible and together with the might of his Omega Beams, he's also pretty much unstoppable.

13 Elaine Belloc

Our next entry turns to the DC/Vertigo comic book series Lucifer. This spinoff series to the popular Sandman comic books focuses on Lucifer Morningstar and his adventures on Earth, and in Heaven and Hell.

You may well think that Lucifer Morningstar deserves this place on our list but we feel that his niece, the daughter of Michael Demiurgos, Elaine Belloc is more worthy. Not only does her family heritage come from some of the most powerful beings in Heaven and Hell, but she could well be even more powerful than them. Not only does she have the power to communicate with spirits and souls, as well as being able to look into people's minds, but Elaine Belloc can also shape-shift, fly, warp reality as well as having omniscience and omnipresence.

12 Galactus

Next we turn to a higher being that has existed since the birth of our universe. In fact, he lived in a universe that came before the big bang that created our universe. Galactus' power limits are pretty much unknown and therefore they could well be limitless. Using the energy force known as the "Power Cosmic," Galactus travels around the universe eating and devouring entire planets. Using Herolds to search out the next planet to eat, Galactus can actually transfer some of his powers onto his minions.

There isn't much that this god-like creature can't do, which is weird considering Galactus' vast and limitless power, plus every other life form in the universe is scared of him, and yet Galactus is often stopped by The Fantastic Four. He may well be a planet-eating god, but somehow a man that can stretch is more than a match for him, which is why Galactus isn't higher on this list. His powers may be limitless but he can so easily be stopped.

11 Spectre

Spectre is the Wrath of God in the DC universe, a supernatural being that has limitless powers and no known weakness. His sole purpose is to unleash God's wrath upon the world. Predominantly seen as a spirit that avenges the undead souls, Spectre can also possess human bodies at the point of their death and impart them with his power.

Jim Corrigan is one such person. The hard nosed cop was murdered by thugs and his spirit was refused entry into the afterlife until the evil had been eliminated. Being taken over by Spectre, Corrigan possessed all the powers of the Wrath of God. These powers include: reality, dimension, and time warping, immortality, and pretty much every other superhero power you can think of. Not only that, but Spectre has also killed many of the most powerful beings in the DC universe such as The Agents of Order and Chaos.

10 Superman Prime One Million

When asked to think of the most powerful beings in all comic books, most people out there will probably think of Superman as being the top dog. The Man of Steel certainly has his strong points and you could make some good arguments for him being on a list like this. However, when the comic book worlds are full of gods and beings so powerful that they can control reality itself, having a hero such as Superman is pretty low on the list.

Having said that, over the years The Man of Steel has not only become more powerful himself, but has had many different versions of himself. Through all the different incarnations, parallel versions and clones, Superman Prime One Million is by far the most powerful and is truly worthy of a place on our list. After everyone he loves dies of old age, Superman retreats to the sun. Living inside it for thousands of years turns Superman into a god. His cosmic levels are so great that he is completely invulnerable to any harmful substances, his powers have been increased to limitless abilities, and he can also create new life and even a universe.

9 Anti-Monitor

We now turn to one of the worst, and most powerful, villains in all the DC universe. Anti-Monitor yields power over cosmic energy which in turn gives him limitless power and he only uses it to destroy and cause as much mayhem, destruction, and devastation as he can. Anti-Monitor is not content with having the everyday powers that superheroes such as Superman have; instead, Anti-Monitor can manipulate energy and matter, warp reality, and he can also absorb the energy from entire worlds, killing everything in the process.

Anti-Monitor has put his powers to use on more than one occasion, and each time he does, the consequences are devastating. As well as killing heroes such as Supergirl and The Flash, Anti-Monitor has also travelled back to the point of creation and changed everything, and was also responsible for the Crisis On Infinite Earths story arch which killed millions upon millions.

8 Man Of Miracles

The Man of Miracles, AKA Mother of Existence, or M.O.M for short,  is an ageless and mysterious superpowered being from the world of Spawn comic books. The Man of Miracles is also genderless and often appears in both female and male forms, hence the two names Man of Miracles and Mother of Existence. There is seemingly no limits or weakness to The Man of Miracles' power as he or she is involved in everything within the Spawn universe. The Man of Miracles is omnipresent, immortal, and has knowledge of everything that's been and most things that will be.

The Man of Miracles  also has significant knowledge about Spawn himself and his role in Armageddon, as well as being the architect behind everything that happens. It has also been referred to that the Man of Miracles is the true mother of all existence and therefore has more power and knowledge than that of Satan and even God. That's some serious power!

7 Eternity

In the beginning and at the very creation of the Marvel universe there was Death, Oblivion, Infinity, and Eternity. They have existed since the very beginning of everything, they are creation. Eternity is the embodiment of everything that has ever lived and everything that has ever lived is Eternity. That poetic way means that Eternity has control and power over everything that lives, with the exception of a very few creatures, which will appear further down this list.

Eternity's powers and foresight are so great and so vast that most things in creation are beneath him. He is omnipresent and has all the powers that time and space grant him. So when people come to him to either challenge him or steal his power, Eternity doesn't show any interest as even the more powerful beings in the Marvel universe are beneath him and don't warrant his time.

6 Decreator

As we start to get through this list, the beings and characters that appear are now longer just superpowered beings, they are in fact gods, devils, and creatures that can wipe out existence without even breaking into a sweat. Like Eternity and the Anti-Monitor that we've already mention, another big bad universe destroying monster is Decreator.

As the name may suggest, Decreator is the opposite of God and creation and its sole purpose is to "de-create" and unravel everything. Born out of the shadow of God, when he yelled into the dark "let there be light," the Decreator is the darkness and the shadow that formed from the light. Often appearing as a giant eye, Decreator is decay and death and nothing can stop it. On occasions and with a lot of power, it can be slowed down but it can never be stopped. The Decreator is the darkness, it is the end and it will destroy everything eventually.

5 The Beyonder

We now enter the top five of our most powerful characters in all comic books, and to be honest any one of these characters could take the top spot. We leave behind the world of superheroes and even demi-gods, and enter the world of beings so powerful that the very existence of creation is at their fingertips. So although many people will have their own top five, this is what we think it should be.

At number five, we are going for Marvel's Beyonder. The Beyonder is so powerful that boredom often gets the better of him. Imagine a child suddenly becoming one of the most powerful beings in the universe, that's what The Beyonder is. Just for fun he restored Daredevil's sight with the click of his fingers and then created an entire world and kidnapped our favorite heroes and made them fight each other on Battleworld just for his amusement.

4 Phoenix Force

We're putting The Phoenix Force above The Beyonder for one simple reason: although The Beyonder has more power than is possible for a person to have, the Phoenix Force is as old as the universe and will be here long after everything has gone. Born out of the void before the universe was created, The Phoenix Force is almost like the child of the universe itself.

The Phoenix Force is one of the most feared powers in all of creations and in its purest form, The Phoenix Force's power is beyond the understanding of any one being. It can exist in all and any universe or reality it wants to and nothing can stop it. Of course, The Phoenix Force can possess people, most famously when X-Men's Jean Grey tapped into it. Although she could never have the full power of The Phoenix Force, the little she had made her one of the most feared and powerful beings in the entire multiverse.

3 Living Tribunal

We now come to a being so powerful that his very being lives outside of our understanding. More of a conceptual being than a physical one, The Living Tribute has existed since the birth of the multiverse; he is omnipresent and can watch and survey the entire multiverse at will and see anything he wants to. His actual powers are beyond understanding and no one could ever truly test or monitor his powers.

Beings such as Thanos, armed with the Infinity Gauntlet, have tried to take on The Living tribute, but even he couldn't get close to him. The Living Tribute is also the only living thing that is not bound to Eternities will and therefore lives outside of it. It's fair to say that apart from two other beings, the Living tribute is the strongest and most powerful being ever created in any comic book.

2 The Presence

Now we come to the two most powerful beings ever created within the pages of the comic books. Essentially these two characters are pretty much the same as in they are both DC and Marvel's take on God himself.

Our number two entry is DC's version of the god of everything, The Presence. The Presence is actually very rarely seen within the pages of the comic books and is more there to be the voice of God and to guide creation through its troubled times. The Presence can do everything within the DC multiverse, he is in fact everything. Every being, and we do mean every being, in the DC multiverse has to obey the word of God and he is the only one that can stop, punish, and change anything and everyone he sees fit to. He has no weaknesses and he has no end.

1 The One Above All

The number one entry on our list of the most powerful characters ever created in comic books goes to Marvel's representation of God, One Above All. It was a difficult choice, but Marvel's One Above All, we think, is even more powerful and has the edge over DC's The Presence.

Admittedly less is known about One Above All than The Presence, as he only ever appears as a voice to our favorite heroes such as Thor and The Fantastic Four. But we do know that the Marvel universe and multiverse exists because of him. He is the creation, the father, and the most powerful being ever.

One Above All is actually a representation of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the creators of Marvel and most of the best characters. You can't get better or more powerful than that in the world of comic books!

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The 15 Most Powerful Comic Books Characters Ever Created