The 15 Hottest Women From Chick TV

Chick TV is one of the greatest guilty pleasures one can revel in. Shows such as Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, Scandal, The OC, Vampire Diaries, and the seemingly interminable Grey's Anatomy have spent years capturing the interest of every TV watcher who can't help but get sucked into a deliciously tangled web of romance, backstabbing, and drama. These shows are full of on-again-off-again relationships, love triangles, malicious rumours, tension-filled dialogue, high fashion, relatable character woes... and hot actresses?

For a genre that is generally geared towards women, you would think that the handsome men who make our leading ladies swoon would be the primary draw, but chick TV is completely full of gorgeous actresses. It would almost seem like a crime not to point them out. And just when you think a show can't squeeze in another inhumanly good-looking female character, someone's ridiculously attractive, long lost half-sister arrives on the scene, throwing a wrench into the show's plot and making us all turn to Google image search to see more of her. Come to think of it, we may just have solved the mystery of why so many men are secret fans of these female-oriented TV series. And it's not for the engrossing storylines or conniving characters. It's for the stunning women bringing those characters to life.

From high-school based musicals, to charming mother-daughter comedies, to primetime soap opera remakes, to romance-driven supernatural thrillers, these shows are brimming with so many beautiful women, even this list can't contain them all. Nonetheless, we have rounded up who we think are fifteen of the absolute hottest women from chick TV shows.

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16 Shay Mitchell (Pretty Little Liars)


After seven seasons of complex and sometimes straight-up baffling twists and turns involving fake deaths, mistaken identities, and murder, Pretty Little Liars will be calling it quits in 2017. While none of the cast are anything to turn your nose up, the standout might very well be Shay Mitchell who played the competitive swimmer Fields for the entire run of the show. Playing the sporty one of the core group, Mitchell has had to keep up with her training, and oh boy, does it show. There is hardly a scene in all of Pretty Little Liars where Emily Fields doesn't look amazing. Did we mention she plays a young lady who likes to "experiment" with other young ladies? It's enough to make us worry that we won't get to watch Mitchell on-screen as much after the teen drama reaches its finale this coming spring. Fortunately, it sounds like the 29-year-old Torontonian has a lot lined up in the near future, including a popular YouTube channel, an upcoming thriller movie, and multiple endorsements for companies such as Nike and Pantene.

15 Camilla Luddington (Grey's Anatomy)

Wallpapers dsc

Camilla Luddington joined the cast of Grey's Anatomy back in 2012 and the British-born beauty (with one of the most British names of all time) made an immediate impact on fans. Before being cast as Dr. Jo Wilson on the medical drama, Luddington had several TV credits, so she was no stranger to the small screen. She had stints on True Blood, Californication, and even one episode of Days of Our Lives, not to mention playing the one and only Kate Middleton in a made-for-TV movie called William & Kate. Which should tell you something about how gorgeous she is. And if that doesn't convince you, Luddington was also chosen to take over the Lara Croft mantle in 2013, not only lending her voice to the video game franchise, but also her body for the titular character's motion capture. So yeah, if your name can be mentioned in the same breath as both Kate Middleton and Angelina Jolie, you are definitely super hot.

14 Nina Dobrev (The Vampire Diaries)

Entertainment Weekly

The Vampire Diaries managed to feast on the blood of the Twilight franchise, collecting its fans and entrapping them with its similar concoction of fangs, love triangles, and brooding protagonists, while at the same time making it a much more palatable viewing experience. A big part of the show's success had to do with the three original leads: Stefan, Damon, and Elena, played by Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, and Nina Dobrev, respectively.

Like Twilight, much of the show's plot, especially in the early seasons, revolves around a love triangle between the aforementioned characters. And since Wesley and Somerhalder are both exceptional specimens of the male form, their female counterpart, whom they both spend a ridiculous amount of time fighting over, needed to be equally hot, if not more so. Enter Nina Dobrev, whose screen-melting appearances kept the vampire brothers and TV audiences always on their toes.

13 Naya Rivera (Glee)


Actress and singer, Naya Rivera was with the break-out musical hit show, Glee, right from its inception, playing Santana Lopez, a high-school cheerleader and all around mean girl. Of course, you know what that means— she has to be hot. The nasty, snotty, boy-loving cheerleaders always are, and Rivera's character was no exception. It doesn't even matter that the role of Santana was just another recycled stereotype of the same popular, superficial mean girl we have all seen a thousand times in a thousand other shows. As a plus, along the course of the show, Rivera also got to show off her singing and dancing skills, eventually leading to her to solo music career. In 2013, she dropped her first single, Sorry, which featured her then-boyfriend Big Sean, but not much has been heard of her since. If you feel like you're having Rivera withdrawal, you can always go check out the third season of Devious Maids, in which she has a recurring role.

12 AnnaLynne McCord (90210)

USA Today

Primarily known for playing delightfully conniving, but always gorgeous, vixens, AnnaLynne McCord continued that streak when she was cast in the most recent reboot of 90210 as Naomi Clark, one of the show's central characters during its five-season run. While she had a prominent role in 2007, as Eden Lord on Nip/Tuck, McCord really broke into the spotlight playing the popular antiheroine on 90210. And it is easy to see why, assuming you have functioning eyeballs and a basic understanding of human beauty. The blond, curly-haired daughter of a Christian pastor is a walking tribute to the wonder of God's creation (if you believe in that kind of thing). It is kind of a shame that we have yet to see a whole lot more of her since 90210 closed its doors in 2013, because she is also a very talented actress. While her looks might garner the vast majority of her praise, many critics have paid special attention to her top notch performances, not only in 90210, but also in other productions, such as the horror comedy film, Excision.

11 Ruby Rose (Orange Is the New Black)

The Pop Hub

Part-time DJ and full-time babe, Ruby Rose, only appeared in nine episodes of Orange Is the New Black, but OMG, did she ever leave an impression on everyone who set eyes on her. The short-haired, tattooed stunner played badass inmate Stella Carlin during the third season of the show, becoming a major player in the plot for a good long while. Her absence from the fourth season caused more than a few fans to despair, having fallen in love with her and her character in previous episodes. The outpouring of professed love for Ruby Rose was a social media phenomenon for a while, especially in the wake of her nude shower scene in the third season's ninth episode. If you're aching for some Ruby in the near future, you can see her in the upcoming Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, XXX: Return of Xander, and John Wick: Chapter 2, or, if you're really desperate, you can head to Australia and try to catch one of her gigs as a DJ.

10 Phoebe Tonkin (The Vampire Diaries and The Originals)


Phoebe Tonkin is so damn hot that they simply could not contain her in just one show. Less than a year after joining the cast of CW's The Vampire Diaries, playing Hayley, a friend of Tyler, it was announced that she would also be featured in The Originals, the spin-off series to The Vampire Diaries. Apparently, the Australian actress and model made enough of an impression as a recurring character in the first series that she garnered a main role in the second. We are willing to bet that at least part of that strong impression came from her big, gorgeous eyes and pouty lips. And if you're interested, here's a fun fact about Tonkin and her co-star, Claire Holt: the two actresses have starred together in three separate series, each having roles in The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, as well as having shared the screen in the first two seasons of H2O: Just Add Water.

9 Blake Lively (Gossip Girl)

The Czech Chicks

Oh me, oh my, the fashion in the show was fabulous! Have you ever seen anyone else pull off a bowtie like Chuck Bass, or a patterned jacket like Blair Waldorf? It's no wonder those two couldn't keep their hands off each other. Although neither of them could compare to the bohemian chic style of Serena van der Woodsen, played by Blake Lively. She always managed to rock the messy ponytail in a way that made her seem accessible yet still insanely hot. She was basically perfect. And would you expect anything less from the woman who managed to tame the heart and loins of Ryan Reynolds, a.k.a Hollywood's handsomest man? Of course not! (But we can all agree to just forget about the dumpster fire of a movie they called Green Lantern, which just so happened to be the movie Reynolds and Lively met on, can we not? Good.)

8 Kelly McCreary (Grey's Anatomy)

Spirit and Flesh Mag

Grey's Anatomy has always been stuffed full of eye candy on both sides of the gender line. McDreamy and McSteamy, who both met tragic ends in their separate ways, are obvious examples; as is Camilla Luddington, who also shows up on this list. But they are certainly not the only ones. In fact, it seems more than a little improbable that there are just that many good looking doctors in one hospital. And whenever a new character shows up, more often than not, the show wows us with yet another ridiculously attractive medical professional. Or a relative of a medical professional. Or, in the case of Kelly McCreary, both. When McCreary was introduced in the finale of Grey's Anatomy's tenth season as the long-lost, half-sister of Meredith Grey (and the new head of the cardiology department), it was a huge bombshell that audiences had been waiting years for. The surprise was made all that much sweeter by the easy-on-the-eyes McCreary, who has arguably the best hair on all of television.

7 Lea Michele (Glee)

Just Jared

The TV phenomenon that is Glee has become something of a star factory, turning a whole host of working actors into bona fide celebrities, including Will Scheuster, Chris Colfer, and the late Cory Monteith, not to mention increasing the popularity of Jane Lynch. But no one has benefitted from the star making power of Glee like Lea Michele, who took on the role of Rachel Berry, the show's female lead. Having a background in musical theatre, including starring on Broadway in shows such as Ragtime and Spring Awakening, Michele easily stepped into the singing, dancing, and acting required of her for Glee. When the high school musical series exploded into the mainstream spotlight, she rode the wave of its success all the way to her own record deal, as well as roles in other TV series, like Sons of Anarchy and Scream Queens. Of course, it also helps that she's a total babe.


5 Sophia Bush (One Tree Hill)


Do you remember this show? It was so addictive! The family drama. The high school romances. The teenage pregnancies. The brotherly rivalry. It was like The OC but with a lot less beach and a lot more basketball. And, just like The OC, the cast was primarily comprised of actors who won the genetic lottery. Even though the plots were sometimes paper-thin and the characters were sometimes flat, there was never any shortage of attractive folks in the town of Tree Hill, North Carolina. One of the standouts in the show was Sophia Bush, who portrayed Brooke Davis for all nine seasons, and is one of only two actors on the show credited in each of its 187 episodes. The raspy voiced Bush brought the spoiled, hard-partying Brooke to life for the better part of a decade, and always looked good doing it. Of course, that was part of her character— Brooke always had to look good.

4 Eva Longoria (Desperate Housewives)


Eva Longoria might be the oldest actress on the this list, but she has never let age take away from the fact that she is an absolute bombshell. She spent eight seasons, stirring up drama as Gabrielle Solis on ABC's Desperate Housewives, and has had a long run of successful films, TV show appearances, and even commercial work since then. Recently she played a love interest/rival to Andy Samberg's Jake Peralta on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and has appeared in ad campaigns for L'Oreal, Hanes, Heineken, Magnum Ice-Cream, and New York & Co.. She has even appeared as a spokesperson for a brand of cat food. And if you haven't noticed, it seems like only beautiful people are allowed to promote cat food. We're not sure why— it's safe to say that no cat has ever given a crap about how attractive the hand that opens its can of food is, so long as the tuna ends up in the dish.

3 Kerry Washington (Scandal)

The Daily Beast

Kerry Washington might have become a household name thanks to her leading role as Olivia Pope in Scandal, but she has a long history of turning out fantastic performances in truly great movies, including Ray, The Last King of Scotland, and Django Unchained, among many others. And clearly, she has brought those acting chops with her to the set of Scandal, as she has twice been nominated for an Emmy for her portrayal of a crisis management expert in Washington DC, and there is always the chance she will garner a few more before the series wraps up. Now, it would be very remiss of us, especially in an article specifically dedicated to hot actresses, not to mention that Washington is also drop dead gorgeous. Seriously, she is so hot that Jamie Foxx spent an entire Quentin Tarantino movie murdering people in order to reunite with her. How romantic, don't you think?

2 Jessica Lowndes (90210)

90210 Wiki

Like several others on this list, Jessica Lowndes isn't just an actress; she is also a singer, releasing a number of pop singles with varying degrees of success. What she is really known for, however, is her portrayal of Adrianna Tate-Duncan on 90210. The Canadian-born smokeshow was not initially supposed to have a recurring role, but was quickly upgraded to series regular during the first season. As Adrianna, Lowndes went through a whole hell of a lot on the show: drug addiction, an unwanted pregnancy, a car crash, fights, heartbreak, relationships with men, a relationship with a woman, and so on and so forth. She was a walking tornado of drama, which was perfect for a show like 90210. Since the show's demise in 2013, Lowndes made a couple of guest appearances on other shows such as Motive and Hawaii Five-O, as well as co-starring with Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig in A Deadly Adoption, the very strange thriller comedy that aired on Lifetime.

1 Alexis Bledel (Gilmore Girls)


Fans of Gilmore Girls all over the world rejoiced in unison when it was announced that Netflix was going to revive the fast-talking, mother-daughter series for a four-episode mini-series after almost a decade off the air. And by the sounds of it, when the hour and a half worth of rapid-fire dialogue and relationship turmoil debuted on November 25, it did not disappoint. While the show features three generations of Gilmore girls, who are all beautiful women in their own right, we are going to focus on the youngest of the trio: Rory Gilmore as played by Alexis Bledel. With her piercing blue eyes and chipper demeanour, Bledel has always been a crush-worthy TV star and nothing about that changed with the Gilmore Girls’ revival. And sure, she might not flaunt her body in gratuitous bikini scenes like some others on this list, but Rory's wit, charm, and down-to-earth intelligence has imbued Bledel with a rare sort of poise and beauty.

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