The 15 Hottest TV Girlfriends Of All Time

The girlfriend has been the mainstay of TV series since the medium was founded. They’ve changed from the older days of more innocent to ladies who are incredibly hot, outgoing and oh so sexy. In most cases, they can be the side piece in a comedy, the lady who plays off the laughs and enhances the humor. In dramas, they can stand out in a supporting part, often the object of desire for a main character and many a show plays with the “will they or won’t they” aspect of such a friendship. In many cases, they do end up doing it and eventually even married but sometimes, the best relationships are the ones that don’t go quite that far. Casting some very sexy ladies in these roles certainly helps of course to make them shine so well.

It’s tricky finding the best and hottest given the hundreds of amazingly hot women cast as girlfriends on TV over the years. From network sitcoms to raunchy cable series, these shows have been terrific in finding truly hot and talented women who bring the sexy but also make you care about the overall relationship. It’s easy to see the ladies of the last few decades dominate more thanks to how TV can be more revealing but still notable in how so many hot women abound across their history. Here are the 15 hottest ladies to play TV girlfriends and how viewers can dream of nabbing a hot gal of their own.


15 Kelly Kapowski (Saved By The Bell)

For many men who were teenagers in the 1990s, Kelly was their first real TV crush. Starting off looking hot, she blossomed more thanks to Tiffani-Amber Thiessen also growing into a true babe. While she could be “girl next door” at times, Kelly also showed more sexiness than a Saturday morning comedy should have shown, not above flaunting it in a bikini and a cheerleading outfit. Naturally, Zack was after her from the start although Kelly had other suitors such as her own diner boss and others drawn to her intelligence and beauty. But she kept coming back to Zack, the two meshing well and Kelly still alluring as the show continued its run. The producers of the college spin-off were smart to bring her on, looking even hotter with a shorter haircut and flaunting the sexuality like dating her own professor. But in the end, she and Zack were married to pay the grand romance off. Thiessen has just gotten hotter as time has gone by but her youth made Kelly one of the most popular teen crushes for any TV viewer of that decade.

14 Penny (The Big Bang Theory)

Her real last name has never been revealed and that just adds to her appeal. The beginning of CBS’ mega-hit sitcom had an obvious setup as a group of genius nerds are thrown when their new neighbor is a complete knockout of a woman. Kaley Cuoco became an instant star with the part and the show pushed her sex appeal as Penny would walk in tight shorts and shirts to show off her body and played her off as a “dumb blonde.” But as the series went on, they deepened her character, made her smarter than she seemed and developed a good relationship with nerd Leonard. The sex appeal was obvious and Cuoco still brings that through events as Penny worked as a waitress, made a go of it as an actress and had some hot hookups with other guys. Eventually, she and Leonard were married but Penny shows the sanity and even reality check these sci-fi obsessed geeks need and the much-needed female perspective for their lives. It’s easy to see Penny as a key reason viewers tune in to the show and giving hope to geeks everywhere they might someday get the hot girl after all.

13 Robin Scherbatsky (How I Met Your Mother)

The first episode of this CBS hit has Ted meeting Robin, a reporter who’s moved from Canada for a job in New York. It’s love at first sight for Ted as he pursues her and naturally, folks assumed she was the mysterious “Mother”… only to have Future Ted’s kids ask “you mean Aunt Robin?” As it turned out, Robin’s dedication to her job prevented her and Ted from going forward although she did show some fun times with him as well as other guys. Cobie Smulders was hilarious in the role while also very hot in various outfits and often showing up in underwear to try and seduce a lover. The show had fun with her Canadian roots (her pop culture references are several years out of date) and her career as a pop singer and she was the classic case of a TV “tomboy” who was a total knockout. She and Barney embarked on a surprisingly warm relationship considering Barney’s womanizing ways although she was jealous of Ted’s various girlfriends too. The final episode ended with hints that future Ted and Robin might end up together after all and it’s easy to see why given how Smulders made Robin the true woman of the show rather than the Mother.

12 Joey Potter (Dawson’s Creek)

Katie Holmes was made an instant star thanks to the WB’s hit series which put a new spin on the usual teenage angst and drama. It was obvious from the start that Joey was in love with neighbor Dawson but he just saw her as his childhood friend. The fact was that Joey had grown up into a gorgeous woman with lush dark hair, deep eyes and a nice sense of humor. At first, she stuck to jeans and dark shirts but as the series went on, she became more comfortable with herself to show off more (helped by Holmes getting more famous). Eventually, she and Dawson gave dating a try and realized they were better off as friends. The show had Joey getting a better attitude when she moved to L.A. and getting with more guys, again helped by Holmes getting even sexier off-screen to push the character on. She and Pacey began a fun relationship with Joey growing more and the series ended with them finally together. No matter who she was with, Holmes showcased the way this “gal next door” turned into one hot lady to boost herself to stardom.

11 Serena Van Der Woodson (Gossip Girl)

As the CW’s wicked teen drama began, Serena was returning to New York after time away for some bad behavior in her past. Blake Lively became a star with the role, Serena always decked out in the best fashions that showcased her long legs and amazing smile, a stunning beauty. She had been the girlfriend of rich Nate but found herself drawn to struggling writer Dan. Her bouncing between them forged much of the show’s drama although Serena also had a few other hot hookups over the show’s run. It was talked of how much she slept around in her wilder days and throwing in some drinking and drug use but Lively kept making her a lovely presence whose struggles won viewers over. She and Dan wrestled with their feelings over the series, each going to other people but in the end, they ended up together at last. No matter who she hooked up with, it was easy to see why as Serena had a wild style that belied her rich roots and showcasing one of the best reasons this show was a guilty pleasure.

10 Topanga Lawrence (Boy Meets World)

The first season of the ABC sitcom was your typical “kid comedy” with Ben Savage as Cory handling middle school. He’s partnered with Topanga, an incredibly quirky girl who talks in a “new age” manner and wears weird clothing. They share a kiss as kids and it continues from there. It was really shifted when Danielle Fishel underwent a growth spurt between seasons, turning this nerdy girl into a complete knockout. While her nuttier aspects were dropped, the show kept her intensity to always be the best in academics and while she was usually the sane person to Cory’s antics, she could get wild herself. They kept together through breakups and when her parents moved away, Topanga insisted on staying with Cory. Indeed, she gave up Yale just to attend a lower college with him, showing her love despite her bad cooking and often interfering behavior. Their love was true as they were married and in the spin-off Girl Meets World, raise a teenage daughter and Fishel looking even more stunning. She was the girlfriend so many teen TV viewers loved and Topanga was the best part of this World.

9 Lisa Wilkes (The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air)

Throughout the run of the NBC comedy hit, Will (Will Smith) had some on and off flames but Lisa was different. Played by Nia Long, Lisa was a college student who met Will in the fifth season and he realized she was different. She was the tough, no-nonsense type, not taking his joking style and encouraging him to try and be a better man. Their first date had her making Will think she was a deranged stalker just to mess with him but he actually liked that about her. Long was hot but not flaunting it too much yet her relationship with Will was warm and heartfelt as they fought through ups and downs. They got engaged, their first attempt at a Vegas wedding ending as they realized they wanted something better. However, their would-be wedding ended when each realized at the altar that they just weren’t ready for marriage. Sadly, Long left the show, the entire relationship forgotten and a shame as Lisa was a great standout as the proper Princess for the Fresh Prince.


8 Elena Gilbert (The Vampire Diaries)

At first looking like a lame TV version of Twilight, the CW’s drama transformed into a wild and wickedly fun series. At the start, Nina Dobrev played Elena as your typical high school princess, albeit suffering from the deaths of her parents. She soon found herself drawn to new student Stefan Salvatore before discovering he was a vampire. But Elena also felt an attraction for Stefan’s more murderous brother Damon and this triangle pushed the show on. The fact that Elena was a doppelganger for Katherine, the evil vampire whom both brothers loved, just complicated matters. Dobrev sold Elena handling the dual attractions, giving both brothers a try and showing hot sides to herself. It just got hotter when Elena became a vampire herself and amped up her sexy appeal, including a time when she turned her humanity off and got colder yet still had a sizzling appeal. In the end, Elena chose Damon but ended up cursed into an eternal sleep (to excuse Dobrev leaving the show) and Damon clearly hurt without her. It’s easy to see why as, whether human or vampire, Elena was a very appealing lady and no wonder two brothers went to war over her.

7 Brooke Davis (One Tree Hill)

As the long-running WB/CW series began, Brooke was the richest and most popular girl at One Tree Hill High, the head cheerleader and had a wicked sense of humor and style. She targeted Lucas but he had eyes on her best friend Peyton , putting tension on the friends. But when she found out her parents were having money troubles, Brooke shifted her attitude, and was more caring although still a hot look thanks to Sophia Bush’s fun performance. The show shifted a lot, especially when it did a five year time jump where Brooke was now running her own clothing business. Brooke had a few off and on lovers over the series, each showcasing some hot stuff for her (a hysterical scene has friend Hayley finding out Brooke hooked up with a guy in Hayley’s bed) and giving Bush a chance to show off in some nice underwear scenes. Eventually, Brooke ended up with director Julian, the two having a fun relationship before finally getting married and having twins. Bush was one of only three actors to stay through the entire show start to finish and made Brooke a very hot girlfriend to have your back.

6 Jackie Burkhart (That ‘70s Show)

When Mila Kunis auditioned for the Fox comedy, the producers assumed she was the classic case of an actress in her twenties playing a teenager. It wasn’t until the show started to air that Kunis revealed she really was 14 but they liked her so much that they kept her on. Jackie could be rather bitchy, rich (well, by the standards of Wisconsin), and could be shallow and vapid. However, she did show some surprising smarts at times and her relationship with Kelso showed some of the series’ best lines. It helped that Kunis turned into a very sexy lady as the show went on, growing more, and wearing flashy outfits but even in jeans and a sweater, she looked amazingly hot. She actually appeared a Valley Girl at times despite this being Wisconsin and her wicked attitude provided the series with great moments. Kelso and Hyde both dated her, each in different ways in terms of their relationship but either way, Jackie was a fantastic sexy lady and put Kunis on the map playing this girlfriend whose sexiness overshadowed her attitude.

5 Summer Roberts (The O.C.)

As the Fox teen hit began, Summer was your stereotypical California rich girl, into fashion, parties and being the most popular girl around. Rachel Bilson was fantastic to look at in hot outfits and Summer could be rather selfish (once dumping a drunk Marissa on the floor just to flirt with a guy) and got the most biting lines. But it changed when she and nerdy Seth started to click and amazingly, Summer realized she actually loved the dope. She retained the airhead/bimbo aspect but could show some concern for others and a major twist revealing she actually had a high IQ, she just didn’t use it. Bilson was stunningly hot, especially the scene where she dresses up in a Wonder Woman costume for Seth, nearly causing him to pass out. Bilson was the best part of the series, wonderfully funny and amazingly hot and seeing her and Seth bond as a couple was great. They were married in the series finale and Bilson has gone on to some other hot roles but her amazing humor and hot body made Summer a lady to remember in all seasons.

4 Rachel Zane (Suits)

From the start, there was a heat between Rachel and Mike Ross on the USA dramedy. The show focused on Mike, a genius at law but due to various circumstances, never graduated any college. However, his skills impressed ace lawyer Harvey Spector enough to hire him and cover for his past. On his first day at his firm, Mike met Rachel, the daughter of a judge, working as a paralegal while studying for the bar and sparks flew with their talk as Mike seemed distracted but revealed how he’d figured Rachel thought she was smarter than everyone. They bantered and played off each other through the show, clearly feelings there but neither taking it further. It built up to the big final scene of the second season where Rachel confronts Mike in a file room on how he’s not a real lawyer. They snap and yell at each other… then they’re kissing and going at it in a scene scorching for network cable.

Since then, Rachel has amped up the sex appeal, always great in skirts and blouses but rocking great dresses too as she and Mike continue. They got engaged but marred by his going to jail when he was exposed but ready to continue now that he’s free. Meghan Markle is sensational in the role, selling the great sex appeal for the hot series and showing Rachel as someone willing to stand by her man through thick and thin and look great doing it.

3 Sloan McQuewick (Entourage)

HBO’s wild Hollywood comedy focused on four best friends navigating the ins and outs of the movie business. While the focus was on Vinnie Chase, his best friend Eric (Kevin Connolly) also got attention as the manager trying to keep his buddy’s feet on the ground. Eric had plenty of hookups (Vinnie liked to say he just “loved being in love” with anyone) but things changed when he met Sloan. A gorgeous lady played by Emmanuelle Chriqui, Sloan was the daughter of a big studio chief who Eric went out with originally to help Vince land a role. However, the two hit it off, helped by Chriqui’s amazing sex appeal and were dating. They moved in together but Sloan got upset with Eric wouldn’t unpack his stuff and broke off. They seemed ready to get married but it fell apart thanks to her father’s demanding prenup. But the final season had Sloan pregnant and the show ending with them leaving together. Chriqui could rock a designer gown with ease and look sensational in the part to bring a sexy vibe to an otherwise male-dominated show.

2 Max Black (2 Broke Girls)

Max is hardly what one would call a “people person” as she treats the customers at her diner with contempt, regularly throwing sharp remarks. But when it comes to guys, Max truly enjoys a great time and will get truly wild if she has to. It helps that Kat Dennings is incredibly hot with all her curves, full lips and a lovely mane of dark hair. Her outfits enhance her chest that she loves to brag about and show off in some sexy clothing. Max has had a string of one-night stands but a few long-term relationships. She and her cooking class partner Deke had a good thing going but the relationship was marred when Max found out he was secretly rich as she hates those people. She then began hooking up with Hollywood lawyer Randy and thrown when he wanted her to move to L.A. with him. Her fear of commitment can ruin things but Max truly loves getting into these relationships and both Deke and Randy enjoyed being with her. Her sarcasm is part of her “charm” while Max’s sex appeal more than makes her girlfriend worthy.

1 Rachel Green (Friends)

Jennifer Aniston had few minor credits to her name in 1994 when she was part of the cast of NBC’s sitcom, which most thought would be a mild success. In no time, Friends was a mega-hit running ten seasons and elevating the cast to stars. Aniston was the breakout as Rachel, a former rich girl who gave it up to try and live her own life. Funny and smart, Aniston nailed the comedic timing wonderfully while showing off in a variety of good outfits and showing a very sexy manner. Her haircut became a major hit with women across the country copying it and her long-simmer relationship with Ross sparked the show’s first seasons. They got together before a famous break-up and her crashing his wedding with more back and forth about the series’ run. But Aniston worked in another boyfriend for Rachel and even got pregnant but remained smoking hot through it all. In the end Ross and Rachel gave it another shot and Aniston became a star in an Emmy-winning turn as the favorite of these Friends.

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