The 15 Hottest TV Waitresses Of All Time

Waitresses take a lot of forms. There are the young women, often in college, trying to make a few extra bucks. There are the ones in their twenties between jobs. And there are ones who, for various re

Waitresses take a lot of forms. There are the young women, often in college, trying to make a few extra bucks. There are the ones in their twenties between jobs. And there are ones who, for various reasons, have made it a career. They vary from the hot ladies in tight shirts at places like Hooters to uniforms for your local diner on TV, they are often used in comedies for the hangouts of the main characters and these shows like to push the sex appeal nicely. Ironically, the most famous waitress-themed sitcom, Alice, was focused on middle-aged ladies who weren’t exactly hot by today’s standards. Yet the idea of a hot and sexy waitress is a popular one on television, especially in the last few years.

Again, it’s mostly comedies that play the workplace stuff for laughs from the uniforms to the hassles of customers. Occasionally dramas can use it too as a backdrop for a character but also showcasing the tough times the workers go through. They have to go around in tight outfits, handle a lot of work and put up with rude customers for low tips. However, this being television, they do tend to look great doing it, especially when they get a hot uniform or other outfit. There’s something about a sexy waitress that gets you going and TV is great at showcasing this. Here are 15 hot TV waitresses we’d more than enjoy being waited on by and why the job looks better on TV than in real life.

15 Christy Plunkett (Mom)

She would describe herself far more as a “hot mess.” CBS’ “comedy” packs in plenty of drama as Anna Faris plays Christy, who dropped out of high school when she got pregnant and spent years as a drunk and even a stripper. Now sober, Christy works as a waitress at a fancy restaurant while handling her life, not aided by her troublesome alcoholic mom (Allison Janney) living with her. Faris has charm in the part with Christy wary of the world and guilty of her past while trying to help her daughter avoid her mistakes. The show has tackled dark stuff like mom Bonnie having a relapse and Christy’s daughter giving up her own baby then sliding into depression and drinking herself. But Faris maintains humor and while her tuxedo uniform isn’t revealing, she still can get sexy when she wants. The first season showed her having an affair with her married boss and while she’s cut back on that, Faris is able to make jeans and a rumpled top look hotter than any skimpy dress and is relatable as a normal gal trying to handle one messy life.

14 Kelly Kapowski (Saved by the Bell)

The classic teen sitcom had a lot going for it with the attractive cast and some humor that’s helped it maintain a beloved following. Tiffani-Amber Thiessen was an instant hit as Kelly, the girl next door and love of main character Zack. For much of the show’s run, Kelly had a job as a waitress at the Max, the local hangout for the kids. The sight of her in a red shirt with a bit of mid-riff and leather shorts was quite amazing with Thiessen looking much more mature than her age indicated. Kelly found herself in the same position in the short-lived college spin-off when she got a job at the local café on campus to help out the gang. It was part of the role that made Thiessen a star and is still an iconic bit for kids growing up in the 1990s to marvel at how sexy a teen gal could get.

13 Ursula Buffay (Mad About You)

NBC’s sitcom had a slow start when it premiered in 1992 but eventually became a steady hit that helped launch Helen Hunt to stardom. She and Paul Reiser played a couple handling life in New York with some friends and were hopeful for a family. Several episodes had them hanging out at a local diner called Riff’s which boasted a quirky and absent-minded waitress named Ursula. It was the first major role for Lisa Kudrow who won folks over with her nutty manner and unique outfits. It led to Kudrow cast as Phoebe on Friends that made her an even bigger star. At which point, the producers came up with the brilliant idea that Phoebe and Ursula were twin sisters, allowing Kudrow to play against herself in some crossover episodes. Her fun manner and great charm helped put Kudrow on the map and showcase an actress who got to be on two of NBC’s biggest comedy hits at once.

12 Caroline Channing (2 Broke Girls)

Waitressing was never in the cards for Caroline Channing. She grew up in massive wealth (“I used to have a closet just for scarves”) and graduated with a degree from Wharton’s business school and was set to be rich all her life. Then it was discovered the family was wealthy because her dad was running a massive Ponzi scheme. He was arrested and the feds seized all their cash. Poor Caroline had to take a job at a crummy diner where she befriended Max Black and became roommates. While she’s done her best to handle it, Caroline still moans over her fate and misses her rich life. Beth Behrs is funny in the role, very attractive with shots on Caroline’s hair and flat chest but has great legs to make up for it which she shows in her waitress uniform. She may not get around as much as Max but has a few good hook-ups while making sure their various side businesses run okay. She may hate wearing that uniform but Caroline does make it look good.

11 Olive Snook (Pushing Daisies)

Kristin Chenoweth is a very interesting person. She has the amazing curves and ample chest of a supermodel but stands under five feet tall. Her brilliant comedic timing and sensational voice made her a Tony-winning star on Broadway and various TV parts like The West Wing and Glee. Olive Snook may be her best character, a centerpiece of ABC’s far too short-lived fantasy/mystery/comedy that critics adored. Olive was hopelessly in love with diner owner Ned who loved another woman and would often sing out her frustrations in song. Her ultra-tight uniforms showcased Chenoweth’s form well, aided by the humor in this pint-sized lady getting into wild situations and outrageous costumes. Funny bits included everything from her undercover as a nun to her past as a horse jockey and Chenoweth carried it with wonderful appeal. The entire series was an offbeat fairy tale and Olive fit in perfectly with her singing, her outfits and surprising sex appeal to spark things up. Chenoweth won a well-deserved Emmy Award for the role and her making Olive a loveable minx is yet another reason so many miss this show.

10 Bernadette Rostenkowski (The Big Bang Theory)

The Big Bang Theory really began to click when the producers realized they needed to get more females on the show to attract viewers. So in the third season, Melissa Rauch was cast as Bernadette, a co-worker of Penny’s at the Cheesecake Factory. She was an instant hit with her high-pitched voice, glasses and quirky behavior that fit the show well. Rauch would show a sometimes darker side to the part as Bernadette was just working at the restaurant to help pay her way through school. She and nerd Howard ended up hitting it off and eventually married and Rauch was able to push a sexy vibe for her character. Her ample chest has been displayed in magazine shoots and her tenure at the Factory ended when she got a job for a big company. But Bernadette was key to the show getting out of just “the geeky guys” formula and looked very hot in that uniform to count for this list.

9 Rachel Green (Friends)

The first scene of NBC’s iconic comedy remains a classic. The gang we’ll come to know and love are chatting in Central Perk, a coffee shop with newly divorced Ross complaining about never finding another wife. In walks Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) in her wedding gown, having just run out on her groom. Deciding it’s finally time to live her own life, Rachel moves in with best friend Monica and gets a job at Central Perk. It’s played for laughs such as her reaction to her first paycheque (“who is this FICA person and why is he getting all my money?”) and a less lavish lifestyle. Aniston was an instant star thanks to the role, showing some nice cleavage in her waitress tops and her haircut soon becoming a national fad. Rachel eventually quit the Perk for a better job but continued to hang out there and showcased fantastic sex appeal that would make Aniston one of hottest and funniest ladies on TV and movies.

8 Penny (The Big Bang Theory)

The setup for CBS’ long-running comedy hit was obvious: A bunch of super-geniuses realizing they knew so much about science and sci-fi but nothing on how to deal with their gorgeous neighbor. Penny (her maiden last name was never revealed) was a standout from the start thanks to the casting of Kaley Cuoco in the outfit she wore working at the local Cheesecake Factory the guys would hang out at. The tall and lovely blonde at first played Penny as a bit of a dimwit, however, as the series went on, Penny got more depth, a bit smarter than how she started off and balancing a love for main character Leonard. She eventually quit her job in the seventh season to be an actress and married Leonard but still puts up with jokes of her waitress past. The sight of Cuoco in the Factory outfit was a common one for most of the show’s run and her funny jokes on her experiences with diners preparing her for the antics of the gang. Of course, Cuoco got some sexy outfits and costumes at times yet retained a “girl next door” charm that helped make the show such a massive hit with Cuoco selling the idea of how the geek can get the goddess.

7 Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood)

This HBO horror drama had a fantastic hook: In the near future, vampires have come out of hiding and are working to be accepted as part of regular society. Sookie grew up with her parents dead, raised by her grandmother and was soon a waitress at a diner in her small Louisiana hometown. Sookie had long possessed the ability to read other people’s thoughts which made her an outcast. But this also drew her to vampire Bill and threw her into a wild and insane journey to find her roots. Anna Paquin had been known for her Oscar win as a child and Rogue in the X-Men movies but audiences were stunned at how well she’d grown up. Her uniform was a very tight top and short green skirt to show off a nice body well. This being HBO, Paquin would show that body off even more in some of the wildest and steamiest nude scenes any cable show has ever put on the air. Even through the insanity of the show, Paquin held viewers with her charm and humor and keeping up her job to showcase a sexy waitress who got very dirty when the occasion called for it.

6 Max Black (2 Broke Girls)

Max openly boasts that her best assets are the ones on her chest. She wears ultra-tight tops to flash her cleavage for more tips and carries herself with a sardonic charm. Kat Dennings is sharp in the role, very hot while showing the tough past of Max. Her father abandoned her, her mother was a constant drug addict and crook and she’s openly acknowledged having a bad childhood. Yet she carries herself with some wonderful humor, always with a clever quip and insult and not afraid to chew out a customer at the crummy diner she works in. She’s wild with a love of drinking, a few drugs and sleeping with various guys (and hints the occasional lady too) yet has some standards. Her friendship with formerly rich Caroline has softened her a bit as they operate various side businesses but Max keeps being dragged into working at this diner. The food may be bad and the service horrible but the sight of Max in those outfits is at least one reason to keep dropping by this restaurant.

5 Ruby (Once Upon A Time)

The first season of ABC’s fairy-tale adventure is still the best with how it showed truly storytelling magic. In the small town of Storybrooke, Ruby is the waitress at the diner owned by her Granny and showcased from the start with her style. Lush dark hair framing a face featuring a sexy smile, tight red shorts and loose tops with a lot of makeup and bracelets, it was a very sexy presence. Like everyone else in town, Ruby is unaware she’s under a curse to forget her life in the Enchanted Forest. In her case, it’s a brilliant twist: not only is she Red Riding Hood, she’s also the Wolf, transforming without her magical red cloak. Meghan Ory was terrific in the part, showing Ruby’s outgoing personality with great humor. She regained her memories to wrestle with her animal side with Ory’s outfits a bit more reserved but still looking hot. Ruby was written out of the show for a time going back to the Enchanted Forest and eventually falling in love with a grown-up Dorothy Gale. But that first season still showcases the more wicked side of a waitress who was literally hungry like a wolf.

4 Fiona Gallagher (Shameless)

Fiona has taken a lot of jobs on the Showtime dramedy, all of which allow Emmy Rossum to look great. The only sane member of her crazy Chicago clan, Fiona has long had to hold them together thanks to the actions of drunken dad Frank and barely making ends meet. Her jobs have included a maid and for a time, she seemed to be okay with a great office job. But then Fiona hit a rough patch drinking and a brief stint in jail. So she was reduced to getting a job at a little diner in Chicago and did get to wear a nice outfit of a very tight top and black skirt. Rossum has shown no problem doffing it all to get into wild sex scenes for the series and it’s not long before Fiona is hooking up with her manager. They were even to be married but because happy endings are not in the cards for the Gallaghers, the wedding was a disaster and Fiona was single again. While her stint wasn’t too long, Rossum made this outfit look very hot, especially when she took it off to remind fans why she shines so well in this part.

3 Alison Lockhart (The Affair)

Showtime’s drama is acclaimed for how it plays with the way people remember things. The plotline has Dominic West as Noah, a struggling author vacationing with his family in a Long Island resort town. He meets Alison, a waitress as the local diner played by Ruth Wilson. The two are soon engaged in an affair but the twist is that the series shows how things look from each character’s viewpoint. Thus, Alison sees herself as more innocent, seduced by Noah and opening up slowly. When Noah tells the tale, Alison is more the seductive vixen skilled in bed and outgoing (notice how her waitress uniform is more revealing in his version than in hers). Ruth Wilson is fantastic in the part, managing to balance both sides of the character, showing how the truth is somewhere in between. Going nude in some steamy love scenes makes it better but Wilson handles the darker aspects of the show and how her waitress sets a tragic chain of events in motion even while looking sexier than her first appearance would indicate.

2 Regina Kostas (Becker)

CBS’ popular sitcom had Ted Danson playing against type in the title role as a sardonic doctor who basically hates everyone. He hung out at a diner with a blind newsstand owner and Regina or “Reggie” the owner/cook/waitress. Terry Farrell had just ended her run as alien Dax on Star Trek Deep Space Nine and this was an interesting departure. Her background was that she had been a former model and thus still looked incredibly gorgeous with dark hair and a nice sense of humor. She’d taken over the diner from her late father and kept it running although a running gag was everyone complaining about her cooking. Farrell handled the show well, usually in tight outfits but could wow others when she dressed up for a date. A recurring theme was her love-hate relationship with Becker, the two bickering but drawn together and eventually hooking up. It didn’t last as Farrell left the show and it suffered without her charming presence. Still, when she was on it, Reggie helped bring a lot of heat to an otherwise dark sitcom.

1 The Waitress (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia)

Her real name has never been revealed and that totally fits with FX’s completely un-PC comedy. Introduced in the very first episode, the Waitress works at a coffee shop near Paddy’s Pub and thus has run-ins a lot with the gang. Played by Mary Elizabeth Ellis, the Waitress is shown to be very hot with a wild streak that comes loose when she gets drunk. She’s pursued constantly by Charlie (Charles Day) who pines for her and thinks they’re destined to be together. It doesn’t happen as she sees Charlie as the idiot loser he is (ironically, in real life, Ellis and Day are married). It’s funnier as it’s shown the Waitress sleeps around a lot and even hits on near-sociopath Dennis. She gets into some ugly messes thanks to the gang and her own issues but Ellis makes her still a hot presence so it’s little wonder Charlie is so obsessed with her. Sunny has a lot of hot messes but the Waitress is the hottest of the bunch.

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