The 20 Hottest Women Of Netflix Original Shows

The streaming wars are taking off with TV viewers. Amazon, Netflix, Hulu and other services are all vying for viewership by offering original shows. Even CBS is getting into the act with their own site and others are likely to follow. They use the freedom of cable to go all out and can offer some fun stuff. But in terms of original programming, it’s pretty clear Netflix has the edge. They basically kicked it off with House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, both major hits that have earned Emmys. Since then, Netflix has gotten into everything from comedy to shows set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They’ve even won raves reviving shows like Gilmore Girls, Full House, Arrested Development and others. Netflix really does offer some of the best original shows of any network, cable or free TV.

It helps they’re packed with some very sexy ladies. Netflix is open about using the freedom of no censors to go all out with cursing, nudity and other stuff in ways that HBO would be surprised at. From gals baring all in prison to steamy love scenes on other shows, the network gives their starlets a chance to show off. Even those who don’t doff it all on screen are still incredibly how and pack in the attention well. With so many shows, it’s hard to narrow down but here are the ones who stand out. The hottest ladies of original Netflix series and why it’s the best in terms of sexy content.


20 Elodie Yung (Daredevil)

Elektra has long been one of the hottest and sexiest women in all of Marvel comics. So the producers of Daredevil knew they had a challenge when they cast the role for the second season of the series. Enter Elodie Yung, a French actress best known for a sexy part with Rooney Mara in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. She also was featured as ninja Jinx in G.I. Joe Retaliation to show her action chops. Yung puts them together for Elektra, a woman of dark secrets who enjoys the game with Matt Murdock. While she doesn’t don the skimpy red outfit of the comic, she looks amazing in black and a red mask, pulling off fantastic fighting scenes and carrying herself well with a steamy presence. She appeared to be killed off but is set to return in the Defenders show. She certainly puts the “fatal” in “femme fatale” but Yung brilliantly shows why this Elektra is worth remembering.

19 Felicia Day (Mystery Science Theater 3000)


In 2017, Netflix answered the prayers of bad film lovers by bringing back one of the most beloved cult TV shows of all time. Mystery Science Theater 3000 keeps the same premise of a guy and his robot sidekicks forced to watch some of the worst movies ever made with wisecracks throughout. The big name to the cast was geek goddess Felicia Day. The feisty redhead is beloved for her turns on shows like Dollhouse, Supernatural and The Guild, the latter a major fave of geek culture. An author, a gamer and cosplayer, Day is a true geek gal and loves showing that affinity off.

On the show, she plays Kinga Forester, the daughter of the mad scientist who created the experiment. The running gag is Kinga obsessed with pushing the show’s “ratings” to be a hit so she can sell it off for millions of dollars. Her long-suffering assistant Max (Patton Oswalt) has to explain that Netflix doesn’t use traditional ratings. Day was actually pregnant when she filmed the role, dressed in long coats but still as hot as ever. This pic shows her in a far more flattering pose and how adding her just makes the return of MST3K all the better.

18 Naomi Watts (Gypsy)

A major testament to Netflix’s power is how they’re able to get major A-list Hollywood stars to be on their shows. Naomi Watts is the latest example. The Australian actress had slews of bit parts in Hollywood like the ill-fated Tank Girl among others. In 1999, she starred in Mulholland Drive, a TV pilot from David Lynch. It wasn’t picked up but two years later, Lynch turned it into probably his weirdest movie. Watts’ amazing performance (including a lesbian love scene) made her a star, launching a great career. She’s done everything from blockbusters like King Kong to earning Oscar nominations.

Now, Watts comes to Netflix in Gypsy, a new thriller series. She plays a therapist who takes a very uncomfortable stance on her patients’ private lives. Trailers show Watts acting out, hooking up with men and women and pushing a dark side. The actress can truly be a hot knockout under her cool exterior and this should be a great winner to elevate the network’s cred more.

17 Elisha Cuthbert (The Ranch)


The Ranch is not a good show. A reunion of Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson, the series has them as brothers who reunite to help their dad run the family ranch. The show has gotten bad critical reviews with a laugh track and too much dim-witted comedy. But it does offer a reason to watch in the form of Abby, Kutcher’s former girlfriend not happy about him dumping her when he left town years ago. She has a new guy but feeling something for her old flame and brings a bit more spark the show needs. It helps the part is played by Elisha Cuthbert. The Canadian-born actress came to fame as Kim on the hit 24, often mocked for crazy stuff (the cougar) but still looking hot. Cuthbert then won major attention as Alex on the much-loved comedy Happy Endings which showed a goofy but sexy side. While she doesn’t do as much on Ranch, Cuthbert’s mere presence brings the heat and at least one reason to watch this show.

16 Britt Robertson (Girlboss)

Sometimes, an actress can bounce around a lot before she finds a gig worthy of her talents. Britt Robertson is a good example. The actress had a variety of guest stars roles on TV before the series Life Unexpected as a young girl trying to reunite the parents who gave her up for adoption years before. It was canceled after two seasons but it got her on the map. She later starred in The Secret Circle, a CW show about hot witches and was great but it was axed without warning at the end of its first season. Robertson moved onto movies like Tomorrowland and The Longest Ride (which included a nude scene) and learning her craft.

Now, Robertson is getting her starring turn on the series Girlboss. Loosely based on a real story (“real loosely” as the opening credits say), she plays Sophia, a college dropout into partying and fashion but no real path in life. On a whim, she starts her own clothing business and suddenly manages to turn it into a real fashion empire. Robertson is great in the role with wild humor, amazing presence and flaunting herself in a variety of nice outfits. The show is getting a bit more buzz and could be a surprise breakout as Robertson finally gets to show viewers who’s the boss in looking hot.

15 Laura Prepon (Orange Is The New Black)


The feisty Laura Prepon came to fame as Donna on the hit That ‘70s Show. A tomboy who happened to be a knockout, her character was key to the show and a major success pushing her fame up. She bounced around TV in guest shots, the short-lived drama October Road and various other series. In 2013, Prepon was a key cast member of Netflix’s breakout hit Orange Is the New Black. She plays Alex, the glasses-wearing, tattooed lady who gets lover Piper into trouble with their past as drug dealers.

Prepon was a knock out, especially in the intense love scenes with Taylor Schilling that steamed up screens everywhere. She was sadly absent for most of the second season but thankfully returned for more hot times. Prepon makes a rather unlikeable character loveable with her sexy side, hot smirk and often in nothing but glasses to boost her sex appeal. While she’s a brunette on the show, this pic showcases how hot Prepon was as a redhead and how she gives Orange plenty of heat.

14 Logan Browning (Dear White People)

One of Netflix’s most acclaimed series, Dear White People is notable for its stunning take on modern day racism. The kick-off is when a college dorm hosts a “blackface” party that quickly gets out of hand, setting off major events from a protest to a beating. At the center of it all is the ironically named Samantha White, host of a radio show who regularly tears into white people for their misperceptions of black culture. She also has to handle her own people considering her a sellout because she’s dating a white guy. Logan Browning is a great choice for the role, a fine presence, very sexy and the love scene in the first episode is amazingly realistic and hot. She brings a fire to the role that makes her hotter, erupting in rants on the radio and you have to cheer for her. The show is a major critical hit but Browning is another reason to watch for a woman sexy as hell in any color.


13 Rachael Taylor (Jessica Jones)


While she doesn’t call herself a hero, even Jessica Jones needs a sidekick. On the popular series, when she was orphaned as a child, Jessica was taken in by best friend Trish Walker, a former singer and child TV star. Now, Trish works as a radio host who helps Jessica track the monstrous Killgrave, getting herself put in danger along the way. Playing the part is Rachael Taylor, an actress who’s bounced around TV a lot. The Aussie-born actress had a big role in the first Transformers movie to get her attention. That led to a breakout part on Grey’s Anatomy but it ended when Taylor starred in a reboot of Charlie’s Angels that was canceled after just a few episodes. After further failures like 666 Park Avenue, Taylor no doubt enjoys having a regular gig with Trish helping Jessica out and showing a sexy side. While it’s unclear whether she’ll be taking on the comic book character’s identity of Hellcat, Taylor looks hot even without the costume to balance some of the darkness of the series with a bright light.

12 Gillian Jacobs (Love)

Love doesn’t get as much attention as other Netflix shows but worth a look. It examines modern-day romance, the ups and downs, through a young couple with side looks at their various friends. One half is played by Gillian Jacobs, a face familiar to TV viewers. She started off in various small movies, including Choke where she played a stripper doffing it all in a nice scene. Jacobs got major fame for her performance as feminist Britta on the comedy hit Community, a tough gal with a nutty side. After the show, she bounced around various roles in movies and TV like a stint on Girls before Love came around. As the cynical addict Mickey, Jacobs is down to Earth, some sharp humor but also darker edges for her rough past and learning to open her heart up. It doesn’t give her as much a shot to show off as previous roles but Jacobs can be a surprisingly hot presence and win folks over for a series that deserves more love from viewers.

11 Ruby Rose (Orange Is The New Black)


Just when folks thought Orange is the New Black couldn’t get hotter, along came Ruby Rose. The Aussie DJ and model was already notable for her sassy attitude, outspoken about being a lesbian and her bevy of tattoos. As Stella, she quickly showed no shame doffing it all to show off her body and a great relationship with main character Piper. Stella could be sneaky and conniving, throwing Piper under the bus for an early release only to have Piper hit back by planting contraband in her bed so Stella had to stay in jail. While some find her a bit grating, it can’t be denied how steamy Rose is with the part and the variety of hot hook-ups in jail. The actress has gone on to roles in XXX: Return of Xander Cage and John Wick 2, showing more of her action side off. Yet fans hope to see more of her in the new season as this Rose has blossomed into a sexy lady.

10 Simone Missick (Luke Cage)

Based on the hit comic, Luke Cage has been one of the most impressive of the various Marvel series by Netflix. It focuses on race, on action and a great hero as well as Oscar-winner Mahershala Ali as the bad guy. A major character introduced is Misty Knight, a cop who gets with Cage in a steamy love scene in the premiere. She’s soon shown trying to take down drug dealer Cottonhead and getting into tight situations. Simone Missick is well cast in the role, a newcomer with only a few credits to her name. But she shows great sass and attitude as well as looking great in her outfits. Her character shines so well in the series that it boosts it up whenever she’s on screen. They tease her losing an arm for a bionic one like the comic book version but she keeps it after all. The character is due to return for The Defenders and much needed for a lady that makes the Knight quite hot.

9 Cobie Smulders (Friends From College)


The Canadian-born Cobie Smulders had a variety of small TV roles like The L Word and others. In 2005, she latched onto her most famous part, Robin on the long-running sitcom How I Met Your Mother. Over nine seasons, Smulders showed some very sexy stuff, great with a quip as well as looking hot in outfits, even handling pregnancy during the show with ease. She also earned major geek cred with her role as Maria Hill in The Avengers and other Marvel films that boosted her up.

Smulders first appeared on Netflix as the Mother (there’s some irony) on the network’s adaptation of A Series of Unfortunate Events. She’s now going to be starring in Friends From College, a new comedy about a pack of former college pals who hang around in New York. The trailers show her getting wild like attacking a closed pharmacy and cutting loose with the freedom of Netflix. Anyone who saw her before knows how smoldering Smulders can be and thus makes this show a must-watch.

8 Robin Wright (House Of Cards)

When Wonder Woman was released, jaws dropped at an early scene where the Amazons take down a platoon of German soldiers with ease. Most notably was Robin Wright as Antiope, a warrior who leaps over heads firing arrows and slicing guys down in a tight outfit. That Wright, at 51, was able to pull off looking a hotter warrior than Gal Gadot is astounding. The actress won the hearts of moviegoers everywhere with her title role in the beloved classic The Princess Bride and has kept up a great career since.

That serves her well for Netflix’s very first (and some say, still the best) original series, House of Cards. While Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood is a wicked Shakespearean villain, Claire is his Lady Macbeth, just as ruthless and conniving to keep in power. She has her hot side, sleeping around with men and just as willing to kill as her husband. The latest season has Claire really stepping it up big time to the top of the ladder and Wright looks sensationally sexy through it all (witness how she uses a bed session with a lover for a dark act). She may be older than others on this list but Wright has just gotten sexier with age and a reason to keep checking into this House.

7 Taylor Schilling (Orange Is The New Black)


Orange is the New Black was one of the shows that put Netflix on the map. Based on a true story, Piper Chapman is a seemingly well put together woman who has to break it to family and her boyfriend that she’s facing a prison sentence for her past as a drug dealer with her former girlfriend. Taylor Schilling had come to fame on the NBC show Mercy and a variety of small films. Her casting as Piper is notable as the early scenes of the series had her and Laura Prepon sharing a very hot shower scene. Since then, Schilling has been great showcasing how rotten a person Piper is but still winning fans over as she struggles with prison life. The fact she has no problem doffing it all certainly helps and won her numerous awards. This pic shows that even without her prison clothes, Schilling can be hot and what lies under that Orange clothing.

6 Deborah Ann Woll (Daredevil)

It’s ironic that one of the hotter ladies on True Blood was the one who mostly kept her clothes on. Deborah Ann Woll was introduced in the final episodes of the first season as Jessica, an innocent girl Bill had to turn into a vampire as a punishment. The genius was how the goofy Jessica loved being a vampire and free of her overbearing family. She provided a great sense of humor and nice warmth to the show which was needed. Woll could get very hot at times, especially seducing a character dressed in what amounted to “sexy Little Red Riding Hood” lingerie.

Woll moved to a very different role, dying her hair blonde to play Karen Page on Daredevil. She’s the human voice in thing as she helps Matt Murdock out, not as revealing but some hot stuff when she tries. She’s ready to reprise the role in both the Defenders and Punisher shows and this pic showcases that this lady knows how to get red hot with the best of them.

5 Alison Brie (GLOW)


The adorable brunette Alison Brie broke out with her role as Trudy on Mad Men, giving this 1960s woman a modern spin and surprising heat. Brie then got her famous role as Annie on the beloved comedy Community. As this tightly wound goof, Brie stole scenes, especially unleashing a surprisingly sexy side. Brie has kept busy with various projects like Brojack Horseman and The Lego Movie but set to make a big comeback on Netflix. GLOW is based on the real story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, a campy women’s wrestling show of the 1980s. Brie plays Ruth, a struggling actress who learns the ropes (literally) to take part.

The trailers show her in classic 1980s outfits and big hair, getting into grappling and figuring out her place. The series is also getting attention by the fact that Brie is confirmed to go topless in at least one scene. As this pic shows, the gal is able to show a very hot side to herself and no doubt make this a major winner for the network.

4 Krysten Ritter (Jessica Jones, The Defenders)

The sardonic and very hot brunette got her start on Gilmore Girls and later Veronica Mars but got much bigger attention with her part as a doomed addict on Breaking Bad. Her big attention getting role was as the bitchy lady in the too-short-lived comedy Don’t Trust The B--- In Apartment 23. Ritter really hit the big time with the title role in Jessica Jones, a woman orphaned as a child in an accident that also gave her super-strength. Tempted to become a hero, Jessica was warped by the mind-controlling Killgrave, turned into a slave actually killing for him. Breaking free of his control, Jessica sets herself up as a sardonic private eye for business.

Ritter is great in the part, hot in jeans and leather jacket and a smart mouth. She gets her sexy side, most notably when she and Luke Cage realize the other is just as strong as they are. Thus, their bedtime antics become so wild they literally break the bed under them. Ritter is ready to reprise the role in the upcoming Defenders and a second season of Jones and this showcases how this is one wicked lady fans love to follow.

3 Rosario Dawson (Daredevil, Luke Cage, The Defenders)


The knockout New Yorker of Puerto Rico/Cuban descent has been wowing moviegoers since her debut in Kids. Since then, Rosario Dawson has added to it with many sexy roles like Sin City, Alexander, Rent and her skin-baring turn in Trance. Having her come to TV is a bit of a surprise but she’s suited well for it. On Daredevil, she played Claire Temple, a nurse who tends to a wounded DD after a fight and soon aiding him. Dawson was a hit and soon reprising the role for Jessica Jones. Then on Luke Cage, she was beefed up, getting into a romance with the title character. She also got to do an around the world trip for Iron Fist. Dawson is set to return as Claire once more in the upcoming The Defenders series and while she dresses down a bit, it’s impossible to beat her sex appeal. As this pic shows, Dawson is a true sexy lady and gives the already hot Marvel shows on Netflix a major spark.

2 Taryn Manning (Orange Is The New Black)

It’s amazing how some of the ladies of Orange is the New Black look so much hotter off screen than on that show. Taryn Manning is the best example. She got attention with Britney Spears in Crossroads and acclaim for her turn in Hustle & Flow. TV roles followed like Sons of Anarchy and the kid sister of Hawaii Five-O. On Orange, she plays Tiffany aka Pennsatucky, a proud redneck who shot an abortion nurse for cracking a joke about her then made it look like it was a pro-life thing to get a good defense. Manning buries her beauty for the role with bad skin and teeth yet something about it is intriguing. She’s shown off a few times and won acclaim for her amazing performance. But these pics just make it all the more amazing in that Manning is a stunningly gorgeous woman who is also believable as this ugly gal and a combination for one of the network’s best starlets.

1 Olivia Cheng (Marco Polo)


Even Netflix isn’t perfect. Marco Polo was their attempt at a Spartacus like series, mixing real history with some fantasy aspects. But it was axed after two seasons, a rare misfire for them. But it did offer some hot stuff, the best being Olivia Cheng. Born in Canada, the lady was a reporter for various papers and magazines who decided to try at acting. On Marco, she played Len Mei, an apparent concubine who the famed explorer meets during his journeys to Asia. However, she’s really a ruthless assassin who enjoys using her wiles to lure men in. Cheng provided perhaps the most memorable moment of the entire series when Mei takes on a trio of men inside a bathhouse, pulling off cartwheels and martial arts moves while completely naked. The show is sadly over but Cheng looks to be moving on, heading back to Canada for a stage production and if nothing else, provided one of the hotter “baring it all” bits of any Netflix series.

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