The 15 Most Awkward Comedies To Watch With Your Parents

Having a movie night is always enjoyable no matter who you share the experience with. You can be sat on your own, surrounded by your favourite food and drinks or you could be sat with a group of friends telling one of them to stop asking so many questions. Either way watching a film should be an enjoyable experience. The dynamic however shifts massively when you sit down to watch a film with your parents. Film selection becomes a gruelling process when you're watching with your parents. You know them better than anyone but you find out a lot more about them depending on the film you watch.

Do you lose all respect for your Dad if he squeals like a four year old at the horror film you're watching? Do you struggle to confront your mother after she details exactly how she would have dealt with the situation in Taken better than Liam Neeson? And what about that dreaded moment that no amount of popcorn and awkward conversation can cover up... It's you and your parents. The film is on, everything is fine and then it happens. A bare backside graces the screen and a very loud sex scene ensues. Do you turn the TV off? Do you hide in the toilet until it is over? Or do you nonchalantly curl up into a ball and wish you were dead? Well have no fear! This situation need never arise as we look at the fifteen most awkward comedies to watch with your parents.

15 There's Something About Mary (1998)

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There is something about Ben Stiller that makes his awkward moments quite charming. Throw in Cameron Diaz and it would seem that There's Something About Mary is a lighthearted rom-com and for the most part you'd be right. A man desperately to reconnect with his high school sweetheart. As much as this film is in no way vulgar, its awkward moments will make the most solid of parent and child relationships break down. Within the first act of the film Ben Stiller's character Ted gets his privates caught in his zip and manages to somehow get "the beans above the frank" in a teenage toilet mishap.

The scene to avoid: Even if you haven't seen the movie, there will be a scene that you're guaranteed to recognise. After receiving some advice that he should "clean the pipes" before his big date with Mary (Diaz). Once he has finished the script called for him to notice his "load is missing." After rushing out of the bathroom and meeting with Mary, she notices there is something hanging from his ear that she assumes is hair gel. She takes it and runs it through her fringe, leaving the flick you see above you.

14 Magic Mike (2012)

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When it comes to Magic Mike you should know what to expect. The entire publicity for the film has just been Channing Tatum thrusting his chest and abs in people's faces. There is not a parent/child dynamic that would be okay when watching this film. If at any point you realize that your mother or father (I couldn't blame either of them, I mean look at him) finds Tatum attractive as he busts a move with his shirt off, it creates a very difficult atmosphere to live in. The other issue (that may only arise after reading this) is if when watching one of your parents begins dancing along with the guys on stage... Your dad in those trousers, chains and a tie. Horrifying.

The scene to avoid: It's raining men. Those three words that will mean so much to so many. Now before we continue, there is no question about the way Channing Tatum can dance. The guy can move, that's not what we're here to discuss. It starts off with the erotic way they stroke those umbrellas, followed by the body popping and thrusting against the stage. But what really tops this scene off is once the guys leave the stage to get a bit more personal with the women in the audience. At one point one of the dancers is just thrusting vigorously into the face of a woman. From very, very close range. How she didn't lose an eye is beyond me... More concerning is being able to make eye contact with your parents after seeing Channing Tatum just constantly thrusting. Stupid sexy Tatum.

13 Freddy Got Fingered (2001)

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Freddy Got Fingered is one of the most bizarre films to ever be released into the mainstream. The story of a young man, outcast by his father, demoralized by his younger more intelligent brother Freddy (Eddie Kaye Thomas) tries to find his place in this world. Sounds like a real tear jerker doesn't it? The only tears you'll see are those that you wipe away from trying to hold back the vomit induced by the sheer insanity of this film. As a bit of context, the lead actor, Tom Green, was the man known for doing the things the Jackass guys wouldn't even touch... Just in case you haven't heard of him, his antics were as horrifying as they were surprising. This is the type of film that would make the cleanest, most respectful mother turn around, look at you and say "What the f*ck is going on?" There are moments that are difficult to watch even on your own. Watching Tom Green's Gord whip his paraplegic girlfriend around the shins with a piece of bamboo as she moans for more before offering him an unlimited amount of BJs isn't easy viewing but certainly isn't the worst bit.

The scene to avoid: While driving, Gord  (Tom Green) passes a stud farm where they are actively and openly trying to breed a horse in a field. Gord's tyres screech as he pulls over to the side of the road to join in the festivities. He takes the horses' very large member in his hand, waving it around screaming "look at me daddy, I'm a farmer!" There is no context to this scene and what makes it worse is that it is very clearly a real horse in the scene. I don't feel there is much else needed to be said about this and how difficult it will be to get past it with your folks...

12 South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut (1999)

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South Park has never been one to steer away from controversy. In fact if there is controversy they will speed up and steer directly into it. It is what has made the series so successful over its twenty season run. It definitely isn't something to watch with the parents either! How do you begin to answer the questions that come from your parents. Why is there a giant piece of the female anatomy and why is it talking? Why is heaven filled with topless cartoon women? And why is the mother of one of the characters making a porn in which a man commands her to "essen meine Scheiße?" Despite this being a cartoon, it is in no way family friendly... But that comes with the South Park territory.

The scene to avoid: Although the very frank explanation of a "rim-job" makes for very difficult parent/child viewing, there is something that has purposefully been overlooked from this movie. The very strange and overtly sexual relationship between Saddam Hussein and Satan himself, albeit a very camp lord of darkness. In a scene where the two are laid in bed, Saddam reveals what appears to be his male member. It turns out it is just a very large and realistic looking sex toy. He does it again with just as much enthusiasm. Also, given the chance to torture Kenny, Saddam begins to hump and rub up against the lever that will begin the torture as it gets him "so hot." How do you explain all of this to your parents? And how will you ever eat sausages together at breakfast time again?

11 Road Trip (2000)

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Long distance relationships are never easy are they? Especially during the late 90s/early 2000s when Skype and FaceTime were just pipe dreams. People had to contact by letters and weirdly, sending each other actual VHS tapes of themselves singing. This is exactly what Josh (Breckin Meyer) does in Road Trip, accidentally sending a tape of him cheating on his girlfriend with Amy Smart's Beth. The four go on a road trip (see what they did there?) to retrieve the tape. The film has plenty of cringeworthy moments including Tom Green attempting to eat a live mouse and the skinny, geeky kid Kyle (DJ Qualls) revealing a pair of underwear that are so big the group swear he skinned a cheetah.

The scene to avoid: When they have no money left, the group turn to sperm donation to fund the rest of their trip. Seann William Scott's E.L. tries to get some "professional assistance" from the nurse on shift who obliges... Just not in the way he'd hoped. She dons white latex gloves and plenty of lube and begins "milking his prostate." The noises that ensue are nothing short of hilarious but as they ring out around the living room, I guarantee someone will ask if anyone fancies a cup of tea. Those screeches would put a dying howler monkey to shame. To make matters worse, if you manage to make it to the end of the film, E.L. meets a girl and ask her to do it all over again... Without the added financial incentive.

10 Scary Movie (2000)

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The first Scary Movie was a welcome return to the spoof genre that hadn't had its heyday since the likes of AirplaneHot Shots. It took shots at every available horror film from the 90s and did it well. What this film also managed very well was making everyone cringe at every possible moment. A special mention has to be made for Doofy who demands not be to disturbed while cleaning his room, while sporting a very clear erection, hoover in hand. You might even think the picture of Greg's "baby" member was hard to handle.

The scene to avoid: There is one moment during the first film, that will make Sunday dinner conversation very difficult. Try speaking to your parents after seeing a woman glued to the ceiling with an inhuman amount of... male byproduct. That's right, this is a sex scene unlike any other. After a long time of trying to sleep with Cindy (Anna Faris) Bobby gets his wish granted, albeit after working through some obstacles. These include dodging bats and cutting through a giant afro with a trimmer Bobby gets his wish granted but probably gets more than he bargained for. The experience literally shakes the entire house as Cindy becomes almost satanic, before being pinned to the roof with the force of a fire hydrant. This isn't something you can easily laugh off with the parents. Just as a warning, this isn't limited to the first Scary Movie, the entire franchise does its best to stop you watching with your parents. You have been warned.

9 Superbad (2007)

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Coming of age comedies are never going to be easy to watch with parents as they focus on those difficult teenage years where everyone is seemingly obsessed with sex and how to get it. Superbad is a film that follows three young lads during this time. Although there are some visually difficult bits to get through, it is Jonah Hill and Michael Cera's constant one liners that would make you constantly look at your parents thinking "I hope you didn't hear that" or "Please don't understand what that means." The line "She wants my d*** in and around her mouth" is just one that is bound to beg questions. The whole film is just one big, brilliant awkwardfest.

The scene to avoid: The entire film is about getting "laid" so you would imagine that at some point somebody gets some. In the movie Christopher Mintz-Plasse McLovin is the source of a lot of the hilarity that ensues and he has a sex scene. It isn't as vulgar as some of the scenes in this list but it is certainly one of the most awkward. The point of view shot of McLovin's face as he excitedly proclaims "It's in! Oh my god it's in!" will make for wonderful awkward glances and hard pushed giggles. Couple this with Michael Cera and Martha MacIsaac's drunken almost-romp and you'll never be able to say the words it's in to your parents again.

8 The Inbetweeners 2 (2014)

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In my humble opinion, The Inbetweeners has been one of the best things on English TV for a very long time. The fact that it has spun off two outstanding films is an added bonus. When three of the Inbetweeners gang go to meet Jay (James Buckley) in Australia, the embarrassment and brilliance ensues. Dare to watch this with your parents and within the first ten minutes of the sequel you'll all be treat to Neil's (Blake Harrison) testes being licked by a dog and Jay claiming to give Australian women the "one pump." This film is based around a group of young men who think they're cooler than they actually are. It works so well because it is extremely awkward at the best of times.

The scene to avoid: For once this isn't a sex scene. The Inbetweeners are known for their awkward sex scenes (if you are unfamiliar just google "Will and Charlotte in bed" and you'll see what I mean). Now you have to ask yourself, is it the feces in the mouth? Is it the the hand incident? No, when the four lads are stranded in the middle of the Australian outback with no vehicle and no water one of them has a brainwave to survive. To remain hydrated they'll use each other's urine but with a lack of cups there's only one thing for it. Cue the image of Simon (Joe Thomas) knelt in front of Neil waiting for a single drop. When they establish nothing is going to happen a heartwarming scene (as heartwarming as a scene can be after what's just happened) is interrupted by Neil urinating all over Simon's face. It could be worse... Neil did offer a salty smoothie. It begs the question, what would you do in that situation? Just don't ask your mam and dad...

7 EuroTrip (2004)

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You could make an entire list of awkward moments in EuroTrip to watch with your parents. A very similar premise to Road Trip, a young man named Scott goes on a transatlantic trip to meet his German pen pal, taking with him three of his closest friends. The dimwit Cooper and awkward twin brother and sister Jenny and Jamie. Every European stereotype you could ever imagine is thrown into this movie, including the English football hooligans (soccer to my friends across the pond), the run down buildings of Bratislava and an SM Club called Club Vandersexxx in Amsterdam. If you're watching with your parents be prepared to see a lot of naked men, enjoying their leisure time on a nudist beach and the overly tactile Italian man who gets overly close.

The scene to avoid: The group let their hair down after realizing that the very few dollars they have left, make them millionaires in Bratislava due to the exchange rate. As anyone would, they get very, very drunk on Absinthe. In the club all four of the group have an amazing night, chatting up handsome businessmen and dancing in cages. The scene comes to an end with Cooper & Scott being pleasantly surprised to see Jamie kissing a girl. A girl that turns out to be his twin sister Jenny. The relationship that has developed between the two makes this horrendous viewing. The last thing you need is your parents being worried that this could actually happen with a sibling. A special mention goes to the cameo Matt Damon, who sings a song dedicated entirely to letting the world know he is sleeping with Scott's now ex girlfriend.

6 Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)

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Forgetting Sarah Marshall is the kind of film that is often forgotten about but is one of Jason Segel's best. The story of a man who tries to get over his devastating breakup from superstar Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell) by going to Hawaii, only to find out she is in the same hotel with her new boyfriend Aldous Snow (Russell Brand). When he meets Mila Kunis' character he begins to develop a relationship and because of Peter's (Segel) awkward nature, there is plenty of cringeworthy moments. It would be hard watching Jason Segel get a limp BJ with your parents wouldn't it? There is also a forced moaning, let's make my ex jealous sex scene which is always a laugh to get through sat next to your dad. There is one scene however, which is difficult to watch on your own, so watching it with your parents would be a fate worse than death.

The scene to avoid: This scene comes within the first act so if you are going to watch it with the rents, you won't have time to prepare yourself. While they are still together, Peter awaits Sarah's return in just a towel. When she comes back he opens it, shaking his hips back forth letting "little Peter" knock off each thigh. As if the noise of junk on thigh slapping wasn't hard enough to watch, Sarah breaks up with him on the spot and Peter drops his towel. Segel is stood there completely naked, for the entire world to see. Yet again, this isn't where the pain ends as Segel cuddles Bell, his towering naked frame engulfs her as he sobs. What happens if you catch a glimpse of your mother's reflection in Segel's naked body? What would you do?

5 Team America: World Police (2004)

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There are some films on this list that are awkward to watch throughout with your parents. Team America: World Police just has awkward moments but when it has them, my god they're awkward. Created by the same people as South Park, Team America is not shy to controversy. In the opening act, Gary (the protagonist of the film) is acting in a performance of the musical "Lease." The song they're singing? "Everyone has Aids." This takes a lot of explaining but just when you're done explaining exactly what's happened you will hear Spotswoode, the leader of the World Police, say "Yes it is, now suck my c***" minutes after meeting Gary. It is a barrage of hilarious but difficult scenes. If you have seen the film, you will know there is one scene that hasn't been mentioned that needs to be...

The scene to avoid: The sex scene. Yes, you read that right. In a film starring only puppets there is a gratuitous and overly vulgar sex scene. In the rated version of the film, there is only (and I use that word lightly) a plethora of positions. What makes it worse is the overly passionate song "Only a Woman" blasting in the background. If however, you managed to pick up the unrated version you will be treat to one puppet urinating on another and more toilet antics in the bedroom. I'm not entirely sure whether it would have been weirder if they had genitals or not but in the film, they are just like Action Men and Barbies. Action Men and Barbies that have sex.

4 The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

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The Wolf of Wall Street was an instant classic upon release. It had everything. Leonardo DiCaprio was out of this world as self made millionaire Jordan Belfort and the supporting cast around him, including the likes of Jonah Hill and Margot Robbie, made this film an experience. People were sure it would be Leo's Oscar winner (although that happened two years later with The Revenant). So what would push this film to make this list? The majority of this film focuses on the pure decadence of Belfort, which included a lot of drugs and hookers. In fact, there is one scene in the film in which DiCaprio lists off the standard of prostitute they invite into the office. That scene is a fair way through the film, in the first ten minutes Leo can be seen snorting cocaine from a woman's backside.

The scene to avoid: When Belfort is still married to his first wife, he goes out for dinner as friends with Robbie's Naomi, ending up at her apartment. Before Belfort can figure out a way to sleep with Naomi, she is stood naked in a doorway. Before anything even happens, this is an awkward situation. Regardless of which parent you watch it with, it's not going to be easy. What follows is Belfort failing to please Maggie in bed after claiming to screw her brains out. There is something inherently awkward about someone failing in bed as much as an in depth sex scene that goes on forever.

3 Bruno (2009)

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Sacha Baron Cohen has never been one for controversy. Any of his films could have made this list for a variety of reasons but Bruno steals the place. I know the naked, rubber fist chase scene through a hotel in Borat was very difficult to sit through but Bruno is a different level of awkward. The story of an openly homosexual Austrian man trying to find fame after losing a job presenting a fashion show in his homeland, leaves Bruno in some interesting situations. What makes Bruno that little bit harder to watch is the fact that a lot of the scenes involve real people who aren't in on the joke that Bruno is just a character. There is a point where a "member" (apparently Bruno's) swings around before shouting "Bruno!" and he serves Paula Abdul food on a naked Mexican man but there is one scene that takes the biscuit...

The scene to avoid: The final scene (so if you're bothered about spoilers I'd skip to the next entry) is a killer to watch with anyone. I despise public displays of affection at the best of times but when there are hundreds of angry Americans (who seem to be very much against homosexuality) trying their best to stop one, it makes it harder. As the theme tune from titanic blasts away, Bruno and his assistant are reunited after some time apart and begin to kiss and then grind against each other. The kiss is so overly passionate it is difficult to watch but the Arkansas crowd throwing chairs and shaking the MMA cage they are in makes it very, very difficult viewing.

2 Trainwreck (2015)

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Being English I knew very little about Amy Schumer prior to Trainwreck and due to the limited airtime she gets over here, still know next to nothing. So her plus the hilarious Bill Hader seemed as if Trainwreck would have been an easy watching, lighthearted comedy. How very wrong that assumption was. This film focuses on a woman who enjoys the single life, sleeping with various men. It was a refreshing take on a rom-com as they are very rarely seen from this angle. What wasn't refreshing was seeing John Cena's backside on a number of occasions, especially if Mom & Dad are sat watching it with you. And speaking of John Cena...

The scene to avoid: With the way Trainwreck is written, there is a constant stream of sex scenes and discussion of the size of men's genitals but there is one particular sex scene would be impossible to watch with parents. John Cena is brilliant in this film. It evidences him as an actor with a serious sense of humour about himself, I mean you'd need one to film a scene like this. Cena is part way through the act with Schumer when Amy asks him to talk dirty. Cena's character then makes constant references to protein, muscles and even uses the word "pecker." The whole thing becomes a conversation rather than a sex scene before Cena very loudly "finishes" with the phrase "fudge ripple ice cream." It really is a sight to behold... Just not during family movie night.

1 American Pie (1999)

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Each genre has their defining movie for different individuals. American Pie is the awkward teen/coming of age comedy and the one film you should not watch with your parents at any cost. The classic story of a group of young men trying to lose their virginities before prom sees some horrendous situations, namely for the protagonist Jim, played by Jason Biggs. So where do we land on the one scene in the entire film to avoid?

There isn't one scene that I could possibly choose. Time and time again the first film in the American Pie franchise throws moments at you that, if you watch with parents, will make you wish the world would end. The most difficult scenes include; Jim having sex with an actual pie after advice from a friend, Alyson Hannigan's geeky band member's stories of self love with a flute and Jim prematurely finishing twice without being touched by exchange student Nadia (Shannon Elizabeth). Even relatively simple scenes like Jim's dad (brilliantly played by Eugene Levy) talking through an adult magazine with his son are torturous to watch around parents. All of this without the mention of Stifler or Finch. American Pie definitely takes the crown as the most awkward comedy that you should definitely avoid watching with your parents.

Obviously you would have to be stupid to watch any of these with your parents but have you ever found yourself watching a very awkward scene with your parents? Are there any films that should have made this list that haven't? Let us know in the comments!

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