The 15 Most Heinous Acts Committed By Kids On TV

If it is any surprise to readers that children have ever been the source for unbelievable creepiness and terror in film and television for decades and decades... well then prepare to be terrified... a

If it is any surprise to readers that children have ever been the source for unbelievable creepiness and terror in film and television for decades and decades... well then prepare to be terrified... and perhaps subsequently afraid of children forever.

Truly film has seen a much greater share of evil children from Children of the Corn, to Deliverance, to Village of the Damned, and other notables like The Shining, The Omen, Bad Seed, The Ring, Pet Cemetery, Orphan, and of course Rosemary's Baby! But that doesn't mean that television has lost out on some astonishingly evil deeds. From little vampires, to matricide, and even to killing, cutting up, and serving parents in a diabolical bowl of chilli... TV has got its share of horror.

So, for consideration, here are presented fifteen heinous acts committed by children on reality, there are more than fifteen acts present in this article (so evil are children in TV that one has trouble only talking about so few acts).

15 Blood-Sucking Little Kids

If it's not frightening enough that Lady Gaga should be a lead vampire in American Horror Story: Hotel, there needs must be a near identical army of blood-sucking children at her beck and call. This is apparently what happens when the superstar actually mothers her "little monsters" (or so it would seem). That's right: Gaga is the mother (either by blood, or by blood-sucking) of these little vamp scamps, and one wonders which is more terrifying: the clear drainage around Gaga's neck, or the fact that the terrifyingly, teased-haired, tykes are drinking blood out of milk bottles. Also, the uniformity of these kids has one reminded of an old British boarding school (at least they are skilled at sucking). Once it transpires that these kids are actually not vampires at all (just diseased sorts of hemophiliacs), one understands why the dialysis machine for nice filtered blood is used to feed. One example of these little kids' horrible acts would be Wren's suicide. This little girl, after directing John to Gaga's hotel (and likely death), then jumps out in front of a truck. So before John even gets into any trouble, he has to witness a little girl, getting splattered by a truck. And that's before even mentioning Holden killing his dog, and drinking his blood.

14 Thinking People Out Of Existence

Ah, now here is a classic tale of terror. If any reader here spent any time watching The Twilight Zone, then this entry should be an instant "yes" for the list.

"'ll note that the people in Peaksville, Ohio, have to smile. They have to think happy thoughts and say happy things because once displeased, the monster can wish them into a cornfield or change them into a grotesque, walking horror. This particular monster can read minds, you see. He knows every thought, he can feel every emotion. Oh yes, I did forget something, didn't I? I forgot to introduce you to the monster. This is the monster. His name is Anthony Fremont. He's six years old, with a cute little-boy face and blue, guileless eyes."

That's just part of the opening narration to this incredible story of a little boy who casts people into an eternally secluded cornfield, and turns them into jacks-in-the-box. In addition to that, the citizens of Peaksville, Ohio, are completely cut off from the rest of the world. They must grow their own foods, make their own soap, and forage for what they can, because little Anthony has ensured none can come to save the poor people. By the end of this tale, nothing changes... little Anthony Fremont is likely still somewhere in the Twilight Zone now, so think happy thoughts...

13 What's In That Chilli? Parents!?

Not every entry here has to be from a horror series. Indeed there are some pretty heinous acts committed by kids in some of the funniest shows on television today. Now Eric Cartman is especially guilty of some diabolical deeds; there is no mistaking that. From filming crack-addicted babies, fighting over drugs, and profiting from it via the internet, to campaigning for the extermination of the Jews (having watched Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ). He plans the mass murder of all non-ginger children, he attempts to extort $10 million for the "donation" of his kidney, he tries to change stem cell laws - not to save Kenny, but so he can sell a consignment of fetuses he took from a truck... he teams up with Cthulhu, laying waste to synagogues, the Burning Man festival, San Francisco (though he does kill Justin Bieber and a concert's worth of fans)... he kills Kenny, simply to get a PSP as his will decreed, and he gives Kyle AIDS out of spit. But the kicker here (or at least the specific deed to focus on, is from the episode "Scott Tenorman Must Die". Having been conned by Scott multiple times, the two sit down to bowls of chili. Scott has put his pubic hair in Cartman's... but Cartman has put Scott's ground up parents in his. Revealing this to Scott, who breaks down crying, Cartman licks the tears from his face, while Radiohead watch and laugh...

12 Kids Are Literally Leeches On Their Parents

Not quite the same as the film Changeling, "The Kids Are Alright" episode of Supernatural sees the reunion of Dean Winchester and an old hook-up of his, who know has a son. At first, he's a swell little boy, but as the kids in the town start going a little weird, the little tyke follows suit. What's happening here is that the kids have been stolen away from their parents, and replaced with little changeling kids. These little creatures feed on their "mothers" as they sleep, and leave a little itchy abrasion on their necks. Seemingly over-attached (pun intended), these kids want nothing but to stay ever in the presence of their meal— essentially driving them mad. One mother even takes her "daughter" for a drive to the lake where, at the boat launch, she let's the car go into the drink, leaving the creature buckled in to drown. Thinking that she's just murdered her daughter, she heads home. Upon arriving, she discovers her daughter, sitting in the kitchen, soaking wet, with a smile on her face, asking if she can have some ice-cream. The above photo is what these kids look like when seen through reflective surfaces. That ugly face must actually be a relief, knowing that one wasn't really trying to kill their kid...

11 Cop Killing And Kid's Teeth

So... Channel Zero: Candle Cove, a very interesting show on Syfy, sees a great deal of creepy kids. Revolving around the old avant-garde, educational show Candle Cove (that aired in the early seventies), in which puppets were the main focus of instruction, there is no end to the scare possibilities here. Misdirection above: the cop mentioned in the title of this entry is the presumed target when watching, when really it ends up being the character of Jessica instead. Regardless, these children, at the behest of evil puppets, are turned into murderers, and Jessica is by no means the only victim. Adorning papier-mâché masks, gathering a few blades together, and hitting the town, these kids spend their time getting rather stabby. In addition to that, there is a child in this show, made of the teeth of children. The idea is fairly laughable, but seriously imagine, for a second, a child...but instead of flesh and bone, the child is made solely of children's teeth. This show knows how to bump up the creep factor.

10 Theft, Maiming, And Attempted Murder

"My name is Jack Hawthorne and I'm going to talk about my grandpa. It's very sad that I'll never get to see him alive again. It's also sad that I'll never get to talk to him, hug him, or ask him advice. But I'm mostly sad because grandpa was cremated and I never got to see his decomposing body." Clearly this kid is already a tad disturbed. This sociopathic little bit of interesting is obsessed with death, from an apparently "scientific" angle. So apparently this means being able to slowly watch what happens when pain is inflicted, or when death comes to call, is a-okay. Jack is also a bit of a thief: stealing his neighbour's teeth, and stuffing them into his puppet's mouth (puppets and children really go a long way to scaring the shit out of people). In addition to this, he tricked his young cousin into jumping into a pool (though apparently she could not swim): simply watching her as she nearly drowns. And for kicks... Jack chopped off the tail of a cat... while it was still alive. This author is not sure which of these heinous acts is worse (the cousin did survive after all), and the cat never did anything to him.

9 "Here Sansa, Let Me Show You Your Daddy's Head"

Well now, the laundry list of heinous acts committed by the appalling Lannister boy, born of incest, is incredibly long. He ordered hundreds of peasants killed for his receiving a cow-pie to the face, and he cowardly left his "love" in the throngs of people, after ordering said slaughter of civilians... He ordered the death of all of his "father's" illegitimate children (if only he knew). He never struck Sansa himself, but he got his men to do it for him. Speaking of those men, he abandoned them at the Battle of the Blackwater. But none of these are as personal, and certifiably psychotic as what Joffrey does to Sansa, and her father. Making her believe that he will save her father Ned, Joffrey orders his execution seconds later anyway, and has him beheaded right in front of her. But that's not even close to enough. When walking the ramparts of the castle, Joffrey decides to show Sansa her father's tarred, and severed head, sitting atop a pike on the battlements, along with Sansa's former Septa. If Joffrey wasn't thankfully poisoned, one might suggest that he and Cartman write a book together.

8 Demonic Possession, And Tasty Human Flesh

It seems Gabriel Bateman cannot simply get away from playing the creepy kid in shows (much like Miko Hughes from Pet Cemetery, and Wes Craven's New Nightmare). Having already seen Gabriel as Jack Hawthorne, in American Gothic, here he is as Joshua Austin in Outcast. Now to be fair to the little guy, the horrible things he does in this show aren't truly his fault. He's possessed after all, so while it's him doing the deed... it's not really him. That being said, people who are possessed seldom do sweet and endearing things, so what does he get up to? Well, apparently his appetite gets a little wonky, and he starts feeding on not only cockroaches, but also on his own front of others, so as to solidify the terror he can instil. the just to do double-damage, Joshua has a hankering for bashing his head against the wall... then for good measure, he saw it fit to have a bit of a biting spree. Perhaps not the worst of the acts committed in this list, but by no means lacking in the production of traumatic memories.

7 School Massacre

Kevin Khatchadourian is quite the disturbed little boy. Alright, not so little when he is first met in the show, as he is on the cusp of his eighteenth birthday, and is thusly just about on his way to Sing Sing prison. The story of We Need To Talk About Kevin, revolves around the reuniting of Kevin and his mother, and the story (through flashback) of how Kevin came to be behind bars. Aside from torturing his mother (not physically), by ruining brand new decor, acting like a saint with dad, and a snot with mom... and burning out his little sister's eye with drain cleaner— though that is quite enough. Aside from all of that, Kevin is quite the little psychopath. On finding out that his mother and father are heading for divorces, and realizing that he will not have ultimate victory over his mother (as his dad would have custody), he does what any respectable, young psychopath would do. He takes his bow and arrows, then kills not only his father and sister, but also a swath of students at his school... not this author is amazed that he could get away with killing more than one or two students this way, but he finds his way to massacre levels. Not sure if he should be congratulated, or kicked.

6 Lilith Likes Eating Children

Again, another possession here, but no less terrifying. This lovely little girl... covered in her little pet's blood... is the preferred vessel of the demon Lilith. Now that might seem a strange choice for a demon, until it is discovered what her favourite cuisine happens to be. It turns out that Lilith just has a taste for babies. She sends her minions out to hospitals to take babies from the maternity ward, cook them up just how she likes, and then she feasts. Now that doesn't make children scary, it should simply make children scared. However, the image of this little girl, bloodied as she is, in her cute little dress, really makes one frightened at the thought of having kids. To make matters worse, this girl tortures the family with which she resides. Killing the babysitter, and leaving her to rot at the front entrance, she calls for her birthday, every day. Her grandfather, and parents obliging every step of the way. Almost in a Twilight Zone manner, the adults must remain happy, and treat the little girl like a princess. The grandfather does make an attempt at rebellion, but instead of being turned into a jack-in-the-box, and being sent to the eternal cornfield, he instead has his neck broken, and dies face down in a plate-full of birthday cake. What a sweet thing...

5 Her "Imaginary" Friend Tells Her To Kill

And since the topic of villainous little girls has come up: here's one who is in no way possessed... she's simply trying to win a game, and she's apparently very good at it. Frighteningly so. An invisible presence, named Drill, invites children to play a game for promised rewards, and this little eight year old apparently loves rewards. So much so that she sends a deaf and mute little boy to a nuclear reactor, with the express purpose of causing a meltdown. Basically serving as Drill's right hand, Minx, goes about aiding in the cause of blackouts, electrocution, and betrayal of all of her friends. While at the end of it all, she does wish she could go back in time before the "game" started, it's too late. This little eight year old is sentenced to execution somehow, until it transpires that a member of the presidential family (as so many people have feared over the years) is in fact an alien, who then abducts the little girl. Unsurprisingly, with this kind of awful reveal, the show was not renewed after the first season, but either way, Minx listened to The Whispers, and made a mighty good go at being bad.

4 He So Badly Wants To Kill Mommy

This overwhelmingly intelligent, misunderstood little baby has god one hell of a laundry list of dirty deeds. His kill count alone is over twenty (and that's not including the simulation episode where death is recurring). There are two things that Stewie wants the most, and many of the murders Stewie has committed are due to his desire for these two things. What are they? The first is world domination. The second... is the murder of his mother. The world domination thing, surely everyone gets, but why his mother? Simple: he wants revenge for having spent nine months in Lois' "ovarian Bastille". For simply having been born, Stewie aims his arrows (which he really likes a lot, in spite of all the photos with him and guns) at his mother. There is one long list of weapons that the little tyke has used on people though: laser rifles, crossbows, poisons, vehicles, conventional guns, fire, various blades, baseball bats, and quite a bit more. Stewie may have a screw loose, so watch him with that screwdriver in hand.

3 Kills A Bus-Load Of Kids

Ah little Victor, from Les Revenants, or Returned (if you've watched the English version), is one of those creepy kids people just can't seem to sort out. Somehow a damned decent pile of bodies keeps stacking up around him, and people just can't quite figure out why. It turns out that little Victor is actually an over thirty year old corpse who has returned (as the title might suggest) from the grave. It seems that Victor can cause people to see visions of all sorts of things, including how people have died. This is how it is discovered that Victor is, at least in part, returned for revenge on the two men who invaded his home, and killed him and his family. So why then, in addition, would he stand in the middle of the road, and cause a school bus entirely full of kids to swerve off the road, resulting in the death of every single person on the bus? No one truly knows, but creepy kids on the screen never spell out good news... not even in The Sixth Sense, because all anyone finds out is that Bruce Willis is actually dead... oh, spoiler alert.

2 Nellie Hams It Up To Have A Horse Put Down

First off, just take a good long look at this girl. It's clear from the get go that she's a villain. Now stop looking before she gets offended and tries to do something. Now what does it do to readers to know that this spoiled little brat is actually an antagonist from Little House on the Prairie? That's right. The very first antagonist, it might be added. This bratty little witch (not actual witch), tormented the other kids in the community, and they all hated her for it. She especially tormented Laura (though by the end of each episode, she usually got her comeuppance). Perhaps that's why she took things to the nest level. After having had manure thrown in her face, been pushed down a hill in a wheelchair, getting shoved into mud, and being punched in the face at least twice, one might decide to amp things up a bit. So, having been thrown from Laura's (her nemesis) horse, she played up paralysis, just to get the horse turned into glue. Thankfully, ultimately, that didn't happen, and she got her comeuppance yet again, and eventually befriended Laura, but there it is: the show everyone thought was sweet and wholesome, has some horrible content... aside from the acting.

1 She Already Has Killed Mommy...

Absolutely made for Stewie... or maybe just a perfected, female version of Stewie, Penelope is one hell of a force to be reckoned with. The two children meet when Penelope gives a child superglue-laced taffy to a child, in retaliation for the kid pushing Stewie. Presumably the kid ultimately chokes to death on the taffy well adhered to his mouth and throat. And that's just the start of their relationship. Together they wreak terror all over the world, and it even transpires that Penelope actually succeeded where Stewie never could; she did indeed kill her mother! Unfortunately, looking at Brian as an obstacle, Penelope works to convince Stewie to kill the poor dog, but he cannot. When she decides to go for it, she and Stewie fight, and Stewie comes out victorious. She swears she will not try to kill Brian anymore. She then kisses Stewie, and rides off with a devious little smile on her face. Either Stewie has just had bad luck with Lois, or he just isn't as horrible as Penelope, but either way, these two crazies are perfect for each other in the worst way.


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