The 15 Most Tempting Sets Of Legs In Hollywood

The Hollywood film industry is filled with gorgeous babes, actresses that just mesmerize with their beauty, that are just oozing with sex appeal. It’s part of what it takes to be an A-list Hollywood star – you’ve got to have the looks, not to mention the acting ability, to ensure people come flocking to buy tickets and watch you on screen. These 15 women certainly have that. Some have been acting since childhood, and have blossomed into fine beautiful women and actresses, others transitioned into acting from another industry, and all are at different stages of their acting careers. But they all have one thing in common, and that’s that they’re super hot. These actresses sizzle on screen, and it’s part of their star appeal, part of the reason they’ve acquired such fan followings over the years.

They’re all utterly gorgeous, but these 15 have another thing in common. When setting eyes on them, ogling their drop dead gorgeous physiques, your eyes can’t help but drop down a tad and become transfixed on their ridiculously sexy set of pins. They truly have some killer assets, ones that steal the show when they decide to show off some skin, be it in a movie or when striking sultry poses on the red carpet.

These 15 stars have some of the best legs, not only in Hollywood, but on the planet, as I’m sure you’ll agree. These pairs of gams are unique and beautiful in their own way. So, here they are without further ado, 15 actresses with the hottest sets of legs in Hollywood.


15 Nina Dobrev

This Bulgarian-Canadian actress stunned and wowed audiences when she appeared as Elena Gilbert on The Vampire Diaries. It’s a role that propelled her into the limelight, and made her the new hot girl on the block – or Hollywood scene – so to speak. Since that TV series, people haven’t been able to get enough of Nina Dobrev, and it’s pretty clear as to why. She’s not a bad actress, and is utterly gorgeous too. The fact that she’s Bulgarian means she has this exotic look about her, along with a gorgeous complexion. Over the years, Nina’s also blossomed into a fine young woman, in all the right places too. She has some jaw dropping assets, but by far and away her best is certainly her hot set of pins. They’re beautifully toned, svelte, and shaped, and are therefore real head turners. She knows it too, and has showed them off in an array of sultry shoots over the years, much to our delight.

14 Taylor Schilling


Taylor Schilling is one A-list actress who really has dynamite legs. She’s been flaunting them to no end as Hollywood’s resident red carpet darling ever since she first appeared in the hit U.S. series, Orange is the New Black in 2013. People have just been enamored by her, her acting ability, and her beauty, including her very noticeable set of pins down below. She dazzles when out and about, and has gained a reputation as a bit of a fashionista too. Taylor knows her stuff when it comes to fashion, and knows what to wear in order to accentuate her legs and draw people into arguably her best feature. They’re her best feature because they’re smooth, lean, toned, and just look tip top every time she struts her stuff and flaunts them when out and about, which is pretty regularly. Her silky smooth and sexy legs are a pair of Hollywood’s finest; we know it and she certainly does too.

13 Kristen Stewart

27-year-old actress and model Kristen Stewart is a pretty sassy chick. She’s become known as the girl around Hollywood who pushes boundaries, who’s always the source of some type of drama or other, and for being very open and comfortable with herself and her position amongst the other Hollywood A-listers. She’s down to earth and that’s what people love about her.

They also love the fact she’s very comfortable with who she is, as a gay woman, and a hot one at that. She’s certainly shown she’s comfortable with having been labelled hot stuff, and what she wears, how she struts her stuff, just exacerbates such sayings. She’s got noticeably sexy legs, and she knows it. She has posed with them in provocative positions for some seriously raunchy pics over the years. If you’re someone who’s infatuated with Kristen, or have a leg fetish or just appreciate a pair of sexy pins, Kristen’s certainly going to be your favorite woman.

12 Kirsten Dunst


Kirsten Dunst has been the darling of Hollywood for a hell of a long time. She was a child actress, and over the years we’ve seen her blossom into one of Hollywood’s resident hotties. She’s also blossomed personality-wise too, and the former shy and retiring Kirsten has come out of her shell a tad, and has started to enjoy the attention and accolades that have come her way.

In 2002, the young 20-year-old woman became a part of every lads’ dreams; Kirsten appeared in the movie Spider-Man, the most successful film of her career to date. As she’s gotten older, many would say she’s gotten hotter, and is just oozing sex appeal. Like I said, she’s no longer shy about it either, and struts her stuff superbly, and that includes showing off her legs. Her pins are toned, and elegant, and certainly steal the show when she chooses to put them on maximal display.

11 Gwyneth Paltrow

Blonde bombshell Gwyneth Paltrow is getting a bit older now. She’s in her mid-40s, but the busy life she’s led over the years hasn’t beaten her down. She still looks radiant, exudes elegance, and is one of the most sought-after actresses on the Hollywood scene. As a food writer, she knows how to take care of herself, knows what to put into her body and what works for her. She’s also something of a fitness freak, and it shows, because at the age of 44, and having popped out two kids, she looks like someone half her age. Gwyneth works on herself, and her legs, oh boy those legs. They’re dreamy, they just go on and on, look silky smooth, and are gorgeous when uncovered and when on display out in full view. They seriously are ridiculous, and plenty of people have picked up on them; they’re without a doubt a pair of the most famous legs in the business.

10 Heidi Klum


Heidi Klum’s pretty similar to Gwyneth Paltrow in a lot of ways. Some may say they look pretty similar – make your own minds up there – have similar personalities and onscreen personas, and they have similar assets too. Both are 44 years old, and both look utterly fabulous. They’re also both known for having the best legs in the business. Heidi, being a supermodel, has unsurprisingly flaunted them to no end over the years. She’s also a fashion icon, and uses her fashion sense to draw people’s attention to her legs.

Here’s a bit of info that shows how much her legs are actually worth – yes, they are worth an actual figure. Back in 2011, Heidi’s legs were insured for $2.2m. One of her legs were insured for $1.2m, and the other just for the $1m, because of a scar she has on her knee. That’s for real, no joke. She’s got supermodel genes, so she is blessed in that department, but she also works damn hard to ensure her legs steal the show. Heidi runs a lot, uses ankle weights while doing it, and does a number of other exercises that focus on keeping her bottom half toned and svelte. The outcome’s evident for all to see.

9 Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is obviously going to be on any list that’s got something to do with being hot in Hollywood. She’s an A-lister if ever there was one, a celeb whose widespread popularity has reached all four corners of the world. That’s because she’s a great actress, has had a very publicly documented personal life, and also because she’s super hot. She’s beautiful from head to toe, and is consequently one of the most sought-after celebrities in the industry, by directors, journalists, the paparazzi, fans, and everyone else.

People say Angelina’s best asset are those soft, luscious lips. When she pouts seductively, she makes people go wild. But another one of her assets, one that’s got to be up there, are her legs. Those gams are so damn sexy, they’ve even got their own social media account! They’re attention-grabbing, not because they’re big or toned or anything like that. It’s the height she’s got on those pins, and the fact that they’re slender and shapely, that makes people go wild about them.


8 Blake Lively


Here’s another beauty that has some nice, long legs that are also strong and shapely, smooth and velvety, and just super seductive in every which way. They’re enviable, because they’re long, but because of those calves, too, calves that are toned and muscular, probably due to all that time strutting her stuff in stilettos on the sets of Gossip Girl.

She’s still in her 20s too, which has got to help when it comes to the shape and condition of those pins. But Blake Lively’s another Hollywood A-lister who actually takes a great deal of care to keep those legs in fabulous condition. They may not be insured for millions, but she knows they’re her best assets, so she works on them, in the kitchen, in terms of her diet, and in the gym. She does leg-strength exercises, plyometrics, and lots of cardio; Blake targets those pins, and it’s all certainly been worth it.

7 Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria, best known for her role in the Desperate Housewives series, is still waiting for her next big break after the series came to end. She’s made plenty of guest appearances in this show and that show, has done some films too, but everyone will always remember Eva as being a Desperate Housewife. During that series, she really rose to prominence, not only because of her acting ability, but because of her looks. Her face was rated, by many esteemed publications, as being one of the hottest in Hollywood, and she’s also regarded to be one of sexiest women in the world. That’s because she possesses not just stunning beauty, but she has a gorgeous body too, including some really stunning assets, the most noteworthy and eye-catching of which have got to be her legs. She’s got a pair of enviable lean and sculpted gams, which more often than not, are all bronzed up, tanned and out on display. She’s gorgeous all-round, but when she’s flaunting those pins, you can’t help but take a minute to pause and ogle.

6 Sandra Bullock


Sandra Bullock is regarded to be one of Hollywood’s hottest and finest actresses. Since she burst onto the scene what seems like many moons ago, she’s been dubbed “America’s sweetheart.” That’s because, despite all of her success and her megastar status, she’s remained very down to earth, always has a smile plastered across her face, and has maintained a cheery and upbeat nature.

It therefore hasn’t been difficult for Hollywood fans to take her into their hearts and warm to her instantly. That smile drives people crazy, her beauty mesmerizes, but she’s also got other assets too. Her legs are beautiful, amazingly toned, and just super seductive, especially when she’s in high heels. They’re the legs of a twenty-something, not of a woman in her 50s, which remarkably, Sandra now is! They’ve also gotten her through a lot over the years, some intense movie sequences and gruelling schedules, such as in the movie Gravity, a movie in which she had to handle her body well in seriously difficult situations.

5 Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco’s actually been around in the industry for a hell of a long time. She started out as a child actor, then progressed through the ranks, gaining more and more roles, and then she hit the jackpot when she landed the role that turned her into a worldwide megastar overnight, Penny on The Big Bang Theory. The series has been going on for a decade now, and every episode is still as good as the last. All the cast members have played an integral part in the series’ success, but I guarantee quite a few million tune in to watch Kaley strut her stuff. The blonde bombshell has become a sex symbol and is arguably the most-loved woman in sitcom history.

Kaley’s another Hollywood babe who’s been blessed in the legs department. She really does possess incredible, crazy long legs, and is there a greater sight than Kaley’s thighs in full view? They’re a muscular set of thighs, an enticing set of pins, and just one thing that makes Kaley one of the hottest actresses around.

4 Tyra Banks


As a former model and still one super hot celeb, it’s no surprise that Tyra Banks has some super hot assets. She’s slim, lean as hell, but still has some very noticeable assets, mainly her legs. They still have the wow factor and still capture people’s attention – perhaps that’s because she used to be a model, and still is a fashionista, so she knows how to work it! She’s showed them off in a number of steamy photoshoots over the years, and they’ve remained fabulous throughout the years, even as she’s moved into her 40s.

I’m sure you’ll all agree with what I just said, but for some crazy reason, saying that Tyra has hot legs still causes plenty of arguments. God knows why, but there’s still plenty of Tyra bashing on the Internet. It makes no sense, because she has some of the sexiest pins in the business.

3 Margot Robbie

Look at her age alone, and you’d have reason to believe that Margot Robbie is a newcomer in the industry. But she’s been around for about a decade now, and due to a number of hit films in which she’s played some seriously sexy roles, she’s risen to become one of the most talked about, most sought-after babes in Hollywood. She’s a hit amongst everyone, especially the guys out there, who’ve probably watched some of her movie scenes over and over again. Who can forget Margot as The Duchess in The Wolf of Wall street? Margot was just oozing sex appeal in that movie, and it’s one where we got to see plenty of her assets.

We’re not rating assets here, which is just as well because it’d hard to say whether or not Margot’s legs are her best assets, but they’re certainly a pair of the best legs in Hollywood, and she’s not shy about showing them off. There have been rumors that in The Wolf of Wall Street her legs were digitally enhanced to make them look even more sexy, but we’ve seen plenty of Margot aside from her role as The Duchess to know that her legs are real stunners.

2 Cameron Diaz


It’s long been said that Cameron Diaz has a pair of the best legs in Hollywood, even the best in the world, although it’ll be really difficult to make that kind of a comparison! But set eyes on her beauties and you’d be hard-pressed to disagree and say otherwise. Her sexy stems sizzle when she makes red carpet appearances, they look amazing in movies, but some of her shoots, boy some of her photoshoots. She’s posed for some stunning sultry shoots over the years, and the photographers obviously know what to focus on, putting her legs out on display and making them the main feature. Even today, now that she’s in her mid-40s, she still poses in such shoots. Cameron’s ageless, and has never looked hotter or fitter than she does today, which is a testimony to her desire to want to keep killing it in Hollywood and keep right at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

1 Stacy Keibler

Could I really put anyone else at the top of this list but Stacy Keibler? The stunning former wrestler, model, actress and television personality is basically known for her legs; it’s why she got famous – that and her beauty and other assets of course. While in wrestling, she was referred to as “The Legs of WCW and WWE,” and then when she moved away from wrestling and became something of a TV personality, she became labelled as being “The Weapon of Mass Seduction,” because of her sexy, silky smooth stems.

People are really obsessed with Stacy Keibler and her legs. It’s because they just go on forever and are unusually long in many people eyes, but of course in a good way. She’s said she finds it hard to keep her killer legs looking top-notch all the time, but I’m sure everyone would agree, it’s certainly been worth it. They’re a big reason as to why she’s had all the successes she’s enjoyed, and she knows it too, hence why she’s gotten them insured. Get a body part insured and you know it’s special. They were once just long, but they’re now long, toned and sculpted and look even better than they did back in the day, which many didn’t think would be possible; it’s hard to improve on perfection after all.

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