The 15 Hottest Roles Blake Lively Has Ever Played

She may have just given birth to baby #2 but when you see Blake Lively, you don’t think ‘wife and mom.’ To us, the 29-year-old is still the hot, bad girl gone good Serena Van Der Woodsen from Gossip G

She may have just given birth to baby #2 but when you see Blake Lively, you don’t think ‘wife and mom.’ To us, the 29-year-old is still the hot, bad girl gone good Serena Van Der Woodsen from Gossip Girl. But Blake has gone a long way since that teen drama, landing roles on both the big and small screen that would eventually lead her to meet her husband Ryan Reynolds during the filming of Green Lantern. In fact, she's probably been in way more movies than you ever would have thought. It only seems like she hasn't been doing much because she and her hubby tend to keep out of the gossip pages.

We may have seen her take a short hiatus from her movie career when she had a baby but with her recent movie The Shallows, fans can keep their hopes high that she’ll be back making movies again after this baby settles into La La land.

While Blake is on new mom duties we won’t be expecting to see much of her and husband Ryan. The two keep their personal lives very private. While we wait for the pair to resurface in Hollywood, you can watch re-runs of Gossip Girl, wait for The Shallows to come out on DVD or you can watch all the other hot movies she’s ever been in. Need some inspiration? Read on.

She may be off the market but we can still admire her good looks and appreciate her acting chops can’t we? Here are 15 of the hottest roles we’ve seen Blake Lively in.

15 Nancy, The Shallows


The Jaws franchise did a fantastic job in instilling our fear of sharks for generations to come but if it weren’t for Lively, no one would care that another shark movie was out in theatres. The Shallows takes place on a secluded island where Nancy (Blake) goes surfing solo as a way to grieve over the loss of her mother. In this thriller, she somehow finds herself stranded only 200 yards from shore but just a few feet away from the danger of a relentless great white shark. For about an hour of the film, we watch Blake struggle to make her way back to mainland in nothing but a bikini.

When a big chunk of the movie features Blake, a bikini, and a small rock, you almost forget that there is also a massive predator underwater waiting for its next meal. You also forget that Blake had just given birth to her and Ryan’s second baby eight months ago.

14 Ophelia, Savages


A love story with a twist where Blake’s character Ophelia falls in love with not one but two drug dealing friends. It’s not your average love triangle though, both men are friends and share ‘O’ as their girlfriend. Intrigue and action follow suit when the Mexican drug cartel (led by Salma Hayek as Elena) want in on O and her boyfriends’ pot-growing business. Once they realise O is their key to the pot, they kidnap O and use her as leverage. Can her two boyfriends save her in time? Or will she save herself? You’ll have to find out for yourself. Blake plays a convincing hostage but the hot factor in this movie isn’t about the kidnapping or the drugs. When you have one O and two boyfriends, the sex scenes are twice as steamy.

13 Veronica, Cafe Society


In a Woody Allen film set in the 1930s, Blake plays Veronica Hayes, a divorcee who dates the son of a Jewish family, Bobby Dorfman (played by Jesse Eisenberg). Looking to make a name for himself in Hollywood, Bobby gets caught up in a love triangle but for once Blake is completely out of it.

Bobby first falls in love with a secretary name Vonnie (played by Kristen Stewart) but when the relationship falls apart, he meets Veronica (Blake) at a nightclub. They date, get married and start a family together. Despite the picture perfect family, Veronica isn’t the leading lady in Bobby’s life . His one big love is Vonnie, the secretary played by Kristen Stewart. It’s not often that Blake Lively is outshone in a movie but when Blake (Veronica) appears, she is still nothing but class and beauty. What to expect: Blake in many flapper outfits, long gowns, and quite dazzling in the glamour of the 1930s.

12 Bridget,The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants


If you were a teenage boy without sisters, you may have missed Blake in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants where she plays Bridget, a brave and rebellious high school student grieving the death of her mom.

A rising soccer star, Bridget is sent to soccer camp in Baja, Mexico, where she tries her skill at soccer and as a seductress to her soccer coach. She plays an attention-seeking teen who makes trouble around camp in short soccer shorts, long blonde hair, and her signature Blake Lively good looks. If you can sit through a few hours of this teen chick flick, you are a true Blake Lively fan.

And because the first movie was such a hit, fans can also see Blake in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, where her and her "girl squad" attempt to hold onto their friendship from around the world with one single pair of ‘magical’ jeans.

11 Krista, The Town


In The Town Blake divorces herself from her part as Serena from Gossip Girl, the rich, hot blonde capturing the eyes and hearts of every guy of Manhanttan’s elite. She may only appear in a few scenes in this Ben Affleck thriller but when she shows up, she makes it count. Playing Ben Affleck’s ex, Krista, Lively is one hot mess. She’s raw with emotions from self-inflicted drug and alcohol abuse but does this all in small tank tops, push up bras, and smudged eye liner. It’s hard to believe that someone who graced the character of an upper east-sider for so many years can nail the role of such a trashy character. Maybe the on screen chemistry between her and Ben Affleck wasn’t as convincing as the real romance that happened between her and Ryan Reynolds on Green Lantern but if you want to see the demise of this former Gossip Girl onscreen, this would be the one to watch.

10 Adaline, The Age Of Adaline


So the fountain of youth exists and Blake has found it in her role as Adaline in The Age of Adaline. After an accident grants her the blessing (or curse depending on which way you look at it) of agelessness, she remains 29 for eternity. Ah 29- the line between adulthood and youth…who wouldn’t want the perks of independence, metabolism and the youthful looks it comes with, hey? See Blake look just as good from 1908 to the 2000s’ as she fights to live like a normal person. So what if it’s a little odd that she has a daughter who in her 60s and 70s calls a young Blake ‘momma?'

Katherine Heigl was meant to play Adaline in this mystery/romance but then withdrew from the film. And we’re glad she did. Because when all eyes are on Blake and her perfect hair, and her timeless good looks, no one else really is paying attention to anything else. Why is she ageless again? Is there a solution to the problem? No one really cares to know.

9 Ex-girlfriend, New York, I Love You


When you’ve got a movie with a star studded cast (i.e. Natalie Portman, Rachel Bilson, Maggie Q, etc), one may have forgotten about the very small role Blake played as ex-girlfriend in this film. She may only have a few lines in this movie but she’s a stunner during the minimal on-screen time she has. Dressed in a red shiny strapless dress, you are distracted by two things: How much she resembles Serena from Gossip Girl; And, how hot she looks in a strapless red dress- every guy’s prom night dream.

All this makes you forget about the awkward bump-in she has with her ex at the prom. Having spent years playing out awkward teenage drama, her cameo is reminiscent of the role she played as Serena Van Der Woodsen.

8 Glenda, Hicks


Sometimes you have to wonder about the reasoning behind some of Blake Lively’s career choices…like Hicks. If you don’t remember it, it’s because it never made it to the box office or anywhere else from what we can find. I completely understand why. Debuting in 2011 at the Toronto International Film Festival, this is one of the oddest films Blake has ever been featured in. It’s described as a comedy-drama but there is hardly anything funny about a young country girl who decides to hitch hike to Las Vegas and falls victim to almost everyone she meets. But this isn’t the character Blake plays. In this one, Blake isn’t the victim. The hitchhiker is Chloë Grace Moretz from The Fifth Wave and one of the bad guys is Glenda (Blake), a criminal with the looks and an accent of a southern belle who picks her up to feed her to the bad guys. If you’re a true Blake Lively fan, this is a test of your level of commitment.

7 Annabelle, Elvis And Annabelle


Blake Lively and beauty queen go together like copy and paste. In Elvis and Annabelle, she plays a beauty queen waiting to break away from her pageant duties. It’s when she meets death on the pageant stage that life begins for her. In a strange turn of events, Elvis (Max Minghella) finds her in his family’s funeral home still alive. Wanting to live her way on her own terms, they decide to keep her miraculous escape from death on the down low, just for a little while. She and Elvis set off on an adventure of their own away from the pageant world and funeral homes. It’s a love story with a little bit of magic. She’s fun, funny, and sexy all at the same time in this one.

6 Pippa, The Private Lives Of Pippa Lee


This movie debuted in 2009 but we may have been too busy watching Blake in Gossip Girl (the series ran for six seasons from 2007-2012). Blake plays a young Pippa Lee alongside Julianne Moore and if you haven’t seen it yet, be warned - you’ve never seen Blake in a role like this before. Pippa explores her sexuality with dominatrix Kit (Julianne Moore) and lesbian bondage films. Expect to find Blake in all kinds of compromising positions and in a variety of bondage and kinky outfits.

5 Monica, Accepted


When you can’t get into college, you create your own. And it’s especially motivating when you have a love interest to keep things moving along. Bartleby Gaines (Justin Long) gets rejected to every college he applies for and in a last ditch effort to impress his parents (and a girl) creates a college, the South Harmon Institute of Technology (think about that name for a second), out of thin air. Blake plays Monica Moreland, the object of Bartleby’s affection. Fresh faced, friendly with a bubbly personality, Monica is the college girl every guy wants to date. It’s a movie for good laughs. It’s hard to go wrong when you have a comedy that includes Jonah Hill.

4 Carol Ferris, Green Lantern


This movie didn’t get great reviews but it is the movie which took Blake off the market from millions of adoring male fans. It deserves a mention. In Green Lantern we see on screen romance go off screen. Carol Ferris (Blake) is the CEO of a leading aviation company, and Hal (Ryan Reynolds) is one of the pilots employed by Carol. He is also the Green Lantern, a fact which Carol discovers later. The two play the power couple who fight to save the world. She’s brunette, surprisingly funny, and incredibly attractive as Carol Ferris. It’s no wonder why Ryan fell in love on set.

3 Gina, All I See Is You


Strong performance, bad script. This is what happens when you put a good actress in the wrong role. This one premiered at The Toronto International Film Festival, and Blake took another stab at drama. She plays a blind woman who regains her eyesight and sees her life and marriage from a whole new perspective. Being the hottie that she is, her husband grows increasingly insecure as she regains her eyesight and sees him (an average joe) for the first time.

The storyline is a bit complex to understand and some have called it a snooze fest but this movie is much like a reflection of ordinary couples challenged in a unique situation. Watch her marriage fall apart and try to put the missing pieces of this film together. It’s not the best movie she’s ever been in but in a role like this, you get to witness another side of Blake’s acting chops.

2 Serena, Gossip Girl


We can’t go through a list like this and not mention the role that made the world pay attention to Blake Lively. Playing the damsel in distress for six seasons, we’ve seen Blake in everything from her Constance uniforms to a wedding gown, and even many skin baring ensembles that had Nate, Dan, and a long list of suitors hang onto her every word. We’ve seen her indulge in too much alcohol, get lost around the world, and make the headline of multiple scandals. I think six seasons of the upper east side has opened our eyes to Blake’s world as an elite rich girl every guy wants to date. Teen drama may not be your cup of tea but if you’re a Blake Lively fan, you may be able to sit through hours upon hours of teenage angst, gossip, and scheming.

1 As A Mom In Real life


Once in awhile, a celebrity will come along and make you look at pregnancy in a whole new light. Not all women look forward to pregnancy but if everyone could rock a pregnancy like Blake, I’m sure you could change the minds of some hesitant mums-to-be. During the pregnancy of her first born, Blake stole the red carpet when she attended the Angel Ball (with Ryan) in a plunging yellow Gucci gown. She stunned paparazzi again when she hit the red carpet at the 2016 Cannes festival in an Atelier Versace gown. If you can sport a baby bump looking like that, you can do anything. She and Ryan keep their personal lives pretty tight lipped but when you do get glimpses of Blake in real life, you’ll see she’s a stunner on and off screen.

Source:  imdb

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The 15 Hottest Roles Blake Lively Has Ever Played