The 15 Hottest Photos Of The Women Of Star Wars

The Star Wars franchise is one of the biggest in the history of the world (granted, we’ve only been making movies 100 or so years, it’s not like they watched them in Ancient Greece) but for a film series that, with the inclusion of Rogue One, now can claim eight films, there has been a disturbingly small amount of women in the films. Apparently, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away women weren’t treated that much better than women in the 1950s here.

Once you take all of the women who have been in these films and then remove those that were either very old, not attractive, or covered in a ton of makeup and prosthetics, you get a disturbingly small number of women. Even if the movies were light on sexy women, shouldn’t there still have been two or three in every movie? It’s not like Star Wars played to only comic book nerds and sci-fi geeks who think anime girls are hot. The Star Wars movies have been huge with mainstream audiences, which almost always have a handful of token hotties.

We could make excuses why a bunch of women from The Empire Strikes Back or The Phantom Menace were hot, but that’s what they’d be: excuses. We wouldn’t do that to you. Instead of giving you 15 of the hottest women from Star Wars and crossing our fingers your vision isn’t great for a few of them, we came up with a different idea. We’re going to take the hottest five women with major roles and show you two sexy photos of them, and we’ll also look at the hottest five women with minor roles in the series and give you one photo of each. That way, we all win. So, instead of the 15 hottest women (because there really are only 10) we are more than happy to present to you 15 Hottest Photos of the Women From Star Wars.

15 Carrie Fisher, Part I

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Carrie Fisher will be the Star Wars hottie by which all others are measured. She still looked great in newest film, despite the fact her son is the new Darth Vader and her husband gets killed. Those make-up people did a great job because she looks much older off-screen. Mental issues off-and-on through her life plagued her career a bit, which never rose to superstar status. Like so many, she is closely identified with her iconic role. In Episode IV, she became known for the earmuff way she wore her hair. In Episode VI, it was her super-sexy outfit as one of Jabba the Hutt’s slaves that caught everyone’s attention. You’ll still hear and see references to that outfit when pop culture references are made about the movie. We just wish more girls wanted to go this way when it came time for cosplay.

14 Keira Knightley, Part I

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Keira Knightley did not have a major part in any of the Star Wars films, and was only onscreen as herself in The Phantom Menace for a short time. But as we mentioned in the introduction, when you’re looking for sexy women from outer space, this is not the franchise to be scouring them from, so she gets two pictures. We assume you won’t complain. Knightley’s character of Sabe was a handmaiden to Queen Amidala, played by Natalie Portman. Most people remember Knightley though because for a section of the movie, she was literally playing Natalie Portman’s double. While they do have a passing resemblance, once you put both in the ceremonial garb worn by Amidala it is almost possible to tell the difference. You’re probably going to find more sexiness on the Internet for this model/actress than any other. Actually, we know you are. We researched thoroughly.

13 Felicity Jones, Part I

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Felicity Jones is our latest heroine in a Star Wars movie. So here’s the basic rundown of the Luke Skywalker of Rogue One. She’s unlike Skywalker in that she certainly isn’t all-good. Jyn Erso was born prior to the Clone War, but once it happened, they were captured by the Confederacy of Independent Systems, but are rescued by one of her father’s old friends, who is part of Chancellor Palpatine’s team to create the Death Star. You’ll remember that as the military outpost that was blown up in both episodes IV and VI by Luke Skywalker and friends. Anyway, being around these sketchy people, Jyn develops a little bit of a bad streak, being arrested for petty theft and other minor crimes. We’re not going to go any further out of the assumption you may not have seen the movie yet. We can see several sequels coming to a theater near you.

12 Bonnie Piesse

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There’s a strange phenomenon when you look at a bunch of Bonnie Piesse photos side-by-side. It looks like you’re viewing several different people, and we’re not saying it’s because of different roles she has. At times she’s beautiful, at times she’s plain. At times she looks like she could be Reese Witherspoon’s sister and others she could be a stunt double for Amy Poehler. For this list we are, of course, talking only about the hot pictures. Piesse played Beru Lars in both Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. Beyond that, the Australian actress has done very little of note, mostly appearing in Australian television shows you’d never know the name of unless you lived Down Under. Keep in mind Beru Lars first appears in the original A New Hope as Aunt Beru, who takes care of Luke Skywalker. We are not counting this version. We are counting Piesse, who played a much younger version in her films.

11 Daisy Ridley, Part I

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Daisy Ridley is the first Star Wars lady who seems like she’d be a normal girl who was fun to hang out with, and is attainable, in real life. She’s not strikingly beautiful like Natalie Portman and doesn’t have the kind of Kardashian-like figure most of Hollywood seems to be into. No, Ridley seems like the girl who would be the cousin of one of your friends who was invited to a party and you strike up a good conversation and there’s a spark so you exchange phone numbers and she actually calls you a day later. You’re impressed, because it breaks most social rules. You start dating and realize you really like this girl, she can handle her end of the physical stuff, but there isn’t that butterfly, punch-in-the-guy feeling you’re supposed to get when the right one comes along. In real life, you probably let that girl go. Unless she is Daisy Ridley. You keep Daisy Ridley.

10 Genevieve O'Reilly

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Eleven years after appearing in Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith, Genevieve O'Reilly is back as Mon Mothma in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. She’s actually one of only a few people to appear in the original series making the jump to this offshoot. The character was also in Return of the Jedi, but was played by a different actress. Mon Mothma is a native of Chandrila and served as one of the founders of the Alliance to Restore the Republic and was a major figure in the waning days of the Galactic Republic and served as Chief of State of the New Republic. Much like the Secretary of State position in the United States, Mothma had a lot of power, but is utterly forgettable. Thankfully for us she’s played by a very attractive women who makes it a little bit easier to remember.

9 Gwendoline Christie

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If we were going to pick one of the beautiful women on this list who has, in our opinion, the best chance of breaking out and being a huge star one day (assuming we all agree Natalie Portman already has) we’d put our money on Gwendoline Christie. Her foray into the Star Wars world began with Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens and she will be revisiting the role of Captain Phasma in the next installment, due out in theaters near the end of 2017. She was already known to many in Europe for her role in the TV show Wizards vs. Aliens, but is known largely to world for her role in Game of Thrones as Brienne of Tarth. Unfortunately, that’s not one of the characters known for taking her clothes off in every episode. Phasma, for those wondering, is a legion commander to reports to General Hux.

8 Natalie Portman, Part I

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Here’s the one issue we have with Natalie Portman. She seems like the most unnatural, awkward person in the history of cinema. Maybe Lindsay Lohan is worse, but Portman is a close second. Even when her characters are vastly different, it’s still hard to not say, “There’s Natalie Portman trying to act.” Then, put her on a show with Jimmy Fallon and she seems very uncomfortable. Sometimes people have a hard time being themselves. We have a feeling she’s a super-smart geek in real life; and this is evidence by the fact the way she behaves on talk shows is basically the way she acted in the movie Garden State with Zach Braff. One of her most recent roles has been former first lady Jackie Kennedy. It’s a good match since JFK’s wife never seemed completely at ease when forced to be herself in front of a camera. At least both ladies were absolutely stunning.

7 Rose Byrne

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Rose Byrne, a relative newcomer at the time, played the role of Dorme, similar to the one Kiera Knightley took on in The Phantom Menace. Her big contribution is to stay behind when the Princess escapes to create the illusion she’s still hanging around. Byrne’s career took off following Attack of the Clones and she’s been seen in such films as 28 Days Later, The Intern, Neighbors, two of the X-Men films and Insidious, showing quite a range. A bit of trivia about Byrne: she was one of the first women to appear in Playboy after the skin-mag became a not-so-much-skin-mag. She looked beautiful in the photos, but man, why couldn’t it have just been two years earlier? Come on, Hugh. You can still change your mind.

6 Felicity Jones, Part II

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Elsewhere in this list, we mention that we’re worried Daisy Ridley is going to fall prey to the Mark Hamil syndrome where an unknown actor takes on this iconic role and is forever remembered as that person. These actors generally don’t get jobs because it’s hard to see Luke Skywalker as a doctor or lawyer in a TV drama. It’s Luke Skywalker operating on that guy! We’re hopeful that Felicity Jones doesn’t fall into that trap as Jyn Erso. Unlike Ridley and Hamil, Jones is in her mid-30s, not early 20s, in taking on a Star Wars war. She also has quite a lineage before her when it comes to other projects. She’s been in films like The Amazing Spiderman II and Inferno and her TV work ranges all the way back to her mid-teens. Hopefully enough people have seen her that she won’t get typecast. If so, it’s OK, she looks pretty hot in Rogue One.

5 Daisy Ridley, Part II

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We wonder if Daisy Ridley may fall into the trap of Mark “Luke Skywalker” Hamill when it comes to her career after this last trilogy is complete. Hamill was an unknown when he was cast as Skywalker and even though it’s been 40 years since “A New Hope” was released, he has never been able to shed the spectre of that one role, so it makes sense he’s back for more. People who have careers that continue to be healthy after Star Wars were people who already had careers going into it, like Natalie Portman. Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford were just at the beginning of their careers, but they were known a bit before the Star Wars franchise. They also were never THE star. Hamill was and now Ridley is. They’ll share screen time together in the next installment. It may look like the typecasting Hall of Fame. At least she’s way better looking than Hamill.

4 Leeanna Walsman

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Leeanna Walsman was, at best, used for a time-filling sequence during Episode II, Attack of the Clones. She, as the character Zam Wessell, was an ally of Jango Fett trying to take out Obi Wan Kenobi. The Jedi, of course, gets her in the end and Fett actually finishes her off with a poison dart so she wouldn’t divulge his identity. She’s also done voice-over work for a couple of Star Wars video games. If you want to see more of her work, hopefully you either live in The United Kingdom or have some kind of cable package that provides them because Walsman’s career since Star Wars has largely been on European television. Don’t worry about her though, she seems incredibly busy, but having been killed off, we don’t expect to see her in any other Star Wars film moving forward. Maybe she’ll show up in another video game, but that kind of loses some of the sexiness, even if it does come with an accent.

3 Keira Knightley, Part II

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As we mentioned elsewhere, Keira Knightley probably doesn’t put The Phantom Menace very high on her list of great roles. It was a big deal for her because it was only the second role she’d ever had in a film up to that point, along with a handful of TV appearances, mostly in Europe. Once The Phantom Menace was released in 1999, TV and movie roles started rolling in and in 2003 she landed her career-maker as Elizabeth Swann in the first Pirates of the Caribbean film and following up with the same role in the next three movies. Her one starring role came in Domino in 2005, but that was widely ignored by audiences and critics so she’s been relegated to playing the beautiful woman. We’re OK with that. Here’s to a long career of her in that role.

2 Carrie Fisher, Part II

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Here is the ultimate anomaly when it comes to Carrie Fisher, the Star Wars franchise, and being a sexy lady. You’ll notice every other person’s photos in this list don’t come from their Star Wars film/films. They all looked good, but they have looked so much better elsewhere, be it another movie or just a photoshoot for a style magazine. Not true with Fisher. The single sexiest group of pictures we can find anywhere are from The Return of the Jedi when she was wearing arguably the most famous costume to come out of that film next to Darth Vader. We’ve seen plenty of the laying around studio shots and clips from the film, but we never saw Fisher prance around the water wearing that ode to bikinis. We wonder whatever happened to that piece of cinema history and what it would be worth these days.

1 Natalie Portman, Part I

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Her Star Wars role as Padme/Queen Amidala was good, but when it comes to Natalie Portman being sexy on screen, it isn’t close to being the film we’d recommend if all you’re after is as much skin as possible. In third place, with not a lot of skin, but still super sexy is Black Swan. You’ll find plenty of people who hate the movie, but still love the intimate scenes between Portman and Mila Kunis. Second place is a short film, meant as a companion to The Darjeeling Limited called Hotel Chevalier. It’s only 13 minutes long, and once again, you don’t see a lot, but it’s clear she’s nude. Finally, our easy favorite has to be the film Closer, where our heroine plays a stripper named Alice. There’s no full-frontal from Portman, nor do we think there ever will, but it is the film that introduces you to her posterior during an exotic dance sequence.

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