The 15 Hottest Street Fighter Cosplays Ever!

Cosplay is one of the biggest hobbies of those gaming and anime fans who want to show off their dedication at expos and conventions of awesome nerdom. It also happens to be a pretty decent business for many a gorgeous girl who loves getting views, and some money on the side for dressing up as someone's video game fantasy. Of course cosplay also revolves around film, comics, anime, and several other genres, but for the sake of this article, the video game world of Street Fighter is the key.

And perhaps more credence should be given to cosplay girls the world over as many of them source, and build their outfits from scratch. Given the quality of some of the outfits below, that is one hell of a feat. So hats off, and cheers to the cosplay girls who really give it their all when piecing together a character.

Now below, one might see a couple of recurring characters. There is very good reason for this. Certain characters, like Cammy White and Chun Li have really made a mark on the cosplay world, and on male gamers as well (and that's not to mention the controversial character of Poison). The guys don't often like to play as these characters, but they sure love to watch them in a fight. So, without further ado, here are some of those fantasized Street Fighter characters come to life...


15 Vega...Va Va Vooom!

Yes, Vega is a male character, it's true, but surely most gamers recognized his femininity quite clearly. That's all well and good, as there is no shortage of feminine male characters in the video game world, but there is something special about a female cosplay artist taking on the role of Vega. There are many men who do it, but there is a quality, even to the movement in the above pose that really captures the character in its entirety (in a way that a man would struggle to do, given the movement of this video game character). Vega, in the video games, clearly makes mention of his obsession with beauty, so it's no wonder he wears a mask whilst fighting. Above, there is the beautiful Nadya Sonika, a fairly well known cosplayer (maybe no Jessica Nigri), emitting an essential part of the character of Vega: beauty. Now, of course, without doing a topless shoot (which would consequently not be allowed in this article), Sonika could not fully capture the look of Vega, but her opting for a Wonder Woman-esque breast plate to complete the PG look, works incredibly well.

14 Cammy Cammy Cammy!

Cammy White is perhaps the character most fantasized over from the Street Fighter universe. Above is a special treat, wherein one can get a glimpse of three different alternate outfits for the character of Cammy. From right to left (simply for sake of the gaming timeline), there is the so-called "Delta Red Cammy", the "Doll Cammy", and last but certainly not least, the "M. Bison Cammy". The Delta Red version of Cammy is perhaps the most popular (indeed there are thousands of beautiful photos of women donning the green thong leotard), and the very first rendition of Cammy, as a British Special Forces operative. Doll Cammy is thanks to capture, and brainwashing from everyone's favourite villain, M. Bison. One of a dozen dolls in Bison's collection, Cammy was one of the very first in a line of super soldiers serving the super villain. And of course, M. Bison Cammy. This says it all, really. Simply an outfit for Cammy, but in the guise of her (at one time) leader. Certainly a step up from the look of the actual M. Bison, for sure (who is in no way an attractive character). Rest assured though, these cosplayers above do each stage of Cammy incredible justice.

13 Chun Li Alternate

Chun Li is perhaps the second or third most cosplayed Street Fighter character, next to Cammy (of course), and perhaps Poison. Above is not the original outfit for Chun Li, but a slight style change, and colour alternate. It is certainly refreshing to see alternate outfits being used in cosplay, as while the traditional ones are certainly important and remain for good reason, a new look at a convention (rather than a sea of the same damned outfits) is a breath of fresh air. The above cosplayer is Brazilian cosplayer and martial artist Danielle Vedovelli. How wonderful to be able to mix both love of fighting game cosplay, and actual martial arts. In fact, there is a rather short video of Vedovelli in the above Chun Li outfit (and in the very same setting), delivering some lightning kicks. Considering she was just coming off of an injury at the time of the shoot, this author would see she's still pretty damned fast (even if the form was a bit off), and that's far better than most cosplayers could say. Most, when shooting combat, have the most ridiculous poses that would never suit for actual battle. Kudos to Vedovelli for marrying cosplay and combat together (the video is found in the sources below).

12 Rainbow Mika

Admittedly, it seemed that this photo might just be showing a bit too much cleavage for this piece, but lo and behold: Rainbow Mika! A fan favourite only really for the cut-away bits of her outfit, and the two hearts on her breasts (and maybe the pigtails as well for... fantasy reasons), Rainbow Mika has been a mainstay for Street Fighter for some time now. It might be interesting for those fans of hers to note that Street Fighter V may still reveal just as much (if not more) cleavage for Mika, but there are no longer hearts on her bountiful breasts. This is to do with the weak excuse of how the graphics were updated for the new game, versus the way it used to be done (but hearts aren't a hard digital render). One would like to credit the stacked, and smoking cosplayer above, surely, but M9 Cosplay Photography seems not to like crediting its models which, in the books of this author, is some lacking professionalism for sure. All the same, the above shot (and the others that accompany the shoot - which would not have made this article) is quite attractive (even with the drab background), and the cosplayer wears Rainbow Mika's outfit very well.

11 Crimson Viper

All one need do is take a look at the two above photos to see just how good a job the cosplayer here has done in bringing to life the character of Crimson Viper. And perhaps has done a much better job than most, who really do go nuts on the hair, and not so much on the rest of the revealing outfit. Making the hair not stand too tall as to render it as ridiculous as the in-game character, was certainly a good choice in bringing this character into reality. One would love to credit the above cosplayer for her wonderful rendition of this sexy U.S. agent, but in searching the depths of the internet for the original source, the page was not found. Regardless, the outfit is perfectly suited, and in addition to that, so to is this model's body. And that's before mentioning the wonderful expression in both the pose, and the facial expression. It is quite a drag when a model loses sight of one or the other, but it appears that this cosplayer makes Crimson Viper not only dynamic, but also devious and/or deadly.

10 Electric Laura!

Here is a very new character in the Street Fighter universe. The character of Laura is an apparently hyperactive, Brazilian martial artist... which does sort of beg the question: why has Danielle Vedovelli not cosplayed this hot new character? Regardless, the body shape of the above cosplayer seems to more than do the trick for audiences. It certainly helps that this version of Laura is her alternate outfit. Her original outfit is of the same colouring, but consists of a full gi as opposed to the very mini shirt seen above. One key part that is missing from this cosplay, however, is the word 'bonita', seen in this alternate outfit, resting between Laura's breasts. Of course Street Fighter developers have to emphasize the very things they went out of their way to develop perhaps a bit too much. Regardless, even without bonita (beautiful woman) scrawled on her outfit, it is pretty clear that this live action Laura is pretty damned beautiful. One might think to say "well yeah, she's a cosplayer, so of course she's beautiful". To that, this author might say "take a journey down a Google image search". Oh it might be useful to point out that her hands are in such a position for the lightning skills her character has (no photo shop on this one it seems).

9 Oh La La Elena!

Surely it's clear why this version of Elena should make the list. The incredible amount of skin showing is likely more than enough to justify this to the so-called readers of this article (it's ok, the photos are there to look at). The above cosplayer does not, in any way, make it difficult to look at her. From the reaches of her legs, to the curve of her torso, and the slight exposure of her breasts, One might very readily say that this is the hottest Elena to be found (apart from any X rated material). It's not like the photo is at all pro quality by any means, but the model is adorably attractive. Even with the clearly fake wig, overwhelmingly blue contacts, and unexceptional lighting, the truth of this cosplayer's beauty stands out. The detail of her outfit (not that there is really much to the outfit to begin with) really does show the dedication to making a character turn out just right, even if there is too much light on the background to really let the character stand out; to jump at the viewer.


8 What's Your Poison?

Denim and cropped top alone, this outfit is fantastic. Add to that the darkened background, billowing smoke, and excusing the incredibly vacant, yet sexualized look on her face, and one could clearly say that this is their Poison (Poison being the name of the character, as well as a slang term for drink). Now Poison is one of those controversial characters in Street Fighter. Originally from the game Final Fight, this character was tossed out because American audiences just wouldn't respond kindly to a trans woman fighter. That's correct: Poison was originally a trans woman (pre- or post-op was dependent on the release of which game when). Now though, her sexuality is not ever really touched on in the games, leaving a great degree of ambiguity, and huge selection of women to choose from, sexily clad in the denim, leather, and chains that really make Poison stand out from the rest of the Street Fighter cast. One of the most fantasized characters in the Street Fighter universe, even now, one assumes the readership to be imagining just what should be done with those chains, that riding crop, and the cosplayer herself... who does a stunning job, with her stunning body.

7 You Be The Judge... She'll Be The Juri

Not the only entry of this kooky character in this particular article, but of all the Juri character cosplays out there, certainly one of the most fun, and simultaneously attractive. The top is certainly less revealing than many that can be found on Google, to be sure. But the purity of this cosplayer's skin, along with the willingness to play up the character in all her craziness, really does sell the character. And also, to this author's eyes, sells the attraction better than just seeing tits hanging out the bottom of Juri's nicely designed top. The hairstyle, as ridiculous as it is in any form, really does seem to fit this cosplayer better than it does the actual in-game character. Not so over the top is this model, that she loses the plot, but not so underwhelming is she to lose the whole character. There is a wonderful Goldilocks effect here. Without being too revealing, too much, or too under the bar, this version of Juri really works... even if she is just standing in the doorway of her bedroom. It is unfortunate that many of these cosplayers post, but don't entirely enforce sources. It would be wonderful to credit the model directly. Now be honest: how many readers right now are thinking about her tongue?

6 Poison, Bison, and Cammy

Is this a group you would want to run into in the streets? Of course it is! One would have to either not be a nerd, or not be attracted to women (both of which are rather large demographics to be sure), but one assumes the readers of this article are likely both nerds, and attracted to women. It is interesting to see the different levels of expression on these three beautiful cosplayers. Poison, ever with her vacant sexuality, M. Bison with a great degree of villainy and disdain, and Cammy with an arrogant sexuality that one really wished was more attainable. Thankfully just the right amount of costume-to-skin ratio gives this photo a pass in this article, and everyone is likely thankful for the cropped top, short shorts, and thong leotard. The amount of leg showing in this photo is staggering. Trust it to the developers of Street Fighter to continue to promote scantily clad characters that many likely go to conventions just to see people dress up as. Hats of to Capcom, from many cosplay fans, surely. One will have to compare this trio to the first though, minus one Cammy, and plus one Poison. One wonders just what readers prefer: a full frontal Cammy display, or a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, from a several angles.

5 Chun Li

This is perhaps the best photo of Chun Li to exist. Note the sentence did not read: hottest photo of Chun Li. This is simply the best photo of this iconic Street Fighter character. One might think that there is a film from which this photo was taken, but there is not. Of course there is the awful 1994 Street Fighter film, starring Jean Claude Van Damme, but no shot of Chun Li in that film comes close to touching the quality, and attraction of the above shot. To look aside from the quality of the photo for a moment, even just the cosplayer is stunning, in character, not using a completely impractical fighting stance, and her outfit is amazing. Please meet the eminent cosplay artist: Michael Ooi. Her ability to go from adorable to badass in 0.02 seconds is absolutely exhilarating. With thousands of followers, it is no surprise that Ooi ends up with such stunning results as the above photo. Sure, she has far hotter work in her repertoire, but considering the quality, composition, costuming, and character in this photo... Michael Ooi really knows how to put together a cosplay.

4 Juri And Executioner

Yes, already touched on above (or rather readers wish already touched), Juri is an adorably kooky character, but that does not mean, in any way, that she is not a fighter. She is from a game called Street Fighter after all. Here, one gets to see a pretty brilliant shot of Juri in action. While the wraps around the ridiculous hair might be just a bit too much, such trivial aspects are immediately forgiven when one simply takes, even just a quick look at this cosplayer's terrifically toned body. Wow. Not only is she a cosplayer (and likely not a fighter, given her stance), but she is extremely well suited to cosplaying characters from fighting games, simply based on her physique. Even with the aforementioned, reasonably conservative outfit (sans breasts popping out), the skin that is revealed is more than enough to make up for such reservations. To this author, a cosplayer who can get away with an outfit that is not overtly sexual, but can still pull off an unbelievable attraction, is a cosplayer who will feel better about themselves, and better about sitting in air conditioned convention rooms.

3 Chun Li... Baking Cookies?

Ok, so this is sort of absurd. If there wasn't already one hell of a sexist gap between cosplayers, and the gamers who do nothing but stare at cosplayers in person, and online... here is a cosplayer who adds to the mess by doing a video, in costume, while baking cookies. Now, to be fair, this cosplayer (a member of the so-called Screen Team) is one part of a couple who work out of home, and make nothing but geeky videos: many of which are hilarious (like 'Santa Puddin' — a play on Harley Quinn, singing the famous Christmas song). But still, it is a little much of a stereotype to get dressed up in a sexy costume, and go bake cookies in the kitchen. Either way, Surely readers and viewers will get a kick out of the video (in the sources below), and will likely spend the time doing not much more than watching this Chun Li's assets bounce (especially during the fight scene... yup, the fight scene). But no matter the sexism inherent in this cosplayer's work, one cannot deny that her outfit sets off her natural blue eyes, and her... not so natural breasts.

2 Illustrious Ibuki

Carolina Angulo is perhaps one of the most reserved cosplayers around (at least for this specific character). There are far more sexualized versions of the Street Fighter character Ibuki, but Angulo really does keep to the character, while simultaneously making for one hell of a hot cosplay. Keeping the parts viewers likely really want to see, and revealing some choice parts just offset to what many surely call "the goods", Angulo brings Ibuki to life with alluring, mystery. Wanting to see her backside in the same way as Cammy's thong leotard, Angulo gives plenty of upper thigh, and only some slight buttocks. Wanting to see heavy cleavage and/or "side boob", Angulo opens up just forward and under the arm for a bit of temptation, without execution. Wanting to see those likely, luscious lips, Angulo covers up, but keeps focus on her stunning eyes, which are well set against the drab colour of the outfit. Perhaps one of the best true representations of a Street Fighter character without hyper-sexualization.

1 Can't Get Enough Of Cammy

Alright, so this would be the sixth appearance of Cammy White in this article (but only the third in her Delta Red outfit), but for good reason. She is, without a doubt, the most cosplayed character from the Street Fighter universe, of both male and female characters (and even male characters done by female cosplayers). The deviously sexual photo above is one of the best PG photos of Cammy that definitely shows off more than half of what everyone wants. Sure, because it's a front view, one cannot see the thong back of the outfit, but just look at what one does get to see. The cut of the leotard to her upper thighs, and what there adjacent lies (to butcher Shakespeare), is certainly an attractive focus, and one that is clearly framed to pull said focus. The more tactical look of this outfit, versus the previous, does give it a more badass quality as well, which is certainly an attractive quality in a fighting character. The back-lighting also does a good job of working with the straps and buckles to frame the model's breasts. And then comes the coup de grace: that scintillating look that simultaneously says "Take me now", and "You don't stand a chance". Maybe last on the list, but certainly not least.


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