15Ashlee Simpson Falls to Pieces

Ashlee Simpson enjoyed a respectable amount of success in the mid-2000s with hit songs such as "Pieces of Me" and "La La." The singer and less talented sister of Jessica Simpson was sweeping the nation with her bubblegum pop, which was equal parts catchy and slightly annoying.

But there is one moment out of her 15 minutes that stands out during one eventful Saturday Night Live performance.

Things start out alright as Simpson begins singing "Pieces of Me," up until her band screws up and starts playing the wrong song. Once Ashlee realizes this, it's too late as she has put her mic down and the track is still playing. There is nothing more damaging to a singer's reputation than choosing to lip sync in order to avoid messing up in public, but mess up in public was exactly what she did.

The artist tried to walk it off as the track continued playing, attempting a poorly executed hoe-down before exiting the stage hurriedly. Ouch.

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